Chapter 1

Get five wishes

Notes: First of all, I want to said that this is my first story that I create. I hope it is not terrible story and manage to entertain the reader. If there is any mistake regarding the grammar, do not hesitate to comment. Thank you. Please be kind to me. I hope you will like the story.
Urghh! My head feel heavy. Why it is dark?

Is that light? the owner of the voice spoke in his mind while walking toward the light without fear. The owner of the voice is me, Edward Prince. Where am I? What is this place?

"Hello, young man! Right now you are in between." I looked at the person. A man who wear a spectacles and red clothes, , that remind me of a santa clause. That santa clause are smiling beamily at me. Let me tell you, it quite scary because that santa clause gaze feel like there are able to see through your soul.

"Hello! If you don't mind, may I ask you a question?" I said feeling a little bit shy. To be honest I am a shy person or should I said introvert person.

"Of course! You may ask me any question."

"How did I die?" I do not remember how I die. Did my family know? Did they cry eventhough when I am still alive we are not that close. It quite depressing thought. Huh. My mind sigh.

"Oh, regarding that..actually you die while trying to save little girl while she are crossing the road." said the santa clause who are still smiling without caring I just end up dead. Is he a joker or what? No way normal person will smile talking about another person dead. You know what? I really do not want to know. Huh. I sigh.

"So, what happen now?" asked me hesitately.

"Now, I will give you a choice. First, you can walk toward that door which sign afterlife or you can choose to reincarnate in anime or movie. Is that amazing? Haha." That santa clause nodded excitedly like he want me to choose reincarnation thing.

"If I choose to reincarnated in Harry Potter, what benefit will I get? Don't I get any wishes like the fanfiction that I had read?" I hope that I will get wish. I thought sadly and full of hope in my heart.

"Let me! You can get five wishes because when you are still alive you life full of honesty and integrity. So, what is it that you want?" Santa clause looked at me like trying to see my deepest secret.

"Em..first, I want to have a genius mind like nara in naruto. Second, I want to be able to master mind arts without difficulty. Third, I want to be born an orphan pureblood., I want to have uchiha abilities like sharingan and rinnegan and uzumaki healing ablility. Lastly, I want ability like anos voldigoad." I stated confidently. I looked at santa clause at vise verse. It created an awkward situation. Frankly speaking, I know it kind overpower but hey, I am trying to survive the wizarding world which I do not know whether it is good Dumbldeore or manipulative Dumbledore.

"Hm..Honestly, it is overpower. But nevermind. Who cares as long as ot is entertain for me to watch. Haha." That santa clause said while laughing like a villian. I just sigh silently. It kind disturb me how can he suddenly change his mood easily.

"Very well, young man. I wish you goodluck in your journey!" That santa clause snap his finger. Suddenly, I feel my surrounding are moving rapidly. I tried to said something but darkness come to me.

"You know what I didn't even allow that young man to say thank you. Huh. Nevermind that. I have another thing to do." said that santa clause while reading a piece of paper. God know where did he get it because it is not there just now.

Notes: I know that I am trying to make that OC overpower but I hope it is not that bad for the reader. Please do not hate me for it. All superpower or abilities do not belongs to me. Thank you for your support.