Chapter 34

Forbidden Forest

"I can't believe it! My father will hear about this." My eyes twitched for like a hundred times listening to Malfoy whining like a spoil child.

"Shut up, Malfoy!" I facepalmed when Harry said that. Can't you guys shut up for a while? I thought with miserable. My hand grabbed the rope tightly, so Fang will not run.

Like a plot, our punishment was to go to Forest of Death. So, Harry, Malfoy and I were assigned in one group to find the Unicorn.

"Guys. Silence." I raised my voice. "We are in the forest. Who knows what danger we will face if you keep fighting." I added while keeping an eye at our surrounding.

"Sorry, Ethan." I nodded at Harry's apologized. Glad that he understood the situation. Malfoy also kept quiet.

"Hey, Kingcrown? Can I ask you something?" I raised an eyebrow. Malfoy ask someone permission before asking question? The world must come to end.

"What?" I said dryly.

"Wh..what is that?" I heard Harry said and looked at the view in front of me.

Malfoy also stared at the Unicorn and the figure.

Quirrell and Voldemort. I thought. My body became tense.

"Aarggh!" I gritted my teeth when Malfoy screamed like a banshee while running away. I glanced and saw Harry's hand went to his forehead.

I stood with in front of Harry. Protecting him from Quirrell Wand already pointed at the Professor Quirrell.

"Bombarda!" I said the first spell came to my mind.

"Expulso!" I shouted when Quirrell avoid the first spell. Harry already fell on the ground due to pain.

All of the sudden, a human-horse came to our rescue.

"Are you guys ok?"

"Yes. Thank you for your help." I said and help Harry to get up from the ground.

"Who are you?" Harry asked, staring at the figure with awe.

"Firenze. Harry Potter, this place is not safe for you." My eyes twitched listening to their conversation. Hoi! What about me? I thought, glaring at this centaur.

I sighed inwardly when they were still ignoring me. What an annoying. Harry and I twirled around when both of us heard Hagrid's voice.

"Hagrid!" Harry shouted with happiness. I gave a curt nod at Hagrid.

Like a plot, Firenze talking about stars on the sky. We entered the castle and went to our common room.

I yawned and quickly laid down on my bed. Next morning, I told Nott and Zabini about yesterday.

"Wow." Zabini said, awe.

"Not wow. It's stupid." My eyes twitched hearing Nott's response. I huffed at him and continued eating my breakfast.

"Mr Kingcrown! Five points from Slytherin for not paying attention." I bang my head on the table listening to Professor McGonagall's word.

"Did you not sleep yesterday?" Nott asked with lower voice. "Or you're having nightmare about what happened?" I knew this sentence referred to yesterday event.

"Yup. But, just once." I admitted.

"Hey, pay attention or Professor McGonagall will deduct point again." Zabini reminded his friends.

"Jeez. Ok!" I said.

"Finally, class ended!" I said after listening for two hours lecture. "Ah, we have Charms next." I muttered, looking at my schedule. Zabini and Nott walked beside me.

I saw Harry grinned at me and nodded at him.

Class were boring. I thought miserably.

"Ok, class! Don't forget to do your essay. I want to see it next class." Professor Flitwick said with a cheerful tone.

I gathered my belongings and informed Zabini and Nott that I want to be alone for a while. I left without waiting for their replied.

Zabini and Nott looked at each other. "Any ideas?" Nott shrugged at Zabini question.

Inside Room of Requirement.

Fuh! Fuh!

I sat on the ground. Exhausted from training. "Ah, when I can awaken my Mangekyo Sharingan." I mumbled. I stretched my body to avoid being cramp.

"Tempus!" 10 minutes before dinner.

I quickly waved cleaning charm on my body.

I walked towards the Slytherin table and sat beside Nott.

"Where did you go?"

"Professor Snape want to meet you later!"

Zabini and Nott said the same time the moment I sat.

"Eh? Why?" Surprised written on my face. I chose oatmeal and mix it with honey for dinner.

"Why are you eating oatmeal?" Zabini asked, frowning at my choice. "You didn't answer my question! Where did you go?" He added.

"Someplace. Why not? Oatmeal also good for health." I muttered, swallowing it. I felt Nott eyes on me but ignoring it.

Zabini face deadpan hearing my response, making me smirked at him.

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