"I've got our new IDs, love."

Edward's velvety voice reached me from the threshold of the new family house, in the forest near Whitehorse. The Cullen family would be back from Ireland tomorrow, and we were happily reacquainting with North America. I was ready to discover the Yukon, and Canada in general, but we also had to go back to high school, which I wasn't quite looking forward to.

I sighed from our room on the third floor and shot a look around me. Edward and I were the first to arrive. We had traveled separately since we had all spent nine years as couples in Ireland, and we had been arranging the house for everyone's arrival. Now our room was all set, with Edward's music, my books, our lovely dark wood furniture and a luxurious en-suite bathroom. We even had a closet, only half-full, that I was sure Alice would fill to bursting at the first opportunity.

I exited our room and ran downstairs to jump into the arms of my delicious husband. He chuckled as he grabbed my thighs and held me against his muscular torso, and we kissed. Even after fifteen years as a vampire, I was still a befuddled mess when he kissed me. He still dazzled me, even though I couldn't swoon anymore, and I still drove him crazy, apparently. I had to stop us before things got too hot, though, or Carlisle and Esme would walk on us making love – again – hard and fast on the promisingly thick rug in front of the huge fireplace. "Edward, my love, we have to stop."

"You're sure about it?" he murmured, trailing kisses along my neck and collarbone, and I stifled a moan. He was such a cheater.

"You know I'm the most levelheaded one, out of the two of us," I reminded him sternly but without much volume as he nipped my skin, making me shiver. "And I will not have my in-laws seeing our naked butts again in this century, husband of mine. Once was mortifying enough, but the second time it was offending, and it was totally your fault."

"True," he acknowledged shamelessly with a smirk, and I sighed. "But maybe for an hour or two, my gorgeous wife?"

I sighed again, and he smirked even more, caressing me and kissing my skin in his wicked way. I was putty in his hands, and he knew it well by now. He was truly insatiable. Maybe it stemmed from his century as a virgin and sexually-repressed vampire, but now he just couldn't keep his hands off of me. And I had to admit I was no better. Maybe teenager hormones still ran in my veins, but I was insatiable too. We had a really difficult time every time we had to wait for more than three hours to have sex. And as much as I liked it, I somehow knew that it wasn't normal. Edward had told me that the worst had been Emmett and Rosalie, during a decade, but according to our family we were much worse than they had ever been, and it had been fifteen years. Of course, living as a couple for all this time had made it easier, but now we would share our space with our family, and I was equally excited and dreading it. We would have to learn to control ourselves. The thought was depressing.

"After a quick hunt, then," I relented as he again left a trail of kisses up my collarbone and neck. He hummed in agreement. I led him outside, and we ran in the Canadian countryside. The house was nestled at the foot of the mountains, so we ran into the forest towards the nearest peak. We stumbled upon a small herd of caribou, and we had two each. I was draining my second one when Edward shot me a look, his lips on the pulse point of his prey. We were drinking blood, but we were also sharing an intense moment. I needed him, and he needed me.

When I got up, I hastily buried my animals under a rotten tree trunk, and Edward did the same for his under a nearby boulder. Then we straightened, ten yards apart, and locked eyes with each other. No words were spoken. No need for that.

In a split second he encased me in his arms, and we tumbled on the soft grass and the dried leaves. It took him exactly one second to rid me of my clothes, and another one to get out of his. Then we kissed. I was very happy that I didn't need to breathe anymore, since Edward's mouth was so addictive. Our tongues danced and battled together in a most sensual rhythm, while our hands roamed all over our bodies. I moaned in his mouth when his long fingers reached my mound and played a little. "Bella, love, I want to..."

"Oh, please yes, Edward," I begged him as he teased me with his magical fingers, slowly caressing my wet folds, his mouth on my nipple, eliciting more wanton sounds and growls from me.

"Bella," he groaned desperately, making my body shiver under his torturous ministrations, driving me wild. "I love you so much. My beautiful mate."

"I love you, husband of mine" I gasped as I gripped his hard length and started rubbing it, making him growl.

"Bella, love, let me taste you. Please," he pleaded between his growls, his lips on my nipples.

"Not now, Edward," I shook my head. "I need you inside me, now."

He groaned in defeat as I rolled him over, straddling him and impaling myself on him. As we made love, I dimly wondered why I couldn't let him have his way with me every time he asked me. We were mates, we were husband and wife, we knew each other's bodies and reactions perfectly, and yet... I just couldn't let him have his mouth down there easily. His head between my legs. I didn't know why, but I just... couldn't, not every time he asked. He was disappointed, often, when I denied him, but he loved me and respected me too much to press the issue. And he enjoyed it even more when I said yes. But I... it wasn't so much of a pleasure for me. I was way too shy, even with my mate, although I trusted him completely.

My movements quickened above him as I rode him hard, and he started to growl his deep rumble growl, the one that I knew would soon become a roar. I kissed him some more as his hands tightened around my hips and he thrust upwards, making me snarl in pleasure, and when I felt myself shattering I screamed his name. "Oh, Edward!" Then I bent over him and bit him at the base of his neck, where he loved it, and he thrust frantically upwards, holding me against him and spilling into me. His powerful roar echoed in the mountain around us, and I smiled above him with pride.

A little breathless, we stopped for a minute. "You're so beautiful, my Bella," he whispered, pushing a tendril of hair away from my face in a tender gesture. I kissed him some more, and he rolled us over, pinning me underneath him. He was still inside of me, and hard as a rock.

"I love you, Edward," I murmured, my hands tracing the muscles of his back and butt, peppering his jaw with kisses. "I trust you, my love. I'm... still not ready to let you do it often. I'm sorry."

"One day, love," he vowed to me, his golden eyes intense as he started to thrust into me again, setting a gentle pace. "One day you'll let me rock your world with my tongue and my mouth every time that I ask, and you won't regret it, my Bella. Even better, you will ask. You will beg me. I want to give you what you give me. I want to see you relaxed when I lick your pussy and fuck it with my tongue, and I want to make you scream my name again and again. And you'll like it. You won't have to be shy with me anymore, my Bella. One day, love."

I loved it when my gentleman vampire talked dirty, it excited me to incredibly high levels. He never said cuss words, except when making love to me, and I really liked it. It made my insides quiver. He felt it, of course, and thrust faster and harder, a smirk on his lips, his mesmerizing eyes hypnotizing me, leading us to our sacred place of pleasure and desire.

"You like it when I say cuss words, don't you, love? It makes you so much wetter for me. And you're tighter. Now I'll make you come, Bella. Will you come for me? Give it to me, love."

He shattered my world again, and again, and again, our growls and screams scaring away every animal around us. I never wanted us to stop.

Of course, we did stop at some point. But it was two days later, or something approaching. I tended to lose track of time when we had sex. But our family was waiting for us. We cleaned a little in a nearby stream, then retrieved our clothes. I didn't care that they were damp and muddy, I wasn't cold anymore. All I cared about was my handsome mate by my side. We exchanged a happy and sated smile as we ran back, and I couldn't wait to see our family again.

We stepped into the living room and discarded our sneakers immediately, not wanting to make a mess on the hardwood floors, and were welcomed by a loud Emmett. "Hello, lovebirds! Nice stroll in the woods?"

"Very nice," Edward smirked as we made our way to the sitting corner, greeting everyone, but he and I staying standing in order not to put dirt on the couch. Our family was congregated there, and eyeing us with joy and teasing smiles.

"Caribou aren't so bad," I said as Alice took in our muddy state with dismay, while Emmett and Jasper were making obscene gestures behind Esme's back. Rosalie and Carlisle exchanged a loaded stare, fighting smiles. Esme was radiant. Typical Cullens.

"We'll go have a shower," Edward said calmly as we retreated to our room. I leaned into him as we walked into our bathroom, kissing his jaw and his neck. He growled faintly, making me shiver from desire. I needed him, yet again. "Shower with me?" I asked him softly.

"With pleasure, love," he said, his eyes darkening and his crooked smile playing on his lips. I licked mine. Pleasure time, indeed.

After a long and hot shower – in more ways than one – we got dressed and went downstairs. Our family was waiting for us, once again. They were used to it by now.

"At last," Jasper sighed, shaking his head. "It will get old fast, you two going at it every four hours."

"Who knows?" Edward snickered as we took place on one of the loveseats. "Maybe we'll be caught making love every day in the janitor's closet at school."

"Edward!" Esme scolded him as I shot daggers at him, and he smiled at us innocently. "For your sake, I'd better not be called to school because you and Bella couldn't wait for a few hours!"

"It wouldn't be the first time," my mate shrugged with a devilish grin on his face, staring blatantly at Emmett and Rosalie, who fidgeted a little. I giggled.

"For you, it would be!" Esme countered him, and he looked chastised, for now. I wouldn't take bets, though. The janitor's closet sounded... promising.

"Right, so. What are we going to do to celebrate our new decade together?" Emmett mused, rubbing his hands in anticipation. "I know! I want my revenge at Monopoly!"

"Please, Em, "Jasper sighed, shaking his head. "Even if Bella is shielding every one of us, she can't prevent Edward from having his disgusting bout of luck. Monopoly isn't about reading minds, it's all about luck."

"I disagree," Emmett pouted. "Eddie can read our minds and know what we want to buy, and what we're willing to trade."

"Don't call me Eddie," Edward said with a warning tone. "And you know, Emmy, that Bella's been shielding all of you since twelve years ago, and I just win every game, even against Alice. I don't particularly enjoy it, you know? It's boring to always win."

"Yeah, so tedious," Emmett sneered. "No, no Monopoly, then. But maybe it isn't your luck, Eddie? Maybe Bella is using her physical shield to help your dice?"

I saw red. How dared he? I never cheated. What was the point of playing games if you cheated? Emmett, on the other hand, was so fiercely competitive that he would do anything to win. Anything. "I forbid you!" I howled, jumping to my feet and launching myself at him. I gripped his throat and shoved him forcefully away from me. Right through Esme's French doors, who shattered around Emmett's burly frame. Oops.

"Bella!" All my family was on their feet, trying to put themselves between my big brother and me. They knew me well, but they were too late. I was already outside, Emmett snarling and lunging at me, and we started brawling. I knew that me fighting Emmett upset Edward and Esme, but since Alice wasn't looking concerned I carried on.

I wasn't the fastest in the family like Edward – in fact, he left me in the dust each time we raced – and I definitely wasn't the tallest. But amazingly, I was still the strongest. Since my newborn state, I had always had the upper hand in every fight against every vampire I knew, much to Emmett's everlasting dismay. He was jealous and aggravated that his small, youngest sister could overpower him, and even though he usually took it in stride good-naturedly, sometimes we would really go at it when furious with each other, like right now. One of us was going to lose a limb again, I just knew it.

"Bella, please stop!" Edward begged from somewhere on my right, but I didn't acknowledge him. Emmett had me in a headlock, and he was pulling at my neck. Bastard. That shit hurt. I pummelled him with all my might, and his grip slackened.

"Emmett! Stop it, now!" Rosalie shrieked, looking mad.

"Bella!" Esme implored, worry tightening her features. They all knew that this time, Emmett and I weren't joking around. But I was berserk with fury. Emmett knew I couldn't bear to be called a cheater, it was the one thing that made the wild vampire in me resurface. He did it on purpose, to rile up my anger and fight me. And he was a good outlet for all this anger. A willing one. I wouldn't stop. Not yet.

I sensed a powerful wave of calm aimed at Emmett and me, but I raised my physical shield. "Stay out of it, Jazz!" I yelled, tearing myself away from Emmett's muscular arms and taking a step back, he and I appraising each other. My shield stopped the wave, and Jasper growled in frustration. He hated it when I thwarted him.

I focused back on my big brother, who smirked. "Ready to concede defeat, little sis?" he taunted mischievously, ignoring the groans of my family. They knew that I rarely backed down from a challenge.

"In your dreams, brother bear," I snorted, and we collided again. He was trying to grab me, but this time I was faster than him, and I snatched his wrist. Without pausing, I twisted his arm in his back and jumped on his shoulders, still holding his wrist. He howled in pain, and Rosalie let out a scream. My other arm snaked around his neck, and I pulled gently. He was completely immobilized, me inches away from tearing his arm and head off, and his other arm was uselessly trying to reach me. "Say it, Em."

"No," he choked, still stubborn. A real bear, indeed.

"Say it!" I shouted, pulling a little bit more. A sickening metallic screech was starting to sound, and I knew that with one more pound of force I would behead him and tear his arm away. "Now!"

"Uncle," he muttered after five more seconds of pure ass stubbornness, and I let him go. I slid down his back and took a few steps away, anger still unabated. "I want excuses."

"Ha, as if!" he snorted as Rosalie and Carlisle ran to him, the former straight in his arms and the latter to examine the damage on his neck and arm. None lingering, apparently. Emmett was tough, and already healed.

"Don't be an idiot!" Rosalie slapped him, shooting daggers at him. "You had no right to insinuate that Bella was cheating. She doesn't cheat, contrary to you!"

Edward was already in front of me, taking my face between his hands and appraising my state with wild eyes. "Are you okay, love?"

"I'll be fine when Emmett makes amends," I said pointedly, shooting a glare at my big brother. "I won't spend a decade in the same house if he's being a jerk." Edward sighed and turned around, his arms around me. He would always worry, even though I was more durable than ever.

We waited for Emmett's answer. The whole family was waiting. Emmett shot a look around him, sighed and frowned. "Fine. Please forgive me, Bella. I didn't mean it."

"You did," I disagreed, narrowing my eyes at him. "But I'm not you, Em. I don't cheat. And I forgive you, but never say that again or I won't stop next time."

"I wouldn't want you to go easy on me," he smirked, and I sent him one of mine. I was stronger, but he would never stop challenging me, and we didn't hold grudges, fortunately.

All our family breathed in relief then, and Edward pulled me against his chest. I sensed his worry. "I'm fine, Edward. Don't worry. Emmett wouldn't kill me, you know it."

"I can't help worrying," he said, his tone laced with disapproval. "You're my mate, my wife, and my life. And I can't help my instincts. I want, I need to protect you, Bella. And sometimes I forget that you're no longer a fragile, highly breakable human."

"Lucky for me," I agreed, sighing against his shirt.

"All right, everyone," Carlisle finally said with a relieved sigh. "I've got your timetables for high school. Come look at them." We all groaned.

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