18 Years Later

Susie and her Daughter Gwen were still upset over the loss of Brian! They decided to pack up their belongings in Long Island City, New York, and head back home to the Old House. During the drive back, neither of them barely spoke because of what had happened!

Brian had heard the Fire Trucks, and saw where the Fire was coming from, and he decided to grab some stuff to see what he could do! He had managed to get the rest of the people that were trapped in there to the Windows where the Fire-Fighters were at to make sure they had jumped down to safety! He then saw that the Roof was coming down, but was trapped after it had collapsed on him!

Several hours later, the Fire Captain came to both Susie and Gwen with a face that told them that Brian was gone! Gwen cried like a Baby since the two of them were close, and made sarcastic remarks about people that they see while out and about in New York City. Susie had said a silent Pray to the Ancient Gods of Egypt to watch over him when he arrived to the After-Life.

Since Gwen was finished with High School, Susie decided that they should move back to the Old House in Collinsport, ME. It wasn't easy to pack up their belongings since this would remind them of whom they had lost! They had contacted Barnabas to inform him of what had happened, and Barnabas nearly had a Heart Attack over hearing the news of his Son! Julia was there to make sure that Barnabas was alright before telling Susie to bring herself and his Granddaughter home to the Old House. Susie said to him that she was planning on doing that, and that they will be up there in a couple of days.

Susie had hung up the phone, and sat down in her favorite chair, and cried her eyes out! Gwen came over to her Mother, and held her as they both cried!

The Old House/Collinsport, ME.

Barnabas was reeling for the news that his Son was gone now! He thought he would be going first since he was cured a couple of years since Brian came into his and Julia's life! He remembered when not too long after Brian and Susie were married, he was finally cured of his Vampiric Curse and was going to marry Julia!

Barnabas had asked Brian if he wanted to be his Best Man, but Brian suggested that Willie be his Best Man since they known each other since Barnabas was released from his Coffin by Willie a few years before.

Julia had made sure that Barnabas was alright after the phone call, and he reassured that he was. Julia being Julia, had her Medical Bag with her, and pulled out her Stethoscope. She listened to his Heart, and it was calming down now.

Barnabas decided that he better call Willie since he moved back to Brookiyn, New York since he told Willie that he was free to go since he had Julia with him now. Willie protested at first, but he had told Willie that his life was his own, and that he was always welcomed back here with open arms. Willie was beside himself, but vowed that if anything should happen, he would be back as fast as he could!

Barnabas and Julia went over to the Fire place to look at the pictures of his Family from when Brian and Susie had got Married, Gwen as a Baby, to his and Julia's own Wedding. He then came upon the picture that didn't know if he could look at! It was the picture of the two of them laughing at the fact that Brian had put a Whipped Cream Pie into his Face! They both had laughed at that has Julia had taken that picture herself!

Barnabas grabbed the picture, and sat down and cried as well with Julia! They both said a Silent Prayer that Brian will be alright in the After Life, and possibly with Jill and their Daughter as well! Julia having wiped her Eyes asked Barnabas if he wanted to eat or drink something, but told her now that he didn't want anything now.

She knew what it was like to lose someone since she had lost her own Mother while in Medical School, then her Father not too long after that! She just nodded her head, and poured him a small glass of Sherry, and handed to him anyway. He took it, and drank it down, then stood up and thrown it into the Fire Place!

He then sat down again, and cried some more! Julia sat down stunned that Brian would be gone before Barnabas! They had joked that Brian would be the first, and Brian said that he would take that Bet! None of them knew that this would actually happened! Now all that remained was to get two rooms ready for when Susie and Gwen would show up! And when Willie showed up, a room for him and his Wife as well.

It was going to be a Somber day in the Collins Family once everyone arrives.