Collinsport, ME – Collinwood, The Next Morning

Gwen left the room that her Cousin Elizabeth had let her stay in while her and her Mother Susie was there. She made her way down to the Foyer, and headed to the Dining Room to see that Mrs. Johnson and her assistant Linda were putting out the Breakfast Platters for everyone to help themselves. Mrs. Johnson smiled at Gwen, and Gwen returned the smile.

"Hey Ms. Collins, we've got Breakfast ready for everyone, so help yourself." Linda said with a smile on her face.

"Thanks Linda, and please call me Gwen. My Mother is Mrs. Collins. For some reason she likes to be called that every time we go somewhere." Gwen said while winking at Linda with a smile on her face.

"So she's like an old Fuddy-Duddy then?!" Linda said while trying not to laugh.

Mrs. Johnson saw and heard that, and reminded Linda to mind her place, and that it was proper manners to know one's place in Society. The girls looked at one another when Mrs. Johnson left, and they laughed! Linda then excused herself to help Mrs. Johnson with the Coffee and Cups.

Gwen made herself a plate, and sat down. She started to eat, but put her Fork down, and broke down and cried! She then felt a hand on her Shoulder, and saw her Mother bedside her and cried as well! Gwen got up and hugged her Mother and they cried on each other's Shoulders. Liz came in and saw the action, and slowly left. She saw her Brother and Nephew, and whispered to them to wait a few minutes to give Susie and Gwen some privacy. They both understood, and waited a few minutes.

After about 5 minutes, the three of them along with Quentin and his Family went into the Dining Room to have Breakfast. There was small talk as to when the Funeral and Wake were going to be. Gwen asked her Mother if she could into town later to hang out there. Susie said she could, but to be back in time for Dinner. Gwen just rolled her eyes at every time her Mother would tell her that. She remembered that she had her Father wrapped around her Finger since she was his Baby Girl, and would do anything for her!

Jamison asked Gwen if he could go with her, and she said he could as long as he stayed in the car with the windows rolled up and behaved himself. He laughed at her joke as the two of them made their way to the Foyer, and head to the Garage and take her Father's car into town.

Little did they realized that there was going to be some trouble for them in town!