"What's going on?" Church huffs as he darts around... around what? It's nothing. He's sprinting around nothing. Where's everyone? Where is he?

''Guys? Simmons? Grif? Tucker? Sarge? Caboose? Tex? Wash? Carolina?'' He pants, stopping for breath, even though there's no air. He looks around, desperately hoping to see someone... anyone. They left him in this void. He regrets a lot of things, some things he could take back... In real life, he always runs from them, he never acknowledges them. He would ignore them. He didn't like speaking about his problems either, he didn't want anyone to care, he didn't want anyone to worry about him. He's an asshole, but assholes have emotions, even if they seem that heartless. Sometimes, his anger gets out of control and ends up having an outburst. Leaving, himself to run to his room, and slam the door.
He hated having to scream at them, everyone, Tucker, Caboose, Sarge, etc. They annoy him to the point where he can't bear to hear their voices. It's no one's fault, it's his. He hates it, he despises it when his temper gets the best of him. He cares about everyone, even if it looks like he doesn't, even if he acts like he doesn't.
He mostly has fought with Tex, when he did, he would lock himself in the bathroom, trying to cool his thoughts. Not responding, to how many times Tex tried to open the door. Yelling at him to unlock it, in the most pissed-off way possible. She got tired of this, and just propelled the door open, showing her stern, and serious face. She'd slowly approach him and have a heart-to-heart conversation.
Tex could never stay angry at Church, no matter what. Even after their fights, they calm down quickly and talk it out. And maybe some passionate sex, if the mood was just right.

Suddenly, he hears a large BANG. He jolts, his heart beating rapidly. With anxiety, he begins to rub his arm, sweat oozing down his cheeks.

He starts to pace around the void, rethinking everything. Regretting, and learning. Why is he in a void though?

Everything fades to black, and then suddenly, it rapidly changes to white.
It feels like he's floating, but he's not at the same time? He glances around, it's nerve-wracking. Anything, can just suddenly pop out anytime, making him scream, like the pansy he is.

"Fuck you."
He urgently turns around, to see Tex. His girlfriend. Relieved, he smiles underneath his helmet. But, dazed and confused on why she said: "fuck you". Now to think of it, she says that quite often, but in a humorous tone, a tone where it's obvious she doesn't mean it. This tone though. It's enough to send up chills up Church's spine after he interprets what's going on.

She's standing in front of him. She's furious about something. Despite that, Church ignores the anger, he quickly slides off his helmet, revealing his nicely combed black hair, and his stubble beard. He affectionately smiles, Tex's armor flashes off her, revealing her black hoodie, with a white word 'fuck off' and black denim jeans with holes, with grey and white trainers.
Her eyebrows lower and pull together, her expression is somber. It's obvious she's enraged. What did he do?

"Hey, Tex..."Church says with a soft tone, she doesn't respond, nor move, not even her expression.

Instantly, Tex walks closer to him, but she stops one meter away. Church slightly waves and gives her a gentle smile.

Calm is the key, right now.
"How fucking could you?" Tex spits, her tone coated in venom, Church's eyebrow raises in confusion.

"Don't act fucking clueless, you know what I'm talking about!" She roars tempestuously, crossing her arms, and growls. Church stares at her completely bewildered, he cocks his head, perplexed. Tex delivers an exaggerated sigh, and rolls her eyes, she leers at the void floor. Not wanting to look in his eyes anymore...

"What the fuck did I do, Tex?" He demands with a harsh tone, now, the calmness has faded, and concern now painted on his face. What happened? Why is she like this? Did he say something?
'Church, I said stop acting so fucking oblivious to what's going on right now. Tucker told me, he told me everything. How fucking could you?' Tex screams, her face is flushed from the shrieking, her eyes are engulfed with anger. Church exhales, not knowing what to do in this situation.

He fucked up, but he doesn't know-how, or what he did. Still staring at the floor, Tex's fists clutch, and she swiftly raises her head, revealing the pain and anger in her eyes. With urgency, Church tries to remember what the fuck he could have done to piss her off badly. What could've Tucker said? Oh, how he hoped and pleaded for fucking answers right now. He's dumbfounded, he doesn't know how to respond. His mouth slightly open... his hands shaking... his legs too...
"WHAT DID I DO?" He bellows, anguished, he just wants an answer... please answer. Tex.. please.
Tex stares at him, with fury... Church is face to face to Tex now, both, angry, perplexed, hurt.

"Church. I'm serious." Tex snarls, she couldn't believe what he had done... couldn't believe it at all. Tucker told her everything.

Church still, cluelessly looks at Tex. His face pleading for confirmation. Words have left him, he has nothing to say. Except, what the fuck's going on? Tex couldn't believe it... maybe he didn't know? Impossible, of course, he knows what he has done, he hurt her so much, she couldn't fucking sleep, or even get it out of her head. Everything adds up. How much Church would distance himself, fight with her, hit her out of anger, locked himself in his room, how many times he would hang out with Caboose? It's true. And she couldn't believe it.

Fury boiled inside of her, she starts to recall all the happy memories. Church gigging along with her, she and Church sitting on the cliff ledge, talking about random things. Having each other company, each other back. That all was a lie, too?
"TEX CAN YOU JUST TELL ME WHAT I DID? I HAVE NO CLUE ON WHAT'S GOING ON!" Church screams indignantly, trying to get her attention, due to her zoning out. Tex's emotion leaves her face, she's to dismay. Why is he still playing dumb? Without emotion, she stares at Church.

"I'm fucking done, I'm done with you. Fine, act like you have no fucking idea what's going on. Goodbye, Church." Tex states, her voice calm, but filled with hate and spite. She turns around and vanished within a flash.

"What the fuck..."Church mumbles to himself, he tries to clarify what happened. Tex is done, she's done with everything. Church could feel the joyful, and exciting memories, fading. Now, all he could picture of Tex was her saying "goodbye" and her blank expression. He crashes down on the floor, only to collapse in mental shreds. Out of anger, he punches the non-existent floor, leaving him unsatisfied. He just lost Tex. What the fuck did Tucker tell her?

Everything around him fades, and his vision dims.

'W-what?' Church could only let out, and then the dark consumes him.







''WHAT THE FUCK?'' He screamed, he jolted into the sitting position, he's awake, he's in his room. Startled, he started to hyperventilate, he rapidly put his arm over his heart. It beat at an abnormal rate, he needed to fucking calm down. He started to sweat, he's so confused. Was it a dream? No, it was definitely a nightmare. He would get them often, it's surreal.

After he woke up after a nightmare, he couldn't sleep for what it seems like hours. He cared about everyone, but the one who he mostly cared about, would do anything for, is Agent Texas. She made his world complete, he loved her, and she loved him, even if she barely shows it. Whenever Church is inconsolable, Tex was always there for him. She's her girlfriend. Or was she? The horrifying nightmare was too real. It felt real. All the emotions. Tex's reaction. What if it was real life?

It's dreadful that he remembers specifically his nightmares in the most detail, it's vivid. And he hated that. He hated having to wake up, confused and alone. No one by his side.

He just wanted to feel Tex right now, hug her, and hear her saying everything will be okay. Luckily, that was a nightmare, and this is real life, so maybe it's possible. He hasn't done anything, in real life, to make her pissed off... Or has he? What the fuck did that nightmare mean? Did it even have a meaning? Or was it just a stupid nightmare, that didn't mean shit?
Leonard Church really needed to let off some steam, or tears, or both. Yeah, definitely both. He wondered what time is it, maybe he could try to get back to sleep. He didn't want to be bothered Tex... his reason to wake her up is stupid. Yesterday, he had a similar nightmare, but it was different. Tex slept over with him and instantly calmed him down, tell him, that she was always going to be there for him.

All he needed is Tex.

Unfortunately, this time, Tex didn't sleep with him, there was no reason at all. Church sighed, glanced over to the digital alarm clock, revealing the time. 3:30 am.

'I'm going to Tex's room, I fucking need her.' Church muttered to himself, longing to be by her side. He slipped out of bed, and then quickly ran to the door, in the dark. He looked back, before turning around, slamming the door open, and walking out in the dark halls.
'Where's the fucking switch?' He growled, quietly. He ran his hand on the wall, going up, down, sideways, trying to find it. Impatiently, he started to go faster.

He felt a bump.
'Fucking finally.' He grumbled, he flicked it. Instantaneously, the light started to suffocate the air, Church let out a yelp, as the light hit his eyes. He began to rub them, trying to adjust due to being in the dark for a few hours. He began to walk through the empty, and eerie halls. It's always eerie at night, he gulped.

Don't be a pussy Church, you're better than this.

Church rolled his eyes at his inner voice, and then arrived at Tex's room, in front of her door. There's a sign on the door saying 'Do not disturb, or you're dead, I mean it - Tex.' He chuckled a bit, obviously, Tex wouldn't actually kill him. She would kill the others, but not him. Tex did say before, he was an exception but, if he ran into the room, screaming his lungs off, well, yeah, Tex would probably kill him.

He reached for the doorknob, but then took his hand away. He probably would be wasting her time... maybe Tex would be annoyed that he disrupted her sleep. Church did know, she did have trouble falling asleep.

He stared at the sign on the door, exhales dejected, and turned around.

All of a sudden, he heard the door slam open.

He froze.
'What the fuck is going on?' Tex hissed, when she immediately saw Church, she briskly calmed down.

'Church...' Tex realized, she approached him calmly, she wasn't pissed nor she was mad. She could tell Church woke up from a nightmare, or he's in major distress. She does act soft around him when she could tell he's in a bad mood. Obviously, if she wasn't reposeful, Church would be more stressed. Being soft is not Tex, she's mostly tough, and cold. Usually, Church calms down more quickly, when she is calm and gentle.

Church turned around, to face her gentle expression, his heartbeat reduces to the norm.
Tex tranquility smiled at him and reached for his hand. With care, she intertwined her fingers into his.

She could read his expression loud and clear, thankfully, Church is now soothed. His brain is now focused on just Tex. She could feel her heartbeat quickly, as her gaze locks onto his.

Church immediately embraced Tex, wrapping his arms around her waist. Tex's eyes widened, she smirked and cuddled him back, passionately. She could hear Church whimpering sorrowfully, on her shoulder. She quickly pats his back.
'Leonard, I'm here.. don't worry.' Tex replies tenderly, as she rubs his back, she could hear Church's sobs get quieter and quieter. Church buried his head in Tex's neck and started to hug her tighter. She lightly smiled, Church was everything to her, and she couldn't let anyone take him away from her, she couldn't bear to see him hurt.
'I love you, Church, I will always love you...' Tex confessed with a warm tone, wrapping him tighter in her arms.

'I love you too Tex..' Church expressed, they break apart, now, standing close to each other, they are nearly touching. Tex wrapped her arms around him, and their lips collide together.

I will always love you Church.