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As one could imagine, being simultaneously blind and paraplegic tends to make life a teensy bit difficult, especially in a Social Darwinist society like the Holy Britannian Empire. While the number of inconveniences rivaled the stars, if you were to ask one Nunnally Lamperouge, formally vi Britannia, what the most bothersome of them was, she'd answer "people".

Human beings, Nunnally decided, were incredibly annoying creatures. The standard response to her condition typically boiled down to saying halfhearted words of pity before ignoring her existence. While her brother, Suzaku, Sayoko, and the Student Council treated her leagues better than the average citizen, it was still somewhat irritating at times to hear them fret over her as if she were made of glass. However, the most annoying type of people were undoubtedly the vultures who thought she made for easy prey, such as the girl that before her, Rachel or something.

Heiress to some extremely minor noble family whose name Nunnally couldn't be bothered to remember, she was both Nunnally's classmate and the pettiest bully you could possibly imagine. She'd constantly kick the back of her wheelchair, "accidentally" bump into her, and mock her about her condition, just to name a few of her deeds. She was like a toddler who didn't know how to talk their crush, only older and somehow even more socially inept. Worst of all, she was a coward. She'd only ever target Nunnally when she alone, never when she was with Lelouch or anyone else. The spoiled brat wouldn't even go after her when she was alone with Nina. Nina, of all people, was a deterrent her eyes.

This has led Nunnally to her current predicament. Due to it being close to sundown on Friday evening, the courtyard was deserted. Because of this, Nunnally thought it was the perfect time to go there for a little peace and quiet. So it was just her luck that Ashley had been on her way back from detention when she had stumbled upon the blind princess. Deciding that she was the perfect outlet for her frustrations, Lily began her usual antics.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Poor Widdle, Inwalid Nunna. You're looking-"

Nunnally had decided to tune Abigail out and let her get it out of her system, knowing full well that she didn't have the guts to escalate any further.

"-Oh that's right, I guess your case, the term "The blind leading the blind" would be literal-"

Geez, Grace sure is going on and on, Maybe she should have brought a snack or some-

"-maybe that's why no one's ever seen either your parents, they probably abandoned you for being a burden! Hell, I bet even that brother of yours would leave you on the side of the road first chance he got. He probably only takes care of you to earn sympathy points with those fan girls of his, not that it's really necessary, considering how good looking he is."


With smug grin, Britney leans down at eye level with the blind girl before continuing "Oh I know, how about you introduce me to him and I-"

Before Tiffany could say another word, she found a hand wrapped around her throat. Looking down, she saw her "victim" grasping her throat with an uncharacteristically angry look on her face. While the grip wasn't tight enough to actually choke her, it was still firm enough to keep her from moving.

"Wha-" "Listen, Sally-" "M-my name's-" "I said listen Sally, because I'm only going to say this once. I like to consider myself someone who doesn't get angered easily. When you have it as bad as me, you learn to appreciate the small mercies. But as you have probably realized, my family situation is a subject I don't like being reminded of. But the thing that really ticked me off is that you'd go as far as to insult my brother!"

The former royal's grip tightened ever so slightly "Lelouch has had to give up more than you could ever imagine to take care of me. Trivializing his sacrifices and writing him off as some cheap playboy is something I can't forgive so easily."

With eyes widened with fear, the bully could only choke out "H-h-how are you this strong!?"

At this, Nunnally chuckled softly "Lelouch is the type of person who spares no expense when he wants someone well taken care of, this includes the best self-defense tutor money can buy." The fact that said tutor was her Japanese maid, who's apparently a freaking ninja of all things, was unimportant at the moment.

Suddenly however, Nunnally's face softened and she released her grip on the bully "But regardless, I truly do detest violence, so I'll let you off with a warning this time."

Unfortunately, Veronica simply didn't know when to quit while she was ahead. Greedily gasping for air, she glared at her would-be victim "A warning... you think that this is going to end with a warning!? No, this is far from over! I'M GOING TO HAVE YOU RUINED FOR THIS!"

Wincing slightly from the volume, Nunnally simply quirked her eyebrow "Oh? And how do you figure that?" She asked innocently.

"I'm going tell everyone how I was assaulted by-" "A blind and crippled young girl." The princess cutoff.

"You're going tell everyone that I, a girl can't even dress herself, somehow managed to attack you? And you seriously think anyone is going to believe that? After all, I am just Poor Widdle, Inwalid Nunna."

Nunnally had to physically stop herself from smirking. If there was one advantage to her condition, it was that it essentially made her the most inconspicuous person in the world. No one ever suspected her of anything, just like how Suzaku never suspected that she was the one who ate his secret stash of candy, not Lelouch or Kaguya.

"And let's say by some miracle, everyone believes you. Where does that leave you, the girl who got overpowered by a weak little invalid like me?" Upon hearing this, bully's eyes widened as she gaped like a fish. She had been so caught in wanting vengeance, she had failed to realize that there no possible scenario where she could come out of this without looking pathetic.

As her opponent slowly came to the realization that she wasn't going to win, Nunnally decided to strike the killing blow

"And besides I doubt my brother would be too happy to hear such slanderous rumors about his sweet little sister. Lelouch always has been protective of me and in addition to his intelligence, he can be real vindictive when he wants to be. And as you said, he's incredibly popular with the ladies. He'd only need to give the word to his admirers and you'd become a social pariah faster than you could blink. The only reason he hasn't already done anything about you was simply because I didn't think you were worth bothering him over."

Smiling as as sweet as she could, Nunnally went on to say "Anything you could possibly do to ruin my life, I could pay you back tenfold. So here's what's going to happen: You're going to go home, and act as if this never happened. And come Monday, unless you need help with an assignment, you're never going to bother me ever again. Do you understand?"

The young noblewoman made a noise vaguely resembling a squeak before running for hills. After a minute or two, Nunnally's smile dropped as she sighed "I suppose I should take that as a yes..." She hadn't been lying when she said that she didn't like resorting to such methods, but even she could only be pushed so far.

"I suppose I've had enough "peace and quiet" for one day." She sighs as she makes her way back to the clubhouse. Halfway through the trip, she suddenly perks up as she remembers something "Lelouch should be home soon. He's been really busy lately, so I hope he isn't stressed or anything. Maybe we can invite Suzaku over and have dinner together, just like old times." The girl muttered to herself as she happily made her way back home, completely unaware that she was being observed.

"Well now, that was certainly something." Stated a certain witch who, unbeknownst to either girl, had watched the entire exchange with great amusement.

C.C. had to admit, she more than a little impressed by this display. She had initially intended to intervene on Nunnally's behalf, only for the young girl to go ahead and prove that she was truly as ruthless as her lineage implies. She briefly ponders if she should bring this to Lelouch's attention before deciding against it. He had enough on his plate as is, the revelation that even his precious Nunnally has dark side would probably give the poor boy an aneurysm.

"Still, I'm curious to see where those hidden claws of yours will lead you, Nunnally vi Britannia."

Author's Note: I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to write this.