Needing Her 6

Chapter 6

"Inuyasha, Inuyasha dear." Ms. H shook his shoulder gently.

"Grrrrr, what?" He asked as he rolled back over to face the wall.

"Do you want some lunch?" She asked as she left the room. As she expected, the hanyou was wide awake from the word 'lunch'.

"Hey! Where's Kagome?!" He leapt up and sniffed the air. She was here recently; she wasn't in the house now. How could she leave without him knowing it?

"She's at school. She'll be back in a few hours, don't worry. Now come down and have something to eat. It's already noon." She ranted on about all the chores she needed to do and what she was going to make for dinner. Inuyasha tried his best to tune her out as he concentrated on getting down the stairs and following her voice and the smell of food.

Once in the kitchen, Inuyasha easily found a stool at the table and sat down. Ms. H was still talking about random things. 'Everything seems louder.' Inuyasha thought as he pressed his ears to his head listening to Kagome's mother.

"So, Inuyasha," he snapped his head up at his name. "Will I have grandchildren soon?" She asked then giggled at his blush.

"No." Inuyasha said firmly.

"Why not?"

"Because she isn't my mate."

"Why not?"

"She doesn't like me like that." He was getting a little nervous because he knew Ms. H was close to his face.

"So she just let you sleep with her last night for no apparent reason then?"


"I want grandchildren soon, don't take too long."
"HEY, I said-"

"Yes, yes, I know. But honestly, you don't think I believe you don't like Kagome and vise versa." She rushed to the microwave as it dinged signaling his ramen was done. She placed it in front of his hand and lifted his other hand to his chopsticks.

Ms. H was a little surprised that Inuyasha didn't eat; he just sat there holding the bowl and chopsticks up. Sighing, she walked back over to him and put a loving hand on his shoulder. Inuyasha had heard her but still jumped when he felt the extra weight on his shoulder.

"She loves you Inuyasha." Ms. H said as she tweaked his ears and sighed. "I just want some grandchildren. Will you promise to give me grandchildren?"

"Uh....I'd have to ask Kagome." He said hesitantly slowly. Ms. H sat down next to him, making the chair squeak and letting Inuyasha know what she was doing, still rubbing his ears. His ears eventually swiveled away from the noise Ms. H was making and continues their routine of...listening. Duh.

"She'll be back in a few hours so you can ask her then!" She said happily.

"I wasn't serious." Inuyasha mumbled. He pulled away from Ms. H's hands so he could feel for his own ears. Reaching up he found the soft fur something unfamiliar. It had been a long time since he had rubbed his own ears, at least 50 some odd years.

When he was younger his mother would always pet his ears slowly and tell a story to put him to sleep.

He drooped his ears a little remembering the loving touch of a mother. Resting his head on the counter, he felt Ms. H take and ear in hand and flip through some pages of a mag-a-zeen. She hummed softly making a tear slide down his face. She didn't realize the memories that welded up in side the boy next to her, just from petting his ears.

Inuyasha now knew that this had become something of a second home to him. He had a potential mate...wait what? Oh never mind...a young sibling like character, a family pet, a grandfather, and a mother.