By time the sun started to rise, Mary had gone through two pots of coffee, several more suture kits, and the floor was covered with bloodied rags, towels, and wipes, but her patient was still alive. .

Emily yawned as she walked down the hall and into the kitchen only for her eyes to widen. "Is he okay?" She asked, her voice concerned.

"He's alive... somehow. He tried to get up a few times, reacted horribly to the numbing medicine, and is currently passed out from the benedryl I had to give him for the reaction." Mary explained. Her current cup of coffee had gone cold, but she was beyond caring as she sipped it.

"Did you ever ask Thor to help you?" She asked as she crouched down beside him and felt his forehead. "He's not as cold."

"No. It all happened too fast. He was sleeping, then trying to get up without warning. Just getting Thor would have been enough of a delay for him to bleed out. I barely patched him up this last time." She sighed, clearly exhausted.

Emily ran a hand through her disheveled hair. "Go get some sleep. I'll watch him, I promise."

"I will just have a nap right here. He should be out cold for at least another hour..." I hope...

She nodded and moved to fully sit beside Loki and stared down at him. "Do you think he'll be okay?"

"I still can't say, especially without knowing what internal damage was done. We need to get him somewhere to scan him." Mary replied. She finished her coffee, then laid down right there on the kitchen floor nap.

Emily nodded and pulled her phone from her pj pocket. "I'll call the tower now. Better to do it early."

"Thank you." Mary said and fell right to sleep.

She quickly looked up the number for the tower and dialed, hoping that someone would answer.

Meanwhile Thor woke and sat up on his place on the couch before he walked into the kitchen to check on all of them.

Loki groaned softly and started to stir again as the medication wore off. "Where am I?" He mumbled.

"You're in Midgard brother, but you are safe," Thor explained, watching as Emily put a hand on Loki's head while she talked on her phone.

"No... I was trying to go to Alfheim. What happened?" he asked and tried to move again.

"We were ambushed," Thor explained. "I do not know who took you but I chased them until Heimdall got word to me that you were here." He watched as Emily gently pushed him back down.

"You're okay Loki, let yourself rest," she said softly, still on the phone.

Loki groaned softly when he was laid down. "Ambushed? What are you talking about? I escaped my cell and was going to Alfheim, then woke up here..." He argued, having no memory of the events in between.

Thor furrowed his brow, confused. "Loki, you never made it to your cell."

Emily got off the phone and placed it on the table. "Pepper is going to let him be seen but we're going to put him under a false name."

"Never made it?" Loki asked, looking more confused than his brother. "Wait, seen by who? I don't want to be seen..." he said, struggling to get up again.

"Hey, hey, easy," Emily consoled. "We just want to know if you have any internal injuries." Instead of fighting him, she moved to sit behind him and let him prop up against her chest.

"If I don't have any injuries, can I leave?" Loki asked her. He wasn't overly comfortable in this position, but at least he could look around better.

"I don't know," Thor answered honestly. "I will have to speak with father and tell him about the ambush."

"No you won't. Don't tell him anything. Just turn your back and let me slip away." Loki demanded.

Thor sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I can't abandon you Loki," he said truthfully.

"Sure you can." Loki mumbled. He fought to stay awake, but the little bit of energy he had was already gone.

"You're my brother Loki. I could never leave you behind," Thor states and watched as he fell back asleep.

Emily cradled his head against her shoulder. "He'll be okay Thor. Tony's team has the best medical equipment. Once Mary wakes, we'll figure out how to move him safely into a vehicle and drive him to the tower."

"How long will she sleep? My brother is very confused and remembers very little. I am very worried." Thor replied honestly.

"At least a couple of hours if we can let her. She was up the entire night with him," she answered quietly as she gently pushed Loki's hair from his face.

"Will my brother be alright waiting for a couple hours? He is already incredibly weak..." Thor pointed out..

Emily presses her hand against Loki's wrist. "His pulse is stable, which is a good thing. Mary said he tried to fight her a few times during the night, wanting to get up. She had to keep re-stitching his wound closed."

Thor nodded. "Loki is very stubborn and he does not seem to understand his current situation. He speaks of things that never happened. He is too weak to truly fight though." He said sadly.

"It doesn't add up really," she agreed. "Yesterday a bright flash of light blinded me in the park, then he was there laying on the ground. He stood and staggered to me before he fell."

"That was when we were ambushed in the bifrost. He claims he escaped from a cell but I never had him in a cell. I worry his head has been damaged..." Thor replied, watching his brother sleep.

Emily sighed as she slowly ran her hand through his matted hair. "I am worried for him too," she said truthfully. "Hopefully Mary will wake soon."

"Have you considered waking her?" He asked, very closely watching her actions.

"I can try," Emily answered, then carefully maneuvered her body so she could nudge Mary with her foot.

Mary nearly jumped up. "What's wrong?" She asked, quickly getting her bearings. "Did he tear more stitches?"

Feeling Loki, jump, startled in his slumber, Emily quickly shushed her friend. "No, no. He's okay. But both Thor and I feel we should get him seen as soon as we can. Pepper is going to put him under a fake name."

Mary nodded and rubbed her eyes. "Can she send a van or something? We need to be able to lay him down."

Emily nodded. "I'll call her back." She reached you for her phone only for Thor to hand it to her. "Thanks," she said, then quickly re-dialed the number. After a short conversation, the call ended and Emily sighed, feeling a touch of relief. "She's riding in the van herself with the driver. They will be here in fifteen, twenty depending on morning traffic."

Mary nodded and stood up then started cleaning up the rags and towels. "You'll need to lift him. He's a lot heavier than he looks." She told Thor.

Thor chuckled, then nodded. "I am well aware Lady Mary. I may need a bit of help so I do not injure him further though."

"I will help you." She said simply. Once the mess was in a pile, she cleaned her hands and arms, then looked in the fridge for an energy drink. "Always out when I need them most." She mumbled to herself.

Emily watched as Thor stood and began to throw away the items she had put in a pile. "Thank you Thor." She turned to Mary. "Check the cabinet. I might have some of those five hour things left."

Mary opened the cabinet and found a single energy drink remaining. She opened it and downed it in one big drink. "Thanks. I need to stock up again." She told Emily.

She nodded as she adjusted Loki's head slightly. "You're welcome. I need to make a list and do a trip to the store for sure."

"We can do that after all this is taken care of." Mary said, eager to put this behind them and move on.

Emily looked over at Thor, then down at Loki, who currently looked peaceful. I don't know if I can move on... I have to know he will be okay.

Mary watched Emily and silently groaned. "Don't get attached to him. If it's that big of a deal, I'm sure your boss will give you an update."

Thor returned to his place in the kitchen chair. "My brother is very misguided. I do not wish to trouble you both with his problems."

"I can't help but to want to take care of him. I'm the one that found him... or he found me," Emily said quietly.

"I appreciate that." Mary told Thor sincerely, before turning back to Emily. "Em, he's not a puppy. You can't just find him and... keep him." She tried to explain, keeping her tone soft and patient.

Emily sighed. "I know that," she replied, just as a soft knock sounded at the door. "That's probably Pepper."

Mary hurried over to the door and pulled it open just a crack at first. "Hello?" She greeted.

Pepper Potts stood on the other side, dressed in her usual gray pantsuit. "I am only doing this for Thor, just so you both know."

"I'm only doing this to uphold my medical oath." Mary replied and stood aside so she could come in. "I will ensure he is moved to the vehicle properly and that ends my involvement."

Pepper nodded and followed Mary into the kitchen, but was unprepared for the sight, which made her gasp and cover her mouth. "I half thought it was a joke," she murmured. "Thor this is not what we agreed on. I am sorry this happened to him. He was supposed to go home with you in one piece."

"I am well aware. We were ambushed in the bifrost. There is someone else who has taken an interest in my brother, and as you can clearly see, they do not care if he is dead or alive." Thor said, slightly frustrated but mostly worried.

"We will take him to Avengers Tower and put him in the medical wing." Pepper took a deep breath as she watched Loki's shallow breathing. "Is he safe to move?"

"Not as safe as I would like, but there is nothing more I can do for him with what I have here." Mary admitted. "Alright, when you pick him up, put as little stress on this side as possible. Any pulling could pull the stitches out." She told Thor, hoping this would go smoothly.

Thor stood and crouched down. He helped Emily roll Loki gently onto his side and cradled him in his arms before he stood. "I have him. Just lead me to the vehicle you are going to put him in."

"We are right outside the door." Pepper said and quickly led the way. The side door was already open and the driver was standing by to help if needed. "Is he supposed to be bleeding that much?" She asked when she turned to make sure they were right behind her.

"Loki is not healing as he should be. Normally his body would slowly heal itself," Thor explained as he gently laid him down in the back of the van, his chest now covered in blood. "We need to hurry."

Emily leaned against the front door. "Would it help if I went with him?"

"I don't really care who comes with him. You might want to get the nurse lady though because that is a lot of blood." Pepper told Emily.

"Mary!" Emily yelled as she turned into the house. "Either tell me what to do, or come with us. He's bleeding again."

Mary grabbed her bag and hurried past them. "I just want free of this." She muttered as she got into the van. "We need to go right now, I can't stitch this again!" She called out to them, using the sleeves of her own shirt to stop the bleeding.

Emily and Thor piled into the back of the van and Emily quickly slid the door shut. "Drive!" Emlily yelled as she quickly cradled his head in her lap, just as the driver sped off into the street.

"Em, I need you to do exactly as I tell you. In my bag is a long syringe. You need to get it. There is also a syringe in a package with teal green on it. Get it as well and I will tell you how to inject them." She instructed just as Loki started to shake.

She pulled Mary's bag to her and quickly rifled through it with one hand while the other one rested on his neck, keeping an eye on his pulse. "I got them!"

"Don't think about what I tell you, just do it, alright? Open up the long one, count four ribs down, then push it in just under the rib, you will have to push hard to get it through to his heart." She explained quickly. "Don't think, just do it." She reminded her.

Emily felt tears in her eyes as she unwrapped the syringe and felt along his ribs to the location that Mary had told her. "I'm sorry Loki," she whispered, then jabbed the syringe into his side.

"Thor, you'll need to hold him down, he's going to start fighting us in less than a minute." She told Thor, already seeing Loki starting to come around. "Em, the other injection goes into his leg, but you better hurry!" She said urgently.

While keeping a hold of Loki's neck, Emily opened the other packet with her mouth before she leaned across his body and Thor's as best as she could and jabbed the needle into his thigh. "Okay! I got it."

Loki went limp and Mary sighed. "Alright, you don't have to hold him anymore. Em, I need you to check his pulse. It's likely going to be erratic and that's alright. I just need to know if it is stronger than before."

Emily nodded, feeling out of breath as she settled back down. She placed her hand back on his neck tiredly and nodded. "His pulse is stronger and he's breathing a bit better."

"Good, he should be alright until we get to the tower. You did great Em." Mary said sincerely as she watched Thor sit back, looking a bit pale now. "I don't understand it, these are the same exact stitch kits we use in surgery, but they keep snapping... like his body is rejecting them or something..."

Thor shook his head. "I do not understand myself. I hope that something can be found out when we reach the tower."

"I hope so too. Do you know his blood type? It will help if we can give him blood." Mary told Thor.

Thor furrowed his brow. "I do not recall if we have different blood types," he admitted. "He should be compatible with most."

"I will see if we can test his blood once we arrive. I don't want to cause more harm." Mary said truthfully.

Emily nodded in agreement. "That would be wise."

Pepper spun around in her seat at the front of the van. "We're pulling up to the tower now. I told them to have a stretcher and a team ready. We may have to put him into surgery if he's as bad as you make him out to be."

"He needs a CT or MRI, then he does need to go into surgery. After surgery for his side, he needs a full head scan." Mary told Pepper.

They pulled to a stop inside the alcove of the tower and members of Stark's medical team pulled the door open. "Let's get him onto the stretcher as smoothly as possible," one of the men said.

Emily finally let the tears that had built up, fall down her cheeks from the stress of the situation as she quickly held his shoulders while the medical team and Thor put him on a stretcher and quickly rolled him inside the building.