I have seen a Yaten and Hotaru fic, but not once have I seen a Seiya and Hotaru fic, which is why I am writing this. Yes, they aren't a real couple in Sailor Moon, and they hardly see each other through out the entire series, but this is going to be an AU, meaning they aren't sailor scouts and such. And that is the reason why Seiya, Yaten and Taiki are all guys. There may even be some OOC and such, as I am really off in writing SM fics--I was never good at writing them in the first place, but I can always try. Now seemed a good time as well, after coming upon a Yaten/Hotaru fic, which inspired me to write this. My only hope though, is that I don't get flamed, though, those will just be used to clean my room.

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With the Rain
By aku-chan
Prologue: The rain beings


The day started sunny, but the students of Juuban High brought along umbrellas as the forecast said it was going to rain. And they all listened to the one TV station that ringed true when it involved the weather. Only one girl didn't--she was known for being different--instead she wore a rain coat, black and warm, dripping down to her knees, below the end of her school skirt. She also wore knee high boots, black and most certainly waterproof. They only reason she did this was because she had no umbrella, not that her family was poor, but because she liked walking through the rain. All her tears and sorrows seemed to wash away with it. What I don't mention is the fact she was also known as the freak of the school and was even considered to be from another planet. Which is an insane idea, the only reason we know intelligent life is out there is because they haven't contacted us yet--no one would really know how we would react to little green men visiting our planet. Except for the whole Master Pharoh 90 thing, but that's beside the point.
But none of that mattered to her for she was who she was, Tomoe Hotaru, and quite proud of it. As well as all the hobbies she was interested in, even if some didn't fit her gothic appearance--she did look best in black after all; it matched her pale skin. She burned quite easily, and thus always wore sun block all the time, even when it rained--the UV rays had a habit of passing through clouds as well. Despite that--even if it never mattered to her--she was beautiful, with black hair streaked with purple high lights, which shined in the light, and dark violet eyes--which were her best feature.
Her eyes showed her strength and independence, her feelings, her joy. In her case, the term of "your eyes are windows to your soul" it was quite true. Hotaru's eyes gave way to the strong soul that she possessed, one that survived all that she had ever gone through with out a single tear. And her friends--few as they were--loved that part about her, even though they said it was okay to cry when others hurt you or put you down.
At the moment, her friends were around her, talking about all sorts of things--but most importantly about one person--Seiya Kou, a troublemaker and a perv. He had made it a daily ritual of flipping all their skirts while riding past them on his motorcycle. And the low growl of a motorcycle engine was all the warning the girls got as a motorcycle raced past them, the ends of their skirts blowing about in the wind of the after math.
"One day I am going to get the eechi!" hissed Makoto, her green eyes glowing with anger.
"I totally agree!" shouted Minako and the two started making plans on how exactly they were going to get their revenge.
"I think he only does it when Hotaru-chan is with us," said Ami, looking down with a blush when everyone looked at her. "Sorry Hotaru, but the other day you went to school early and Seiya-kun just went by at the speed limit."
"She has a point," agreed Rei, "Maybe he a crush on Hotaru?"
"Maybe, after all, he did notice her at the American Football tournament at her school," said Usagi, giggling.
"It was only because I was acting a nurse to all those poor players that got hurt," whispered Hotaru, her voice small but even. She didn't care for that stuff. "And if we don't hurry we'll be late for school."
That got their minds back on track and they all rushed off to school, getting there on time--just barely though. The gates were starting to close right after they reached the courtyard of the building.

Hotaru made it to her class before the teacher--who was never on time for anything, including her own wedding. It was rumored that she put her wedding dress on in the car as her next door neighbor drove her to the chapel. But her husband didn't mind, knowing that this would happen--he planned ahead for it, and anything else for that matter. They were a cute couple either way. Sitting at her desk, Hotaru sat back and tried to regain her breath, physical activity was something she was never good at, in fact her doctor told her that just an hour a week of exercise would be fine for her, otherwise she would be in no shape to do anything. In other words, her lungs weren't in very good shape since she was a child.
It was another thing to go against her and Seiya in being made for each other--Seiya loved roughhousing and physical activities, while Hotaru dreaded them more than anything. Even still, she liked him--yes, she liked him, he was cute and funny, smart and dealt with things in real life. But what she liked best was his determination--she had witnessed it at the American football tournament, he wanted to win, along with the rest of the team, and they did so, even if half the team was too beat up to do anything for the next few weeks. The team they played against was known for being rough and ready to send someone to the emergency room.
The teacher came in, followed by a new student, the one who was transferring into their class. Gasps and whispers spread like wild fire through the room--it was Seiya! One of the cutest guys in school. Several girls sighed and looked at him, ready to drool at a moment's notice, and several guys started to wish glares could kill as they looked between the girls and Seiya. As for the rest, they felt sorry for him, the only empty seat was next to Hotaru--which was where the teacher told him to go and sit down at.
"Now, please take out yesterday's homework and pass it up while I take roll," Tanaki said, taking out her roll sheet as the students got what the homework. "Kou-san, you may turn it in tomorrow."
"Yes, Tanaki-sensei," Seiya replied, just making it to his seat and sitting down, relaxing back as he did so. His eyes swept over the room, nothing the four rows of two desks, noticing who was looking over their shoulders to see him, and finally he looked at his partner, sitting beside him at her own desk as she handed up her homework. She had a quite aura around, one that held pride and independence, as well as a hint of freedom, but with no ego--she knew when she was beaten in something. He decided to start some conversation. "You're the little nurse from the tournament."
Hotaru's eyes widened for a moment before she nodded her head yes, "Surprised you remembered. It was a long time ago."
"I never forget a pretty face."
"I'm not pretty." Her eyes looked down with a lifeless look in them. No one--okay, not a single guy--except for her father--ever told her she was pretty and meant it. She was sure Seiya was playing a trick on her like all the rest.
"Of course you are, a natural... unlike the rest of the girls here. They all trust in makeup and other cosmetics--you're all natural and pretty that way."
Hotaru blushed, and spared Seiya a look, but his attention was on the teacher as she started giving out her lecture of their new math assignment. But he saw her none the less and gave her a wink, making her blush even more.

The rest of the day went by fine, until the last class of the day, which ended up being the class Hotaru was best at--as well as Seiya's worst subject in the world. Foreign Language--English to be exact. Seiya was visibly squirming in his chair, praying and sighing as the teacher called on random students to answer things and not picking him. One glance at Hotaru could tell him that she was doing fine--beyond that even. And thus, he started on making a plan to get a study date with a certain girl.
Hotaru was the last one to leave the classroom that day, asking the teacher a question and Seiya stayed behind until he came upon the girl walking alone in the hallway. "Tomoe-san! Wait up!"
The girl looked back to see Seiya running up to her, dropping to his knees and starting to beg--all in that order. "Please! Please tutor me in English! I can't do it!"
Seiya looked ready to cry and he did--at least a little mock tears and sobs--as he latched himself around her knees, crying and begging into her skirt. "You have got to help me pass this class! I'll do anything!"
"Anything?" Hotaru echoed, looking at Seiya who looked up at her with tear filled eyes. He was adorable with the puppy dog look, and she fell victim to it. "Alright--but you have to promise that you won't go flipping my friends and my skirt for the rest of the school year. Promise?"
"Yes! I promise, just help me pass!" He started to cry again, but this time muttered "thank you, thank you" over and over until Hotaru finally asked him to let her go. They were gaining a crowd of teachers and some students--including her worried friends. He did so, blushing as he stood up. The teachers and students went away until only they were left, along with Hotaru's friends and Seiya's own friends.
"Here, let me write down my phone number and address and you can come over at 6, that okay with you?"
"Yes, thank you!" Seiya made a move to hug her again, but Hotaru had been watching him and moved just in time to witness him fall to the floor. There were several giggles from Makoto and Minako, as well as from Yaten and Taiki who went to help their friend up.
"I think you deserved that one," said Taiki, and Seiya just glared at him.
"See you at six," Hotaru said, handing him the paper she wrote on. Before Seiya could respond, Usagi had a hold of her and was dragging Hotaru away along with the rest of her friends. Only when the three men where out of sight did they start talking.
"Do you know what Haruka would do to you if she found out about this?" demanded Rei. "You know how much she dislikes him--and if you become his tutor? Total hysteria!"
"I have to agree with Rei there, Hotaru-chan," said Ami. "Haruka-san and Seiya-kun don't have a very good relationship."
"First off, Haruka isn't my mother or sister--we aren't related," started Hotaru, looking her friends over, their worried glances were full of concern. "And second, she doesn't have to know. Right?"
"You want us to lie if she asks us anything?" Ami was quite shocked--the most shocked of them all--Hotaru never liked having to lie herself, let alone her friends.
"Please, just this once you guys." Hotaru eyes had a pleading look, one none of them could deny as they all sighed a yes--except for Minako and Usagi, who squealed in delight over what they would like to call a "secret romance."
"Thank you so much everyone!" Hotaru smiled her small but sincere, her natural beauty setting in as she did so. Someone called out "group hug," and they were all swept up into the madness.
"Um, Hotaru-chan, its five-thirty," said Makoto with a grin. "You better be getting home or he'll be there before you."
"You are right, thanks! See you later!" Hotaru pulled the hood of her coat up over her head and stepped out into the rain, walking as fast as she could back home. And it was raining; the weatherman on the TV station they all watched wasn't wrong after all.


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