With the Rain

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Hiro thought of this small turn of events, so Hotaru and Seiya were seen kissing in the hallway. Sure, Hina's words weren't all too reliable, after all, the girl had probably been a little lost after waking up from her fall and heading back to class unsure of herself. If that was true, Seiya (the name came out like a curse in his thoughts) might have just been whispering something to Hotaru instead of kissing the girl. But he doubted that, Seiya didn't appear as one who whispered to anyone, the young man looked loud and obnoxious. He had no idea as to what Hotaru actually saw in him.

So how did one go about breaking up a couple (even if they weren't an official couple) when they had no idea as to why they were a couple? He was getting a headache just from thinking about it.

Unlocking his bike from the rack he said goodbye to some of his fellow classmates who yelled out to him and walked out of the school grounds before getting on the bike seat and pedaling away. Everything here was so different from his birthplace, warm and sunny, with so many people walking about on the overcrowded streets. Well, that was truer for the areas deeper into the city, not so much for the small neighborhood he found himself living in. All because his stepfather (once more did a name sound like a curse) wanted them out of that "distasteful" town and into a city closer to his family. Hiro was sure his stepfather wanted to make his mother and Hiro happy by taking them away from things that reminded them of their father/ex-husband respectively, but all he wanted was to go back. Sure, the distance from the man that had beaten both of them was nice, but he wanted his old friends, his old room, his old sense of comfort that the "man" was no longer allowed anywhere near his small sanctuary.

Being moved to a new area only helped in making him feel scared those first few days, unsure of everything around him and the people he now had to call neighbors. He didn't like them so far, especially the nosey small children that littered the yards with their screams and yells and supposedly "fun" games. He thought they could use some manners and respect for their elders, but he had learned things at a young age as his father would have it no other way.

He gave a small sigh as he passed them on the street, glancing at Hotaru quickly as one of her friends, a blond with her hair in pigtails coming from what looked like meatballs, pulled her ahead of the rest. Another blond with a ribbon in her hair ran after them a smile on her face. He caught the words, "See you later!" being yelled as the two ushered Hotaru into a line for a bus heading downtown. This was just as confusing as Hotaru being friends with such loud and noisy people instead of those who were quiet, polite and reserved... like himself.

The thought gave him the need to curse out at the world, hating those who weren't like him. Just like his father.

"Why are we doing this again?" Hotaru asked quietly as they piled onto some free seats at the back of the bus, looking her friends over and cringing slightly at the look they gave her.

"Because, Hotaru," Minako said with a smile, "You'll need something new if you are going to go over to Seiya-kun's house tomorrow night, even if it is just for studying."

"Why can't I just wear something I own already?" Hotaru replied, checking her book bag and making sure she had her wallet. Inside was her bankcard, with money her father had put into her account for clothes and other such items. She didn't like spending his money, but he just wanted to make sure she had something incase of an "emergency." Apparently this was an emergency that needed it. Well, she didn't expect Seiya to invite her over tomorrow night for another study session, in place of one tonight. Haruka would be pissed if Seiya returned again... especially if there was a repeat of the scene from last night... and his mother liked knowing a day in advance when someone was coming over.

She could understand the small pet peeve (she had a few herself). But getting a complete new outfit for this event was going a little over board, but the two wouldn't hear of it. "There's something at the mall you two want, isn't there?"

"What makes you say that?" Minako asked, looking offended. Usagi was nodding her head in agreement.

"Because I remember the radio saying there was a sale at the mall this week."

"Okay, so we're bargain hunters! But this only means we'll find a good price on a good outfit!" Minako and Usagi were both nodding their heads in agreement after she said her little speech, and Hotaru only sighed.

"Alright, alright, but shouldn't we have told the others about the sale and invited them along?"

"No!" Usagi said, fire glowing in her eyes. "Rei-chan keeps stealing what I want that's in my size!"

Minako and Hotaru only sighed; Usagi and Rei were competitive with one another, especially over clothes. Briefly, Hotaru wondered what would be like to have someone like that, a friend who you could compete with, bicker with and fight over things with, but still be friends deep inside. She would probably never know.

"Kaa-san! I'm home!" Seiya yelled as he entered the cool house; it felt nice after walking home. When one was used to getting home quickly and having felt the wind rush around your body dispelling the heat the sun would give, you weren't used to being warm. Of course, the weather was being evil and not deciding on one temperature or another (yesterday it was cold and raining, today it was hot and sunny). The weathermen on TV sure had their jobs cut out for them. Which was why he wanted to work as a teacher. All you needed to do was get a degree in physical training and teaching, and you were set. Well, he did enjoy working out and playing sports, so he decided that teaching something he loved was the best thing to do. He knew he would never make it as a pro American Football player. Not in a million years, so he settled with the second best thing.

Of course deciding on the right college was another all together, and he had this year to figure it out, but his parents were "encouraging" him to attend Tokyo U, because his mother taught there and her family members got free tuition or something like that. Their excuse for it was "it's a good school." He resisted a snort as he waited for his mother's response, her voice coming from the kitchen where she asked if he wanted a snack. He replied and slipped out of his shoes, heading for the cool kitchen where his mother was busy cooking.

The sweet smell of chocolate floated through the air. She had such weird cravings lately, due mostly to the baby she was going to give birth to in a few more months. It never did make sense to him as to why they waited 16 years before having another child, but they were weird already so he didn't feel like questioning it.

"Is it alright if I have a friend over tomorrow night?" He asked, leaning onto the island counter, watching her as she went about stirring the chocolate.

"Is it a girl? If so what for?" His mother was good at figuring out her son; she blamed it on the 32 hours of labor. Which was why she was planning on a C-section this time around.

"Her name is Tomoe Hotaru and she is helping me with my English." Seiya replied, giving in without a fight. There was no use having a fight with her, she would always win.

"Why aren't you asking Taiki-kun for help? Can you hand me that measuring cup right there?" Her son got up and handed her the measuring up, watching her as she dipped it into the pan and poured it into little plastic trays with planetary shapes designed on them. "Thank you, and as for my other question?"

"Well, you see, Kaa-san... I like her..."

"My baby is in love!" Her hands dropped the cup and spoon and she wrapped her arms tight around Seiya in a bear hug, well, an almost bear hug considering her stomach was large and in the way. "Of course she can come over, dear. There is no need to ask permission for something like that."

She gave him a pat on the cheek before going back to fixing her chocolate shapes.

"Hotaru isn't like normal girls though... there is a reason why people call her a freak and weirdo at school...:

"Seiya Kou! Did I ever teach you to judge people like that?"

"No ma'am," Seiya replied, straightening up. His mother taught him not to judge others, and the lesson had stuck. Which was probably why he cared for Hotaru so much, because she was different, unique, kind, nice and pretty...

"Then what ever made you think I would judge people like that? She is who she is, and that should be what people judge you by." She gave him a pat on the cheek and smiled. "Now, help me with this chocolate."

"Why didn't you just go down the street and buy one from the Mizuki girl? She's selling chocolate for a fundraiser."

"What? And take all the fun out of making it myself?"

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