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Welcome to the Loud House, which contains a family of 13 known as the Loud Family. Actually, wait a second hold on... Okay there we a family of 11. I'll get to that later. Right now we enter the house and are met with the all too familiar noisy chaos. We see the 19-year-old Luna Loud, tuning her guitar, in her usual wardrobe, though she ditched her skirt and purple boots in favor of ripped black jeans and black military-style boots. Her hair is mostly the same save for the top-knot she's sporting.

Next, we see the 18-year-old Luan trying to prank a 12-year-old Lucy. She was failing epically as Lucy casually dodged everything she literally threw at her. As the comedienne prepared another pie to toss, Lucy suddenly was nowhere to be seen.

"B-but she was just..." Luan said stunned and pretty creeped out. Not much changed about her though her hair was longer, and she was wearing a button-up white blouse and her usual yellow skirt. Unfortunately for her, she was still lacking in the front, though she did have a noticeably growing trunk. That was dumb I'm gonna edit that out...

Right as Luan retreated to the kitchen, we see the 10-year-old twins tumbling down the stairs in their usual brawl. The twins did go through a small change, Lola doing away with the pink dresses in favor of a pink tube top and blue shorts. Kinda inappropriate for a kid her age, then again we are degenerates reading an M-rated story so what do I know... Meanwhile, Lana still kept her usual attire. Hey if it not broke, don't fix it. Her hair was mostly the same as well though sometimes she tied it in a ponytail, considering how so many of her sisters do the same, she usually keeps her hair styled in her pigtails.

"GIVE IT BACK LANA!" her voice more shrilly than it used to be.

"NO WAY I NEED IT!" her voice more hoarse and rough.

The fighting distracted Luna long enough that she made an over adjustment, causing a guitar string to snap, cutting right into her cheek. "OW! BLOODY HELL!" her voice booming both shrilled and raspy. This caused the twins to stop fighting for a moment, Lola having a shocked expression that turned into a malicious smile.

"HEY YOU SAID A SWEAR!" she shouted.

"So? Mom and dad not even here." Lana countered knowing full well Lola intended to snitch.

"Yeah dude, plus you cuss like a sailor. Pop-Pop actually blushed from the shit you said 2 weeks ago." the rocker further countered.

"Tch..soo?" the girly twin attempted to downplay.

"Not to mention you being grounded," Lana added, a smirk on her face.

"Why were you even fighting anyway?..." asked Luna, tending to her cut.

"Lana stole my red lipstick and wouldn't give it back!"

"I needed it to color my drawing since my red market went dry!"

"GIVE IT BACK!" diving at her twin, Lola resumed her fight with her older twin, the two tumbling towards the kitchen, Luan shouting in surprise as she got caught in their tumble.

"Uuugh!" her temper flaring fully into anger as she scanned the living room for her younger brother who usually tasks himself with breaking up their fights. Looking up towards the ceiling, she scowled before shouting at the top of her lungs. "LINCOOOOOOOLN!"

"AAAHH! oof!... SERIOUSLY LUNA?!" yelled the 15-year-old boy, who lost concentration, falling from the ceiling and landing on his back...wait...How did he... "If you weren't aware I was trying to focus," Lincoln said, annoyed and picking himself off the floor, his long white hair draped over his shoulders.

"Blah blah blah, floaty weird crap, JUST DEAL WITH THE TWINS ALREADY!" not wanting to deal with any more insanity, Luna left the living room and retreated upstairs.

"At this point, I really prefer Lori and Leni over her," Lincoln said to himself as he straightens his hair out before tying most of it into a man bun. "Hey it's still in style so I'm using it," he said to the readers before dashing to the kitchen to break up the twins.

With the downstairs insanity calming down we move upstairs, moving past Lucy and Lily coming down the stairs, and to the converted linen closet. Once belonging to the only son of the Loud Family, now it belongs to the resident genius; Lisa Loud. Who converted it into her own small lab. Currently, she was writing equations on a chalkboard, trying to figure out proper measurements for her next experiment. Her eyes, a radiant shade of violet, lighting up like brilliant amethyst gems, as she came to a conclusion finally.

Turning to her desk, she popped each knuckle to ensure her touch is very gentle as she got to work. The young 8-year-old changed quite a lot. Her hair was still the same, never growing any longer past her shoulders, she was a little taller, being the same height as the twins, though Lana did have a couple of inches on her. And while she still had very small bits of chub on her, she was also a bit slim, though, if one look closely they could make out barely visible muscles on her arms and legs. She began mixing the chemicals very carefully and slowly, making sure all goes well.

"If I can perfect this concoction, I'll finally be able to cure any hormone deficiency. It took 3 weeks of effort, just need to stay focus." she monologues to herself, a habit she picked up from her older brother. Try as she might, she couldn't stay focused though, to make matters worse, that insufferable itching plaguing her lower back returned. Moving her hand behind her back to scratch at it to soothe, she focused back on her chemicals. For as long as she could remember, an unbearable itch would come and go, always in the same spot no less. An intense reaction to stress and anxiety she would deduce. It never caused any harm but it's still annoying to no end.

After 10 straight minutes of constant mixing and stirring, she just needed one more ingredient. Grabbing a vial alongside a dropper, she extracted the smallest amount she could and held it over the mixture. Thanks to popping her knuckles earlier, her grip was very gentle and she was able to squeeze a small drop which is what was needed to finish. While the chemicals were properly mixed, not all of it were fully dissolved and mixed, which she realized too late.

Sniffing the air, her keen sense of smell already took notice of a familiar scent. She knew right then she miscalculated. "Oh...fu-" was all she could get out as a chemical breakdown led to very rapid oxidation leading to one of her infamous explosions. Only this time it rocked the entire house, destroying half of her room as she's sent flying out the bedroom door, blown halfway across the hallway. Crumpled up and unconscious on the floor, everyone downstairs became freaked out.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?" Lynn Jr shouted, having just arrived from outside after her daily exercise. Like her siblings, she didn't change too much either aside from being taller and wearing her hair in a bun. Though to her surprise, she did begin developing breasts that require a training bra.

"I Don't know, but it was LOUD! Hehe, Ge-"

"NOT NOW LUAN!" everyone shouted at Luan, the young woman recoiling in defense.

"It sounds like it came from upstairs." Lucy chimed in. The resident goth also went through a change, though hers were more notable, at just the age of 12 she was already quite developed, though most of her figure is hidden under baggy clothing. Her hair became longer which she keeps in a ponytail as well and she switched her usual attire from her black dress to black hoodies and jogging pants. It just works.

"But that would mean.. oh no," Lincoln added, his expression becoming one of panic and concern.

"LISA!" everyone heard Luna screamed. Red flags were running through everyone's mind at the thought that Lisa has been greatly harmed. Floating off the floor, the white-haired boy quite literally flew up the stairs ahead of everyone, his sisters following behind.

Once making it at the top, everyone saw Luna standing over the unconscious girl, talking frantically over her phone. "DAMMIT JUST SEND SOMEONE OVER!, NO I WILL NOT CALM THE FUCK DOWN!, YES SHE'S BREATHING!"

Everyone quickly crowded around the girl. Looking down in concern. Luan, couldn't help but notice the peculiar position Lisa was in. "I swear I've seen that pose somewhere..."

"Uuugh...what hit me.." the young girl said as she came to. Everyone was quick to embrace her, much to her discomfort since she couldn't breathe.

"Everyone, give her some space!" Luna commanded, causing the siblings to release her. "OH no not you, she just woke up." she continued on the phone with the dispatcher, looking over her little sister. "Yes I still want someone to show up and check on her." everyone heard slight mumbling from the phone. "Yes, I'll stay on the line. Hey everyone, make sure she's still okay."

"Already on it," Lincoln quickly said, looking her all over.

"Come now, I'm fine..." Lisa said, trying to play everything off.

"PFFF As if, now SHUT UP And stop moving," Lola said in a haughty manner though deep down she was deeply concerned, already having several first-aid kits.

"Yeah gotta make sure everything isn't broken," Lana added, carefully examining her.

"Seriously everyone, I'm telling you I'm fine!" the genius attempted to get up only to be gently pushed down, her glasses tilting off her face.

"Stay" Lucy simply stated.

Groaning in embarrassment, she now finally understood what Lincoln goes through when he gets the smallest of injuries. Turning to her brother, she simply said "Well now I see what you go through all the time." as she pushed her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose.

"You get used to it," he responded back, applying bandages on any bleeding wound he saw no matter how small it was.

Ten minutes later, she was being examined by a paramedic. Luckily though with the exception of the small cuts that been tended to already, Lisa was the pinnacle of health, in fact, she was far more healthy than someone her age should be. The medic was quite surprised that the child even walked away from what sounds like a chemical lab explosion with only a couple of scratches. The medic eventually left, wishing the family well. The emotional high that was present has vanished now, the oldest among them clearing her throat.

Looking at all of her siblings, she noticed someone was missing. "Guys where's Lily?" Luna asked, looking around for their youngest siblings.

"Here I am!" the young bubbly 5-year-old said, popping out from under the sofa. Her light blonde hair covered in lint and her white shirt dirty.

"Sweetie, go clean up," she told the young toddler.

"Okay!" she happily skipped off, climbing up the stairs.

Soon all eyes were on Lisa, who at the moment, really wanted to be invisible now.

"Look Lis, we're not mad or anything, You just had us very concerned. What the heck even happened?" the music lover was very curious and equally concerned. If she was just doing her usual chemical mixing then that explosion shouldn't have been that potent.

For once, Lisa's demeanor deflated. She really has no clue what even happened. At first, she thought it was a miscalculation but the explosion said otherwise.

"I'm not sure... I was creating a health chemical to help those with hormone deficiency. I did all the math and even worked slowly. Apparently, I didn't do a thorough enough job as the chemicals still caused a chain reaction, but the explosion that happened was a bit too potent. My entire room is pretty much gone." the genius brunette explained.

"Woah..she isn't kidding." came Lynn's voice from upstairs. Everyone eventually rushed to the second floor to witness the ruined remains of her bedroom.

Once Lisa saw the full extent of the damage, her face fell. Her bed was mostly intact, but everything else, not so much. Her desk was charred, ashes flaking off of it. Her computer was just gone, broken into many pieces. The entire back wall was gone exposing her room to the outside. "*Sigh* Not only is most of my work is ruined, but mother and father will be greatly disappointed when they get home. I don't think they can even afford to fix this.."

"What about your grant money and royalties?" Lincoln suggested to the child.

"Be that as it may, this is something they won't be able to ignore. I'm sure I'll be grounded until I'm 20."

"Don't worry baby girl, I'll just explain it was a HUGE accident and you're prepared to cover the cost. But there is no way I'm letting you sleep in there. You're going to have to bunk with someone until your room is all fixed up. I'd volunteer but I tend to practice a lot in my room and we all know that mess with your hearing. So any volunteers?"

Sudden silence. Lisa never felt so offended in her life, and her 2nd oldest sister is currently in college. Granted she was the reason Leni even got into college.

"Wow...really dudes.." Luna's disappointment was a literal jab to everyone's face. Many of the sisters began to debate, trying to figure if they'd want an extra roommate. Or they would have had Lincoln not stepped forward.

"I'll do it. My room use to be hers anyway. Actually, now that I think about it, it was mine from the start... Anyway, I'll let her bunk with me. I won't mind." everyone was relieved, though Luna was more annoyed seeing their faces of relief.

"Always a savior. Are you sure though Lincoln?" asked Lisa, still surprised he's allowing this.

"Hey is a caesium-133 atom transitional oscillation 9,192,631,770 in the Hz unit?"

Mouth agape and stunned by her brother's apparent intellect. "...Y-yes..."

"Whaaaaaat?" Everyone was suddenly stunned now.

"Lisa said it herself. I am the second smartest here. But regardless. Yes I'm sure, you are my favorite after all." this was met by a hug from the genius, along with a chorus of "Aww" followed by "HEY!?"

"Hey you all tried to beat me down when I admitted I had no favorites, don't even get upset this time." a chorus of bitter agreement followed. "Now someone come and help me get her bed in my room." he ended, floating over to Lisa's bed. Lynn followed to help him out though she was kinda annoyed at his actions.

"Can you not fly," she said in mild irritation.

"This makes it easier, now quit your complaining." Lincoln retorted, lifting the base of the box spring as Lynn assisted him in moving Lisa's bed into his room. To Lincoln's credit, it was a lot easier. The rest of the siblings decided to help as they salvaged anything intact that they could find and within an hour, Lisa was fully settled in her older brother's room.

Once Lisa got everything in order, she passed a piece of paper to Lincoln. "It's the code to my bunker. My backup laptop is inside. Would you mind retrieving it for me?" she asked. The teen gave a two-finger salute before jumping out of the window, causing Lisa to shake her head in amusement. She was pretty surprised how far her brother progressed, for you see, humanity has figured out how to influence and manipulate the very electricity the body produces, allowing humans to achieve superhuman feats via electromagnetism. It requires a lot of focus and training, but those who were able to pull it off quickly rose to the occasion, becoming heroes in their own right. Others however would take advantage of it.

Lincoln always strove to be a hero thanks to all of his comics; so when he realized he could potentially become one, he began focusing on a lot of mental training, much to his parents, or more so Lynn Sr's dismay. It took months of effort but the only son of the family managed to achieve geomagnetic flight, his mental fortitude further helping him maintain it. Soon he became the talk of the school as the only student who pulled it off much to the envy and jealousy of his peers.

Lincoln's return brought Lisa out of her thoughts as she noticed the teen flying back into the room, her laptop in hand. "Here you go, sis. Hopefully, it'll do till you can get a new main computer." smiling big at the young girl, setting it down on the spare desk he had in the room. "So what now?" he asked, wondering what to do now.

"Not much to do at this point." she begins pondering but couldn't really think of anything. "Nope, nothing comes to mind aside from awaiting my punishment for destroying 9.88% of the house." she sighed. She's sure her mother would be more lenient but her father is a different story on account of how judgemental he became over time. It honestly bothered her a lot.

"Well, you did always like it when we watched funny videos together. I also still have our old video game system in here since no one else was using it if you want to play that." Lincoln said, clearly grasping for straws, as he was concerned about the well-being of his sister, who clearly wasn't in the best frame of mind. However, aside from scattered thoughts due to such a bizarre day, he simply wasn't used to having a roommate.

"Much appreciated, Lincoln, but I must decline," Lisa said, pouting to herself, feeling increasingly anxious as the time passed. Lincoln could tell something was really bothering her.

"Alright, spit it out. What's bothering you this much? It's not like mom and dad are supervillains." Lincoln said, in an attempt to ease her mind.

"Easy for you to say, you don't deal with a disproportionate amount of stigma like I do," she replied glaring at her brother.

Now that she had mentioned it, Lincoln did begin to realize that their parents, or more specifically, their father, tend to focus a lot of his ill feelings towards Lisa more than any of the other siblings.

"Well yeah, they can be a bit harsh at times, especially dad. He's seemed a lot different these days." the teen said, a little more concerned now.

"You're telling me. I'm reminded of that every day." Lisa said, bitter, but trying to hide it.

"Maybe he's just an overly concerned parent?" the boy attempted to defend.

"If that is the case, then I wish he'd stop being concerned about me." Lisa's anger flaring

"Come on Lisa, don't say things like that." Before he could say more, Lisa quickly interrupted.

"Well excuse me if I don't exactly think favorably of a parental unit who constantly causes me anxiety and depression. Heck if I know why I'm seemingly 'cursed' as he seems to act like." Lisa ranted as they conversed.

"Every single day it's the same thing. I guess it could be worse, but it's just so tiring. I feel like everything I do is wrong, and it's eating away at me. I feel like I'm not even part of this family, half the time nobody wants me unless they need something repaired, or help with their homework. It's really becoming too much now," She continued, her voice cracking. Lincoln felt a bit awkward, he didn't really know what he could say that would fix what she was dealing with, as it went much deeper than he could comprehend.

Lisa visibly began to tear up, before Lincoln promptly wrapped his arms around her, embracing her tightly. Lisa was surprised, as it wasn't often she opted for affection. She felt a feeling of comfort slowly wash over her, something about her brother's embrace made her feel calm. She wasn't used to such close bonding, given how adapted she had become in staying to herself. Nonetheless, she eagerly accepted it, without a word she returned the affection, holding onto him tightly. For reasons she couldn't explain, the shared affection made her burst into tears. It was as though the mental barrier she had put up to hide her emotions suddenly broke. She felt vulnerable, realizing just how much she had been needing such attention.

As she cried into Lincoln's chest, Lincoln looked down at her with a concerned frown, stroking her hair as he held her close, trying to calm her down. "There, there. Let it all out. Seems you've been holding this in for a long time." he said. Lisa continued to cry for a few minutes before finally settling down, wiping her tears onto Lincoln's shirt.

"Sorry you had to see that, but... Thank you," she said, sniffling, removing her glasses to further wipe her eyes free of tears.

"It's the least I could do. Look, I know things are a bit rough, but just remember, I'm here for you no matter what. Nothing can change that." Lincoln said.

After hearing his words, Lisa suddenly felt deeply enamored, beholding his adorable smile which warmed her heart, along with his words of comfort and devotion. She'd never felt these feelings before for anyone, and as such, wasn't fully sure what to make of them yet. Regardless, she finally calmed down, taking some deep breaths and resuming having more pleasant conversations with her brother.

The two conversed for quite a while in their now-shared room, and time seemed to slip away to the point Lisa temporarily had forgotten about the looming concern of her parents coming home.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOUSE!?" came the all too familiar booming voice of their father, his voice loud enough to be heard from outside. Hearing her father's voice caused her to tense up, completely paralyzed in fear.

Once seeing his sister freeze up completely, Lincoln was finally realizing just how much damage was done to her mental state. "What the hell did you do to her dad.." He thought to himself, as he rushed out of the room but not before ensuring Lisa that all will be well. Once reaching the stairs, he saw all of his siblings gathered in the living room, all face to face with a frowning Rita and an irate Lynn Sr.

"Can anyone care to explain why is there a huge hole in the roof of the house!" Rita demanded. Truth be told, she's very used to holes in the house, but this one couldn't go unnoticed. On top of that, she had a sinking suspicion of who the culprit is, but she was curious about how everyone will commit to the truth. When she noticed how silent everyone was, she couldn't help but feel a slight hint of pride, given how often her children would be at each other throats but is quick to save their own from punishment.

She wanted to further test their resolve but her fuming husband decided to take action himself. "Rita, you know why there is a huge hole! So you have until the count of 10 to get your butt down here Lisa!" Lynn Sr angrily ordered.

Upstairs, Lisa became more anxious and stressed, that itch returning, even more intense than before, her eye twitching at the discomfort, as she slowly slinked out of the room once hearing the countdown begin.

"ONE!" the balding father began, much to everyone's dismay.

"Now hold on Pop-Star. Understand it was an accident." Luna tried to defend.


"Seriously dad, it was an accident." Luan chimed in


"What is wrong with you!"

"Cool it will you!"

"Why is daddy being mean..."

Lana, Lynn, and Lily joined in.


"Please honey, just let them explain!" Rita attempted to defuse but the wrathful father wasn't having it.



Everyone turned their gaze towards the source of the scream of anguish, witnessing the sight of a distraught Lisa, tears streaming down her face. It clearly went unnoticed, but Lincoln, who was standing next to her, noticed the anxiety in her eyes. It clearly took a lot of willpower to leave the safety of their room.

"Yes, I did it, but it was an accident. Just give me a chance to fix it with-" she was interrupted before she can finish, Rita bolting up the stairs in alarm once noticing the bandage Lisa had over her arms and on her face.

"Oh my goodness! What happened Lisa?" Her maternal instincts kicking in as she examined the young girl, craning her head upward to see if she have any other injuries. She was relieved that whoever tended to her did a very good job, no doubt all the siblings. Seeing that the girl was clearly not mentally present, the aging mother opts to not press her more than she should.

"Chemical explosion, the worst one yet," Lisa explained, with some hesitation in her voice, avoiding eye contact. "I assure you though I'll pay for all the damage with the money from my grants and royalties due to my patents."

Hearing this made the mother more calm and satisfied. If she was this willing to fix the problem she caused, then there was no need to keep going with this. "Honey let's just save this for later. She needs some rest." Rita stated in concern, still checking for more injuries.

"But Rita, there is a hole in the roof and the sidewall. This cannot wait." Lynn Sr tried to argue.

"We will WAIT until LATER. Lisa is not in the right state of mind. I can tell just by looking her in the eyes. And you aren't either mister."

"Why do you always try to undermine my authority!?"

"Authority?! Our daughter is distraught over the situation, and you care more about flexing your authority even though you never do the same with the others!?"

"Yes MY authority, Rita. She caused extensive damage to the house! She needs to be punished now!"

All the siblings became very concerned now. For a while now their parents been having arguments on a weekly basis. It was initially just small disputes but over time it turned into shouting matches. And most of the arguments usually centered on who else, but their second youngest sister. Speaking of said sister, Lisa was on the verge of crying again, her body shaking in Rita's grasp as she held onto her mother for comfort.

"The answer is no. My decision is final, We will wait until everyone has calmed down, and hear her side of the story before making a decision. Honestly, Lynn, you can be so stubborn. Your daughter is right here crying her eyes out because of you."

"Why are you trying to defend her so much, she's not eve-"

"OKAY, Pop-Star, look, let's just cut this BS right now." Luna interrupted, defusing the argument. "Everyone is emotional, you can't think rationally, and it's telling when I'M the voice of reason. So let just do our own thing until everyone calms down. All in favor say 'ay' "

"Ay!" the siblings, sans Lisa and Lincoln, voted quickly.

"Ay." Lincoln calmly voted, glaring at his father. The old man's responses were just too intense and now the teen is convinced more than Lisa let on happened behind closed doors.

"Ay." Rita voted, also glaring at her husband.

"Nay" the angry father attempted to vote.

"9 to 1. Motion passed. The majority wins Pop, drop it." Luna demanded, hands on her hips, taking charge of the situation. The disgruntled man could only grumble in embitterment as he retreated to his room. A wave of silence followed, no one said anything, and all that was heard was the ticking of the clock. Sighing in exasperation, Luna flopped herself onto the sofa. The whole situation took a lot out of her. "Times like these make me wish Lori was still here," she said out loud.

Once sure that Lisa calmed down, Rita looked at the clock and noticed it's nearing dinnertime, though the mood her husband is presently in meant he wouldn't be stable enough to prepare the food.

"Guess I'll have to prepare the food." she began as she descended the stairs. "Mind being a dear, Luan, and helping me," she asked, knowing that her pun-loving daughter has the most experience in cooking.

"Sure, I'll MEAT you in the kitchen as soon as you KNEED me! Get it?" she beamed "But seriously I'd love to help." she later said in excitement, rushing to the kitchen with her mother.

"Well, I guess there isn't anything to do until the food is ready. If anyone needs me I'll be preparing myself for dinner. On second thought, don't need me." Lola said, breaking the silence as she retreated upstairs.

"Always classy as usual Lols" came Lana's sarcastic retort as she stepped outside to enjoy the air.

Soon everyone split off to do their own things, leaving just Lincoln and Lisa, who seem to be very uncomfortable now, aggressively scratching at her lower backside. Lincoln took quick note of her discomfort and asked what was wrong.

"This dang confounded pruritus. Something must have bitten me because it hasn't ever been this bad!" a growl emanated from the back of her throat. Lincoln decided to turn her around, wanting to take a look himself, lifting the back of her shirt to examine the spot she been scratching, but to his confusion, he doesn't exactly see anything that stands out aside from the redness caused by the constant scratching.

"Maybe you're right, after all, it just how your body reacts to stress," he suggested, though Lisa was becoming less convinced.

"Regardless, this is easily the worst sensation that has ever plagued my body. Perhaps I just need to freshen up as everyone would say." the girl said, removing her glasses and handing them to Lincoln. Despite her poor eyesight, she still could see to a degree. It also does help that she has an incredibly keen sense of smell that helped her in navigating around unaided. "I'll be joining you in our room later on," she added, walking towards the bathroom, though during her short walk to the bathroom, Lincoln couldn't help but noticed how the lights dimmed when she walked right under them. Playing it off as his eyes fooling him, he figured it was best to pass the time by going straight to his room to enjoy some comics.

Comic and Manga hopping for the past 10 minutes, he finally settled on a manga he neglected for a while, becoming very engrossed within it. So much so he didn't notice Lisa returning to their room, her expression calm and relaxed, dressed in an oversized green T-shirt and black shorts. Once she got next to the bed, the lamp next to it dimmed, much to her confusion.

"That was peculiar..." she said out loud, reaching for her glasses.

"What was?" Lincoln asked, his attention taken away from what he was reading.

"Oh, nothing really. Anyway, what are you reading big brother?" Wanting to change the topic she figured it was best to shift focus to whatever it is he was reading.

"Oh, this? Just a manga I picked up. Stella suggested it and I've been hooked. Want to join me?"

"Eh... I never found those to be... engaging." Lisa tried to decline, but Lincoln was a little more persistent.

"You sure? This one is quite different. It all about intelligence than strength."

This grabbed the young scientist's attention. "... Go on."

"Well, it's about a high schooler who was freed from a stone prison after thousands of years only to realize that the planet has reverted to a primitive stage." Lincoln began. This further piqued the girl's interest. She gestured to him to continue. "Using all of his scientific knowledge and intellect, he begins the process that would set what left of humanity back to a modern era." in no time soon, he noticed Lisa climbing in the bed with him.

"I knew you'd like this one," Lincoln said, beaming with joy as he closed the book and grabbed the first volume of the same series. "Better to start you from the beginning," he added, patting the spot next to him. Lisa didn't have to be told twice as she got next to her brother, making herself comfortable as they read together. The two becoming heavily engrossed in the manga that they didn't realize how much time passed already.

Soon both siblings heard their mother calling them down for dinner. Realizing they lost track of time, Lisa look towards the clock, her eyes widening in surprise. "7:50 pm?"

"Wow, we'd usually have dinner much earlier than that."

Soon the two rushed out of the room, joining in the sibling stampede as everyone rushed to the dining room only to be met with an impressive sight of all sorts of dishes scattered all over the table. Everyone eyes lighting up at how much food Rita and Luan prepared.

"Sorry, it took us so long everyone. Luan and I decided to experiment with many different recipes. There is enough for seconds and even more."

"We really took a WHISK and used our NOODLE to pull off so many recipes at once. But we really SQUASHed those goals, and now we can have a PEASful meal! Hahah get it?" many groans followed. "But seriously, enjoy, we put a lot of effort into it," Luan said in excitement.

Soon everyone was seated, though Lynn Sr wasn't present and everyone took notice of that before Rita explained. "Apparently, he didn't want to eat in the same room as, well you know. So he's eating in our room."

There was a sudden chill in the air as the lights flickered a couple of times before everything went back to normal. Everyone was perplexed for a moment until Lisa broke the silence. "Not counting these odd power technical mishaps, I have to say for once that's good news," she said, a bitter tone present as she stacked her plate with food.

"Now sweetie I know you're still upset but-"

"Sorry mother, but that man has caused me nothing but psychological frustration and paranoia. The least he's around me, the better. Now I'd like to enjoy this meal in peace." Not having anything left to say, the girl proceeded to practically shovel food in her mouth, eating in a rather ravenous manner, much to some dismay, disgust, and awe. Lola was obviously disgusted, and so was Luna, but to a lesser extent. Lana and Lynn on the other hand were very impressed before they began wolfing down their food as well. Dinner progressed as normal as it usually would, with everyone getting seconds, but then things began to get more strange.

Everyone knew that Lisa was always a big eater, so no one batted an eye when she asked for thirds then fourths. But then she asked for fifths, then sixths, sevenths. Everyone was full but Lisa kept on eating. Lynn attempted to compete with the girl, but already she couldn't stomach it anymore. Lola simply got up and left, unable to watch anymore. The matriarch just sat in silence. She hasn't seen Lisa eat like this in years. She was even concerned she'd have to make more food. Luna just couldn't look away at all.

"Where is she putting it all..." she said to no one in particular.

Even Lincoln was in awe. He barely remembers the time they went out to a restaurant to celebrate her junior Nobel award and Lisa singlehandedly almost bankrupt both parents and the restaurant. Lucy was very transfixed though no one could tell because of her bangs. Lily didn't have much to say while Lana cheered her on. Meanwhile, Luan was beaming with pride, knowing Lisa was enjoying her food this much. Once she was done with her 14th plate, the young genius let out a very loud burp that seems to shake the room.

"Oh heh excuse me.." she uttered, blushing in embarrassment. Lynn and Lana simply gave her a thumbs-up at the accomplishment. "But nevertheless I feel much better than I did before," she added, springing to her feet, surprising everyone. Despite all she just ate, she still had that much energy despite the fact Lynn herself felt weigh down and could barely move before feeling a cramp.

With dinner at an official end, it was soon time for bed. Everyone got prepared, crowding around the bathroom sink as they usually would to brush their teeth, before retreating to their rooms. Admittedly, Lisa was still feeling just the least bit stressed and anxious but felt a lot better as she made herself comfortable in her bed. Lincoln would soon enter the room, albeit looking a little agitated.

"And THAT was for the wedgie Lynn!" he shouted out the door, slamming and locking it.

"Nightly Wedgie from Lynn?" Lisa asked.

"Yup, so I returned the favor by tieing her ponytail to her panties," he responded as we witness the sporty girl limping to her room in both amusement and anger. All the other girls laughing at Lincoln's revenge prank.

Lisa could only snicker once hearing Lynn has been bested for once. The two began their nightly routines and got themselves ready for bed. Now being isolated in the room with her brother as she laid down in her bed, she felt more of her stress melt away, even though the ever-present itch persisted.

"Goodnight Lisa!"

"Goodnight, Lincoln!" the two gave their goodnights, as Lincoln clapped his hands twice, turning off the room lights as the two got comfortable in their own beds. Lincoln fiddled with his phone briefly in bed before dozing off, but Lisa fell asleep almost immediately, having had such a long, hectic day.

The two slept peacefully until around 6 am when Lisa suddenly awoke. Feeling the need to use the toilet, she hopped out of bed but could barely keep her balance. "Peculiar... Guess my body is simply too tired still. At least that terrible itch seems to finally be gone." she said, fumbling her way to the bathroom, but not before bumping into the walls, and a few doors.


"Lols, shut up..." argued Lola and Lana respectively, the latter of which was indifferent to the accidental knock to the door, unlike her twin.

"At least there's no line at this hour." She said much to her relief. After she made it to the bathroom she shut the door, she began to drop her pants, which is when she noticed an unusual resistance. "Gah, come on, what are they stuck on?" she said in confusion before finally yanking her pants off, only to realize what was causing her issues this morning, staring, wide-eyed, at her new appendage in total shock.

"W-wait... Is that a... EEEEEK!" Lisa let out an ear-piercing scream, which was immediately followed by tons of loud fumbling upstairs in the Loud residence as all of her siblings came to check on her. Luna was the first to arrive, slamming the door open.

"Dude, are you okay?! What happened? Uh... oh no..." she said, the last part in a concerned whisper, pausing in disbelief just as the other siblings arrived, letting out audible gasps at the sight of Lisa, who is now sporting a brown-furred monkey-esque tail as it swayed in a manner as if it had a mind of its own.

"Lisa, what happened?" Questioned Lincoln, though covering his eyes a bit out of respectful habit, having seen his sister bottomless.

"Eww... why does she have a tail like some animal?" Lola said although she was still concerned like the others.

"LUCKY!" Lana said almost heartbroken wishing she had a tail.

"Woah-ho, Aw yeah sis, you're really letting out the beast within!" said Lynn giving her a double thumbs up.

"Monkey!" Lily cheerfully said, staring in awe.

"Please everyone, stop staring... It's embarrassing, I don't even know what's going on..." Lisa said, blushing and holding onto the toilet to keep her balance upon nearly slipping due to being surprised at everyone barging in, not helped by the fact she still had to pee.

"Alright everyone, step out and give her some space," Luna said as she grabbed a nearby towel to block everyone's view of their bottomless sibling.

"Seriously, I have to pee, can I have some privacy, I'm just as confused as you guys are..." Lisa said, struggling to steady herself onto the toilet, only for her new tail to sway wildly before dipping into the water as she stood slightly to try to adjust herself. "For Einstein's sake... thank goodness the last person flushed." she sighed. Luna turned and waited for her to finish, then proceeded to help her up, as well as dry off her tail as she got fully clothed again.

"Luna, what's happening to me?" Lisa inquired, voice cracking due to the increased stress from the situation.

"I don't know dude, but I promise we'll get to the bottom of this. But if you ask me, our parents have a LOT to answer for," she said, eluding as if she knew of some bombshell information, which concerned Lisa, but she tried to remain her usual collected self.

The two emerged from the bathroom, getting ready to call for their parents, which Lisa wasn't too eager to do, especially with everything else going on. She thought for sure her father would disown her, granted at this point that didn't sound all too bad for her.

"Wow, you're really a CHIMP off the old block! This is turning out to be quite an interesting TAIL to tell. Get it? Hahaha." Luan joked but quickly ceased her laughter after being given awkward stares for her poor timing. "Sorry... It's how I deal with stress..."

"Chimps don't even have tails anyway." Lucy monotoned, which made Luan blush in mild embarrassment, completely forgetting that detail.

Lisa gradually began to adapt as she got used to balancing herself to account for the new appendage. She realized this may have also been the cause of that itch all along. But what could this all mean? Was it due to all the stress? Where did it come from, and why did it affect only her? Find out next time, on-

"Lincoln is that you, quoting your mangas again? Please refrain, this is weird enough for me without your narration..."

"Heh, sorry."

A/N: And there you have it. As I said I'm putting my own spin on things. I say that cos it should be obvious whats happening Haha.

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