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The League Summoner

Chapter 49

"So, we will have no choice but to fight Loki and whatever he's going to throw at us without Thor." Naruto said, concluding everything that he had just heard from Sirzechs and the other leader of the Three Faction alliance, who were currently discussing the situation with him and a few others while sitting around the table in the meeting room of the hotel that were intended to host the meeting of the Norse and Shinto gods tomorrow in Kuoh.

"Unfortunately, Asgard is pretty defenseless against the Jotun without their best warriors. Only Thor has the strength to lead the other Norse gods and defeat an army of that side in battle in Odin's absence." Sirzechs explained, as Azazel nodded his head in agreement, with the fallen angel himself having a serious look on his face. They all knew the seriousness of the situation. Loki wasn't just aiming to kill Odin and the delegations of the Shinto Gods. He was aiming to start Ragnarok and end the world itself. "Loki knows this better than anyone. He will certainly have the Jotun attack Asgard again to divert Thor's attention away and keep him occupied while he goes for Odin's head."

Sitting around the table with the two leaders of their respective factions were Michael, Gabriel, Baraquiel and several other archangels of Heaven and fallen angels of Grigori. Taking her seat next to the crimson hair Maou was also his fellow compatriots, Serafall Leviathan, Ajuka Beelzebub, and Falbium Asmodeus, who appeared to be in his usual sleepy self, but that was nothing new for those who had already known him.

"Onii-sama, can we do anything to help Thor-sama and Asgard?" Rias asked as she stood with her boyfriend, having been summoned to this conference to discuss their next move against the upcoming battle against Loki and his army.

Beside them, there were also Sona and her queen Tsubaki Shinra, who had also been called to the meeting by the former sister. Originally, only Rias' peerage, specifically Naruto, would be acting as Thor and Odin's bodyguards during their stays in Kuoh due to the request of the god of thunder. However, now that it had come down to the town being the intended starting point of Ragnarok, with Loki aiming to attack the meeting of the Norse and Shinto gods to kill Odin, Sona and her peerage had also been summoned and included in the upcoming battle, one that everyone knew they would have to join force with each other if they wished to overcome the threats of Loki and his army.

"We are helping in every way that we can, Rias. However, against the looming threat of Khaos Brigade and Loki himself, we cannot split our force and send them there as reinforcements. Not just them, we need to prepare for the worst." Sirzechs answered with a shake of his head.

"Not to mention that Thor himself declined our offer to send some of our best there and help him when we asked." Azazel said with a small grin, being the first positive emotion that he had shown on his face since the start of the meeting "He believed he could deal with the Jotun himself, and trusted us to protect Odin and the Shinto gods to our last dying breath, along with making sure that nothing, not even Loki himself, will interfere with the first official and most important meeting between the two pantheons."

The governor finished with a small chuckle, making Naruto and Rias look at each other with a forced smile. The two of them, especially Naruto, still hadn't known Thor personally long enough to judge him, but that certainly sounded like something he would say to them if they were included in that conversation with him after communication to Asgard was restored.

"This meeting is not just important for the Norse and Shinto gods, but for the rest of the supernatural world as well. Many other pantheons might soon follow their example, and if even the gods themselves can make peace and exchange cultures to each other, then other factions will certainly feel that they can do the same just like them and us." Michael said with a small smile, with Gabriel nodding her head along with him in agreement "No matter what, we must stop Loki and make sure this meeting goes on as planned."

"Certainly." Serafall spoke with a nod of her head.

"We cannot postpone the meeting to another day, can we?" It was Sona who asked that question.

"No, we cannot." Sirzechs replied with a nod of his head "Loki is scary patient. If we move it to another day, then he will just have to wait till then to launch the attack."

"That's right, and also because we have no idea where he has been hiding and preparing his army, we can't just hold off the meeting until he's no longer a threat either. If we want to stop him, we have to do it on the day that we know he will appear." Ajuka pointed out in a serious tone.

"So you are saying that we use the meeting as bait?" Sona concluded, and no one appeared to be surprised, having fully expected it.

"Yes. We need to take him down, right here in Kuoh tomorrow." Azazel said with a firm nod of his head "Baraquiel and I will begin to prepare for the upcoming battle by setting up checkpoints around town and sending our men there. I will also have my subordinates start with the evacuation immediately. This fight is between us and Loki. We cannot let innocent civilians get caught in harm's way. The last thing we need now is for Kuoh to turn into a second Reykjavik." The governor finished, looking at Naruto and earning a nod of gratitude from the blond, knowing that his parents would be safe.

"You say it like that, but I can't help but feel that this is going to be Reykjavik all over again." Naruto couldn't help but make that comment, making Azazel shrug his shoulders with an amused grin.

"Speaking of Reykjavik, I think we can utilize those magic barrier devices we were able to savage from the Hero Faction after the battle to give you guys an edge in this fight against Loki." Azazel then said, reminding everyone of the four barrier devices that Naruto and the four peerages had had to destroy in order for reinforcement to reach them "Though don't expect them much from them. Best we can do is to set up those devices around town to keep Loki from teleporting his enemies directly onto us. We won't stand a chance if we can't even hold a proper battle formation and stand our ground."

"Anything helps, sensei." Rias said with a nod of her head.

"We are also going to need you to summon as many champions as you can, Naruto. There are a lot of ground to cover, and many powerful foes to deal with." Sirzechs spoke to Naruto in a serious tone, making the blond nod his head in understanding "However, its best that you do it later tonight to give yourself time to recover for tomorrow. We will still need you to fight at your full strength in this battle."

"You got it, Sirzechs-nii-sama." Naruto said firmly, making the crimson haired Maou smile at him.

"Vali and his team have also agreed to join us in this fight." Azazel then informed them, looking over to Sona, who had fully expected him to do so "He's also looking forward to see the red dragon emperor's strength in battle as you guys face off against a god and his army of god killing machines, so you best make sure the kid is ready to show his strength to his rival."

"Noted, governor." Sona answered simply, even though she didn't sound very amused.

"The upcoming battle will be long and difficult. Loki is going to throw everything at you to get to Odin-sama" Gabriel, the beautiful blonde haired angel, pointed out before placing a hand on her chest, continuing with a breathtaking smile and a firm voice "You will need all the help you can get to stop Ragnarok, so I will join you in this battle to stop Ragnarok.."

"Really, Gabriel-san?" Naruto asked in surprise, not expecting the blonde archangel to make such an offer. Beside her, Michael looked at his sister for a moment before the two nodded their heads to each other, seemingly understanding what the other was thinking without needing to speak up.

"Yes. It will be my greatest honor to be able to fight alongside the promising and full of potential future generation of this world, not just the devils." Gabriel said, smiling at Naruto and making the blond blush slightly at her beautiful smile. "Not to mention, I cannot let Irina be the only angel fighting in this battle either. Grigori and the Devils are sending their best to defend Kuoh and the meeting of the gods, so it's only natural that we angels of heaven do the same."

"Ehhh, you are going to fight for real, Gabriel-chan? Seriously, if I were the host of the meeting, then I would definitely be more than happy to join you and help So-tan and her friends win Ragnarok. We would have our chance to decide who is better as well."

Serafall groaned before declaring with her hands in the air, making the leaders, especially her fellow Maou Sirzechs and Ajuka, look at her amusedly, while Gabriel just tilted her head to the side in slight confusion.

Giggling softly, Rias then leaned toward Naruto and whispered into her boyfriend's ear in a low tone to explain to him how Serafall viewed Gabriel as her biggest rival, even though the archangel positively never appeared to be seeing her in the same way. If there ever was a friendly but somewhat intense one-sided rivalry, the relationship between Serafall and Gabriel was certainly one.

"So it is decided then." Sirzechs spoke with a smile. Around the table, the other leaders nodded their heads in confirmation "Alright, let's carry out with the plan then. For the meantime, we will try to gather as much information about Loki and Fenrir as we can to give ourselves an edge in this battle against him. Sona, we are going to need your servants Issei and Saji's assistant in summoning Midgardsormr's consciousness. He's someone who knows more about Loki than any of us do."

"I understand, Sirzechs-sama." Sona nodded her head respectfully to the crimson haired Maou. Miðgarðsormr was one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, known as the sleeping dragon, and the World Serpent, who was also the largest known dragon in existence, growing so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail.

"Vali will help too. With the power of the two heavenly dragons and a dragon king, we can certainly summon Midgardsormr and ask him for information." Azazel then shrugged his shoulders "Let's hope that he's still an ally of the dragons and not too keen on joining his creator."

"Let's hope." Michael said with a serious nod.


And so, the preparation for Ragnarok in Kuoh began. The fallen angel subordinates of Azazel and Baraquiel arrived soon after the meeting ended, and immediately they began with the evacuation, using a magic spell to put the townspeople in a trance and move them to a safe location far from the town. A number of barriers and magic wards were also set up at various tactical locations around Kuoh, mostly around the hotel where the meeting of the Norse and Shinto gods would be taking place.

Minato and Kushina were among the first to be evacuated, although it was by him and Rias, who put a spell on them to make the parents decide to take a vacation to Hawaii together to celebrate their anniversary in advance. Kuoh Academy had also been cleared out and placed under a powerful barrier per Rias and Sona's request. Apparently, after being destroyed so many times the past few months, the two had decided that the school should be at least spared from the unavoidable destruction of Ragnarok.

"General, I am going to need you and your team to guard this place. It is one of the places that we will set up one of the Reykjavik magic barrier devices. Make sure that nothing will get close to it there." Naruto spoke, circling a point on the map of Kuoh that was currently being laid out on the table before him while looking at the Hand of Noxus, Darius himself. After seeing his parents off at the train station, Naruto had wasted no time to return home and summon as many champions as he could without exhausting himself out to begin his own preparation for the battle tomorrow.

"It shall be done, summoner." Darius replied with a firm nod of his head before he decided to say "I don't mind guard duty, but are you sure that those like my brother and Sir Kled are fit for the job? They are not exactly the type to stay back and wait for orders."

"I know, but we need all the help that we can get. Plus, considering the scale of this battle, I have a feeling that they are the ones most suited to take the charge against the enemies." Naruto said, making Darius cross his arms "Just make sure that those two are not going to do anything too reckless. We need you guys to stand strong until we take down Loki."

"If we are talking about recklessness, then Samira is the one that we should worry about, not my brother or Sir Kled." The general pointed out dryly, making Naruto chuckle in response.

"Summoner, what about this location?" asked a man who was dressed in a full set of golden, spiky armor and wielded in his hand a long spear with a tattered red flag, as he leaned forward and pointed at a location on the map just south of the hotel.

"That's where you and the Demacia group will come in, Prince Jarvan. We need to protect the Reykjavik barrier devices at all cost, but it is very unlikely that the enemies will throw everything that they have at them. They will certainly try to break through to the hotel from other directions too." Naruto replied, explaining it to the prince of Demacia while drawing arrows and circles around the location Jarvan IV had pointed his hand at. "A team of angels will back you up here, since it is an open space and there is a lot of ground to cover."

"Understood." Jarvan nodded.

"Sona and her peerage will fight alongside you, general Darius. They are capable fighters who are used to following strict strategies, so you won't have any problem fighting alongside them." Naruto then turned back to Darius and said, making the battle hardened general of Noxus nod his head in understanding. "That will be all. Go see your troops and make sure they are ready for tomorrow. I will inform you if there are any changes."

With that said, both Darius and Jarvan took their leaves from the room, after giving each other a look of mutual acknowledgement and respect. Noxus and Demacia might be at war with each other, but they were both fellow champions of the League who had faced off, and fought alongside each other multiple times in the past. If anything, putting aside grudges and differences to fight back to back was like a second nature to them now, and it was exactly what Naruto needed at the moment.

"Alright, Lucian, Senna." Naruto said, smiling as he turned his attention over to the two sentinel couple who had been standing with each other on one side of the room, distancing themselves from the two commanders of Noxus and Demacia "Thank you for coming. I know that you two are busy with the whole Ruination thing and Viego, but…"

"It's alright, summoner." Senna interrupted him, shaking her head with a smile "You need help, and that is all the reason we need to come. We have Akshan to help with things in Runeterra. I am sure that he can manage things there without us for a day or two."

"I must admit that I am a bit worried about leaving things to that man." Lucian said while looking at his wife, who laughed softly at his words before he turned to look at Naruto and said "Regardless, there's no point in worrying about that now we are already here. The Sentinels of Light got your back, summoner."

"Thank you. And please, just call me Naruto. Being called summoner makes me feel a bit old, you know." The blond said with a humorous chuckle, making Lucian snort and Senna smile in response. After that, the three of them left the room, with Senna and Lucian heading to see their fellow sentinels, champions of the League who had joined their causes against the threats of black mist and the ruined king Viego himself, leaving Naruto to wander the house and see the others.

"Coming through, Naruto. Coming through!" Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, chirped happily as she skipped past Naruto with a box of new, special clothes in her hands, which she had been sewing since earlier that morning to provide her fellow champions with some extra protection.

"Hey, don't run your bike too fast. It's dangerous and you are not immune to fall damage!" Naruto called after the blue haired doll, who smiled at him before continuing to make her way down to the ground floor of his house, making him shake his head while smiling at her before turning his attention to the living room of his house.

To say that the place was crowded would be an understatement, as over fifty champions of the League of Legends were currently there, talking to one another while enjoying the tea and snacks Akeno and Rias were making for them with the help of Grayfia, Sona, Blitzcrank and Evelynn (who many were trying to avoid), or just hanging out by themselves in the garden, in loners case like Yone and Yasuo.

Kayle appeared to be engaging Gabriele and Irina in a friendly conversation, while her estranged sister Morgana was trying to brush off Azazel, who had been trying to hit on her. The sentinels of light were standing with each other, being told of what they would need to do by their leaders Lucian and Senna, though there were many loners among them who would much prefer to not be talked at all so the group barely talked to anyone else, even to each other.

Graves was talking to his old time pal Twisted Fate, and Rengar appeared to be the only one who was friendly enough to have some interactions with others, though he was not entirely sure if Nidalee herself could be considered as many.

Even the Yordle like Teemo, Tristana, and Rumble were also present, the last of whom was currently trying to flirt with his crush, but she was more or less ignoring him to talk to Le Fay and Lulu, who had Yuumi riding on her large witch hat while Book was floating at her side. The younger Pendragon instantly hit it off with the little Fae Sorceress, both being practitioners of magic, not to mention that apparently, Lulu was also Le Fay's main champion in the game.

Ziggs was arguing with Heimerdinger, while Jayce and Ekko were trying to calm them down. Caitlyn was sitting with her partner Vi, drinking tea and checking their gears and weapons together. Naruto was still not entirely sure if he should summon Jinx because of her instability and relationship with her sister and the sheriff themselves, despite the fact that The Loose Cannon would be a fine addition to the Piltover group with her insane firepower.

"It's been a while since I last saw so many champions in a place like this. It's not something that you get to see every day." Hearing that, Naruto turned his head and saw Ahri leaving her room and making her way toward him while beaming radiantly. "Hey, Naruto."

"Hey, Ahri." Naruto smiled and kissed her, making the nine tailed fox champion smile before kissing him, their tongues sliding out to meet each other. Ahri was not a shy type, so she was quite happy that Naruto wasn't embarrassed to show his affection to the girls that he loved. "I hope the meeting with Yasaka-san went smoothly."

"Yes." Ahri smiled and answered her summoner/lover after they had pulled back from each other "She has agreed to send her Youkai over later to assist us. She would come herself if it weren't for the fact that she can't leave Kyoto for long."

"It's fine. The important thing is that she is ready to support us. That alone is enough." Naruto said, smiling at Ahri "Give her my gratitude to Yasaka-san the next time you guys talk."

"I will." Ahri said, nodding her head to her summoner. "I assume that you have finished with the Demacians and Noxians then?"

"I have." Naruto said with a smile, looking at the two groups that Ahri had mentioned. As expected, they were distancing themselves from each other, with the only ones being secretly friendly to each other being none other than Garen and Katarina themselves. They two probably thought no one could see them glancing at each other, but Naruto did, from where he was standing with Ahri.

"What about me and Evelynn? Where are you going to need us?" Ahri asked.

"With me. Fenrir… the three of us gotta do something about that thing." Naruto stated seriously as he leaned his elbow "Its bite is strong enough to kill even a god, and Evelynn is the only one I know here has the ability to avoid being bit by it. We need to put it down as soon as we can."

"It won't be easy." The nine tailed Gumiho said, recalling the terror she had felt while facing against Fenrir. She had no idea what it was capable of at the time, and yet she still felt a sense of dread when she first saw it, speaking volume of how dangerous it was.

"I know. That's why we gotta give it our best." Naruto nodded his head "Kai'sa and Akali will also aid us. Us five, along with Rias will be fighting on the frontline. It will be just like Reykjavik, where we need to help out everywhere we can. Of course Loki is our main target, but we will have Vali and Issei to fight alongside us and hold him off."

"It is going to be a long and hard battle, isn't it?" Ahri asked, smiling softly as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. She could tell that he was somewhat nervous. Their opponent was a god, after all. "The league is with you, Naruto. Everything is going to be alright."

"Thanks, Ahri." Naruto said, reaching up to place his own hand over Ahri's while smiling at her for a moment before he said. "Come on, let's head down and save Azazel-sensei before Morgana decides to rip his head off."

"Yes, let's go." Ahri giggled, hiding her smile behind her hand before she followed Naruto downstairs to meet up with the others.


At sunrise, everyone knew that it was the time of the battle.

"The VIPs are here. I repeat, the VIPs are here." Azazel, the acting middleman between the two pantheons, spoke through the comms that they had set up to communicate with one another, informing the leaders of each group around Kuoh of the arrivals of Odin and the Shinto gods at the scheduled hotel.

Numerous protective barriers had been set up around and inside the hotel itself, particularly at the conference room where the meeting would soon be held, so unless Loki launched himself at the hotel with the raw power that surpassed Thor and Mjolnir, the gods would be able to carry on with their meeting without interruption. Moreover, should the barrier of the hotel been breached, the meeting would be adjourned and everyone there would be teleported immediately to another venue.

"It's time." Rias turned around and spoke to her servants, while wielding in her hand Senna's gigantic mist cannon, having fused herself with The Redeemer beforehand. Standing with them on the rooftop of the hotel were the Issei of the Sitri Group, Grayfia Gabriel, Baraquiel and Vali and Arthur of their own teams, all of whom had geared themselves up for war. They had Sona, Asia and Yuumi providing them with healing supports in the backline, but in case of emergency, some of them had been entrusted with a vial of Phoenix Tears each just to be sure.

"Naruto, are your champions in positions?" Baraquiel asked, turning around to look at the young man. Because Azazel was out of commission, it had been decided that he would act as the leader of the frontier. Beside guarding the hotel itself, his group also had the job of protecting one of the four Reykjavik magic barrier devices that had been set up by Azazel on the rooftop of the hotel. While it's not wise to leave it out in the open like that, the barrier became stronger the closer it was to the devices, so not even Loki himself, who was said to be one of the most powerful magician in the world, could set up a teleportation magic straight into the building with it standing right on the rooftop.

"They are, Baraquiel-san" Naruto nodded his head in confirmation while standing with the champions of the K/DA.

"Good." Baraquiel spoke to the blond, before turning his attention to the rest, especially his daughter who was avoiding him as usual "Everyone, use this time to double check your weapons. Be ready."

"Yes!" With that said, the rooftop group did what they were asked by their leader while helping each other out. Naruto, after making sure that his champions were all geared up and ready, decided to approach Akeno to talk to her.

"Hey, Akeno-san…" Naruto began, as the black haired queen turned her head to look at him, looking somewhat more relaxed than before "Are you sure that you are alright?"

"Yes, of course… why wouldn't I be?" Akeno answered, but Naruto simply arched an eyebrow at her with a small smile, deciding to say nothing and let her continue "I mean…" She was stopped, however, when Naruto reached his hand out and placed it on her shoulder, squeezing it in a comforting manner.

"It's alright. You don't have to say anything now." Naruto said, smiling at her "Let's keep our mind clear of everything but the battle ahead of us, and overcome Ragnarok together, alright? We still have a date to catch up later this week, after all."

"Alright then, Naruto-kun." Akeno said, smiling softly as she nodded her head to the blond, who then noticed Rias looking at him with a grateful smile of her own. Besides Akeno, Kennen, the partner he had chosen for his girlfriend's Queen, gave him a thumbs up and an eye smile behind his mask.

"Everyone, get ready! The enemies are here!"

As if on cue, Baraquiel informed them all loudly as the space above the hotel, just outside the invisible magid barrier that the alliance had set up with the devices, became distorted before it split down and created a large hole that Loki himself then emerged from along with his deadliest creation, the god-devouring wolf, Fenrir.

"So, full on assault and no tricks, huh?" Vali spoke as he stepped forward and looked up at Loki, who smirked down at them with disinterest. "You have my respect, god of mischief."

"So this is your choice, three factions." Loki simply replied, as Fenrir snarled while walking around on the platform of magic beneath its feet "It appears that as long as all of you exist, I won't be able to get my hands on Odin's life."

"You are welcome to try." Naruto spoke up loudly. Beside him, Akeno unleashed her holy lightning and fallen angel wings, as everyone on the rooftop brought out their weapons and got ready.

"Let's see which one of us will prevail today." Loki declared with his arms outstretched to the side, and the platform beneath Fenrir's feet disappeared, allowing the giant God killing wolf to lunge itself down at them "Let Ragnarok begin."

As Grayfia and Baraquiel unleashed their magic, unleashing a combined attack of ice and holy lightning that blasted away Fenrir before it could touch the barrier surrounding the hotel, the space behind Loki became more distorted, and the hole from earlier grew even larger. From there, numerous insectoid beings wearing heavy armors and wielding spears swarmed out and flew around Loki, who did not look worried even though Fenrir had been knocked down to the ground.

"Those are…"

"The Dark Elves of Alfheim. So they are with him too." Baraquiel mustered in surprise. The battle was going to be just as difficult as they had anticipated.

With a smirk, the Norse god of Mischief Loki then pointed a hand at them, creating a magic circle that weakened the entire magic barrier around town enough for him and his force to enter, and announced in a tone loud enough for them all to hear, signaling the start of the war "Let Ragnarok begin!"

"Naruto, go! We will protect the device. As long as even one of them still stand, they won't be able to teleport directly onto us." Rias shouted to her boyfriend, nodding her head to him as she brought up her mist cannon imbuded with her power of destruction and got ready to fight.

"Kai'sa!" Naruto shouted and the Daughter of the Void dashed toward him, allowing the two of them to merge and giving Naruto's her wings and bionic blasters. "Let's go, everyone!"

With that said, Naruto unleashed his devil wings and took off at maximum speed, with Gabriel, Irina, Kiba and Xenovia flying closely behind him using their own wings, assisting the blond as he met the army of dark elves in a full on air battle, with the five of them trying to take down as many as they could on the sky before they could get close to the hotel and bombarding the barrier that Grayfia was maintaining with her own demonic power.

Down below, the members of the occult research club supported Naruto, Irina and Gabriel as much as they could, with Rias using her mist cannon and imbuing each shot with her demonic power to assist in taking out the dark elves and protecting them at the same time.

On the street, Fenrir charged toward the hotel, but before it could get anywhere close to it, dark chains shot out from the magic circle that appeared beneath its feet and wrapped around its body, holding it still as Arthur, Bikou, Le Fay and Kuroka gathered around the creature, having been tasked to capture it with the assist of the rest of the K/DA, who jumped down from the hotels and landed on the ground easily.

As more dark elves emerged from the portal on the sky, slowly pushing Naruto and his comrades back by the sheer number of them alone, Loki's ground troops started appearing from various smaller portals around the town, taking the appearance of lifeless, deformed creatures/lifeforms that appeared to know nothing but slaughtering everything on their paths. They were met by the full might of the champions of the League of Legends, however, while being assisted by the joined forces of devils, fallen angels, angels and youkai, keeping them from breaching into town and making it harder for the group currently facing off against Loki.

"Vali, Issei, you two are up!" Baraquiel spoke loudly as he took down a dark elf with a full blast of holy lightning, turning around to look at the two heavenly dragons.

"Try to keep up, Hyoudou Issei." Vali spoke simply as he glanced over to Issei, who scoffed as he raised his Sacred Gear.

"Just don't get in my way." With that said, Issei promoted himself to [Queen], having been granted the permission by Sona earlier.



With those announcements of their sacred gear, Issei and Vali donned themselves in dragon armors, which caused Loki's eyes to widen with glee. "Wonderful! The Two Heavenly Dragons joined forces against me! I really can't ask for more!"

And with that, the two heavenly dragons launched themselves towards Loki, who summoned numerous magic circles and fired blasts of magic at them, but they dodged all of them by maneuvering through the air while continuing to make their ways towards the Evil God with their wings.

Gathering his magic power, Issei unleashed a counter attack with his signature dragon shot, managing to break through Loki's defense magic circle when the evil god raised it to protect himself. Without another word, Vali followed up with his own attack, firing off his own blast of magic towards Loki, knocking the evil god down to the street below.

"HAHAHA! The combination of the two heavenly dragons is truly a force to be reckoned with!" Loki laughed loudly as he emerged from the crater that Vali had sent him into, looking uninjured despite having his elegant garb slightly torn "But I'm afraid it's not enough to even scratch the surface of my skin."

"We shall see about that." Vali spoke simply as he and Issei flew down and launched themselves at Loki, forcing the evil god to engage them in close range combat.


"Come on, hurry up, Minato!" Kushina Uzumaki spoke up loudly after turning around and looking at her husband, who had a small smile on his face as he followed after her "Our son and his friends are going to need all the help he can get to overcome this. So let's hurry up and head over there to help them."

"Right, right." Minato laughed softly as he came up to stand next to his wife, "Don't forget your mask now, Kushina."

"Of course." Kushina smiled, before putting on her mask after her husband had done it himself. Together, in a matching swirl of leaves and winds, the two of them disappeared.

End of Chapter 49

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