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Edward stood next to Emmett as the organ music began signaling the start of the ceremony. Jasper looked somewhere between excited and a nervous wreck as the double doors to the back of the church opened.

Amy, Jasper's niece, stepped into the aisle, her five-year-old gloved hand, throwing rose petals in her wake as she slowly came toward the altar. Following close behind the little girl was the object of their fire, the woman responsible for countless sleepless nights.

As she glided down the walkway, her brown eyes darted around the church until she found them. Emmett nudged Edward's arm as she first locked eyes with Emmett before her attention swung to Edward. He could tell by the shadows in those normally bright eyes, she was still mildly conflicted. As if she were fighting for an ounce of dignity, she forcibly pulled her gaze away and focused on Jasper.

Edward leaned close to whisper to Emmett. "We'll catch her at the reception. We're going to have that conversation whether she wants to or not."

"Shhh," Jasper threw over his shoulder fiercely. "Forget your drama until the end of this ceremony, please. This is Alice's day, and she will murder me if you two ruin it."

Emmett tossed a look around to make sure they hadn't interrupted the organ blaring in the corner. "Dude, you got your chick. We just want ours."

"Well, you two can wait until after the ceremony to discuss it," Jasper glowered at his two best friends with a warning in his piercing blue eyes. "Stop trying to steal my thunder."

Edward chuckled under his breath. "Just so you know, you sound like a chick. If I wanted to steal your thunder, I would bend her fine ass over on those steps over there."

Jasper's lips parted as Bella took her spot where the bridesmaids would stand. She still hadn't looked back in their direction, apparently dead set on ignoring their presence. Emmett growled next to Edward with determination in his eyes. "Yeah, this shit isn't going to fly."

Before he could continue the rant under his breath, the music changed, indicating the bride. All bullshit fell quiet as Alice floated towards the altar with the brightest smile lighting up her face. Edward tried to focus on the woman of the hour, yet his eyes kept finding their way back to Bella, standing just a few feet to his right.

When Alice stopped in front of the minister, Edward let his wary gaze slip over Bella's angelic features. She might look like an angel, but she was the fucking devil. No woman had ever possessed this power over him, and the shit about it was, he had no desire to shake her spell. He was semi-happy to be caught in her silken web. Of course, he wanted to be elated, but until he righted this fucked up situation, that was impossible.

Casting a sidelong glance toward Emmett, the fire he associated with his best friend ignited. Ever since they'd admitted their feelings or attraction to one another, Edward couldn't shake the passion Emmett instigated. No matter what happened between Bella and them, their relationship had been forever altered, for better or worse.

Emmett could feel Edward's heated glance, and as the preacher recited the vows, he shifted closer. Standing at an angle, his chest bumping into Edward's shoulder, letting the promises falling from the pastor's lips be the double meaning between them.

Bella was fighting to focus on Alice's big day. Her willpower was slowly deteriorating when she felt the sting of four eyes following every move she made. Several times as she coasted up the aisle, she wanted to grab those infuriating men and tell them what a fool she'd been. Despite the battle now warring within her, she wanted them, wrong and right.

She wanted them both, and she didn't give two shits what anyone thought. When she was with them, she felt safe, desired, and—complete. Weirdly, Bella had never felt so right in her life. Would it have been simpler if she was devoted to one over the other? No. Why? Because these two men were a unit.

Emmett and Edward were not separate people and wanting one over the other would divide the bond these men had since age five. They might be two different people, but they were halves of the same whole. What one lacked, the other provided, and their loyalty, devotion, and love for each other were just as sexy as each of them individually. Simply put, Bella couldn't want one without the other.

It had taken her several hours of tossing and turning alone in bed to come to this conclusion—and it totally sucked. As tingles raced down her spine, she fought the urge to look back in their direction. If she did, she wouldn't be able to resist ruining this whole damn ceremony.

When she took her place, and Alice came to stand next to Jasper, Bella's smile spread from ear to ear. That's when the skin of her cheeks heated. She felt them looking at her, the intensity burning a hole through her. Unbidden, she met their gaze, her chocolate irises bouncing between green and deep blue. Her belly fluttered with a thousand butterflies.

Why the fuck was she fighting this? They both treated her like a fucking queen—a treasure of the highest value. So what if they were into each other as well? How much of a hypocrite would she be to deny them that?

Hell, even while she was overthinking things last night, she couldn't help but think how badly she wanted to watch them with each other.

Almost as badly as she wanted to be with both of them at the same time.


As she returned the attention they lavished upon her, a wicked vision of them locked in a heated embrace teased her muddled senses. She felt like she was drowning. How hot would it be to watch Edward and Emmett kiss, be locked in the middle of all that brawn, and lose herself completely? The image of Edward's cock in Emmett's hand caused her core to leap with excitement.

Initially, she'd been upset about their developing relationship. Why shouldn't she be? There was every possibility they would decide they only needed each other. Then what? Where would that leave her?

Yes, they both seemed devoted to her. How long would that last? Was their attraction to her temporary? How did they see this whole relationship developing between the three of them? A relationship was difficult for two people—but three? How would that even work?

These questions need to be sorted before anything more could happen. Swallowing thickly, she returned her attention to the ceremony. However, with each word the preacher spoke, Bella felt bound to these men in ways she couldn't begin to fathom.

Twenty minutes later, the preacher gave them his blessing. "You may now kiss your bride."

Everyone clapped as Jasper kissed Alice with all the passion of a new husband. As the newlyweds rushed out of the church, the wedding party followed close behind.

Edward slowed his pace until he fell in step with Bella. "You do realize you will have to tell us to eat shit or have this discussion, right?"

"Edward," Bella sighed, and despite her apprehension, she looped her hand into the crook of his arm, purely from manners and not at all because she was dying to touch him. "This is hardly the time or the place," she whispered adamantly.

"When is the right time or place?" Emmett wanted to know coming along her other side, his touch coming to rest on her lower back. "If you want us to back off, just say so; otherwise, we proceed."

Bella's gaze darted between the men. They both watched her, waiting to see what she decided. There was little doubt in her mind if she told them to back off, they would. This irrational fear overrode her better sense. Bella didn't want to lose them. Shit. Biting her lip, she murmured beneath her breath. "I don't want you to back off. But this day is currently about Jasper and Alice, our best friends, and we should remember that."

"Good," Edward agreed with a nod. "Because we weren't going to back off. You want this as much as we do."

Bella couldn't dispute his logic. She didn't even try. Edward was correct in his assumption. She was very much addicted. She was a junky, and she had no desire to be rehabbed. Shaking her head, she mumbled, "You guys are insatiable and very rude for ignoring what I just said."

"Honeybee, unfortunately, we are listening to what you said. If we weren't, we would have you pinned to the nearest pew, showering you with praises like the fucking goddess you are."

Bella shivered as Emmett's breath tickled her ear, enhanced by the caress of his fingertips along her hip. Cautiously, Bella's gaze danced over the faces crowding around them. Luckily, no one seemed aware of the highly inappropriate conversation happening between the three of them or the fact that their touch was driving her mad.

She was surrounded by fire as they slipped into the limo. Emmett sat on one side and Edward on the other, and Bella was well aware of Alice's lifted brow. Bella ignored the questions filling her inquisitive stare. Waving her fingers, Bella brushed off the concern that followed, tipping her head in silent confirmation everything was consensual.

Edward was relieved when they pulled into a long winding drive of the reception. Jasper had insisted on holding his reception in a barn—something about staying true to his country roots or some shit. As wonderful as being so close to Bella was, her sweet scent was wreaking havoc on his senses, and right now, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her in front of God and everyone.

Not ready for such a public display and uncertain how Bella might feel about the wedding party being privy to their odd-ass arrangement, he squished the urge. No doubt if he gave into this siren at his side, Emmett would demand some time of his own. This was way too new to them all. He wouldn't risk putting another divide between their fragile understanding.

Emmett exited the limo, and like a true gentleman, waited by the door to help Bella out onto the gravel. Aware of her delicate footing in those heels, he murmured, "Easy, honeybee."

A flame shot between their fingertips as she took his hand. All he wanted to do was lick those digits until she was squirming. Once Bella was stable on the drive, he offered his elbow. His chest puffed with pride as Bella took hold of his bicep, her caressing touch shooting straight to his big, bad heart. This wasn't just about sex for him, and he could feel the tug of emotion gather in his throat to confirm that.

He wanted the man behind him without a shadow of a doubt, but he also wanted this remarkable woman. The mere thought of losing either of them kicked him in the balls. That was not an option.

Edward smiled and nodded toward the guests littering the barn that had been converted for the wedding. As eager as he was to get this lovely woman alone, he tried to remember his responsibilities as a best man.

The barns were lavishly decorated with rows of long tables covered in white tablecloths and candles. The overhead lighting was dimmed, streams of twinkling lights braided between the rafters adding to the romance. A dance floor sat off to one side, and music thumped from the speakers.

Emmett guided Bella to the head table as the party took their seats, Edward flanking her. Together they pulled her seat out and helped her sit. Emmett sat heavily in his chair, not even trying to maintain the space, his massive thighs parting until his leg brushed Bella's. "Want a drink, honeybee?"

Just what she needed to do, she decided as she nodded. Liquor wouldn't help her situation, but she needed to calm the jitters threatening to consume her. Edward was currently drawing a circular pattern on her back just above her dress, and Emmett's hand disappeared beneath the table to settle on her thigh.

Holy inferno! She was so hot these damn clothes made her itchy, and she was about to combust. Finally, they went around the table, each giving a toast to the bride and groom.

Edward cleared his throat when they came to him as he raised his glass. "I can only hope that someday I can find a smidge of the happiness you two have found in my own relationship."

"Alice and Jasper have been a thing since high school," Emmett began as Edward resumed his seat. "I used to think Jasper was rushing things by settling into one relationship for his entire dating life. Recently, I've become very aware of how special those deep-rooted connections are. I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world."

Finally, Bella rose, and the men had no choice but to release her—thank fuck—she would've never made it through this. "Alice and Jasper, you are two of my very best friends, and I love both so much." Her eyes started to mist, and she licked dry lips as she continued. "You two are so beautiful together it makes my heart hurt. Your love is so special, and you are perfect together. I'm so happy for you both."

Edward handed her a tissue as she settled back in her seat. His arm went around the back of the chair, his fingers playing with her hair. "You okay, honeybee?"

"I'm glorious," she replied, taking a drink of her champagne.

She was saved by half a dozen curious stares when the toasts finished, and the music started bumping. The bride and groom left the table to head to the dance floor, and guests followed in their wake, leaving the three of them sitting alone at the table.

"Wanna dance?" Emmett asked; leaning close, he nuzzled the side of her neck. "I want you against my body, and if I don't get it … I might tan your lovely ass."

"What about Edward …" Bella started, breaking off when Emmett shrugged.

"What about him? He can come dance too," Emmett stated with a meaningful look in Edward's direction. "Kinda wouldn't mind getting my hands on both of you, honestly."

"Emmett, we haven't even …" Edward broke off when Emmett rolled his eyes and shook his head. "This is not the right place for …"

Emmett quit listening as the beat of the music filled him. While the woman and man plaguing his soul may be apprehensive about their relationship, Emmett was not. Pony, by Ginuwine, started with a particular beat, a very distinctive beat and Emmett let the music take him.

His head bobbed in time to the music, smiling when he heard Edward mumble, "oh shit," under his breath. With the muffled curse hanging from Edward's lips, Bella turned to look at him with wide eyes.

Emmett didn't let the prude hinder him either as he shoved his chair back and leaped to his feet. Concentrating on the woman at his side, his body snapped to attention, his head moving with the rhythm as his foot tapped the floor.

He withheld a smile as Bella's cheeks heated with the attention, her brows lifting to her hairline as she watched. Letting go of the table, he did a fancy jog with his feet before hopping back toward the chair. Instantly, his arms went ramrod straight as his shoulders haltingly moved from side to side, his foot sliding across the floor as his head jerked as his hand slid through his hair.

Licking his lips and holding Bella's gaze, he let his hand slide around his head and down his face, his leg lifting as he kicked out, shuffling back and forth with an air of practice. Throwing his leg out, Emmett hopped to his feet, moving with lightning speed as he spun in a tight circle, coming back around to face her.

Bella grinned as Emmett's arms splayed widely as his shoulders lifted, his torso dictating the thrusts of his hips. She was shocked to see his body move with such agility, his hips cocking as he did another quick spin, his feet shuffling the dirt floor. She let out a laugh even as her cheeks heated with mild embarrassment as the crowd gathered around the table.

She gasped when he whipped the jacket he wore from his shoulders, tossing it in her direction with a wink. Without hesitation, he did a couple of quick slides, his body jerking as the music filled him. She burst out laughing when he jumped onto the chair and did a quick spin before doing a half flip. As he came down from the flip, he landed on the tabletop, sliding on his hands and knees, his hips thrusting as he mimicked doggy style.

Edward closed his eyes briefly on the show. Even while he was cursing Emmett's tactics, he was also mildly aroused. When Emmett hopped from the tabletop and ran up the fucking wall before doing a backflip, Edward's cock was saluting his best friend's ass. Glaring at Emmett with growing desire, he followed his movements as he leaped back on the table.

Alice was standing at the head of the crowd with her toe-tapping and her face full of annoyance when the music died away, and Emmett fell to his back laughing. The guests clapped as the show ended, leaving Bella and Edward alone to deal with this infuriating man.

Bella fanned the heat from her cheeks, and she willed herself to stop laughing. "I need to go to get a breath of fresh air before I combust."

Edward was on his feet in a minute, eagerly helping Bella from her chair. "While the former porn star collects himself, I will take you outside for a quick minute."

"Oh, you think you're slick," Emmett stated, rolling to his feet. "Neither one of you is going anywhere without me. Some other lucky man might try and steal what's mine, and you are both taken."

"Are we now?" Bella scolded, narrowing her eyes at the mountain before her. She wasn't about to admit that he had her hook, line, and sinker. Not anyways, yet.

"Sure as shit. You know as well as we do that none of us have a choice in this matter," Emmett replied.

"And you're not about to let us forget it," Edward mumbled with a lifted thick brow. His gaze coasted around the room as he led Bella toward the door. "I think the whole party has been enlightened to the fact."

"Hey," Bella started as another chuckle left her lips. "From a girl's perspective, it was pretty fucking sexy." Chancing a look at Edward, she leaned closer, "Don't pretend you weren't turned on. I felt you go all fidgety next to me like you were trying to stay grounded in your seat."

"Are you telling on me, honeybee," Edward wanted to know, his fingers sliding down her waist to graze her hip that lay beneath the silk.

Emmett didn't give a shit who was watching or not as he sidled up to Edward. "We know each other better than anyone. I can tell when you're turned on, and you were rocking a woody. Don't pretend otherwise."

Edward shot Emmett a meaningful look. "Can we focus, please? We have other pressing matters to attend to at the moment."

"Where are we going?" Bella looked around the yard as they stepped into the quiet night. Wobbling on those god-forsaken heels, she felt her ankle start to roll. Obviously, Edward must've been aware of her lack of balance because she suddenly found herself cradled in a set of strong arms. Her arm went around his neck, her fingers sliding through his hair as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Sorry for getting bent out of shape last night. It just took me by surprise and worried me a little, to be honest."

Since Edward's hands were full with their girl, Emmett inserted himself the best way he could given his position. Tucking his finger into the back of Edward's pants, he pulled the man back until he stumbled into his chest. "What exactly has you worried, honeybee?"

Bella played with the ends of Edward's hair. "You guys have known one another forever. How the fuck am I supposed to compete with that? What if you decide you only want each other?"

"Not gonna happen," Edward interjected. "The relationship Emmett and I have is not separate from ours. This is just as new to us as it is to you. We are on exactly equal footing."

"What if I asked you not to be together?" Bella wanted to know. She didn't intend to do that; she just wanted to see what they would say.

"That's not exactly fair," Emmett stated, taken aback by the suggestion. "We would never ask you to choose between us. You can't ask us to ignore our attraction for one another."

Bella instantly regretted her question. Cupping Emmett's cheek as best she could, she smoothed the frown from his lips. "I wasn't going to. I was simply curious to see what you would say."

"No problem, honeybee," Edward returned as he set her on her feet once they stumbled into a garden. Sticking to the shadows, he stopped to plant a kiss on her upturned mouth. When Bella's lips parted on a gasp, he nipped her bottom lip before diving in deeply.

Emmett groaned as he watched the display. Unable to maintain his distance, he threw a look behind him, making sure they were out of the direct line of sight. Seeing no one, he stepped forward, his hand sliding up Bella's side to cup her breast. When Edward kissed a line down her jaw, she arched her neck, giving him better access as Emmett claimed her mouth.

"So, we're doing this?" Bella asked through heavy breaths.

"Yeah, looks like it to me," Edward whispered against her skin, nipping at her collarbone. "Be our girl, honeybee."

Bella was momentarily rocked on her heels. She felt like a lamb in the middle of two ravenous wolves. She knew, without a doubt, she didn't want to be anywhere else.

"Yeah, okay, as long as you'll be my guys."

"Baby, we were yours the second we laid eyes on you. You fucking own us. We own each other," Emmett said, his voice low and rumbling in the very minimal space between three bodies.

She moaned as Edward raked his teeth down her neck, biting hard, leaving an imprint, immediately licking the sting away. Emmett caught the sound with his kiss, his tongue winding around hers as he pinched her nipple.

When Edward slipped the bodice low, and his mouth clamped over her rosy tip, her knees turned to mush. Her fingers curled into Edward's hair as she returned Emmett's kiss with equal measure. As wondrous as this was, Bella broke the kiss gasping for air, seeking rational thought.

Dazed, she spied the top of Edward's head as he sucked her nipple before darting to Emmett's large fingers cupping the other. Was she doing this? Yep—she was doing this. She could really curse the setting, but she wasn't about to stop them. Breathlessly, Bella pulled on his hair, whispering, "I wanna see."

"See what, honeybee?" Edward growled, fighting the hold she had on his hair. "I want your pussy in my mouth."

Bella clenched her thighs together. She was about to throb right out of her panties. As Emmett's tongue traced the shell of her ear, she said, "Kiss Emmett, Edward. I have been dying to see …"

They didn't need to be asked twice. Hell, they barely let her finish asking once. Bella didn't think she could get any hotter. Not true, she discovered as Emmett's hand wound around Edward's nape, and their mouths crashed together. Her entire body tensed. They were beautiful, sexy, and holy shit, how would she survive this wicked hunger.

Emmett thrust his tongue into Edward's mouth as his hand slid down to cup Bella's ass. His free hand slid down Edward's nape before winding around to feel his pecs. Never one to be shy, he went straight for the gold, grabbing his dick through his slacks. "Hard for me already?"

Edward's breath shuddered from his as he fought for control. "I'm hard for both of you." As he whispered, he claimed Bella's mouth. "You both are so sexy."

Bella was lost to Edward's kiss and didn't immediately notice Emmett circle her until she felt a breeze on her legs as he lifted her skirt from the back. She nearly jumped from her skin when she felt Emmett's tongue on her thighs. "Holy … oh, God … shit."

Edward grinned as Bella's forehead dropped to rest on his chin. She gulped for breath, hissing when Emmett's tongue slipped between her legs, coating her panties in saliva and her arousal. "Feel good, Bee?"

"Ooooh, yeah," Bella mumbled, her hips shifting impatiently as Emmett tongued her entrance without mercy. Her passion growing, she kissed Edward fervently, sucking his tongue. "So, good."

"As beautiful as you look while Emmett eats your pussy, I want a little taste of my own." Edward didn't give her a chance to respond before he crouched down before her. "Don't worry, baby; we won't let you fall."

"Holy!" Bella clamped a hand over her mouth when her panties were ripped and replaced with Edward's mouth. Thankfully she had the two men holding onto her legs; otherwise, she would've toppled over. Moans and grunts echoed from the three of them, and Bella had never been so inflamed in her life.

Emmett forced her legs wider as he slurped at the warm dew seeping from her opening, his palms floating up and down her velvet flesh. Leaving her dewy center, he pushed his fingers deep. "Pussy is just pulsing around my fingers. Do you like Edward licking your pussy while I finger you? Hot little …" With her channel sucking his fingers deep, Emmett licked her second opening, the tip thrusting inside.

Edward lapped at Bella's clit, rolling the bud exactly right to ensure her pleasure. Mindless with this greedy hunger, he groped for the man on the other side. His breath puffed over her heated flesh as his hand closed over Emmett's cock.

Bella was lost. Edward ate her from the front while Emmett's large fingers filled her and buried his tongue in her ass. If just this was enough to steal every rational thought, she couldn't imagine being in bed with them both. Emmett threatened to knock her off balance as he urged her leg over his shoulder.

She was spread wide open. The slide of warm tongues carried her to a faraway place. White flashed before her eyes, and she burst into a million pieces. Her cries drifted into the night as she slumped, all coherent thoughts lost as her nerves popped and crackled beneath her skin.

Edward released Emmett and Bella, stumbling to his feet. Impatiently, he unzipped his pants, the monster inside bursting free. When Bella's hand closed around him, his head fell back, and his eyes rolled. "Hold 'em tight, honeybee."

"Yes," Emmett growled as he lowered her leg behind her. "Hold him real tight."

Bella fell back against Emmett's solid chest, still dazed with lust, as she reached behind her. Emmett's breath shuddered against her neck as her fingers closed around him.

As Bella jacked off the two men, Edward wound his fingers in Emmett's shirt and pulled him forward. Bella's release, coupled with Emmett's flavor, enhanced his allure. As Emmett's tongue dived deep, Bella's fingers tightened, and Edward's cock swelled in response.

Bella tasted the salt on Edward's skin as she licked and sucked greedily at his neck. Both men bucked into her hands, encouraging further exploration. Rubbing precum from the crown of Emmett's cock, she used the moisture to enhance his pleasure. She grinned as both men began to shudder as they sped toward their release.

Emmett broke the kiss he shared with Edward and quickly took possession of Bella's lips. They were all a series of grunts and moans, and vaguely she had to wonder what a passerby would think. As suddenly as the thought occurred to her, it quickly vacated as Edward's mouth clamped down hard on the pulse at the base of her neck. "Holy fuck." She had already discovered heaven once tonight, but her body was sailing for the stars.

Her breasts throbbed, and her pussy ached. Bella's entire being tingled as Edward sucked hard on her neck, and two very large cocks thrust against her. He was definitely going to leave marks telling the world what they had been doing, and she couldn't find the willpower to care. Yet that meant Emmett would be left without a reminder of this night. Nipping his lips, she kissed her way across his jaw. Like a ravenous vampire, she sank her teeth into his throat and sucked for all she was worth.

She gasped as a hand swatted her ass, leaving a sting behind as she feasted on his tender skin. Bruising fingers dug into her hip, and growling echoed in her ears. Bella wasn't sure if the sound came from Edward or Emmett, but the sound spurred her on.

With each moan, her grasp tightened until she swore they would be in pain. This was seriously the wrong place for this to happen, yet it had spiraled way beyond their control. Emmett gruffly whispered dirty shit in her ear, or at least she assumed it was dirty; every word was inaudible.

Emmett began to shudder, and Edward panted for breath as their release built. Like hot lava, their cum poured over her fingers as they took turns kissing her senseless.

The fog began to clear, and they became aware of another presence just on the other side of the bushes blocking their view of the barn. "Lady and gentlemen, if you have finished your discussion, the bride is eager to cut the cake."

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