Author's Note: This story is purely fiction made by me. I have seen other fanfictions written from the setting of a cave on the island and have gotten some inspiration from those incredible stories, but this story is in no way a copy of those. Gilligan's Island and all of its characters belong the national treasure that is Sherwood Schwartz. This is a pinger story with a very little bit of MAG implied. I only use these ships because Schwartz himself intended to use these. Please read and review because this is my first time publishing my work. Enjoy!

It was another day on the island. Another boring day without any chance of rescue. Morale was low and all the castaways sat at the communal table after dinner pondering their sorrows. All but two of them at least. Ginger and the Professor were elated; they were practically exploding with happiness. However, the reasons for their happiness were greatly different. They had both made startling discoveries the other night. The professor had discovered a new type of plant on the other side of the island which he couldn't wait to test out. Meanwhile, Ginger had discovered she was in love. Yes, it was true: the glamourous movie star who had men practically falling at her feet had fallen in love with the professor.

She was desperately, hopelessly, and madly in love with her darling professor. Sure, everyone on the island knew this. She was the last one to realize it for herself. The professor, however, had no idea at all. Secretly he enjoyed their passionate kisses and causal flirtation, even their little catfights, but being oblivious to matter of the heart, the man of science would never admit it. Knowing this, Ginger realized getting him to fall in love with her would be no easy feat. For now, she could just enjoy him in her dreams.

She would often imagine how it would feel to have his arms around her and taste those lips. She wondered all that he was hiding under his plain button down shirts and slacks. She snapped out of her reverie and saw that everyone was listening intently to what the professor was saying.

"I have studied this plant extensively, and I have reason to believe that this plant is indeed vanilla."

"Oh boy, vanilla!" Gilligan enthused. "Mary Ann will sure be able to make some great pies with that."

"Yes, I must say that vanilla would pair great with some of that bubbly that Lovey and I have left."

"Yes, Mr. Howell. Vanilla is good to eat, but did you know it also has medicinal value? Imagine all the cures for headaches we could make with that."

"Well professor, how can you be so sure that it really is vanilla. We've never found vanilla on the island before," the Skipper asked.

"That is true, but there is much of the island we haven't explored yet. Which is why I would like to go on an expedition. There were many plants I saw on the other side of the island that may be important. I'd also like to pick up some more of that vanilla to study it a bit more. Charting out the island would make it much easier in case of an emergency. I'll start tomorrow, and don't expect me back before a week. If 10 days have passed, and I still haven't returned then come looking."

Ginger saw this as a perfect opportunity for her plan. She would try to convince the professor and the others that she should go with him. Then she would finally get to spend some time alone with him. Of course she loved her little island family, but getting even just a bit of privacy away from the others was extremely difficult.

"Oh no professor, you can't do that." Ginger spoke up. "You'll get all lonely for 10 days. You would need someone to go with you. You can't cook that well, and plus safety in numbers is always better."

"She's right, exploring the island by yourself wouldn't be safe at all," the skipper agreed.

"Hmm, I suppose you're right. I would need some accompanyment."

"Well, why don't you take Gilligan?" Mr. Howell offered.

"Oh no, that wouldn't work. That wouldn't work at all. Gilligan would be needed here, right skipper?" Mary Ann couldn't help but care for Gilligan's safety. Plus, she knew she'd miss him way to much if he left.

"Well that only leaves Ginger. The Howells can't go with me, they can't hike. Skipper is much too important here, and I suppose Gilligan is too. Mary Ann has to cook and keep house, so she can't come either. Well, Ginger would you like to come with me then?"

Ginger marvelled at how easily this was all going in her favor. She had only mentioned the idea and the other castaways had practically offered her to go with him.

"I'd be delighted to," she replied in her sultry voice.

"Good. We leave first thing in the morning." And with that, the professor retreated to his hut.

"Let me pack you guys a nice lunch. And I'll make some coconut cream pie for breakfast. Gilligan, would you like to help me? I'll let you lick the bowl."

"Oh great! I love pie,"

The last one left at the table, the Skipper wondered which boy would realize first that someone loved him: The professor or Gilligan.


Ginger awoke early, her excitement keeping her from sleeping. Finally, she could have her darling professor all to herself! She carefully tried to decide what she would wear. She had only a few choices since she didn't think she would have to bring a lot of clothes for only a three hour tour. Her gowns wouldn't work, they would be much too uncomfortable for hiking. She was thinking what she should do when she heard a knock on her door. The professor entered holding some clothes.

"Ginger, I thought you wouldn't have suitable hiking attire, so I thought I'd bring you some." He handed her one of his button down shirts, Mr. Howell's golfing shoes, and what appeared to be Mrs. Howell's slacks. "I borrowed some of these from the Howells, so they should fit you. Once you're dressed we should be starting immediately."

Ginger put on the clothes and couldn't help but feel a jold of excitement as she put on the professor's shirt. She had always been a bit envious that Mary Ann got to sleep in his shirts, but she knew the professor didn't like her in that way. He always thought of Mary Ann as a little sister. He had even admitted to Ginger that he only backed her for the Miss Castaway contest because he knew no one else would. His kind heart was another thing she admired about the professor.

"Ginger there you are, I was waiting for you. We better start now if we want to make some ground before nightfall."

"Yes you're right, we wouldn't want to get trapped out in the middle of nowhere. No matter how romantic the stars are," she replied sexily lightly tapping his shoulder. She knew that that would make the professor shaky as it had done in the past. Her theory was confirmed as he blushed red and mumbled something about nightfall.

They had been walking for hours, and Ginger began to realize that their trek wouldn't be as romantic as she would have hoped. For one, the trails were extreme difficult and tiring. She had never ventured out this far into the jungle before. The professor wasn't any help either. They barely talked. He always seemed to be a few feet ahead of her, and even when they did talk, he only mentioned facts about the native flora and fauna. Sure she enjoyed his science talk, but she was hoping for something a bit more romantic.

The sky had begun to darken, and they had decided to settle down near a cave. It looked to be a good enough size for the two of them to stay for the night, and the professor even suggested to use it in case of an emergency evacuation.

"Humph, that was boring," Ginger declared with a hint of nastiness in her voice. She couldn't help it if she thought the trip would give her a chance to profess her love.

"Well it wasn't supposed to be recreational." The professor was a little hurt be her remark. Was he really that boring? "I never forced you to come. You were the one who said that I shouldn't go alone. I'd have been perfectly fine going out here alone. In fact, I would've made better time."

"Maybe I shouldn't have gone with you then," she huffily replied.


Ginger didn't know what got into her. His words felt like a blow to her soul. Had he really not wanted her to go along with him? He probably had no feelings towards her at all. The movie star couldn't bear this thought. All she wanted more than anything was for him to love her. But she also felt angry. Being so used to having men cluster around her, one man not liking her was enough to destroy the movie star's ego. The mix of emotions that hit her caused her to suddenly burst into tears.

The professor never meant for his words to come out so harsh, but being the emotionless man he was, he didn't think she'd get so hurt. And now she was crying. He couldn't deal with feelings. Feelings always messed things up. "Uh, you know what I'll get some wood for the fire. The mornings might be pleasant, but the nights are freezing."

Ginger nodded trying to fight back tears and solemnly began preparing dinner. After an hour had gone by since the professor had gone, Ginger was beginning to get worried. Did he get hurt? Was he in trouble? Did he fall down and get stuck somewhere? No matter how angry she was at him, her love could not be extinguished. She didn't know what she would do if something had happened to him. But she knew that sitting around wouldn't do anything, so she decided to venture out and find him. She found his footprints like he taught her to in case of an emergency and began following the trail. She came up to a little pool of water. It looked like a smaller version of their lagoon. She looked around from behind the bushes and saw the professor in the water.

"Oh! I was worrying sick about him! And what does he do? He's here swimming. I thought he said that this wasn't supposed to be fun." She snuck around behind the bushes to see what he was doing. As he turned around, she got a full view of everything he had to offer. He was completely naked! That's when Ginger realized that the professor hadn't been swimming, he had gone bathing. She felt ashamed at herself for overreacting. After all she loved him and that's all that mattered. Then, Ginger realized something else. If the professor really was bathing, then she could finally get to see what he was hiding under his clothes. She blushed red and also got a little excited at the thought. Should I really look at him, though? Wasn't that wrong? Ok, maybe just a quick little peak.

The professor had apparently finished his bath because he walked out of the water, showing Ginger everything he had been hiding for so long.

Wow he really did look nice. Rock Hudson or Cary Grant definitely couldn't compare to this.

As the professor was getting dressed, he thought he heard a rustling coming from the bushes around his bathing spot. "Who's there?" he called. "Hello?"

Ginger had no choice but to come out. She had to face him. Sooner or later he would realize that she had been watching him bathe, and she would rather him know coming from her.

"Professor, it's me, Ginger. You hadn't come back after a while, so I decided to look for you like you told me to. I found you here bathing, and I was just about to leave."

"Oh. Oh, well that's fine. Looking out to see where I went was the sensible thing to do in case I was in some sort of jeopardy. How long were you here?"

"Uh, not that long." She knew that he probably understood that she had seen him unclothed judging from his sudden blush, but he didn't mention anything so neither did she.


They both awkwardly walked back to their camp trying to forget what had happened. Even in all this embarrassment, neither of them had forgotten that they were both still angry at each other. They had a quiet dinner and settled down by the fire planning what they'd do tomorrow. As they were planning their itenerary, another fight had broken out between them. Ginger just couldn't take it anymore. Why was this man who clearly had some sort of feelings for her being so rude. She hadn't done anything to him. This both angered and saddened the starlet and she took off running into their cave, followed closely by the professor. He really didn't want her to be upset, but his ego wouldn't let him apoligize either.

"Ugh! Why have you got to be so rude to be? Did I ever do anything to you?" Ginger screamed in between tears.

"Me? You are the one saying you don't want to be here. Listen, my intention never was to hurt you, but if you still insist on getting upset, there's nothing I can do about it."

They were both yelling back and forth at this point. Neither one of them wanted to continue their fight, but they had far too much pride to admit it. In the middle of their shouting match, they heart a loud boom. They looked outside and saw that a giant boulder had blocked off the entrace to the cave. They were trapped! They paused their fight to go and see what had happened.

"Well, it's pretty wedged in there. I'd have to say there's no way we can move it. We could try, but between the two of us, we've got far too little manpower. Plus, it'd be too hard to move it from the inside anyway."

"What do you mean, Professor? Isn't there anything we can do? We can't just stay here."

"I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do. We're just going to have to wait in here till they come looking for us."

"But you told them we'd be away for ten days! How can we stay in here for ten days? I just got used to being trapped on a desert island, and now we're trapped in a cave on a deserted island." Ginger started weeping again. How did she ever end up like this? She was trapped on an island and now in a cave! And after all that the man she loved wanted nothing to do with her.

"Uh, don't worry. It'll be all right." The professor gently patted her back somewhat awkwardly. He never was good at comforting people. However, even this little bit of effort from the professor to be comforting was enough to make Ginger stop crying.

"Professor, how will we live here?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't mean to sound like Mrs. Howell, but a single man and a single woman all alone in a tiny cave doesn't sound very innocent. You know, I was once in a movie with a plot like that."

"I suppose you are correct. This isn't exactly chaste, but we will have to do with what we've got here. We can put up a curtain, though. We could surely do with some level of privacy."

"Your right, that might work. Just to think that I'd be doing this, roughing it in a cave. I'm supposed to be living in luxury, you know," Ginger joked. In a way, she was kind of glad to be trapped in the cave. It gave them a nice distraction from their fighting and they seemed to be on good terms again. Besides, what's more romantic than being trapped in a tiny cave with the one you love.

"We might as well get going to bed now. We'll need our energy to try and figure out our problem tomorrow."

"Oh yes, I'm so tired I could fall asleep on a bed of nails. Just let me get undressed first."

The professor turned around quickly. He couldn't help but stare at her reflection on the cave wall created by their candlelight. Her figure was amazing, he couldn't help thinking. It certainly wouldn't be the first time he had had this thought. Whenever he saw her perfect body, heard her sensual voice, smelt her perfume, touched her hair, or tasted her lips, he would feel all giddy and get a weird sensation down below. Being a man of science, he knew what was going on: he was attracted to her. He always tried to convince himself that his attraction was purely physical and just the natural phenomenon of his sexual desires. But more than ever now he was beginning to realize that what he was feeling was something that science couldn't describle: it was love. He was in love with her. Just the thought of being in love scared him. He had had his heart broken more than once before. He didn't want to think that the only reason Ginger was being flirtatious is their current situation. When she went back to Hollywood, she would forget all about him. He was beginning to realize that this wasn't the case. Was it possible that the Ginger Grant was also in love with him?

"You can turn around now. I'm under the covers." The starlet's voice took the professor away from his reverie and back to reality.

"Goodnight, Ginger."

"Goodnight, Professor."


Ginger awoke early the next morning to the sound of something breaking. She looked around and saw the professor at the back wall of the cave.

What is he doing up so early? We didn't even sleep until a few hours ago. What is he doing anyway? Ginger crept up slowly behind him to see what he was doing. She could barely see anything considering how dark and early it was. Oh my gosh! He's shirtless! What is he doing shirtless?! He's chopping wood! It's the professor chopping wood shirtless! I've been waiting to see this ever since that 3 hour tour on the Minnow. Ginger couldn't believe her luck, the professor was right in front on her cutting wood shirtless. Am I dreaming? It definitely wouldn't be the first time I've had a dream like that. She pinched herself to make sure she was awake. Nothing happened and the professor was still there. Oh! It's true! It's real life! He's actually here! Ginger rejoiced and went back to bed to enjoy this sight from afar.

When she fell asleep again happy passion-filled images of her and the professor filled her dreams. She awoke with a smile on her lips and and idea in her head: She would finally confess to the professor how she felt. They weren't going to get rescued, and she wasn't getting any younger. The only thing she had to lose was if he rejected her. Then she would have to face that rejection every single day. There was no escape on this tiny island. But no, she wouldn't think like that. She had to tell him. That way, if even a little part of him loved her, it would be awoken.


The professor awoke happily the next morning. He had just had a wonderful dream involving a certain red-readed movie star. Sure, he hadn't gotten much sleep. They went to bed late, and he had woken up early in the morning to chop some wood. Of course they would eventually need wood to start a fire, but he had done this knowing Ginger would be watching. He figured that if she wanted Cary Grant and Rock Hudson then enticing her with his body might create some sort of physical attraction. He was surprisingly toned, although he was a professor, from his days of being a scuba diver. He remembered another time when that skill had been useful, during their movie production. Oh, what he would give to kiss her like that again. That's why his plan had to work.

After thinking last night, he decided he had to tell Ginger how he felt about her. He just had to go about doing it like a scientific experiment, asking himself logical questions to arrive at a tested conclusion. What was the problem? That he liked Ginger, but she didn't like him. But how do you know Ginger doesn't like you? That's when he realized Ginger had never told him she didn't like him. In fact, she always seemed to be kissing and flirting with him. The whole basis of his fear to confess his love to Ginger was backed by an unproved premise, and the man of science would never rest his fate on something unproven. He had to test out this question. But how? He would have to be simply irresistible for the rest of their time inside the cave. 10 days: that would be enough for his experiment. He had come out here to analyze vanilla, but he would rather analyze Ginger's attraction to him.


It had been three days since the professor put his plan into place. He had began continuously complimenting her on everything from her hair to her wit. Ginger was enjoying all of this attention, yet she was still unaware of the professor's love for her. Both castaways deeply loved each other but couldn't bring themselves to confess to the other one. Call it pride, dignity, or fear, they just simply wouldn't admit their feelings.

That night Ginger had been in a deep sleep enjoying a particularly heated dream about her darling Professor. Oh, Professor! Don't stop! She smiled to herself in her slumber. Suddenly, she was disrupted by a loud noise. What was that? She thought to herself. She was about to go back to sleep when the sound came back again. It doesn't sound like anything normal. Could it be something dangerous? There were no wild animals native to their island, but Ginger couldn't help but be scared. She decided to go and wake up the professor. If anyone, he would know what it was, and knowing what it was would offer her at least some consolation.


The professor shot up somewhat startled by Ginger. What could she want this late? He was in no condition to be seen by anyone else, specifically Ginger, if you know what I mean. He had become extremely excited by a passionate dream involving a certain movie star. He shifted around, making sure only his top half could be seen even though the cave was dark enough that she wouldn't have seen anything either way.

"Ginger, what's wrong?"

"I heard a noise, and I'm scared. I don't know what it is but it sounded dangerous."

"Don't worry, there isn't anything on this island that could possibly be a danger to us. It couldn't have been thunder because the weather was fine when we left. The noise was probably just a monkey climbing down from a tree." He smiled, thinking that it would alleviate some of her fear.

His facts had calmed her down a bit, but she wasn't completely convinced. Although she had always shown her confindent exterior, Ginger had always been a bit fearful on the inside. One of her greatest fears was sleeping alone in the dark. Back at Hollywood, she always had company every night in the form of a lover. Even when she didn't have a boyfriend, her dreadful roomate Debbie Dawson at least offered some comfort. At her hut, she had Mary Ann, but here in this cave she was all alone.

"Thanks, Professor. I think I'll just stay up for a bit longer."

Seeing her dejected face guilted the professor. She was clearly afraid and had come to him for comfort, but he couldn't do anything to make her feel better. This was his chance. She needed someone to be there for her, and that someone had to be him.

"If you're going to stay up, I'll stay awake with you. Although I'm sure that noise is nothing to worry about, it wouldn't hurt to make sure." He stood up since his "excitement" had now been managed.

They had been talking for a while about general subjects. The darkness in the cave, how long they had been trapped on the island, and such. Then, the professor decided that he had to take advantage of this time to get to know the red-headed starlet a bit better.

"So, Ginger, tell me about your life back in Hollywood."

"Haven't I already bored you to death with the details of all my movie roles?"

"I know about your movie roles, but I mean your life. Were you happy? What did you like about your life? What didn't you like? I don't mean to sound intrusive, but I just wish to know more about what makes Ginger Grant herself. Psychology is a fascinating subject."

Ginger was shocked at first as the professor's sudden desire to get to know her life. She then pondered the questions he was asking. Was I truly happy back in Hollywood or did she just pretend to be? Of course she had tons of fans. Women often wanted to be her, and men often wanted to be with her. But the tricky thing about Hollywood was that you could never tell if someone loved you for you truly are or for what you could do for them.


The professor's voice snapped her out of her reverie.

"Well I guess I was happy. I mean, I love acting. I've loved it ever since I first stepped foot into Mr. Ricardo's drama class my freshman year. At first, Hollywood was like a dream. Everyone absolutely adored me as a newcomer. I had gotten a few minor roles in movies and even a comercial almost immediately. But as time went on I realized how much it took to stay in the talent pool. Everyone expected me to do something for them if I wanted a role. If there was an older male producer who thought I was pretty, I had to go out to dinner with him, maybe even spend the night. This, of course, started rumors that I slept around with all the producers just to get a role, that I had no talent. That's what I absolutely hated. On the other hand, the men who I thought loved me only used me to get a higher status. There was this one guy, Rick. He said he loved me, and I believed him. He even promised to marry me. Once the papparazzi took some pictures of us together at dinner, he was offered a role in a movie. I decided to surprise him on set one day and guess what I saw? He was canoodling backstage with the leading lady. He just wanted to use me to get famous. And he wasn't the first one to do that either and not the last."

"Ginger, I had no idea Hollywood was so cutthrough. And what that Rick did... He certainly didn't deserve a woman like you."

"Yeah, well, that's Hollywood for you. The acting mostly made up for it. I just wish I had someone special to go through it all with. How about you, Professor? Did you have anyone special back home?"

"Not really. I spent most of my day at work and the rest doing research. I didn't really have time to 'mingle'. I suppose there was one lady. My colleague, Harper Fischer. We'd go out to dinner and work on projects together, but it felt more like a work partnership. I wasn't in love. I don't think I ever have been in love" Until now, he wished he could say.

Ginger nodded her head in understanding. Out of all the others on the island, she was the only one who actually listened to the Professor. Whenever he was talking about his science or a new discovery, she was happy to lend an ear. And she tried her best to actually understand him too. Likewise, the professor listened to her too. He was able to see past her Hollywood facade and meet the real Ginger Grant, such as when she had poured her heart out to him when they thought a missile was going to hit their island.

As she was sitting there now, the professor was mesmerized by her beauty. He couldn't help but think all he wanted to do at that very moment was to kiss her. He wanted to take her into his arms and kiss her.

And then he did.

He took her into his arms and gave her what he hoped would be an adequate kiss. He had been wanting to do that for a while now, ever since he had met her on a three hour tour from Honolulu. Sure, they had kissed before. But he wanted to be one of passion, not to impress Erika Tiffany Smith or to make a movie to get rescued or even to wake him up from a trance.

"Professor?" Ginger was confused. Not that she didn't enjoy the kiss, of course she did. She was waiting for this moment ever since she first laid her eyes on him. But what was his sudden desire to kiss her? Maybe he really did love her! Oh, that would be the greatest thing ever!

"Sorry, Ginger. I don't know where that came from," the professor said sheepishly.

"Oh no, it's fine. I actually enjoyed it. Didn't you?"

The professor didn't know how to answer. Whenever she said anything in her sultry voice, he found it hard to even think.

"Uh, yes. Perhaps it was quite enjoyable."

"Oh yes, it really was nice." Ginger started inching towards him. She knew now was her chance to finally admit that she loved him.

The professor was suddenly aware of the heat in the cave. He took her into his arms once more and kissed her again. This time the kiss lasted who knows long. They were both too busy thoroughly enjoying it.

"Ginger, I love you," the professor spit out in the heat of the moment. What had I done? Why would you do that? You shouldn't have told her like this. What if she doesn't like you?

"You l-love me?" Ginger was surprised. She had suspected he loved her for some time now, but she never thought he'd say anything. He was always far too proud.

"Well, now I've ruined it"

"No, you haven't ruined anything. I had thought you loved me, I just never thought you'd say so. I've loved you all the time we were on this island. You know all I had to do to get you to notice me?"

"You loved me?" Now it was the professor's turn to be shocked. "I always thought you would never go for a lowly professor like me. You always talk about Cary Grant and Rock Hudson."

"Why do you think I'm always flirting with you?"

"I just thought that was because of the limited men on the island."

Ginger shook her head with a smile. All this time he had also loved her. He just thought she wouldn't like him back.

"Well we certainly wasted three years. We could've been together all that time," Ginger said.

"We've still got time left, my love. Who knows when we'll be rescued? And even if we are rescued, I'll come with you wherever you go."

Ginger smiled. She couldn't believe that she finally found someone who loved her.

"You know," she began with a naughty smirk, "the others won't come looking for us for at least five more days. We could sure make up for lost time."

And they did. Soon enough, clothes were discarded, and they made up for lost time the way only those who loved each other could.

When the other castaways finally came looking for them, they didn't know exactly what had transpired, but they suspected something was up. Both Ginger and the professor seemed considerably happier. At first they tried to be secretive with their new romance. Then gradually they gave up hiding their kisses, and soon enough everyone knew about the new island couple. It seems that everyone had thought they'd get together before they themselves had realized. The professor immediately proposed to Ginger, and everyone was simply delighted.

Then one day, the two youngest castaways went butterfly hunting and stumbled upon a cave. I won't say exactly what happened, but let's just say that Mrs. Howell had a lot of wedding planning to do. ;)