Winter Swan intelligent carefree who loved anything that had to do with the snow and cold weather. She was excited to go back to her hometown of forks the one place she was always happy to be. She always had a close relationship with her dad than she did her mom.

Besides her dad the other reason she was happy to return home was to be closer to her boyfriend Jasper Hale who she had secretly been dating for over a year and a half. It was hard for her when she had to return to Phoenix every time as she only ever wanted to be in his arms.

What happens when she's finally back in his arms only to soon discovered Jasper had been keeping a secret from her. Will they be able to get past it or is it to much for Winter to handle???

Winter (P.O.V)

I haven't been able to contain my smile the past couple of weeks just the thought of returning to my hometown to be closer to my dad and to be even closer to my boyfriend Jasper.

Jasper Hale has been the only boy that ever made my heart skip a beat. Unfortunately it's been hard as we live in two different States as I've lived in Phoenix since I was little after my parents separated or more as my mom left my dad.

I met Jasper during one of my visits back home which only happened during the holidays when I wasn't in school. Nothing would have stopped me from being with my dad even when my older sister Bella made the decision to stop visiting which I knew hurt him deeply. Anyways One day dad got called in to work pretty early and I would be by myself most of the day.


I had decided to get started on my summer homework and headed to the small town library. I needed a particular book that was on a high shelf and me being 5 feet tall couldn't reach it. I was busy bouncing on my heels to get the book that I didn't notice someone walking towards me until I was startled by their voice.

"Do you need some help there darling?". The southern accent made me turn around quickly to come face-to-face with a strong chest.

I slowly looked up only to find a pair of honey golden color eyes staring into my icy blue ones. I swore in that moment I was loss for words that it took a few moments before my brain caught up with my mouth.

"Y-yes please". I stuttered out shyly as I felt my cheeks heating up.

I felt my heart racing as he smiled down at me with his hand extending over my head to the top shelf. Our eyes never left each other as his arm came back down. He slowly handed the book to me our hands accidentally brushed against each other I felt a shock of electricity go through my body.

"T-thank you". I stuttered out nervously.

"Not a problem I'm Jasper Hale by the way". Jasper said smiling with his thick southern accent I tried to stay calm to talk normal.

"I'm Winter, Winter Swan". I said smiling shyly as I held the book to my chest. That was the start of our friendship that slowly turned into a relationship.

Flashback Over

I don't know how long I was stuck in my memory of how I first met Jasper but I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a knock on my door. I felt my heart beating fast I put a hand over my heart out of habit and took a few slow deep breath's to calm down. I walked to the door opening it to see Bella awkwardly standing there playing with her ring.

"What is it Bella?". I asked raising my brow.

"Mom said to tell you we're leaving". Bella said awkwardly avoiding eye contact.

"Alright I'll be out in a minute". I said to which Bella nodded before walking away.

Leaving the door open I walked to my bed grabbing my bag I put it over my shoulder. As I turned my eyes caught my reflection a smiled played on my lips at the sight of the necklace around my neck. It was an icy blue swan necklace.

I haven't taken it off since the day Jasper gave it to me on our first anniversary together. Our relationship had been kept a secret because I didn't want to loss him I was 14 and he was almost 17.

Now that I'm 16 I'm ready to make it public my dad has always been overprotective and I didn't want him to stop me from seeing Jasper who I love with all my heart. I've been wanting to take our relationship to the next level but it never happened as something was always holding him back.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts I walked to the door grabbing my suitcase and I dragged it behind me out of the house. I walked towards the car and put the suitcase inside the closed the trunk. I noticed mom was trying to comfort Bella who seemed uncomfortable. I walked over to them wrapping my arms around mom waist to which she put her arms around my shoulder.

"I'm going to miss you girls so much ". Mom said sadly as she took Bella hand into hers.

"If either of you want to come home I'm one phone call away". Mom said directing that comment towards Bella.

"Don't worry about me mom I want to do this". Bella said forcing a small smile which was fake she always hated forks.

"Yea mom we are going to be fine dad will take care of us. Just take care of yourself and try to stay away from any appliances". I said smiling innocently. Mom rolled her eyes but she had a smile on her face.

"Alright girls I love you but we got to go if you don't want to miss your flight". Phil called out as he jogged out of the house towards us.

We got into the car once it started moving I couldn't contain the excitement nor the nervousness I felt. I hadn't told Jasper about the move I wanted it to be a surprise. It always hurt being apart but we were constantly in communications the only person that knows about the move is his sister Alice.

On the way towards the airport I had my phone in my hand and unlocked it. I smiled at the picture on my home screen of me and Jasper in his arms it was taken near a waterfall Jasper had taken me to see on our anniversary it was his secret place he discovered it when he moved to town.

I couldn't wait to get to forks I couldn't wait to be back home in his arms.

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