Title: Cherry Kisses
Author: Nest Freemark
Disclaimer: You recognize it? It belongs to J.K. Rowling.
Summary: Love is never easy, and sometimes it's not even love but everybody needs some cherry kisses…
Rating: PG (just to be safe)
Notes: A little ficlet that came from nowhere… Thanks to my Noodle for looking it through… *kiss*


Millicent was sitting alone, watching Pansy fly around in the scarlet morning sky. No one else knew how much Pansy loved quidditch. That she was willing to wake up before the dawn just to get some extra training. They didn't know how determined she was to show that she was good enough – hell, that she was *needed* in the team.

The early mornings were spent in silent admiration and awe. If the team wasn't so full of old prejudices they would see how talented Pansy was, that she flew with the same grace and easiness as Harry Potter. What also amazed Millicent was the determination. She herself wasn't that ambitious about anything; expect always being where Pansy was. So there she was; sitting in the stands with her cloak around her, covering herself from the chilly morning breeze.

"Is she really worth waking up this early for?"

For the first time that morning Millicent took her eyes from Pansy and looked at her left where the voice had come from. Ginny Weasley were sitting close to her, close enough to make Millicent wonder why she hadn't seen her before.

"She's the only one I have to wake up for."

Millicent wasn't sure why she had told the truth, but she didn't feel too bad about it. The girl next to her look calm, black mittens rested on her lap and her head tilted a bit – not enough to get annoying, it only came out as caring in a non-pitying way.

"Do you love her?"

"She's going to marry Draco one day."

It was enough of an answer. She could have said that she wasn't sure, that she only knew that she couldn't afford to think about it, but it didn't matter. Ginny's eyes told her that she didn't need to have those things spelled out for her.

"You don't ever have to worry about me marrying Harry."

Ginny didn't seem to be bitter about the statement, it was merely a fact.

"So the rumours are false?"

The girl looked down with a little smile on her face, and for a while she seemed to be miles away.

"I just wanted someone special."

"What made you give the wish up?"

Millicent looked down at Ginny the black mittens; the right thumb where rubbing against the other one; a typical sing of nervousness. But when Ginny looked up again she looked as calm as before.

"I didn't give it up, I found you."

It doesn't matter how you feel, when you hear things like that your heart is going to make itself known, Millicent thought. She did her best to look calm while her body was trying to fix the sudden dizziness. When she was able to see Ginny without blurred lines and hints of twins she started to think about why she got dizzy in the first place. She looked at Ginny, studied her from the ginger hair down to her worn and probably second-hand boots. There were much prettier girls but Millicent liked the way the girl rubbed her thumbs together, like it was the most normal thing to do. She longed to take the mittens off to see is she could she any hardened parts on the fingers.

"I think I could get used to waking up for you."

"Good, but I won't ever ask you to."

Millicent wasn't sure who had made the first move, but she didn't give it much thought. It wasn't love when she tasted cherry lip gloss from fumbling lips and later when Ginny's mitten-covered hand moved into Millicent's lap but Weasley-tongue tasted better than many other things, she decided. It could actually become a favourite.