He was 6 years old when he first witnessed the death of his step-father. According to people around him, this is the third person that his mother married. He sometimes question what happened to his real father but never had the courage to ask his mother.

It was a Saturday morning when his step-father slapped him because he didn't give him water. They have house elves. Why should he?

The slap stung his left cheek. He tried not to cry, because no boy should cry, but he failed and his tears flowed freely down his cheeks. He left the room quickly and locked himself in his room. Later after his mother arrived from wherever she went, she came and saw his tear-streaked face.

The next day, he never saw his step father again.

He thought that his step-father just left. Or because he just went to work. But he never saw him again and he felt relieved. He will never see that bad, stupid man again. Unfortunately, his mother married again the next year.

His new step father was... nice. He buys him toys and sweets. He also receives 5 galleons weekly to let him buy his stuff. He quickly liked the man and his name was Edmund.

Until he saw his new step-father's mouth foaming during breakfast while his mother was away. He panicked and quickly called a house elf for help and to call his mother. He became relieved when he saw his mother 10 minutes later, quickly running to his side. He thought she'd help him.

But he never saw his step-father again the next day but knew that he was already placed inside a casket. He was sad. But his mother consoled him by saying that the elf who placed poison in the food instead of a Spanish Paprika was already punished. It is a good thing he dislikes red food.

He knew that there was something wrong when his mother married again 2 years later. His fifth step-father. This time, his new father didn't talk with him a lot. He just gave him gifts when necessary, asked him when he is really curious or when his mother is present. He didn't raise a hand at him or his voice.

"Why do you like my mother?" Blaise asked one time during lunch. His mother wasn't present due to urgent matters and his curiousity was piqued.

No boy he ever met have 5 step fathers even before he attend Hogwarts. He also knew that his mother disposes of her husbands as if they were worn gloves. No one marries as fast as his mother had. No one also dies 5-8 months of being married with a woman like his step-fathers did. He is amazed at his mother's capability to find men like them. Stupid and easily fooled because of her beauty.

"Because she's a wonderful woman." His step-father had a smile on his face. Blaise felt pity for the man. "You probably won't understand since you're still young. But know that even if your mother is under suspicion that she had something to do with your previous step-fathers, I still love her. And she cares for you too."

Blaise frowned a little at that. He knew that the man's time is near. He can just feel it. But he also cannot do anything about it. He's just his step father and nothing else. Disposable in the eyes of his mother.

7 months later, his fifth step-father died in front of him. A knife slit his throat and his eyes wide open in horror. But he felt nothing. He cried because he knew that it was expected. But he didn't care anymore. Not since the death of Edmund. His fifth step father was also the longest to live than the others.

His mother didn't marry again until he started his 1st year in Hogwarts. He only lived for almost a year before he was disposed of. His 7th step father married his mother during his 3rd year and died at the end of his 4th year. His mother stopped marrying again due to Potter's proclamation that the Dark Lord had returned.

During the Battle of Hogwarts, he escaped along with several other Slytherin students. He returned to Italy to wait until the war had died down.

8 years later, he have 2 wonderful children under his care. A girl and a boy named Bella and Zain. Their mother died due to an "accident" at the Italian Ministry of Magic 2 years later. With the help of his 2nd wife, who unfortunately died the next year after marriage, he knew how to care for his children during his unfortunate funerals to attend.

"My love, can you please pass me the Paprika?" his 4th wife, Aruna, asked. He quickly passed the bottle as he watched his wife cook for them. Her favorite pastime apparently. He quietly watched as his wife tasted the food before he left the kitchen to see his children in the dining room.

They both looked at him in question as he smiled and Kissed their foreheads as they waited. 20 minutes later, a frantic house elf popped beside them with the news that Aruna was experiencing food poisoning. He ordered the elf to call a doctor and fastly walked back to the kitchen with two crying children behind him.

He knelt and looked at his wife's lifeless body. And he cried.