"Mom?" I spoke up. "Why do people like movies?"

Mom frowned, looking up from the dishes to see me sitting in front of the TV, The Rugrats Movie playing.

"Well, the pictures are pretty." She said, "And the stories are amazing- you want to watch movies because the stories keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know the ending."

I frowned back at the TV, watching Angelica cackle meanly. "But I know the ending?"

"Not all stories have a happy ending, baby." Mom tried to explain, "You may think that all the characters are going to live happily ever after, but some other important story bits happen too."

I threw my hands up in the air, "But I know all the story bits! Tommy's gonna put bananas on the baby, and the monkeys are gonna attack, and Stu is gonna save everyone with his dinosawr-helicoptah!" I lisped a bit at the end, frustration mounting.

Mom quickly wiped her hands on a towel to come sit down next to me on the couch.

"Percy, I just bought you this VHS and you haven't watched it yet, you can't know the ending." She frowned, "Why do you think you do?"

"Because I do! Like when you watch a soccer game and I know who wins, and when I know what my grades at school will be, and when I know what's for dinner! I know!" I insisted, "Don't you know too?"

Mom was pale, and a bit scared, like whenever there's lightning storms. "How about I watch the movie with you, okay baby?"

My brows furrowed, but I nodded.

As the film played, Mom got paler and paler, trembling. The movie happened exactly like I said it would.

"Percy…" Mom looked terrified. "Never, ever, tell anyone you know what will happen. Understand?"


She grabbed me, and I cried out in fear. "Understand?" She pressed.

Panicked, I nodded.

"Good," she muttered, "Good. We have to… we have to prepare…"

I didn't know what she meant. Prepare? Prepare for what? Nothing is going to happen?

"Mom?" I asked, "Mom, I'm scared."

"Shh," she cooed. "It's okay, Mommy will protect you."

She smiled, but she was also crying.

Mom was crying, begging to the hurricane and the waves slapping against the sand. 'Please,' she screamed, 'Please, not my son.'

No, she won't.


New story! Sunshowers is a pre-written work that I am simply re-uploading from ao3. The chapters start small and get longer, updates are often, this is a very angst heavy work, and while at the first few chapters it may seem fluffy or like a luke apologist fic, it's not. One dude on ao3 told me it borders on 'Dead Dove: Do Not Eat' territory, so be warned. Bring your tissues and the ability to analyse and break down prophecies because Sunshowers is a angsty prophecy fic where Percy Jackson is a Seer instead of good at Sea Powers!

I also have a PJO discord server for this fanfic (and my other fics) that anyone can join! (Just remove the spaces) : / / discord . gg/ hfXGUeraTg