Fight the Break of Dawn

By: ladymoonlight

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragaonball or the respective characters.

Chapter One: Goku and Chichi

Chichi brushed back Gohan's unruly bangs and planted a kiss on her son's forehead. The boy looked up at her, his eyes reflecting his uncertainty of what would take place tomorrow. She knew he must be frightened. The following morning would bring the biggest battle of his life. A sharp pang shot through her heart as she once again reminded herself she might be losing her only son tomorrow.

"Good night, honey," she whispered. "If you need anything…"

Gohan smiled up at his mother. "I'll be fine, Mom. See you in the morning. Night, Dad."

"Night, son," stated Goku from behind Chichi.

Gohan turned and trotted up the stairs, taking them two at the time. Chichi choked back a sob as she watched him disappear into the darkness upstairs. She felt her husband's strong arms wrap around her.

"Chichi? Are you okay?"

The brunette housewife vehemently shook her head. She turned around and buried her face in the front of Goku's gi, not minding that it reeked of sweat. She clung to the orange fabric of the training uniform, her body shaking as she released the tears that she had held inside.

"What if we lose him, Goku?" she sobbed to her husband. "He's my little boy! I'll die if anything happens to him."

"Hush, Chi-chan," whispered Goku, gently running his hand up and down her back. "Gohan is strong. And I'll be there. I won't let anything bad happen to him. I promise."

Chichi whimpered softly. "But what about you?"

"I'll be okay," promised Goku. He smiled down at his wife. He reached up and gently brushed away the tears that were dripping down her cheeks.

"I don't want to lose you again, Goku." The brunette began to sniffle. "I was so lonely when you were gone. I don't want to be alone again."

Goku pulled his wife close to him. He wanted to swear that he would come back after the fight with Cell. That everything would be alright. But something held him back. He didn't want to make a promise that he couldn't keep.

It was possible that this would be his last night with his family. With Chichi. Goku regretted marrying her. Not because he didn't love her. She was the reason that he kept fighting. But all he did was hurt her. He was to blame for her loneliness.

Goku swallowed hard. "Chichi?"

"Hm?" murmured the housewife, as she rubbed her cheeks against the front of his gi.

"Do you ever wish that…well…you had married somebody else?"

Chichi stared up at Goku. A slight frown tugged at his lips as he looked sadly back down at her. "No! What made you ask that?" she demanded, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

Goku glanced away. "It's just…I'm not a very good husband."

She took in a deep breath. She knew that sometimes that seemed to be the case. He was forever running off to fight some new unbeatable foe, leaving her behind to pine and wait for his return. He could also be a little dense from time to time, and it often appeared as if he was insensitive. But Chichi never saw it that way.

"Goku, I trust that you love me. That's the only way that I make it through when you're gone." She reached up and gently ran her fingers across his cheek. "I love you so much. I would gladly wait for you until the end of time. Just to be in your arms."

Chichi was rewarded for her speech with a brilliant grin from Goku. He ran his hand along her spine and across the back of her neck. She giggled, a slight thrill running through her stomach. Goku tugged at the ribbon that tied up her hair. Black silken locks fell lose down her back. He ran his fingers through her thick mane.

"I like you hair better when it's down," he murmured. He leaned forward, smelling the sweet scent of the shampoo she had used every day since they were married just because he liked it so much. It was the little gestures that she did that had made the reluctant husband fall so desperately in love with her.

Chichi smiled as Goku softly kissed her forehead. Though he often seemed blissfully ignorant of everything going on around him, she knew that he was completely devoted to her. He didn't have to sweep her off her feet. He had already done that a long time ago.

"I love you, Son Goku," she whispered breathily into his ear.

"I love you too, Chichi," he murmured, holding her tightly. He was surprised when she responded by pressing her body up against his. She looked up at him seductively.

"How about we go to bed, eh?" she teased, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Goku blinked. "But isn't it sort of early?"

Chichi giggled. "That's not what I meant, silly."

"Oh," replied the tall warrior, his eyes wide. He gazed down at his beautiful wife, her eyes shining with endless devotion. A playful smile crept across Goku's face. "I think I'm up for that."

Chichi squeaked as Goku gathered her into his arms and carried her towards their room. She rested her head against his shoulder and sighed with contentment. They would be together…always.