A/N: This is based off a Vine I saw so I guess this is a crackfic. I actually found this on my computer. I wrote it last year.

Aizawa was lounging around. All of his 3A students got their Pro Hero License. There wasn't much left to teach. They were all done with their testing. He decided their last day should be a chill day.

"I got the food!" Momo happily exclaimed. She bought something expensive from home.

"W-What the?" Katuski grunted.

"You said you wanted the chips and caviar right?" Momo said.

Jirou nodded her head.

"Who brought the juice?" Momo asked.

"Chill. Nobody is hungry." Katuski insisted.

Momo continued her side conversations with her fellow classmates. Apparently, Aoyama brought nine packs of cheese.

"Nobody hungry." Katuski said.

"Oh yeah, I got the cake." Momo replied, pointing to Sato.

Katsuki snapped. "Nobody hungry!" he shouted.

"Why is Denki crying?" Sero asked.

"Aww." Kirishima replied.

Denki was writing in a journal, sobbing as he circles and crosses out his notes. He was trying to bring up his grade last minute.

"You okay, Denki? Denki?" Mina said.

"I heard they said he might get left behind." Shoto added.

Upon hearing this, Denki began to break down and hyperventilate as reality finally set in for him.

Izuku was off hiding in a corner, sitting on the ground in a fetal position.

He sniffed. "So is this really the end for us?"

He began to sob as memories of UA flashes through his head.

"Wait, is Hakgure even here?" Mina asked.

Somebody touched her seat to be sure.

She didn't even bother to come to school.

Katsuki on the other hand is here and present and is ready to fight.

"Alright, so who wants to fight?" He clapped his hand.

He was bored being in his seat.

"I'm serious. I fight parents, teachers, villains, even children."

He paused to catch his breath.

"Who wants to fight?!"