Good Morning Sunshine

By: ladymoonlight

Pairing: Kurt/Ororo

Warning: Contains X2 spoilers. Also, a little bit of bad language thanks to Wolverine.

Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men. They belong to Marvel, etc.

A/N: In the comics, Ororo's eye color is blue (for those of you who don't know much about the comic version). Also, before she joined the X-Men, Ororo lived in Africa and was worshipped as a goddess because of her ability to control the weather. According to the novelization of the X-Men 2 movie, the kid who blinks to change the TV channel is named "Jones." Also from the book, Logan refers to Xavier as "Charley." I think that's all the necessary notes. Enjoy the fic.

Ororo Munroe awoke to a shift in the atmosphere. She had sensed the cold front moving in during the early hours of the morning. She knew that she would wake up to a dreary Saturday morning. Cracking open a single eye, she stared out at the drizzle that was splattering against her bedroom window. A deep rumble of thunder in the distance promised that there would be no break in the weather today. Ororo resigned herself to the fate of a day trapped in a house with several dozen bored adolescents.

She lay still for one more moment, relishing the soft caress of the linens against her mocha skin. Moaning in protest, she sat up and let the blankets slide off of her. Ororo muttered grumpily as she padded across the cold wooden floor to her closet. She pulled out the perfect rainy day outfit: a comfortable grey sweatshirt, emblazoned with the school's emblem, and a pair of faded blue jeans. After dressing, she slipped on thick wool socks to fight off the chill and ran her fingers through her hair. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, at the dark circles under her eyes, the product of yet another restless night.

"Cheery," she commented to the mirror.

Ororo stepped out into the hallway and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She couldn't resist the small smile that crept across her face at what awaited her there. Artie and Jones sat at the island table, their legs swinging from the tall bar stools. Rogue and Kitty were with them, amused looks on the girls' faces. The children were watching as Scott and Logan desperately attempted to prepare the cinnamon rolls that they had requested. The men were failing miserably.

"Come on, One-Eye. It's not too hard," drawled Logan gruffly.

"Then would you like to open the flippin' thing?" offered Scott, holding out the can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

Logan held up his right fist. Snickt. Metal claws gleamed under the fluorescent kitchen lights. "Hand it over."

Scott grudgingly handed the can over. A quick slice opened the canister. But matters only got worse.

"What theā€¦." growled Logan. He held up his hand to show that the gooey dough had stuck to the claws.

"Way to go, Einstein," commented Scott, unable to conceal the superior smirk on his lips.

Logan opened his mouth to retort, but Ororo quickly stepped forward.

"Allow me, boys," she stated as she gingerly removed the dough from Logan's claws. The men gladly stepped aside. They had already entertained the children for ten minutes with their vain attempts to open the canister. They were more than happy to let someone else take over.

Within minutes Ororo had the cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Artie and Jones had abandoned their seats and were now kneeling in front of the oven door, watching the rolls as they baked. Rogue was teasing a cranky Logan about his culinary skills while Scott and Kitty got down glasses and started pouring milk.


A brilliant smile spread across Ororo's face as she turned to greet the teleporter. Kurt Wagner stood next to her, his chin tilted slightly as he experimentally sniffed the air.

"I smelt something good," explained the blue German.

"Miss Munroe is making us cinnamon rolls," stated Kitty.

"I can make some more, if you would like one," offered Ororo.

"I would hate to impose, ja," replied Kurt as he nervously rubbed his hands together.

"Well, I want one," stated Logan. "And there's only enough for the brats. 'Ro will have to fix more anyway."

Ororo raised an eyebrow in response to the random nickname. She shrugged and grabbed another canister from the fridge. Moving back over to the oven, she shooed Artie and Jones away as she pulled out the pan of hot cinnamon rolls.

"Kurt, could you frost these for the kids while I fix the other batch?" she asked sweetly as she placed the pan down.

"Ja! Ja!" he replied eagerly.

They stood side by side, Ororo placing the other canister of rolls into a new pan while Kurt applied generous amounts of icing to the already cooked ones. Storm glanced at the tall German next to her. He looked up and their eyes met. They smiled at one another and then quickly looked away.

Behind them, Scott and Logan glanced at one another to see if they had both noticed the same thing. Scott smirked and Logan let out a low chuckle. Rogue and Kitty giggled as well. The men hadn't been the only ones who had noticed.

Kurt served the sugary cinnamon rolls to the children. There was one roll left. He held it out to Ororo.

"You are the cook. You should have it, ja?"

Ororo smiled. She slipped the other pan in the oven before taking the cinnamon roll from Kurt. She felt her cheeks grow hot as their fingers brushed momentarily. Kurt quickly looked away as he licked away the icing that had dripped down onto his fingers.

'Bad, Ororo,' thought Storm as a dirty thought involving icing and a certain blue German entered her mind.

The children finished their breakfasts and left, calling out "thanks" behind them. Scott and Logan took their seats at the island table. Both men watched Ororo and Kurt as they unabashedly flirted. A bit of frosting was left on Ororo's lip. Kurt reached up and wiped it away, causing them both to blush.

"Having fun playing husband-and-wife over there?" commented Logan. Next to him, Scott laughed.

Kurt and Ororo jumped apart, both of their cheeks burning.

"What?" croaked the blue mutant, his yellow eyes opened wide.

"Shut up, Logan," snapped Ororo. The last thing she needed was for Kurt to get spooked and teleport away.

"You two look like something out of 'Leave It to Beaver.' All happy-home-maker and shit," continued Logan.

Kurt ducked his head and muttered under his breath. Before she could stop him, he was gone in a puff of blue-black smoke. Ororo turned and stared angrily at the other two mutants.

"Thanks a lot, Logan," she snarled.

The stocky man grinned in response. "Sorry, 'Ro. I can't help it if your boyfriend is so skittish."

"He's not my boyfriend," replied Ororo softly.

"Not yet, that is," stated Scott.

Ororo glared at the two grinning men. The timer went off and she removed the other pan of cinnamon rolls.

"I really shouldn't let you have any of these," she commented over her shoulder as she iced the pastries.

"Come on, 'Ro. You know you love us," joked Logan.

"Unfortunately, I am a bit attached to you two," she answered as she handed them each a cinnamon roll. "It's the only thing saving you from dying an untimely death by being struck by lightening." A rumble of thunder from outside emphasized her point.

Ororo turned around and picked up another cinnamon roll. She placed it carefully on a napkin and then headed out of the kitchen. She had a beautiful German man to find.