I will leave you to decide the tamers' age, and of course Ryo is still older than the rest. Because some people will think that 14 are too young to kiss and some people will say that if they are older then their attitudes should change. For me I think 15 is the best. LOL

+Chapter 1+ You are my dance partner?

Rika was home after school; she had just finished basketball.

As usual, when she reached home, her mother was nowhere in sight, she had gone to the studio again.

'You are home, Rika. Go and take a shower, dinner is going to be ready.'

Rika walked to her room and took out something to change. But she can't find her usual clothes.

'What's wrong Rika?' Renamon appeared from nowhere.

'I can't find my clothes. Do you know where it is?'

'I saw your mother taking it to the laundry just now.'

'Damn it. I just remembered today is washing day.' (In my story Rika's mother always sent the dirty clothes for laundry every Saturday)

'Great, now I what do I have to wear?' Rika questioned herself before she sighed and took a black sleeveless tank top and a white mini skirt to go with it.

After she had finished showering, she went back to her room. When she slid open the door, she realised somebody was there.

'What are you doing here?' Rika questioned her fellow tamer; the white bunny was not with the blue haired tamer today. Terriermon must be with Miss Pretty pants today, Rika thought with a smile.

'Your grandma let me in. We wanted you to know that our school Christmas annual dance is on this Sunday.' Henry started, waiting for the girl's reaction before he and Takato realised what Rika was wearing.

'Why are you looking at me like that?' Rika blushed.

'Rika, you look beautiful!' Jeri exclaimed, 'Right, Takato?' Jeri asked her boy friend.

'Umm.' that's what Takato could say. They had never seen Rika in skirt before, well of course except when she was in her uniform.

'Rika may be you should wear that more often.' Jeri said excitedly, 'Right, guys?'

Takato just stared at her while Henry shrugged his shoulders.

'I think Rika could choose what she want to wear, it's not our place to say anything.' Henry managed to say.

'Hear that, Jeri?' Rika smirked at her friend. Jeri glared at Henry who ignored her.

'So what about the dance?' Rika asked annoyingly when she remembered they were here to tell her about the dance.

'We want you to come with us.' Jeri said.

'Why should I? I don't even attend my school's' Rika asked.

'Because it's gonna be a lot of fun. All of us tamers are going.' Jeri winked at her friend.

'I'm not free on Sunday.' Rika said, trying to avoid the question.

'You are always free on Sunday.' Jeri said, grinning over her victory.

'Fine!' Rika said. Why did I say that? Rika cursed herself.

'Great!' Jeri started to dance.

'Stop it Jeri.' Rika said annoyingly.

'Oops, sorry.'

'Since that's all settled, you guys can go home now.' Rika said.

'Yeah, but you need a partner.' Jeri grinned


'Yeah.' Jeri said firmly.

'All right I will just go with you, Jeri'

'Sorry, I am going with Takato.'

'How about Alice?'

'She is going with Ryo.'

'Oh man.' Rika put a hand on her forehead.

'Please Rika, don't tell me you don't know that our partner should be a guy?' Jeri asked.

'So? How about Kazu and Kenta?' Rika asked.

'They managed to find a partner.' Henry grinned.

'Oh man' Rika felt that she could faint.

'Don't worry Rika, we already found a partner for you.' Takato grinned.

'Who?' Rika glared at Takato.

Jeri pointed a finger towards the blue-haired tamer.

'What?' Both Henry and Rika said.

'You didn't tell me anything about it.' Henry complained.

'It's a surprise Henry.' Jeri smirked. Takato smiled.

'Stop smiling, Takato. Or else.' Henry glared at him, preparing to give him a few punches.

'Stop acting that way Henry, you are beginning to look like Rika.' Takato smiled broadly.

'That's not funny Gogglehead.' Rika glared at Takato.

'Why can't I find my own partner?' Henry asked.

'Could you find somebody better than Rika. Henry?' Jeri asked.

Henry smirked. But it's true, although all the girls in his school had asked him to go to the dance with them, nobody could beat Rika, Henry thought. Stop it Henry Wong! Don't tell me you had a crush on Rika Nonaka? Henry shook his head, he was blushing.

'All right, I will just go with Henry.' Rika conceded defeat.

'Hooray!' Jeri cheered.

Henry could not believe his own ears. Did Rika just say 'Yes'?

'All right, listen here Henry. You will have t o pick me up at 7 on Sunday! No later than that.' Rika glared.

'Aye aye madam.' Henry made a salute.

Rika smirked.

'Rika, dinner!' Seiko, her grandmother called out.

'Coming grandma. Do you guys want some dinner?'

'No thanks, I am going over to Jeri's house for dinner.' Takato smiled as he went towards the door with Jeri.

'May be I could stay. I just remembered that my family had gone to my grandparents' house today and won't be home till night.' Henry shrugged his shoulders, 'Do you mind, Rika?'

'No, not a single bit. At least somebody could help me with my homework.' Rika grinned at Henry.

Takato & Jeri - Sweat dropped.

Henry smirked.

'That's a deal!' Rika smirked back.

'Cya guys.' Takato called as he followed Jeri. Henry waved.

'Let's go for dinner.' Rika said.

*** After dinner

'Thanks for the dinner Grandma Seiko.' Henry said to Seiko.

'Don't mention it. Rumiko must have been very busy again.' Seiko said as she was washing the dishes, 'You just go ahead with your homework, I can manage.'

Rika and Henry left the dinning room in silent.

'Homework time!' Rika exclaimed.

'Before that, can I go back to and take some things?'

Rika chuckled, she knew that the 'thing' referred to Terriermon.

'Fine, I will go with you since I have nothing to do.'

Rika picked up her D-arc and Modify cards and followed Henry.

'Your house is neat.' Rika said when she reached Henry's house.

'Thanks.' Henry smiled and found Terriermon sitting on the sofa.

'Let's go Terriermon.'

'Coming Henry.'

'Rika and Henry were both deep in conversation when a digital field started to form.

Rika and Henry started to run towards it.

** Digital field


'Yes, Rika?'



'Digi-Modify. Digivolution activate!'

Renamon digivolve. Kyubimon Terriermon digivolve. Gargomon

"Thunder bolt" "Gargo blaster"

The attack hit the digimon but nothing seems to happen.

'What's that digimon.' Henry asked.

'There's no data' Rika replied when she tried to use her D-arc to scan it.

"Evil wing"

'Watch out Kyubimon!' Rika exclaimed.

Kyubimon dodged the attack with the help of hyper speed card, barely.

The digimon revealed itself as Lady Devimon.

LadyDevimon Ultimate Type: Evil Virus Attacks: Evil Wing, Darkness Wave

'It's ultimate, get ready to evolve Gargomon.'

Matrix Evolution

Gargomon digivolve. Rapidmon Kyubimon digivolve. Taomon

"Rapid fire" "Talisman spell"

The attacks were again countered by the ultimate.

"Darkness wave"

"Atomic blaster" "Beast king fist"

'Jeri, Takato!'

'Let's do it together Henry, Rika.' Takato said, giving a thumb up.


The tamers swipe a card, boosting their partners' power.

"Tri-beam" "Talisman spell" "Double blades" "Smashing kick" The attacks hit LadyDevimon who was trying to counter it to no avail. LadyDevimon burst into data but nobody loaded it.

'Phew, that's a tough battle. We can't do it with the help of both of you' Rika smiled

'Should we get going? I want to reach home as soon as possible.' Henry grumbled

'All right.'

Jeri and Takato smirked.

They began their silent journey home, while Jeri and Takato went on a separate way.

*** Rika's house

The two tamers spent about 3 hours doing Rika' project.

'Done at last!' Henry said.

'I don't expect it to be done so fast. Thanks Henry.'

'Don't mention it, I should be going home now.' Henry smiled.

'Henry wait!' Rika stood up and started tickling him. 'Thanks' Rika smiled.

'Is this what I get for helping you?'

'Yes.' Rika grinned. Henry returned the grin and start tickling Rika.

'Stop it, Henry!' Rika begged him as she laughed even harder. However Henry didn't stop but tickled her even more.

The two tamers laughed until they fell asleep, in each other's arms.

*** About midnight

'Rumiko, is Henry in your house?' Janyuu lee asked.

'I don't think so. Let me ask Rika.' Rumiko replied and showed both adults in.

'Rika!' Rumiko called out as she slid open the door.

'Oh no.' Henry's mother gasped when she saw the two teenagers sleeping figures. Henry's hand was wrapped around Rika's waist, Terriermon was on Rika's stomach, and Renamon as usual was nowhere in sight.

'They must be very tired.' Rumiko continued.

Henry's mother was about to wake them up when her husband stopped her.

'Just let him stay here. Tomorrow is Sunday, isn't it?' He closed the door.

'Thanks Rumiko, I hope you don't mind Henry sleeping here.'

Rumiko shook her head, 'No problem Janyuu.'

Henry's dad nodded and walked away with his wife.

'Where's Henwy?' Suzy asked, Lopmon on her lap.

'He is staying here for the night, Suzy.' Janyuu replied

With that they drove back home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does this chapter sux? I hope not, please r&r My first attempt in Henrika fic.