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Chapter 7 - As love blooms

At the same time when Henry talked to Rika, a couple was sitting in a pizza house, digging in to their food.

They were Takato Matsuki and Jeri Katou.

After the dance, Takato finally plucked up his courage and asked Jeri out. It really take them long huh? All of the tamers had already knew that both of them liked each other since 5 years ago.

"Jeri, you looked really pretty today," Takato said, staring at Jeri.

"Takato, you're really exaggerating," Jeri blushed deep red, "I've worn like this before."

Jeri was wearing a white tank top and a white skirt that reached her knee to go with it. Jeri had tied her hair into a high ponytail, it had grown longer towards the years, it had reached her waist.

"It's true!" Takato admitted, blushing, "Whatever you wear, I really think you're pretty."

Jeri blushed even more. She was obviously nervous, it was her first ever date. Who wouldn't be?

They finished their food in an awkward silence.

Takato paid for the food and they left the place. Since it was early, they decided to spend some time together.

Takato and Jeri were strolling in a park when Jeri squealed, "It's a shooting star!"

Takato looked up, it was a shooting star, he turned to look at Jeri who was making a wish. Finally after some time, Jeri opened her eyes.

"What did you wish for?" Takato asked curiously.

"I can't tell you! Or it won't come true!" Jeri grinned.

'She looked so pretty.' Takato thought with a blush, "She's just as pretty as the angel in my dream."

"Huh?" Jeri who had heard the last few words asked, "Who's as pretty as an angel?"

Takato finally snapped out of his thought and admitted, "You of course."

Jeri blushed even redder as they continued strolling in the park. They stopped in a nearby bench and took a rest.

"How is the food Jeri?" Takato asked.

"It's very good! Especially if you are the one I am eating with!" Jeri smiled sweetly that make Takato blushed furiously.

"You know Jeri. " Takato started.


In another part of West Shinjuku, Alice were in Ryo's house helping him with his project.

"I am glad you are here to help me, Alice. I would not have finished this by today if not for you!" Ryo thanked Alice.

"It's all right. Shall I make something for both of us?" Alice asked, "I am starving."

"So am I!"

"All right then. I'll see what I can find in the kitchen, "Alice said as she headed towards the door.

"Ok. I'll help after I cleared up here." Ryo smiled.

Alice went down to the kitchen and looked into the cupboard. It was full of ingredients. She took out all that she need and started cooking. Ryo's father had just went out for business trip in China.

Alice was waiting for the water to boil when somebody wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Come on Ryo. I am cooking!" Alice complained as she pushed Ryo playfully.

"Sorry. what can I do for this pretty black princess?" Ryo asked, bowing his head.

Alice laughed, "Please lay the table for me if you could."

"Your wish is my comand!" Ryo said as he took 2 plates, spoons, fork and a few candles.

He set up the plates and forks beside each plate. Next, he lit the candle and placed it in the middle of the table.

A few minutes later, Alice came out of the kitchen and placed the dishes on the table.

"What's these candle doing." Before Alice could finish asking, she was interrupted by somebody switching off the light, the candles shone brightly in the darkness.

Somebody wrapped his arm around Alice's waist, "My dear princess, can we dance before we have our dinner?"

Alice punched Ryo playfully on his stomach and smiled, "Of course we can't! At least after our dinner! I am very hungry!"

"Oh all right." Ryo sighed, "But promised me you'll dance with me after dinner."

"Ok I promised, anyway I am staying here for the night, unless I am not welcome,"Alice said.

"Of course you're welcome!"

"I know you'll say that!" Alice smiled, "As long as nothing happens, my mom won't mind."

"What do you mean by nothing is going to happen tonight?" Ryo grinned.

"What are you talking." Alice asked but was interrupted by Ryo placing his lips on hers. Alice was shocked at his sudden movement but kissed him back.

At that same time, Takato and Jeri were kissing under the moonlight as well.

"My wish had came true, Takato." Jeri smiled as she hugged Takato tightly.

*** In Henry's apartment

Rika remained silent to Henry's question.

Henry looked at her disappointedly as he turned to leave the room.

"Wait Henry!" Rika pulled Henry's arm, "I. I. ermm. Yes!" Rika said determinedly, looking at Henry's grey eyes.

"Are you sure?" Henry asked, not believing his ears, "I am not dreaming am I?"

Rika pulled Henry's ears playfully, "Are you dreaming?"

"Well. Guess not," Henry smiled and pulled Rika into a gentle hug, "Rika. you've just made me the happiest person in the whole world!"

"Did I?"

"Yes you did my little princess."

"Do I have a reward for that?" Rika asked slyly.

"Yes you do. Of course." Henry smiled again as he placed a small but warm kiss on Rika's lips.

"I really love you Rika."

"Same here" Rika whispered as they kissed again, this time longer.

"They finally got the courage to tell each other huh?" Terriermon said, proud of his tamer, "Took them so long!"

Renamon appeared behind Terriermon, "I am proud of them."

"So do I, "Terriermon said, "But next time Renamon."


"Don't ever scare me like that again."

******** End

Eevee: A very brief ending right? But it's because I am going to put up the epilogue! But not so soon. I left it in Singapore. (

Epilogue preview: United again! Summary: Rika's mother and grandmother had past away in a car accident. Rika had to move with her father to America, away from her friends. After two years. what will happened?

"So am I!"