Strange Hearts's "Burn For You." Helped to inspire this story for me. I made my own changes… Fiddled around with it. I changed around some of the features of Bella's gift. In Strange Hearts's story, I found that her Bella and Edward were very, very much out of character and I wanted to fix that. I also wanted to change the climax in Twilight, as well. And keep it only in Bella's POV.

This story will involve the events of Twilight. The dialogue will be changed, and scenes will be altered to fit the idea of the story, but will relatively follow it.

All rights to these characters and the Twilight Saga go to Stephenie Meyer. Enjoy!(:


I'd never given much thought to how I would die — though I'd had reason enough in the last few months

— but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.

I started with my journey through the town of Phoenix. The air was dry, no moisture to be detected in the heat that radiated from the earth. The fall semester of my junior year had only just begun. Shopping for groceries was a part of my checklist for the week. Renee and Phil were busy at the batting range, but I knew they were going to complain about not having dinner when they got home. They weren't the kind of complainers that would get upset with you, but it was very much expected that several days of the week I would cook dinner for all of us instead of the usual takeout that Phil had preferred. Tonight, fell on those days of the week, unfortunately.

Leaving the grocery store with a shopping cart full of plastic bags filled with varieties of meats, starches, vegetables and fruits, I headed back to Renee's car that she had let me borrow for the night to fulfill my scavenger hunt for items at the store. Something didn't feel right. I was never the one to feel these kinds of tensions in the air. No precognition of the sorts— but the walk to the car was different.

I quickly fumbled through my pockets, not remembering entirely that the key was in the back. When I had finally acquired the key, I mistakenly dropped it on the ground through the stress and anxiety. I leaned over quickly to grab a hold of the dropped item from the ground though to my surprise as I stood up, a hand was placed around my throat along with a few low chuckles and a cloth held against my face. Chloroform.


Pain coursed throughout my body though I was not conscious enough to identify why I was whaling the sharp moans through my throat. I had not realized why I couldn't move my fingers or toes. All I knew was that my body was crippled across the asphalt of an empty parking lot behind the grocery store that I had just left from. Or I had thought I had just left from.

Blackness rained over me again as the crippling pain became unbearable.

I was left to die.

"What a shame," I heard a voice say to me as the blackness fell through my sight. "Let me help you," it said, whispering now into my ear. I wanted to plead for the matured woman's voice to call an ambulance. I wanted to plead for her to find the groceries that I had shopped for so that they could be safely traveled back home so Renee and Phil would not starve.

I could see the silhouette of a woman, whose eyes had attached to my shielded ones. My jaw, as much as it wanted to involuntarily slack, the swelling and the pain would not allow it to, but I fell into awe as I stared back into her deep amethyst hued eyes. She continued to lean forward, now reaching forward to my chin, pressing her fingers against my cheeks. I winced at the pain that she was bringing me.

Let me die, I wanted to moan. But it was no use, the lure I had felt for her was in control.

She parted my lips as she continued to stare and had parted her own as her face continued to lean closer to mine, until her opened lips were placed against the swelled ones that had felt numb on my face.

I could feel my chest heaving. The sensation I was feeling was nothing that I had been able to identify. As if I was breathing in a cloud of sweet decadent honey. The darkness continued to fall over my lids until the figure was no more.

I awoke in a hospital that I had not recognized immediately. My eyes felt unordinary as they had, seemingly bothered by a possible lash that played around my irises. My vision wasn't blurry though. In fact, the room had seemed to be completely vibrant and full of mistaken flaws of the architecture of the squared cornsilk walls. The paint that had dried on the walls in streaks, with small impressions featured on them as if items had been banged against the walls multiple times before.

"H-Hello?" The raspiness, broken voice of my own had called out. I needed to let my mom know where I was. The Pain… The Pain? I looked down at my body, shifting my chin down, closing the exposure of the front of my throat. The pain was no longer there, but my limbs still looked disfigured. Bruised, and swollen.

"Parvulus," a woman had said to me, crossing the floor of the room at an unrecognizable speed. Her long dark hair waved over her shoulders, tumbling down over her breasts. Her clothes ripped and tattered. Her almond skin that had looked to glow under the lights of the room, though no feature stood out more than her eyes. I had remembered them. The amethyst hue. "My name is Vilinsea and I'm warning you that you must complete the change." She gently held out her long index finger, lowering it to my chin and lightly grazed down it to the base of my throat. A fire that pooled through it, uplifting me in a frenzy that I could not control, had scorched in the most uncomfortable pattern. "The effects will not begin until you have fed, angelus contritum. Right now, the energy has halted your damage, but it will not heal you if you do not feed into the subconscious that controls your thirst."

She was then out of sight as an older gentleman, presumably the doctor by the lab coat he was wearing, had entered the room. The fire continued to seize in my throat. The taste on my tongue continued to ripple as my lips coursed through swelling burns as he continued to walk closer to me. His eyes laid on the notepad in his hands as he repeatedly continued to click the back of a pen. It did not take him too long to glance away from the papers when he looked my way. A smile was clear as his cheeks lifted closer to his dark eyes. Eyes that could hold the abyss, waiting for you to be drawn in. But it was not his eyes that held me, but my own that held his.

His face appeared to be disgruntled, confused but in awe as he leaned closer to me, dropping the notepad on the floor nearest to him.

Take him, juvenalis. A voice had made itself presentable in my subconscious. Draw him in closer, ita. As the voice had spoken, the doctor was only just a few inches away from my face, but his stare had never left my eyes. His hand stretched forward to me, grazing the back of my head as he pulled me closer to him until his opened lips had met mine, and his tongue sliding between my closed lips. Open.

I had followed what the voice controlling had said to me, parting my lips to feed into this man. My lungs had quaked as the rush of a sweetened honey cloud had exited from his mouth into my lungs. Inhaling deeper as I leaned into him more, holding myself up as my fingers clenched into his hair, deepening the kiss. My body, as it no longer was in pain, began to fix the abnormalities on my skin. A glow, if you would call it, radiated over my body, healing the wounds that had been inflicted on me. The moans escaping his throat were of wrath, suffering, but my voice continued to go further—further until the man had fallen on top of me.

Bonum, succubus

I was sixteen years old when I had died.


Latin translations:

"Parvulus" ~ Child

"Juvenalis" ~ youngling

"ita" ~ yes

"Bonnum, succubus" ~ Good, succubus.

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