'What happened?'

I opened my eyes and everything was a blur. I couldn't recall anything that had happened just a moment before, but one thing was certain: everything around me was pure white; From the floors, to the ceiling.

A few more seconds passed, until finally, my eyes cleared, and I regained my senses, and I noticed that there were arms me, while mine were around someone.

Slowly pulling back, my eyes met with those of the one I was sharing an embrace, and one word met my ears.


I blinked twice, not believing what I saw. "Cassian!" I gasped. I returned to the embrace once more, my eyes filling with tears, as all the memories came flooding back:

Explosions, chaos, death,

My mouth opened as my mind raced, too fast for my tongue to process. "Cassian." I managed.

Taking hold of his hands, he placed his forehead on mine, and smiled at me.

"We did it, Jyn." Cassian breathed. "We did it."

Bracing each other, we stood up, looking around at the place we now were in.

It was empty, quiet, spotless, and from the looks of it, we were alone.

We took a few steps forward, and when we had gone quite far from where we had originally started, we paused, unsure of where we'd end up if we kept going. So we just stood there for a couple of minutes.

"Jyn? Cassian?" A voice said behind us suddenly.

I spun on my heels to face the speaker

"Bodhi!" I cried, wrapping him in a hug. He looked the same as I last saw him, yet different.

Cleaner. happier.

Bodhi's lips rose into a smile as he looked at us two newcomers, then his face turned to confusion. "What happened? Why are you here? Did we not succeed?"

Cassian put his hand on the pilot's shoulder. "Don't worry, my friend. We did it."

Grinning, Bodhi pulled us into a tight hug and laughed. After his eyes quickly scanned us, he grinned. "Come with me."

Pulled hurriedly by our hands, we were led down the way we were going minutes before, every now and again stopping as Bodhi asked how our mission to steal the Death Star plans—also known as Stardust—played out.

We walked until we reached what looked like a palace. It had a garden with luscious trees and plants, bearing brightly colored fruits. The grass was bright green and looked soft to the touch, not sharp and stiff like you would normally find. The palace itself was tall, magnificent, yet cozy and homely. The walls and roof seemed to glow, but caused no pain to the eyes. In short, the place was beautiful. More beautiful than words could describe.

"Here we are." Bodhi gestured slowly with his arms.

"This place..." I gaped.

"It's beautiful." Cassian said, finishing my sentence.

"It really is." Bodhi sighed, then chuckled.

Again, grabbing hold of mine and Cassian's hands, Bodhi ran into the palace, pulling us through twists and turns, and hallways and rooms, until we finally halted in front of a door. I peered inside.

"Chirrut!" I ran through and hugged my friend tight, Cassian quickly following behind me.

"Jyn," He placed his hands on my cheek and smiled. "you're beautiful."

"You can see?" I asked, grinning.

"I can," he chuckled. "Here, all our pains and illnesses are healed."

Then he turned to look at Cassian. "And you," he smiled. "You really do have the face of a friend."

We sat together talking and laughing, when someone knocked on the door. Opening it, Chirutt grinned. "My friend, Look who's here!" And inside came another familiar face.

"Baze!" I grinned and gave him a hug as he sat down beside me, after greeting Cassian.

And at that moment, we were five friends, once again reunited.

We spent hours together, in a way that only those who have no more pains and problems could, laughing until tears emerged, and smiling until our cheeks (would have) hurt, without a care of what were to happen next.

Finally, we decided to head into the dining hall. There was no hunger to sooth, or thirst to quench, but the food was still amazing to eat nevertheless.

After the meal, Cassian wiped his mouth with a napkin, then patted me on the shoulder, standing. "I'll be right back." He said.

I nodded.

A minute later, Cassian returned, grinning ear to ear.

"I have a surprise for you." He whispered in my ear.

Smiling at him, my heart stopped as I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around. There was a man walking towards me, smiling, with tears in his eyes. He breathed one word: