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Skylar Elisabeth Helen Angel: Skylar is Angel and Buffy's foster daughter. They have had her since she was first born. They had to stake her mother, who was an evil vampire. Skylar has blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She has the power to restore and heal things. She is known as a Restorer. When Skylar was four she was killed by a demon. But she came back a month later as a seven-year-old. How she aged is a complete mystery.

Needed information: Angel and Buffy got married after Skylar returned. Connor has been living with Angel since he was thirteen and now he's seventeen. Dawn is also living with Buffy and Angel, and she is seventeen as well. Connor's girlfriend is a redhead named Tammy. Dawn is currently seeing a popular boy named Richard.

     CHAPTER 1

          The sun, could anything be better? That's exactly what Angel thought. He stood on top of the hotel roof on a Friday morning. The sun beamed down on him. Angel absorbed its radiance. He loved the feeling. Every day, since he got his shanshu, it was like feeling the sun for the first time. His skin had even begun to change to a more normal tone.

          Finally Angel headed downstairs for breakfast. Connor, Dawn, and Skylar all sat around the table, eating corn pops. Buffy stood by the sink drinking a cup of coffee. She suddenly felt two masculine hands around her and quickly recognized them.

Angel began kissing her neck.

"Angel," Buffy reprimanded lightly. She smiled. "Stop it."

"Why? I thought this was the whole reason we got married?" Angel continued kissing on his new wife's neck.

          Each of the kids at the table formed a look of disgust over his or her face. They all seemed to share the same thought at the time. Buffy and Angel looked to be a modern day Ward and June Cleaver.

Buffy and Angel soon joined in a kiss.

          That's when Lorne walked in. The green demon, too, formed a face of repulsion at the sight of the sucking face couple.

"They're at it again?" Lorne asked the kids.

"Yeah," Dawn replied. She sat down her cereal spoon. "It's kind of... gross-ish."

"It looks barf-ish," Connor muttered.

          Angel broke up from Buffy, finally noticing the two teens, child, and demon he'd forgotten to say hello to. He went over and wrapped his arms around Connor's head affectionately.

"You know, son, that smart mouth of yours is just one of your great qualities."

"Can't... can't..." Connor kept trying to say something through his father nearly suffocating him.

"Uh, Angel, I don't think the little dog can breath," said Dawn.

Angel let go of his son, who gasped for air as soon as he was released.

"Sorry," Angel apologized. "Hey, Lorne. I heard your karaoke last night. Guy, you just get better and better don't you?"

"Uh, thanks, Angel face, but I was only singing in the shower," Lorne told him.

"And what a great singer in the shower you are," Angel beamed.

"Angel," Dawn said calmly to her new brother-in-law. "I think the happy train usually stops in this hotel."

"Aw, Dawnie." Angel put a hand on her shoulder. "Is there anything you want to share?"

"What?" Dawn looked confused.

"Boyfriend problem?" Angel questioned.


"School a problem?"



"No! Angel, I'm fine. Go back to mellow mood." Dawn went back to eating her cereal.

"That's our Dawnie," Buffy remarked, taking a sip of her coffee.

"But if you gotta ask, I'm kind of sick of not getting enough sleep at night," said Dawn.

"What's wrong?" Angel asked her.

"Well, you and my sister, uh, you know. You be doing the... nasty chicken?"

"Cool," Skylar piped up. "Mom, you and Daddy have real chickens in your room?"

"Uh... sort of," Buffy replied uneasily.

"Are they the kind out the story? Like the hen that laid the golden eggs?" Skylar wanted to know.

"You can say that," said Angel, giving Buffy an impish look. Buffy raised an eyebrow at him but couldn't help but smile. Angel gave Skylar a tight hug. "How's my blonde haired baby this morning?"

"Good," Skylar replied, hugging her dad back. "Hey, Daddy, did you know that Finding Nemo is educational? That's what my teacher says."

Connor snapped his tongue in annoyance. "No, it's not. It's a bunch of stupid fish swimming around. There's not even any action in it. It's a waste."

"Well, so are you," said Dawn. "And we all watch you every day."

Skylar giggled.

Connor retorted, "Dawn, why don't you go stuff your head up your a—"

"OK!" Angel cut in, in his fraternal-like voice. "Sky, I'll take you to go see Finding Nemo. I wanted to see it, too."

"What?" the room all asked at once.

"What? It's a movie about determination. I like that."

"Angel, that's it. Now you're just scaring me," said Dawn.

"Well, think what you want," said Angel. "I think I'll go for a five mile jog. See you all later." As he left out he whispered something to Buffy. "See you when I get back."

"Not if I see you first," Buffy smiled.

          Angel left out of the kitchen then as a familiar song began to enter his head. He started to hum. That morning had clearly been one very Cleavor-ish experience.

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