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                                                                        CHAPTER 1

          The next morning was practically hell on earth. Some members of the hotel had to be dragged out of bed, a couple had not finished packing, namely Fred and Gunn, and most dragged their feet at breakfast.

          When the group of eight finally made it to the airport they were pretty calm as they decided who to sit with on the plane. The seating arrangements went as follows: Angel and Buffy, Fred and Gunn, Connor and Dawn, and Lorne and Skylar.

          The first hour on the plane gave some of them time to fall back to sleep. Dawn, who had been dozing off a little, felt a head fall up against her shoulder. She looked next to her at the sleeping Connor who had hogged the window seat yet wasn't even using it.

"Ugh," Dawn looked at him in disgust as he murmured something between snores. She glanced across from her at Angel, Buffy resting on his shoulder. "Angel," Dawn called out to the vampire.

Angel turned his attention to the teenaged girl. "What is it, Dawn?"

"He's talking in his sleep," Dawn said, gesturing towards Connor. "Which means he's dreaming things that I don't even want to think about. Could you switch with me?"

Angel nodded his reply and exchanged seats with her.

          Connor continued talking in his sleep, moving around in his sleep. As he rested his head on a strong, masculine shoulder his eyes opened. Connor pulled back with a gasp at the sight of his father.

"Where's brat girl?" Connor asked, meaning Dawn.

Angel shrugged and replied, "She got sick of you." He smirked. "So how often do you dream about Britney Spears?"

Connor scowled at him and turned his attention to the window.

          Skylar had the luxury of the window seat from where she sat next to a covered up Lorne. The little blonde girl had eaten two large bowls of frosted flakes before she left the hotel and was possibly the only one who wasn't completely exhausted. She looked over at Lorne who busily removed the scarf he wore to hide his green face.

"Hey, Uncle Lorne, how can you have fun with that thing on your face?" Skylar asked, pointing at the scarf. "You won't get to see anything."

Lorne smiled at her and removed the dark sunglasses her wore. "Not to worry, pink princess. I have that spell I used at your folks' wedding. To you guys I'm the green giant, to everyone else I'll be one of the hunks off of baywatch."

Skylar giggled. "Cool."

          Fred, who had an aisle seat, glanced at a Disney World brochure while Gunn slept lightly next to her. All of the different sights and areas to go to made Fred feel more ecstatic with each page of the brochure she turned.

"Charles," Fred called to him when something really interesting caught her attention.

Gunn's eyes opened a little. "What's up?"

Fred put the brochure up to his face as she said, "Look. They have a ton of cruises. We have to go on one."

"Oh, Fred," Gunn started to moan.

"Please?" Fred asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes. "It'll be so romantic."

Gunn forced a smile and put his arm around her. "OK. If my girl wants a cruise she gets one."

Fred planted a kiss on his cheek and went back to her booklet.

          After watching the movie that was offered on the plane a couple more hours passed by until they landed. The team of eight found themselves standing before the magic kingdom as soon as they got out of their taxi. The first thing they saw was the large enchanted castle, which was unbelievably breath taking.

"Wow," Skylar beamed as her eyes grew wide.

"Cool," Dawn commented, slipping on a pair of shades.

Angel turned to his friends. "All right. I'm guessing we're all going to want to do something different. So..."

"Cruise!" Fred exclaimed, putting an arm around Gunn.

"What she said," Gunn agreed grudgingly.

"Walking around," Dawn shrugged.

"Same here," Connor said.

"Daddy, can I go with Connor and Dawn?" Skylar asked Angel, walking up to his legs. "Please?"

"Fine," Angel replied. He looked down at her. "Just don't annoy them."

Buffy knelt down to Skylar and whispered, "You can annoy them a little."

          After checking into their hotel everyone split up. Fred dragged Gunn along in search of a boat, any boat, Lorne, who was wearing his spell, went to a karaoke bar, Connor, Dawn, and Skylar walked around the magic kingdom, and Buffy and Angel had pool-wards.

"This place..." Connor commented from where he and the girls were. "It's weird."

"Why?" Dawn asked, holding on to Skylar's hand.

"I don't know," Connor answered vaguely.

"Your brother's being weird again," Dawn said to Skylar.

"Duh," Skylar said in her best teenaged voice with a roll of her eyes.

A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around Connor's upper body. "Hey. Guess who."

Connor turned around only to see... "Tammy!" he exclaimed, grabbing her in an embrace.

"Hey, you," Tammy smiled, giving him a light kiss on the lips. "I've been around here for like two hours looking for you."

"I finally lost my family," Connor told her as if he were an emancipated slave.

Dawn pulled her shades up to where they were sitting on top of her head. "Tammy?"

"Hey, Dawn," Tammy waved at her. She looked down at Skylar then turned to Connor. "Your little sister is so cute."

Skylar felt like saying duh again.

          Lorne had found himself a nice looking karaoke joint where he sat at the bar drinking some sort of tropical punch. Unknown to the green demon a young red haired woman sat at a table with her friend watching him.

"Ellen, look at him," the red head said. When her friend turned to look she hissed, "No! Don't actually look."

Ellen giggled softly and sipped the drink she had in front of her. "You said to look."

"I can't believe him," the red haired woman said, eyeing Lorne. "He's so... muscle-y."

Ellen released another giggle. "Well, here's a thought. Go over there and talk to him."

"What can I say?"

"Your name maybe?" Ellen shrugged.

The red haired nodded, took a breath, and headed over to Lorne. "Um, hi," she greeted bashfully.

Lorne looked over at her as he took a sip of his drink. "Hi right back," he returned the greeting.

She gestured towards a bar stool. "Is this seat taken?"

"No," Lorne replied. "Take a load off."

"Thanks," she smiled, sitting down next to him. "I'm Cindy Hawkins." She held her hand out to him.

Lorne shook it. "The name is Lorne... uh, Green."

"Lorne Green?" Cindy asked, raising an eye brow.

"Weird story behind it," Lorne explained.

"I'm the expert on weird stories," Cindy said. "So why are you sitting here all by yourself?"

"Well, I came here with my family but, you know, it's Disney World. A million places to be." He took another sip of his drink.

"That's great," the red headed woman nodded. "It's nice to be able to do things with your family."

"What about you?" Lorne asked her. "You seem to be sitting here all by your pretty little lonesome."

She smiled at him. "I'm here with a friend actually. She had to shove me over here just to say hi to you."

Lorne blinked his eyes in disbelief. "You wanted to say hi to me?"

"Yeah. I mean it's not every day you meet the strong, blonde headed, muscular types."

It shot Lorne like a rock to the head. It was the spell that she saw, not him. "Listen I..."

"You wanna go on a quick walk?"

"There's a smiged sized thing you need to know." He looked her over, long red hair, slim figure, and dimples. "I really, really love walks," Lorne explained.

Cindy held her arm out to him. Lorne linked his arm with hers and they exited the bar together.

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