Ok, this will be one of my only author's notes. I hate writing these, and no one wants to read them anyway. Disclaimer: I'll only say this once: I DO NOT OWN RUROUNI KENSHIN! Claimer: I will only say this once: I OWN JIRA AND HIS ASSISTANT!

Kaoru looked down at her overgrown belly, and smiled. Yahiko ran by,

shouting, "Hey UGLY! Glad you can't teach me for a while...I wouldn't

wanna fat busu like you as my sensei!" Kaoru smiled, Yahiko loved to annoy her. He stood there, knowing Kaoru would not punish him. But he wasn't

always annoying. Images of her wedding with Kenshin flashed through her

mind. Yahiko had been better behaved at the wedding then she had ever

known him to be. She picked up her bokken and raised it. Yahiko did not move, so Kaoru brought the wooden sword down on hid head, clouting him a hard blow. She whacked him a few more times, then stopped satisfied with her work. Yahiko fell over anime style and a group of large bumps were raised on his head like flowers. "Owwwww! I didn't know fat girls could hit so hard!" he complained, rubbing his head. "What's that?" Kaoru yelled and hit him on the head a few more times. Yahiko stood up painfully and hesitantly, his hand still rubbing his aching head. Stars circled his head and he stumbled over to Sano, who caught him as he fell. "Careful there, Yahiko-chan!" Yahiko's brain took a minute to register Sano's comment, then realized what he had said. "Hey, don't call me -chan!" he yelled, chewing on Sano's hair in frustration. Sano merely picked him off like a bug and set him on the ground. Kaoru walked over to him and smiled. "Why don't I make you some riceballs? That'll make you feel better! Especially mine!" she giggled. Yahiko smirked, "Yeah, it'll make my headache go away. But it'll give me a stomachache instead! You're cooking's so lousy I don't know how I'm still alive-" But he stopped as he was clouted yet again by Kaoru's bokken. She scowled, "That'll teach you not to insult your sensei's cooking!"

Suddenly, she gasped. A shock of pain ran through her stomach as she

felt a kick. 'Can't you stay still for just a moment?' she thought to

herself as Kenshin came running out. "Kaoru! Are you all right?" He had

evidently heard her gasp and came out, thinking something was wrong.

"No. I'm fine, it's just that he's kicking at me again." By he, Kaoru

meant the baby she was due to have in a few months. She winced as the

tiny child kicked again.

"Kaoru." Kenshin was getting worried.

"I'm fine, Kenshin. Really, I am." She smiled at him.

"All right. But you know, it's a she." He smiled. He always teased her,

not that he teased a lot, but the fact that he thought it would be a girl,

and she thought it would be a boy, made him laugh for some reason.

As Kenshin helped Kaoru sit down, Sano came walking around the corner.

"Ugh!" Kenshin heard his wife groan, "Just what I need, another two mouths

to feed." Sano looked around him confused.

"Where's the other mouth?" He asked stupidly.

Kenshin laughed, "She means you. Your appetite is enough to equal two

people, instead of just one."

Kaoru smiled. "But, I won't turn you out, you know that. It's gonna be a

scant dinner," she warned.

"I'll live." Sano laughed a deep, hearty laugh that proved to be


That night, the trio of boys spent their time being annoyingly kind to

Kaoru: Sano would not let her carry anything heavier than a bokken, Yahiko

would not let her run around outside, buying the tofu in town for her, and

practicing within the house so she could supervise without having to get

up, and Kenshin, well, he was just being.Kenshin. He constantly followed

her, stayed by her side, made sure she didn't fall, didn't carry too heavy

a load, didn't walk too much or work too hard. She found it frustrating,

but understandable. Sano stayed the night in one of the spare rooms.