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**EPILOGUE** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You may kiss the bride." Sano hardly had to bend over, and kissed Megumi fiercely and lovingly upon her waiting lips. They pulled away shortly and Megumi laughed. Sano's chuckles turned into laughs, too. "I love you," he said quietly into her ear, and she grinned. "I knew that even before you did." "Did not." "Did too." "Did not." "Did too." "Maa maa, settle down. You're not supposed to be arguing on your wedding day." "And you're not supposed to be interrupting our arguments on our wedding day," the newly-weds cried in unison. Kenshin backed away, smiling nervously, while the couple watched him, annoyed. They finally looked away and he breathed a sigh of relief. Kaoru came up behind him and hugged him from behind, surprising him momentarily. He relaxed. He knew those hands. "Kenshin, darling, don't go prying into their conversations. They haven't argued in months. Not really. They're just having talks where each is quite passionate about their opinion. No need to get worried about them." He turned around and smiled at her. He loved his wife with all his heart and nothing and no one would ever change that. And there was someone else who had gained a very special place in his heart. Together, they walked over to the table where Kaoru had been sitting before. In one of the chairs, right next to Kaoru's, was the new placeholder of his large heart.

Everybody was crowding beneath the large balcony. Megumi leaned over in her beautiful blue and white kimono, lotus blossoms of white silk upon a navy background. It seemed to flutter about in a breeze though there was no wind. Her hair was down and the faintest of pink lipstick brushed her soft lips. Sano stood in his regular fighter's gi, though it had been scrubbed and washed so many times, the cotton jacket seemed to gleam in the soft evening sun. He hadn't managed to do anything with his hair, but he didn't look bad. He had no cuts, bandages, or bruises, no dirt on his face or food stains on his clothes. Save for the 'bad' sign on his back, he looked quite respectable. He had his garter belt in his hand, leaned over to look at the people gathered eagerly below. With a quick flick of his wrist, he let it fly out to the group of waiting bachelors beneath. It was caught and everybody cheered, congratulating the young man who actually caught it.

Megumi threw her bouquet out, too, into the group of excited girls. It was caught and they all giggled as a whole. Megumi giggled, too, though she didn't know who had caught it until they shoved her forward, facing her to the young man who had caught the belt. She blushed furiously, as did the young man and they smiled shyly at each other, catcalls and whistles in the background.

Megumi threw herself happily into Sano's arms, and tilted her head up, kissing him on his hovering lips. Every promise of their future together was sealed in that kiss, more so than the one in the ceremony. Her eyes glistened, and tears fell like sparkling stars, happiness radiating from her very being. Sano pulled away and grinned. Nothing was spoken between them, but it wasn't needed. Everything was understood, not through their eyes, or their lips, but through the bond their love had created.

Kenshin kissed Kaoru lightly on the cheek. She was surprised at first by it, but didn't say anything. Instead, she looked down on her new love, Kyoko. She was a beauty. Her violet eyes shone gleefully, a smile stretched across her small face. Her hair was red, like Kenshin's, and she had inherited her father's rurouni grin. A happy giggle escaped her and Kaoru smiled. She reminded her of her husband, but her laugh was purely Kaoru's. Her hands were Kaoru's gentle hands, and her curiosity was certainly her mother's. She picked Kyoko up and cradled her in her arms for a moment. She threw her up in the air, not too high, but above her head. She giggled louder now, and her smile widened as she was bounced repeatedly into the air. "My baby, you are an angel."

Yahiko grinned. 'I can't believe I actually caught the garter belt! I wonder who caught the bouquet.'

The group of girls pushed the young girl to the front. She saw Yahiko, though didn't recognize him and blushed, smiling shyly. Yahiko smiled shyly back, though he couldn't really see her. The group of girls surrounding the young girl moved back, giving the young couple a wide enough berth to actually study eachother. They both gasped as one. 'He's the one who caught the belt? Oh Kami!' "Yahiko?" 'SHE caught the bouquet? Better her than like, Misao, I suppose.' "Tsubame?"

Megumi, Sano, Kaoru, and Kenshin snickered quietly. 'Ooh's and catcalls flew out from the crowd once again. Tsubame's blush deepened, and she looked down. Yahiko grinned. "You think this was planned, Yahiko-chan?" asked Tsubame. He snorted in reply, "Knowing them, of course. It was probably Kaoru and Sano's idea." Tsubame giggled. "Well, I don't find my match-up too revolting. In fact, I quite like him. What about you?" "Definitely the best match-up there is around here save for Kitsune-san and Rooster-head." "And Kaoru-san and Ken-san." "Yeah, busu and Kenshin." "Yahiko!" Yahiko snickered but stopped when Tsubame slapped him lightly on the arm. Her eyes widened at what she had done, but Yahiko slapped her lightly back, then kissed her cheek. "Didn't hurt at all. Stop worrying or I'll give the belt to Aoshi and you'll have to marry him! Neither Aoshi or Misao will like that!" Tsubame smiled and giggled. They walked off hand-in-hand. "Does that mean you'll marry me?" Tsubame asked curiously. Yahiko rubbed the back of his head nervously, "When I get older, if you don't mind, that is." "Of course, but let's wait 'til then." They smiled at each other and nodded their heads in agreement.