Summary: Tim and Lucy respond to a call of disturbance nearby, things happen, and Lucy becomes high as hell. And Tim is definitely not having the best day.

A/N: Rated T for safety. Apologies for any misspellings and stuff, I'm not a native speaker and honestly my eyes were a bit crossed due to some tiredness. Let me know if there's any huge mistakes!

"People are going crazy today," Lucy said after they had responded for taking a call about a disturbance at residential home. "And it's not even a full moon." They had already had few other similar calls and ended up breaking a fight between neighbors (there was smoke coming from a barbeque party), and a marital couple (the husband lost a homecoming gift of a mug), and they even had to confiscate some odd looking parts which two brothers were trying to use to build some sort of a street vehicle.
"You know the full moon doesn't really affect anyone's behavior," Tim commented turning the wheel. "It's just superstition."
"It's real," Lucy said emphasizing her words. "Even all the studies and research proves that."
"It's all just made up. Trust me."

Lucy snorted but had to let it go, for they had arrived at their scene.
"What was the complain about?" Lucy asked then, exiting the shop.
"Smell. That could be anything," Tim answered and walked toward the house.
"I don't smell anything."
She knocked on the door and waited. No sound was heard inside the house.
"LAPD!" she yelled and knocked again. "Open the door!"
Tim went to peek from the windows at the same time the door finally opened.

"Can I help you?" a man in his 40's asked, blocking the narrow view inside.
"We got a call of a smell coming from this house," Lucy explained. "Mind if we come in?"
"I was just doing some stuff," the man answered and laughed mildly. To Lucy he seemed a bit off, like he wasn't exactly right in his mind.
"What kind of stuff would that be?" Lucy asked him carefully . Tim walked back and stood two feet behind her.
"Do you wanna see? I have this one magic trick!"

Before Lucy got a chance to react, the man brought his closed fist between them, opened it, and blew hard. The pile of powder on his hand flew straight into Lucy's face and she had to back away coughing and flailing. The man slammed the door shut, leaving the two police outside.

"Are you okay?" Tim asked quickly her rookie.
"I… I think so," Lucy answered rubbing the powder away from her face. Then it really hit her, she felt her legs suddenly give up, and she went stumbling backwards to the ground.
"Chen? Chen!"
"Wow," Lucy said as she laid on the grass and stared the sky.
"We need additional units on our location, the suspect is on the move," Tim said to the radio trying to get a glimpse of the man. "And we have an officer down."
"More like officer HIGH!" Lucy shrieked and started giggling hard.

"Oh my god," Tim mumbled shaking his head. "Hey Chen, are you alright?"
"Oh yeah," Lucy breathed still staring up with big eyes. "Everything feels better than alright. Can you see this too?"
"See what?" Tim lifted his head toward the sky but didn't see anything specific.
"It's changing colors," she said in awe and smiled happily. "Blue, green, pink, and even purple!"
"What the hell are you – oh, no." He finally realized what had happened. "Okay Chen, I need you to sit up. Can you do that?"
"I don't think so," she answered without even trying.

He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her to sitting position. He let go then, but with doing so Lucy started to fall back and so he had to take a hold of her again. Lucy giggled.
"This is far from funny," Tim said to her, took a better grip from underneath her both armpits and dragged her to lean on the wall. Carefully he made sure she didn't hit her head, for that would have been an awful addition.
"Wow, you are so strong," Lucy admired his T.O. while staring his arms. "So much muscle."
"Okay Chen, head back in the game," Tim said trying to get a hold of her gaze. "You are on drugs."

He then updated the dispatch about the situation in hand and asked for a medic. Tim felt her squeezing his biceps.
"Like a caveman," Lucy declared. "Arrrr!"
"Geez," Tim rubbed his forehead and prayed the help coming sooner rather than later.
"Are you mad at me?" she suddenly asked almost tears in her eyes.
"What? No! Why would I be mad at you?"
"I don't know, you look like seriously very very mad."
"I'm not mad, okay? I'm just worried, that's all."
"You still look mad…" her tone was sad and miserable.

Tim sighed. Through the radio he could hear that the first unit was only a minute away. If they could hold on for that long…

He heard and electric buzz next to him and turned to see Lucy holding her taser and looking at it extremely closely.
"Careful with that," Tim said alarmed. He reached his hand down and took the taser away. "Actually," he then said and removed everything dangerous she had on, putting them further away from her.

For Tim's luck he finally heard sirens coming closer and saw Jackson and sergeant Grey exiting their car.
"The suspect went back inside," Tim explained quickly the situation to them. "Haven't seen or heard anyone else, didn't have the possibility to clear the house."
"What's wrong with her?" Grey asked as he took his gun.
"Probably drugs. He threw some powder on her and she's been acting out ever since."
"Heck," Grey said giving a glimpse to the rookie sitting on the grass staring them curiously. He then gave Jackson a sign and they entered the house.

"Was that the sergeant?" Lucy asked Tim with a loud whisper. He just raised his eyebrows. "Oh my god I'm in so much trouble!"
"No, you are not in trouble, Chen. Just high. High as hell."
"Officer high!" Lucy exclaimed and covered her mouth then. "Oops, sorry. Bad, very bad. I thought hell was down, not high though."
"Can you just please be quiet for a moment."
"Yes! Sorry, sir, yes I can!" Lucy saluted. "Sir."

The ambulance finally drove to the scene while Grey and Jackson came back to the front yard.
"He was long gone," Grey said holstering his gun. "But we found some serious stuff inside so when we find him, he's going to jail for a long time."
Jackson kneeled down next to Lucy. "Are you okay?" he asked.
"Did you know he has HUGE muscles?!" Lucy asked his friend, again with the loud whisper voice. "He's like really really strong!"
"Errr," Jackson hesitated and turned to look at Tim, who in turn just rolled his eyes.
"No, I did not know that," Jackson said slowly.
"Don't tell him I told you that." She was talking like it was a secret without actually realizing everyone around her heard it. "You wouldn't win him in a fight. Just so that you know."
"Believe me, I know" Jackson agreed and moved away as two paramedics came to the spot.

The medics checked Lucy's vitals and everything else possible and said the officers that she needed blow it all off in a hospital, where the doctors and nurses were able keep an eye on her.
"Of course," Tim said, and the paramedics helped Lucy up.
"I don't wanna go alone!" she then cried out.
Tim glanced at their car and groaned.
"I can go with her," Jackson offered and turned to look at Grey. "If that is okay?"
"Yes, go," the older man said. Jackson rushed after Lucy and the medics.
"I'll be there when I can," Tim called out after them and Jackson showed a thumb.

"You are so hot," they heard Lucy say to the woman on her left.

"She's gonna have a hell of a day and night," sergeant Grey commented.
"I know," Tim sighed, and they went to their cars.


"How is she?" Tim asked as he finally got to the hospital.
"Well, based on the fact that she apparently has a huge dose of something in her system, she's… pretty good," Jackson answered making a face.
"And the ride here?"
"Let's just say that she was very talkative."
"Worse than Nolan?"
"Definitely worse."

They walked to the room where Lucy was laying on the hospital bed.
"Oh my god," she gasped as the two men came to her view. "There's two of you now."
"Okay Lucy, dear, listen to me," Jackson said sitting on the edge of the bed. "You need to behave. You are in a public place, very very high, but still. Do you understand?"
"Maybe," she said staring blankly at him. Jackson sighed.

Tim walked to the other side of the bed and dragged a chair to sit down. Lucy bounced to sit too, then a wave of dizziness hit her and both men grabbed her shoulders as she swayed a little.
"You okay?" Tim asked her worried.
She stared him momentarily and turned to Jackson. "Did you know he's my T.O.?"
"Uhh, yes?" Jackson answered puzzled.
"Tim Bradford," Lucy spelled the name carefully. "Braaaaddforrrrd."
"Okay, maybe you should just take a little nap," Jackson suggested.
"Do you think it would suit me?" she asked now, trying to make it as a whisper and failing greatly.
"Would what suit you?"
"The name!" she highlighted her words. "The name."
"The name? Oh, the name, wow, uhh…"

"What is she talking about?" Tim asked confused.
"Nothing, nothing at all. It's all some nonsense," Jackson stated and brushed the topic off as quickly as he could. "Are you hungry? I could get you some food."
"Yes!" she screamed smiling.
"Okay, uhh, stay here, don't do anything stupid or embarrassing. I'll be back in a minute," Jackson reassured here. "And you, just… do something," he pleaded to officer Bradford as he sneaked away.

Lucy watched his T.O. carefully.
"What?" Tim asked getting slightly unsure of how to react under her gaze. He was worried and somehow irritated at the same time, and he didn't know which emotion was affecting him more.
"Nothing," she shook her head but kept staring.
He leaned on his elbows and stared her back. They were almost like having a staring contest.
"Come on, tell me," he tried again without removing his gaze off her. Lucy's eyes seemed bright but full of questions.
"You have a really handsome face there," she blurted out pointing his face and moving her head so that it was more lopsided. "Like really really really –"
"Okay yeah, I got it," Tim interrupted her speech. He knew his rookie was under the influence of drugs, but the words still felt little uncomfortable to him. He cleared his throat just as Jackson came back.

"Did I miss something?" he asked handing a cheese bread and a bottle of apple juice to Lucy, who got very excited. "Or actually, I don't even wanna know."
"No, you really don't," Tim answered and leaned back on his chair, wondering what else would be ahead of him.


It took nearly 16 hours before the effects started to fall off Lucy. One police unit had managed to get a hold of the suspect, who in fact hadn't gotten far from his house. They had also gathered all the powder they could find and sent a small amount of it to the lab for research. The powder itself was only partly real drugs, the rest was just some sort of random stuff to fill the pills in the making process.

Lucy groaned as she stepped outside the hospital room. Jackson was there waiting for her. She was declared to have the day off to recover from the incident, and Jackson was supposed to get back on duty right after he had taken Lucy to their apartment.
"My head hurts," she said as they walked forward. "I feel like I'm hangover."
"Yeah, not a good sensation," Jackson agreed. "So… do you remember what happened when… when you were drugged?"
"Uhhh," Lucy tried to recall the events. "Only small pieces. Like really small. I don't think I actually remember much."
"Mmhh, better that way."
"Wait, what did I do? Did I do something?!"
"You don't wanna know!" he threw his hands in the air. "Trust me, you really don't wanna know."

"Oh my god, did I do something stupid?" Lucy asked desperately. "Please, Jackson, you have to tell me!"
"Are you sure about that?"
"Not really."
Jackson sighed and grimaced. They finally reached the car. "Well, let's just say that apparently you were quite a fan of your T.O."
"Oh god no," Lucy said burying her face to her hands. "Please no, I'm gonna hear about this later. He's gonna kill me."
"Maybe not if you never bring it up."

Jackson told Lucy how she had admired Tim's biceps at the scene and basically pleaded one of the paramedics to go on a date with her during the drive to the hospital.
"And then at the hospital… you were sort of… kind of asking me how it would sound like if… if you were Lucy Bradford," Jackson described the scene slowly and apologetically.
"Oh no no no," Lucy panicked. "What the heck, why would I do that?!"
"I don't know," Jackson defended. "But luckily Tim didn't understand what you were saying, thank god. And apparently you also said something else while I was getting you food. And this is only based on Tim's face when I came back."
"This is so not happening," Lucy panicked and sat on the car bench, slamming the door shut. "This can't be happening."
"It already happened so…"
"He's really going to kill me, isn't he?"
"Naaah, chill girl. The worst is behind. Now you just get yourself over it all and use this day to get better so that you can come back to work tomorrow."
"I'm not so sure I want to come back to work after this."

Jackson started the car and stayed in his thoughts for a moment.
"I think it would actually suit you," he said then after a while and earned a smack from Lucy.