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Chapter 1.

He walked into the hall, and the sheer size of the house of Elrond amazed him.

"Welcome back to my house, Legolas. I'm sure you shall be made welcome here by guests." Lord Elrond said.

"Thank you Elrond, I shall look after the girl." He replied.

"I hope you will. She is too important to lose.

And, I daresay, too beautiful?" Elrond said, a smile upon his face.

Legolas shifted. Too long had Elrond been bugging him to find a partner. At least five hundred years.

Elrond chuckled. Maybe he would settle down. He hadn't even seen the girl yet.

A young girl walked in, saying, "Elrond, do I have to stay? I get stressed when I'm cooped up."

Legolas turned to see who had spoken and stopped, stunned. The girl was beautiful.

Her hair was auburn, straight. It much reminded him of Lady Arwen's hair. Green eyes shone brightly out of a porcelain face, making the effect quite striking.

"Hi, are you Legolas?" she asked.

He nodded. He feared if he spoke, she would know from his voice how he felt.

"I'm Faith. Nice to meet you." She smiled at him. ~If only Roona could see me now! ~ She thought to her self.

"Well, Faith, Legolas, as you two have met now, I shall leave you to get better acquainted." He made his way out, smiling. Legolas shot a glare at his back. *That elf can be very irritating at times!* He thought to himself.

"So," he said to Faith after Elrond had left. "Where is it you're from, exactly?"

He was secretly pleased that he had managed to form a coherent sentence in front of her.

"I'm from England, but I got transported here, somehow. I have no idea how to get back. That's why Elrond wanted you to be here. To figure out how I got here. And how to get me home." She said.

"Well, I'm here to help. What's stressed?" he replied.

"Oh, I forgot, no one knows! It means... erm... it's kind of hard to explain... erm..." Faith trailed off, trying to find the words to explain.

"It means tense, upset." She finally thought of the word.

"Why would you get upset about being inside?" Legolas replied.

"Because I love the out doors. Don't get me wrong, this place is beautiful, but outside..." she moved to the window, looking out to the waterfall. "It's amazing. It's everything I ever dreamed of when I was at home. The woods, and rivers... and, well everything.

Legolas came to stand behind her. Faith was struck with how close he was. As soon as she felt, rather than saw his presence, she had trouble breathing.

"It really is beautiful, isn't it?" He said to her, while all the time wishing he could get away from her, and these feelings.


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