I received a letter from Phoebe, two days after she left, about my birthplace.

Dear Faith,

It's been a while, how is everyone there? Hopefully Legolas has forgiven me for trying to deceive him by now.

Glorfindel says, "Bonjour! Comment ├ža va?" (He's learning French!) and to tell you that you didn't warn him. He said you would know what it meant.

I wrote a suicide letter from Phoebe to mum and dad, saying how she was only a disappointment when she - *she's already thinking of Phoebe as another person* - was alive, and that it would be better if they didn't search for her body.

I'm doing much better now, I'm happier. I don't know how you're surviving there with no T.V., but presumably you're too busy. Taking care of my future nieces and nephews, of course.

For the first time in my life, I'm happy, I have friends and mum and dad do not forget me.

Hope you're all ok, and that Legolas is taking care of you.

Sending my love,

Faith. *Stealing my name already?*

I smiled after I read that. Finally, for the first time in our lives, both the Arielle twins were happy.



I will get the next chapter of The Wraith up soon.

Signing out, until 'The 9th Ringwraith',