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Chapter 11

The great hall of Hogwarts was surely the best place to rest, or to gather the peace and quiet, most of the time. But for whatever reason, while everyone seemed rather joyful to have a free day. A small girl was not having it. Or so she looked like. Harriet was eating the food and drinking coffee as if her life depended on it. And everyone only looked at her with confusion and a small bit of amusement. It was a Sunday. So, what could it be the reason for such voracious eating? Well, the reason for it was simple. Harriet hasn't slept in the last 12 hours.

Nor eat too. And that was a big no-no for her.

Harriet took a few potions that would allow her to not feel less rested. A minor Stamina potion. She could take a Health or Stamina potion without a problem. However, during the night, she thought that maybe. She could find a way to cure herself of that curse. Harriet has tried in the past, using scrolls or anything in order to remove it. But nothing worked. Why? Harriet wasn't sure. Well, she knew a bit more now.

[The Curse is not curable! All buffs, cures, healing, and self-improve skills and items are blocked! Only small potions are available! Please complete the event "Back Home" in order to find your true self!]

Those were the words Harriet discovered yesterday. It was a new turn of events. Harriet spent a lot of time practicing her new magic, and when she leveled up her Wizard Job by 1, something happened to her stats. One level wasn't much, but it was a start. However, it opened a new chart of sorts on her menu. The Quest Events line. She remembered the time when she took her wand. It was the same thing. An event, or, well, quest.

Now, this is more like a game. But this is not something Yggdrasil had; well, it was different. But now, looking at these events, quest. Mm, they are quite interesting.

Harriet thought as she drank a cup of black coffee as if it was water.

"Very interesting."

Harriet looked at the quest she had on herself.

-The Quest Events line! Complete them in order to unlock new menus and stats!

"Back Home"—The life of the Chosen cannot be completed if she is not back where she started. Find her home and bring forth the powers that "He" knows not. A reckoning to this world and beyond! Change it all!

"The Master of Death!"—Three items left by death aren't much alone. But together, they will become something much more! Gather them all and become the only being controlling life and death!

"First Blood!"—Kill an enemy, and bathe in their blood. Unlock your first Karma.

"Kill the Rat!"—Kill the Judas of the Potter Family. Or better yet, don't. A betrayer should only know pain.

"Upgrading thyself!"—What weapon is this?! A stick?! No, this is not a weapon worthy of a Supreme One! Upgrade your new tools into fitting weapons of mass destruction! Use any means necessary!

"A loyal Friend, or owl, is the same!"—Your Owl is more than what you think! Use her more and transformed her into a magnificent beast!

"The Curse!"—Such an annoying scar! Nevertheless, it should be dealt with soon enough. Find the Cure. No, not the band.

"Help Uncle Moony!"—Lycanthropy will be no more! Help him! What are you waiting for?!

Harriet stared at the list of quests. There were more, but these were the first ones that were important to her. There was a lot she had to do. Quests, I have quests to do. Who would have thought? Well, it doesn't matter. At least I know what to do now. Harriet sighed as she pondered about when to start. There was a mission that made her think, however. It was about her dearest uncle, Moony. It made sense now. For a few years now, Harriet thought about it. Remus was a person who, most of the time, kept himself away when it comes to his sickness. Harriet thought about using a scroll to help him. But she wanted to wait until she tested it something. Like herself. Well, it didn't work on her. Harriet's curse wasn't going, anyway. Now she knows why. But it brought questions to herself about what could happen if she used it in someone else.

All of her items seemed to be a bit different from Yggdrasil's. They then do something else. So, she waited to test more.

A foolish endeavor. You've been a fool, Harriet. The biggest of them all.

Harriet was afraid of hurting her uncle, but now, in the last few days, she has realized how dumb she was. Failure after failure. And a big dose of pain has made her realize that her cautious approach was not the way to do things. Harriet's fears, anxiety, and carefulness had cost her great. But it was too late to cry. Now Harriet needed to be on the offense, so to speak. And just like the quest says. What was she waiting for? Harriet had to change the game now.

Now, how should I do it? I can't just come around and be all like, "Hey uncle, I can cure your lycanthropy! Please sit!" That would be no good. Because the word is going to be out, and the entire world would want the cure. Mm, my War Dark Cleric levels are blocked as of now. So, I don't have any skills that will help me. I only have, [Cleanse], and work on low-level debuffs and smaller curses. Well, I doubt, the curse of lycanthropy is a high-level curse. Maybe it can work? In anycase, if it doesn't work, I can use my scrolls. Now that I can use my abilities, perhaps it would work.

Harriet thought, biting on a sausage.

Then there is that quest, back home. This could be about Nazarick, meaning that, perhaps. The tomb is somewhere else. Or will arrive soon enough. And when it does, I only have to find it and all my levels could be unlocked!

Harriet was excited about that. Now she had to only wait until that day arrives. And it would not take a long time either. Still, there was a lot she had to think still.

"I need to keep leveling up. But I wonder if it would be possible for me to teach it? Can someone with no MP learn these abilities? Can I create a reminiscence of MP here? That is a good question," Harriet said, in a hushed tone.

"Could I create a MP potion? Mm, I need to investigate."

Before Harriet could dwell inside her mind for more questions, a sudden voice stopped her from doing so. An angry, cute voice.

"Harriet, where were you?!"

Harriet swallowed deeply at the sight of Hannah looking at her with a furious gaze on her face. Those shiny blue eyes were scary now.

"Oh, Hannah, my dear flower! How was your night?" Harriet said with a nervous voice.

"Don't dear flower me! You didn't come to sleep! I woke up in the middle of the night and your bed was empty!" Hannah said.

"I was… busy."

"Busy? Doing what?"

"Working… something."

Hannah stated in disbelief at her friend, but sighed deeply. "You know how dangerous it is for you to be around the castle at those hours, don't you?"

"Yeah, sorry about it," Harriet said.

"You don't sound sorry at all," Hannah said, sitting next to Harriet.

"Don't tell, my mother… she will kill me."

"I won't, although I would love to see, lady Potter spanking you," Hannah teased.

"You evil girl," Harriet said, scandalized.

"Who is an evil girl?"

Harriet turned around and saw a purple-haired girl sitting on her side. "Hey, Nymphadora, my love. You choose purple today, eh?" Harriet said, as Nymphadora rolled her eyes, but kissed Harriet's cheeks as a sign of affection. Harriet smiled at her. She knew the purple-haired girl all too well. All of her little shenanigans. It would certainly make things more interesting later on. For good or evil? Who knows?

"Ugh, yeah, I choose purple, because it's Sunday. Now shut up, I want to eat," she said.

"Good morning," Susan said, arriving at the table, sitting in front of Harriet with a sleepy voice.

"Good morning, Susan," they all said.

"Now, what is this about evil girl?" Nymphadora asked while pouring some cereal.

Harriet stared at Hannah with her enormous cute eyes, as Hannah only sighed loudly. "Harriet, is sneaking out in the middle of the night." Nymphadora coughed loudly as she stared at Harriet in disbelief. Harriet groaned as she was already telling what was going on in the purple. Well, now a red-haired third-year student. I should have left something behind. Uh. Harriet thought.

"Traitor," Harriet said to Hannah.

"You have a lot to say!" Nymphadora said.

Harriet groaned, as she could only stare at the group of girls before her. "Well, I was doing some work in the library, that's all. You know me, always reading and stuff. I lost track of time, only that," Harriet said. A small lie, yes, but it would keep them away for a while.

"Harriet, please! Stop doing that! You know how dangerous it is for you to do that?" Nymphadora said.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Hannah already said it to me," Harriet said with a sigh.

"I did also tell her, that we should tell, lady Potter about it. Maybe she would spank some sense into her," Hannah said.

"Spank some sense into me?" Harriet replied with an amused tone.

"I would do it," Susan muttered.

"Do what?" Harriet heard another voice as Harriet looked around and saw Daphne with Tracey and Blaise behind her. It was strange, watching them in normal clothes. But it was Sunday, so it was something she should get used to.

"Spank her," Hannah said.

"I would do it," Daphne whispered.

"Spank who?" Neville arrived as well, carrying some plants in his arms. Well, what the hell! Why is everyone here?! Harriet groaned.

"Just forget about it!" Harriet implored, and as the day went by with a strange sense of normality, few knew what was going to take place that very night. However, before everything comes to pass. A group of people were having a huge fight just about now. All the way up in the headmaster studio.

Albus Dumbledore stared with a tire expression at the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones. The red-haired woman was next to Frank Longbottom and Kingsley Shackbolt. The rest of the group of friends were waiting outside, ready for whatever could happen.

"You have the philosopher stone here, in Hogwarts?!" Amelia exclaimed angrily.

"Yes, I do," Albus answered.

Albus sighed internally, as he knew that this would have happened as soon as he left Severus a few nights ago. Truth be told, he wasn't sure of how his experimental memory potion worked. It was the first time he has used it. Yet he wasn't worried about people knowing where the stone was. At least not anymore. The arrival of the young girl, Harriet Potter, destroyed Albus's strategies. Albus had everything planned out. A plan that he thought would bring Voldemort back to the spotlight. But he should have known better. Plans tend to fail sometimes.

Voldemort was out there, somewhere, Albus knew it. Young Tom was a person of focus. A person who would always achieve what he intended. So, with that in mind, the idea of immortality being obtained somehow by Voldemort was not impossible. He knew it. How? Albus had a few ideas. One of them was not something he wanted to think of, but there was no other way. Then there was also the prophecy and Harriet Potter. The Chosen One. The person who would change the world.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. The Dark Lord will mark her as equal, but he is not equal. Born out of necessity as the world ends. Born to lead the magic, searcher of all. Master of everything. She will embrace the powers the Dark Lord knows not… the power he will never hold. The one with the power to change the world will be born as the seventh month dies.

Those words have been in his mind for years now. Albus would not lie, but he was afraid. Really afraid. And it became even more real, after everything the girl has been capable of doing. And more importantly. Those auras inside of her. Those golden eyes pushed him away. It was at that moment that Albus realized his plans for the first years would not be possible.

Albus planned to lure Voldemort in with the stone. Then he would put some defenses to test out the girl character. Albus wanted to see who the girl was, and what she was going to become. Albus was going to hide the stone inside the mirror of Erised. And put a simple but effective spell in which only someone who wished to find the stone, but not use it, could obtain it. Only then, he could obtain the information necessary about the girl, and Voldemort alike. He also wanted to see if her mother's sacrifice would work to fend off Voldemort. All in all, an excellent plan. Alas, it was now over.

After seeing those strange auras and eyes inside of the girl. Among many other details, he pushed those plans aside. Albus was now seeing things differently. He was changing his outlook and planning. He wanted to build a better relationship with the Potters. But it was hard. Albus wanted to teach the girl. He wanted to become a figure for her. If she was going to change the world in the future, Albus must be the one who guides her to the light. Or so he thought. That's why he had to go back to the board and think about what to do next. The first-year plan was useless now. However, the stone was still with him, and Quirrell was ever so more desperate. Maybe Voldemort was pushing him to do something now, or maybe Voldemort was already in the castle, preparing the moment to strike.

However, his thoughts were stopped by the red-haired witch.

"You have any idea of the dangers you put the children?!" Amelia said, furiously.

"Everything is under control," Dumbledore replied.

"Under control? A student was mind rape at Hogwarts, not too long ago. And now you tell me, that you have an item, that the… He-Who-must-Not-be-named wants?!"

"Harriet mind attack was an unfortunate event, that your aurors can deal with. And if I remember correctly, young Harriet's health has improved a great deal. There is no danger lingering anymore. But the stone is a private business that my good friend Nicholas asked me to do," Albus said.

"A private business, you say? This is a school, and you're the headmaster. You can't use Hogwarts as your personal private bank for you to do deals. You are endangering all the children here! You know what the Prophet says, don't you?"

Amelia threw the Daily Prophet in the desk, as she was angrily looking at the old wizard, who only sighed at the headlines.

A Legilimency Attack at Hogwarts!

"Everyone now knows about this little fiasco, and more. And yet you keep on adding more fuel to the fire! I don't know who you talk to, to keep things more hidden, but that will not work anymore, Dumbledore! I will charge you with endangerment of children, and obstruction of the law," Amelia said.

Albus hummed, as he knew it would become a rather long legal battle. Yet he was sure nothing would change things. He knew ways around, and people owed him favors. Not the best way to go about the problem at hand, but he must remain in Hogwarts.

"I understand, Amelia. I won't stop you. However, you must also understand, how easily it can change in the legal battle. I have done nothing wrong. And also, if what your investigations say is true. About, Voldemort being at Hogwarts, do you think would be wise for me to leave?" Dumbledore said, as both Frank and Amelia groaned internally. They hated to admit it, but if that was the case. It forced them to wait. For now.

"Where is the stone, is it safe?" Amelia asked in a low, threatening tone.

"The Stone is safe, somewhere only I know. I believe you will agree with that, don't you?"

"If that was not the case… I would have taken you and that Quirrell to the Ministry," Amelia hissed.

"Of course, you would," Albus said tiredly.

Amelia knew she was in a thin line. Albus was technically right about something. The attack that Harriet suffered was not his fault. Or at least, nothing was pointing at him as the perpetrator. The business of the stone could prove useful to them in a legal battle, but Amelia knew that the old wizard was a shrewd man with a lot of sway in the political scene. And while they could charge him with something. He would still have such a powerful system backing him up. Amelia, however, would take whatever she could to that point.

"This is not over, Dumbledore. Regardless, we still need Quirrell in custody. With the information we have, there is a good reason to believe he is a Death Eater, or he is working, for You-Know-Who," Amelia said.

"I understand, and like I already told you, as the headmaster I will help you," Dumbledore replied.

"Will you?" Amelia asked, with no sense of trust.

Dumbledore exhaled. "Amelia, I know that as of now, you don't see me in a good light. Like some others. Yet, believe that, I will never put the children of Hogwarts on risk."

Amelia narrowed her eyes at him. However, kept silent. "We will wait for you downstairs."

The red-haired woman stormed out of the office, leaving a tired old wizard behind.

Albus exhaled deeply. Things weren't going according to his plan. Not one bit. Yet nothing was over. He just needed to adapt again. But so far, the year's plan was over. Still, there was much to do, and well, a lot to think about.

Just outside, walking down the stairs, Amelia, Frank, and Shackbolt seemed tired already for what could be the start of a long day.

"Well, that was something," Shackbolt said.

"Dumbledore is right about something, he can't leave Hogwarts yet," Frank said.

"I know, nevertheless, get ready. We're going to take things to the Wizengamot. I will take whatever I can now," Amelia said.

Amelia sighed, and as she was going down, she noticed the rest of the group already waiting for them.

"How did it go?" Lily asked.

"As you expected, he knows things are going to be taken upwards. But he also knows that until we get the culprit, and other evidences about… You-know-who. There is no way, we allowed him to leave the premise," Amelia said.

"Still, this is something. If we could take this to the Wizengamot, at least people would start seeing Dumbledore differently," James said.

"That is not going to be easy, Dumbledore has done nothing, technically wrong. He can argue that, and many things, and we know how good he is at talking between lines. There was no way we could charge him with anything," Frank said.

"Well, that's true. Yet, there is the stone. We can defiantly charge him with endangerment of children an abuse of authority," Lily said.

"You could be unto something. Still, we need to look for more evidence, and take Quirrell to the Ministry for interrogation. The Unspeakables will take him to level 0 and see if he is hiding something."

Amelia told them. From what she read, Quirrell was the one everyone was more focused on. He was the primary suspect. Many unusual things were surrounding his claims. The fact was, Dumbledore suspected of him and claimed that he may be under the Dark Lord influence, so with that bit of information. They could at least get the authorization for him to be taken there. He had no Death Mark, but many Death Eaters during the war were marked. Making it easy for them to infiltrate the Ministry. He may be one of them now. Amelia thought.

"Alright, Black, Potter, where is Quirrell, right now?" Amelia asked.

Sirius sighed deeply. "We haven't found him yet. He disappeared. No one has seen him since yesterday."

"Well, now that is something very suspicious," Frank said.

"For fuck sakes… alright, with this we can now assure that he is indeed hiding something. Black, James, search for him throughout the school. Frank, come with me. We're going to search for his stuff."

"Lily, could you contact them High Table? Tell them we are in a situation."

"Will do so," Lily replied.

The group went into silence as Dumbledore arrived. Lily narrowed her eyes, and so did the rest. But said nothing.

"Professor," Lily said, politely.

"Ah, lady Potter, pleasure to see you again," Dumbledore said, smiling.

"Professor Dumbledore is going to help us," Amelia said.

"I see," Lily only replied.

"Mm, before we start, I believe it would be a good idea to send the students to their common room, in order to avoid any incident," Shackbolt said.

"I will tell Minerva to do so."

Dumbledore said, and as soon they were ready to move out. They listened to a tremendous sound. An explosion of sorts. They all felt stunned for a few seconds. Then one portrait that was in the hall appeared next to them, heavy breathing, or so the portrait showed. Brought a sense of danger to them.

"Headmaster, horrible news! There are three trolls inside Hogwarts!"

"What?! How?!" Amelia yelled.

"The protection wards," Dumbledore whispered, as he now realized that the tremendous explosion must have been done by Quirrell. Or well, Voldemort. Tom must be really desperate to do this. This is clearly baiting us. Dumbledore thought, however, the only thing that mattered was the safety of the students.

"Where are the trolls?" Dumbledore asked quickly.

"One if on the third floor, and another is approaching the great hall. The other one is in the dungeons."

"Let's get to the great hall, now! The students are still there, having breakfast. Tell the ghost to gather around the third floor and make sure the troll doesn't go any further. Bring the Bloody Baron and make him guard the dungeons."

Dumbledore said as the rest stormed out to the great hall.

Before anything happened. There, in the great hall, Harriet was just enjoying the soft and relaxing morning surrounding with her peculiar set of friends. Everyone seemed to just relish the moment. But there was something that brought the attention of Harriet away from such a place. And it was next to them. The Gryffindor table. There she saw the bushy-haired girl, looking down at her plate, just moving the food around. Harriet noticed how everyone was avoiding her, like a plague. Some of the other girls were sneering at her and throwing some food at her. However, the girl was not paying attention to them. She was doing her best to ignore them.

Harriet could feel a déjà vu of sorts. It was just like in her old school, back in the other world. She groaned at those memories. They say school was the best period of a teenager's life. Well, it was not. At least not for someone like Harriet. She remembered the bullying. Those horrible days and whatnot. That's why she felt pity for the girl.

"Hey, Neville, why is she alone?" Harriet asked.

Neville, who was talking to Blaise about plants, turned around and saw who Harriet was talking about.

"Granger? Ah, well, she is not very popular right now. People in the house don't want to be with her."

"Why is that?"

"She has a problem with telling people what to do, and so on. Everyone is sick of it. I don't really mind, honestly. But she has turned the entire first year group against her. Especially the girls."

Harriet nodded, as she soon looked at the table and so, the face of hurt and embarrassment as a small carrot was sticking out of her hair. The girls were laughing at her, and it took no long until. The bushy girl grabbed her things and ran away, sobbing and hurt. Well, kids can be cruel. Harriet thought.

Harriet only went back to her ramblings and thoughts about her plans. But there was something there. Lingering in the back of her mind. A memory of one of her many talks with Peroroncino. One of her best friends, back in Yggdrasil.

Peroroncino was one of the few people who would call her by her name. Her real name. And she would sometimes do the same. It was just one of the many proofs of how close they were.

They punched me, spit, and insulted me while in school. It was horrible! Yet I never let them have the last laugh. I would always come back to my feet and keep doing what I love. My anime girls were everything to me. And well, my sister had her waifus as well!

Woah, really? Well, if I remember correctly. Bukubukuchagama really likes Yaoi. She would fight anyone who dares to take her collection away. But someone, imaging her fighting someone is a bit funny, I won't lie. But was it that bad? Do you have problems?

Yeah, and well, you know. People like us were always a target. But we always fought back. You should have seen my sister's uppercut! It was amazing.

Mm, I think she talked about how she practiced boxing for a while. Something about trying to imitate the Tornado Jolt from Hajime No Ippo?

That's right! My sister would always have my back, and I would always have hers. We were the troublemakers at our school. But I realize something and the reason we were so hated.

What is that? Because I found it hard to believe that both of you were gang members.

We were not gang members! My sister and I were just a bunch of losers who like anime and video games!

Now that I believe, Sato!

Yeah, yeah. But in reality, I couldn't keep myself away from problems. Every time I saw someone getting the same treatment as my sister and me. I would just go and help them to fight back. No one deserves that treatment, Susu. No one.

I would have protected you if we have been in the same school, you know?

I know you would. But please don't tell me this is the moment you will confess your love for me and kiss me.

What?! No, ew! You're like my sister! That's disgusting!

¡Ha ha ha! Well, I would not mind kissing your sister! Bukubukuchagama is really cute, you know?

Stay away from my sister!

Harriet smiled softly at those memories from her birdie friend. No one deserves that treatment. Harriet sighed, as she could only think of what she was about to do. Well, they gave me an opportunity to be reborn. I should not waste it doing what I have always done before. Besides, no one deserves to be alone without friends. Harriet thought as she stood from the table.

"Harriet, where are you going?" Neville asked.

"Just being a good person, that's all. Wait for me, this will not take long."

"Hey, Harriet? Where is she going?" Susan asked.

The group of friends saw her go away, wondering what got into her so suddenly.

Harriet walked around for a few seconds, and she realized she wasn't sure where the bushy girl went. Well, it took no genius to figure out where a student girl would leave to cry.

"Mm, where did she go? Ah, well, we are in a school and she is getting bullied… there is only one place a young girl would be right now, and is the girls' bathrooms," Harriet said.

And thankfully, she was right all along. Since Harriet could already hear the sobs of a girl from the bathroom. Slowly, Harriet entered the bathroom and in one stall she could see the small feet of the girl, among the rambling and crying. Harriet took a deep breath, and knock on the door of the stall.

"Leave me alone!" The girl said.

Harriet raised her eyebrow at the sudden scream. But she realized how bad and humiliating the girl could feel right now.

"You don't have to scream at me, just want to speak with you," Harriet said.

The girl inside the stall froze as she recognized the voice from the other side. "Ah… it is you?"

"It is me?" Harriet replied, amused.

"Harriet… Potter?"

"What did you say it like that?" Harriet said.

"It's just… nothing. What do you want? Do you want to laugh at me too?"

"Why would I do that?" Harriet asked.

"I don't know… everyone just finds me annoying, that's all."

Harriet nodded, but she knows there was more than that. In the last days, she could see why everyone seemed irritated at her. But it looked as if the girl in question wasn't paying attention to how her attitude drove the people the wrong way.

"And you don't know why is that?"

The girl said nothing for a while. But Harriet suspected the girl knew it very well.

"Because of my snobbish insolence? I know… I can sound condescending while trying to help. I really try to no act like that. But… I just don't know how to approach people."

"Don't you have friends back in the muggle world?" Harriet asked gently.

"No, I was in an advance program… and even then, none of the other kids would speak with me."

Harriet felt as if the girl was going around in circles, avoiding the awful truth. And it was not really a bad thing, necessarily. Harriet understood why the girl was so adamant about trying to help people. Someone with no friends. Smart and clearly incapable of normal interactions with other kids. Well, she knows something about it. The girl wanted to show people she was smart and capable of helping them. But because of her awful understanding of people, well, it comes out as arrogant and annoying. And kids at this age weren't kind to those types of persons.

"I understand you, believe me I do."

"How could you? You're Harriet Potter! The Girl-Who-Lived! Everyone loves you! I'm nothing! Just… a girl with no friends who keeps trying… and failing."

Harriet sighed deeply at the sound of sobbing. "You just need to relax a bit… forcing yourself unto people would mostly keep them away. Friendships cannot be forced. They just come to us."

The girl stopped sobbing for a short while, and for a few seconds, Harriet wondered what was the girl thinking.

"I want friends… I don't want to be a popular girl… I just want to go home to my parents and tell them that, I have people in school who like me… I don't want to be alone. How can I do that?" she mumbled.

"Well, if you open the door maybe I can teach you how," Harriet said with an amused tone.

It took a few moments for the bushy girl to open the door. And those red eyes and incredibly bushy hair greeted Harriet.

"Hello, my name is Harriet Potter, and you?" Harriet said as she shook the girl's hand.

"Ah, Hermione Granger," the girl said.

"See, it wasn't really hard, was it?" Harriet said, smiling.

"Well, I guess not," Hermione said, hiding her smile.

"Now let's get back to the great hall. I will introduce you to a few people. What do you say?" Harriet said.

Hermione was blushing deeply, as she tried her hardest to avoid looking at those green eyes.

"I would love to," she said.

"You say that now... just wait until you meet them. They are very sassy for their own good."

"Sassy? What is that?"

"Well, you will have to wait."

But then, as they were ready to move out of the bathroom, a loud noise was heard. Like a slight earthquake of sorts, rumbling the walls and the air. Harriet knew what it was. The same happened that night, years ago. Someone has destroyed the protection wards of Hogwarts.

"What was that?!" Hermione asked, looking afraid as she held her hands around her ears.

"Someone attacked the wards of Hogwarts," Harriet responded.

"Wait, how? That should be impossible!"

"Well, it's not. It's fairly easy to do, if you know how. Nevertheless, we must go, now."

Harriet said, and walked away, her mind wondering about who had the gall to do something like that. It would take quite the magical power to do so, yet it would take more than that. Magical wards were often like nets of magic put together. If you knew the runes used to create the nets, it was easy to break through them. It seems there is an infiltrator. Harriet thought as she walked faster.

"Hey, Harriet!" Hermione said, breathing hard.

Hermione couldn't do anything but follow Harriet through the halls until a disgusting smell attacked her nose. It was a combination of mud and cesspools. Not really pleasant. It was, however, not the awful part of it all. But what was now standing before them, just a few meters away. At the end of the hall.

"Oh, my, look at that," Harriet said with an entertained tone in her voice.

"A troll?!" Hermione's voice brought the attention of the beast.

The troll was a disgusting piece of a specimen, vastly different from the one in Yggdrasil. Not as ugly or intimidating. Or near as powerful, but it wasn't important for Harriet. Fear wasn't something she thought of at the moment, rather a feeling of eagerness came across her mind. A live subject! She thought with a grin.

"Harriet, we have to leave!" Hermione yelled.

"The only way is through him, sadly," Harriet said nonchalantly.

Harriet smiled, and it was not something she could hide. Hermione looked at her in fear and confusion. She was wondering what could the Girl-Who-Lived be thinking. They were against a giant troll who could step on them easily and kill them. Why is she so calm?! Hermione thought in horror. As she was a freeze on her spot, afraid to move an inch of her body. However, Harriet was not worried about anything in particular. Harriet knew, with [The Fallen King of Heaven and Hell] There was nothing that could happen to her. But that was beside the point. There was an opportunity for her to test something out.

"I would have liked to have time to take an extended practice, but this is too good of an opportunity to let go by," Harriet said, to which Hermione stared confused.

The troll looked at them. There was nothing inside the head of that beast. Harriet wondered how a species so dumb could have lived for a long time. But then again, she recalled how strong they were, not only physically, but their magic resistances were high. How high? Well, Harriet wasn't sure. The troll slobber all over the place as he approached both girls. He had his club, on one hand, ready to strike.

"Hermione, please stay behind me, alright?" Harriet said as she took out her wand.

Hermione, knowing no better, obeyed. There, the bushy girl saw something around her. Surrounding them. A black mist, of sorts. It was as if it was a living entity. However, all of Hermione's worries disappeared when Harriet turned around and smiled at her. Such a beautiful smile. Hermione thought with a blush. The Girl-Who-Lived seemed so focused and confident that nothing bad would happen to them. That Hermione felt at peace.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be fine."

The troll then swung at them, and Hermione closed her eyes, missing how a sudden hand of Harriet summoned easily to stop it. Breaking the club into pieces. Harriet nodded as she pointed her wand at the clumsy troll.

"Mm, let's see. What about this? Tier Magic I… Arcane Chain!"

Hermione opened her eyes and saw a strange blue chain surrounding the troll. Hermione did not know what type of magic that was, but she knew it wasn't like anything she has read before. The troll groaned loudly, unable to move. The poor fool wanted too hard to break his restraint, but it wasn't working.

"I see… not really that strong," Harriet said.

Hermione looked at Harriet, who seemed really deep in thought. She is playing with the troll? Or experimenting with it? Hermione thought, troubled. As she saw Harriet moving to the troll, swinging her wand around in order to bring the troll to his knees. Hermione was terrified of watching Harriet approaching such a beast, but still remained behind her. Harriet, for her part, inspected the troll. And hummed as she noticed those ugly cloud eyes of the dumb monster.

"Hermione, do you see this? The troll eyes?" Harriet asked.

Hermione saw with complete boldness at Harriet using her wand to inspect the face of the troll. Yet there was a certain fascination about it. To see a troll so closely. It fascinated the little scientist part of Hermione. There she was, also looking at the troll eyes.

"They're cloudy. Like they are disoriented. Why is that?" Hermione asked, fascinated. There was a sense of sick, morbid inspiration in Hermione. Harriet noticed how the girl seemly lost all fear at the prospect of learning something new. And that was something interesting to see.

This girl is a few pushes from becoming a mad scientist if done right. Very interesting.

"This, is when someone used the Imperius curse on them," Harriet said to which Hermione gasped.

"The Unforgivable curses! But… how could it be? Trolls are high resistance against magic."

"Yes, but this is a mind control spell. And well, trolls are very dumb, and have no mind shields to speak of. Besides, you don't need to do a lot to influence them. They can follow simple orders. The person who controls this, only had to push him through Hogwarts walls, and have him roam around."

"A bait," Hermione whispered, using her wand to touch the troll's forehead.

"Smart," Harriet said to her.

"But why would someone do this? What could it be the prize?"

"Now, that's a good question," Harriet said. "But, regardless, we must leave."

"What are you going to do to him?" Hermione asked.

"Nothing, necessarily bad."

Harriet looked at the troll and pointed her wand at him. "Tier Magic II… Arcane Mine." A blue light incrusted itself onto the forehead of the troll.

"Let's go, Hermione… we must go back to the great hall."

"Wait, what is that magic, I have never seen it before!"

"If you're lucky, my dear bushy girl… maybe one day I will be able to teach you."

Harriet said to Hermione as they both leave behind the troll. And after only a few seconds later, a minor explosion took place. And the head of the troll was no more. Perhaps, it was a good thing, Hermione was not there to see the blood and other things. It would have traumatized her without a doubt. Harriet, for now, would try to keep those things away from Hermione. For now.

And as they traveling to the safety of the great hall, Harriet saw someone approaching the moving stairs near the third floor. Harriet could recognize the clothes, and it was Quirrell. Then, a horrible smell once again attacked her nose. But it differed from what the troll smell. It was dark and putrid. Just like that day in Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was then that she knew who was responsible for all. Harriet suspected him of something, but it was then that she knew exactly why.

It was in her head again. A sensation of disgust. It didn't hurt her anymore, but she could feel the person responsible. Harriet's anger couldn't be quelled. It was him!

Harriet immediately moved to the stairs, as Hermione wasn't sure of what was happening anymore.


"Hermione, go to the great hall," Harriet said, as the moving stairs made it impossible for Hermione to follow.

"Harriet!" Hermione yelled one more time, as Harriet vanished from the bushy girl view.

The long hallways of the third floor were long and unclean. Yet it was not what mattered to Harriet, as she saw the figure in the distance getting ready to open a wooden door. But she would not allow it.


Harriet yelled angrily, and Quirrell stopped. The professor turned around, and Harriet now saw the true face of the man who used to stutter a lot. He had strange wounds on his face. Burns or something. His body was rotting somehow. A disgusting view, to be sure. But it made sense. Harriet has read about possession. It was dark magic, and not something well known. But it always led to the same fate. The more powerful the dark entity was, the faster the host would die, or well, rots away. How did Voldemort manage to get himself into that position? Harriet wasn't sure, but there was no denying that it was Voldemort all alone. It seems as if was only a matter of time before everyone knew Voldemort was hiding away in such a fashion.

The disgusting smell, and the sensation of pain in my curse. It all makes sense now. The close I am to him. The more I feel. Good to know. But I wonder why no one could smell the same thing as I could. Maybe I'm more sensitive to dark magic? Or is it something else?

Harriet thought as she sneered at the man before her. Clenching her wand.

"Show me your face… your real face."

"You little girl!" Quirrell hissed.

"Do as she say!" Another voice came from the back of her head.

"But master!" Quirrell said.

"Do it!"

Quirrell submitted and took his ugly turban and Harriet gagged at the smell of rotten flesh and dark magic. Truly unpleasant. There, in the back of Quirrell's head, a foul figure was looking at her.

"Now you sssseee me! Look at what have you done to me!" Voldemort sneered angrily, just like a snake would.

"I would have done worse if I had the opportunity… but it seems as if you're suffering now. Good. This new style suits you," Harriet mocked, earning a hateful glare from the Dark Lord.

"Ssssuch a brave little girl… just like your mother," Voldemort said.

Those words stroke a nerve to Harriet, as the feeling of a deep fury was surfing again.

"I remember everything from that night… every detail. The attack of my family… seeing them, death on the ground."

Harriet slowly walked to Quirrell, and Voldemort could feel something emanating from the small girl. He saw it. One of her eyes was shifting from a green deep color to a golden one. Just like that night! Voldemort thought.

"I told myself… that I would never stop hunting you down. Not until you suffer for what you did," Harriet said.

Quirrell felt something odd in the air, and Voldemort saw something strange surrounding the girl. A figure of sorts. Dark and powerful.

"This is what the protegee of Dumbledore says? He would not be pleased to hear you speak in such a way," Voldemort said.

"You delude yourself into thinking, Dumbledore has any say on my life… a life crawling in the mud has left you deaf and blind. I would like to know how you survive that night. How you're still alive… well, half alive for what I see," Harriet said.

Voldemort thought he had a way inside the girl's head. He was still wondering why such a girl had that aura around her. Powerful and evil. Not at all what he expected her to be.

"Wouldn't you like to know? The true power of magic? I have reached the point at which death is nothing but a hindrance to me! You could learn, if you get the philosopher stone for me, I could teach you a great deal," Voldemort said with a soothing voice of honey and milk. A snake slowly crawling from the three promising a golden apple. However, he was not dealing with a weak human who could be fooled by such words. In truth, Harriet only stared at him with a blank expression on her face.

"You are a fool, Voldemort… there is nothing you could say or promise me that could sway me from my goal."

Harriet said as now the surrounding air stopped existing. Cold and hatred could be the only thing Voldemort felt. Such an intense hatred coming out of her. Why?!

"And what could your goal be?" Voldemort asked in a moment of bravery.

Harriet stared at him, and for one moment, a powerful being appeared behind her. Voldemort saw it. It was a sort of statue. Giant, and more importantly, powerful. Voldemort in all his life, and search for the darkest ways of magic, has never seen or felt anything like that before. It was an unusual type of magic. And the pressure in the air was as if something pushed him down to the floor. As he could only stare at the figure holding a long sword of red and fire. A giant shield made out of bones of demons, or so Voldemort thought. And big silver eyes. What is that?! What is this magic?!

"Your death."

Quirrell, who was feeling the fear from his master, panicked, and fired spells after spell. The Killing Curse, Crucio, and whatever other dark ability he had under his sleeves. But nothing harmed the girl. As she was staring at them, while that strange figure was surrounding her in a blue fire. Protection of sorts.

"Fallen king… used [Hellish Restrain]"

The Fallen King of Heaven and Hell followed his lady orders, and with a sinister voice, made the Dark Lord squirm in fear.

"As you wish."

Voldemort realized that, whatever that thing was going to throw, it would not be good for him. He left Quirrell's body as the strange chain with firing spikes crushed his body, making the poor fool scream loudly. Voldemort would not forget this moment, and it would lead him to be more cautious later on, as he now realized. That the girl was powerful than him. But he was still the Dark Lord for something. He would make her pay for this insult.

Harriet saw faintly a misty fog coming out of the Quirrell and while they could hear the screaming of Quirrell through Hogwarts. She was more focused on that mist. Normal possession only leaves until the body is destroyed. But it seems as if Voldemort can leave at will! Harriet pointed her wand at the mist that was flying away.

"Tier Magic III… Arcane Explosion!" Harriet yelled as the explosion destroyed the wall and most of the hallway. She cursed, as she realized there was nothing in her skill-set that could hold a flying mist, or whatever it was. Harriet had to know what that was. A small part of Voldemort? A soul shard? What it was? The same thing living on her forehead? Or a ghost of his former self?

Angrily, she approached Quirrell, who was now being crushed by those chains. His body was slowly being destroyed by the spies engulfed in a hellish fire. The skin being melted away, and a part of Quirrell's face was rotting slowly. As he moaned in pain, slowly losing his life. But Harriet was not over. Not yet. She angrily brought a Health Potion from her inventory, and force him to swallow it.

"Tell me… what that was?! How can he move so freely!" Harriet demanded.

Harriet's potion healed Quirrell's body back and then crushed again by the chains, a perpetuate feeling of pain clouded his mind. He once more screamed for mercy. But Harriet was not having any mercy for him.

"You filthy little man… tell me about your master body and how can he move like a ghost! Tell me now, or I swear I will keep your body rooting away forever. You will live an eternity being eaten by maggots as I feast upon your body! TELL ME!"

Harriet yelled, as her body seemed to echo the destroyed chamber.


Harriet's anger was making her see things. Feel things. A switch in her mind and soul. Harriet didn't realize that killing the troll completed one of her quests.

First Blood! (Quest Completed!) Karma unlocked.

-50 Karma.

Harriet, for some reason, believed it. A minion who only used was to be used and discarded.

"Useless… kill it."

The chains suddenly crushed Quirrell's body, like it was nothing. The sound of bones breaking, or flesh being burned. A morbid, sick fascination.

-20 Karma (+)

Harriet stared at the body of Quirrell, of what she left of it. "This is not over." She whispered, as then they listened to steps and voices from far behind.

"Hide in my shadows."

The King of Heaven and Hell obeyed. As it took not long enough for people to arrive. Her parents, Dumbledore, Amelia, and some others. Arrived at an awful scene. The third floor, or a part of it, was destroyed, and Harriet was standing there. Looking at the body near her feet.

"Harriet!" Lily yelled, as Harriet slowly turned back to her mother. And everyone saw a golden eye, and a green one staring back a.

"He… escape."