A/N: This story follows a similar concept to The Friendly Physician, except instead of Dr. Boris Balinkoff switching their bodies, it's an ancient curse. Also, the characters that switched with each other are different too. Only two characters switch with each other in this story. MAG is the pairing. I do not own Gilligan's Island, the credit completely goes to the late great Sherwood Schwartz. Enjoy!

It was another beautiful day on the island. The sun was out shining, the birds were chirping, and the smell of Mary Ann's pancakes was in the air. Gilligan awoke with a smile on his face. Sure, their chance of rescue was low, but he rather enjoyed the island life. He didn't have to worry about anything. He was satisfied with his friendly island family. Sometimes they got frusterated with him, but he didn't mind. When they told him to go away, he had his animal friends. Herman the turtle, Sam the parrot, and Gladys the ape."

"Oh boy, Mary Ann. These pancakes smell good." Gilligan remarked as he sat down at the communal table. He always had a thing for the farmgirl from Kansas. She was his best friend on the island. Even when the others got angry, she always seemed to stand up for him.

"Thanks, Gilligan!" Mary Ann smiled. That sailor always managed to bring a smile to her face.

The other castaways started coming out of their huts for breakfast and they all began to eat. Once breakfast was over, everyone started going their seperate ways.

"Come on, Lovey, off we go." Mr. Howell had come out of his hut dressed in what looked to be an extremely expensive suit, ready to on his morning stroll with his wife.

"But Thurston, why ever are you wearing that suit? With this awfully hot weather, won't it get drenched with sweat?"

"Lovey, we're Howells. Howells don't sweat." Mrs. Howell nodded, satisfied with her husbands explanation, and the two headed off into the jungle.

"Say, Professor, a box washed up on the shore of the lagoon. It looks to be a set of tools that fell off of some boat. Do you think they'd be useful in anything?" the Skipper asked.

"I don't know, it depends on what tools washed up. I suppose I better come and see."

"Well if everyone's leaving, then I'm going to go touch up by makeup a bit. Don't worry, Mary Ann, I'll be back to help you for lunch." As Ginger sauntered off into the girls' hut, Mary Ann and Gilligan were left alone at the table.

"Well, I guess it's just us left. Skipper gave me the day off, so I was gonna go butterfly hunting. There's this one yellow one with a nice big blue stripe on it. Hey, Marry Ann, you wanna come with me?"

"Oh, sure, Gilligan! Let me just put on something a bit more comfortable then we can get going."

She'd look good in anything she wore. She's really pretty, Gilligan thought.

"Ok, Gilligan, I'm ready!" Mary Ann exclaimed, and they headed off into the jungle.

They had been walking around for about an hour and a half. Mostly Gilligan was attempting, and failing, to catch his tiny winged nemesis. He had already bumped into a tree trunk, tripped over some vines, and incurred the wrath of a mother gorilla, all while Mary Ann stood smiling at his antics. She never undestood how he could always be so upbeat.

"Boy, all this running around is sure making me hungry. Let's sit and eat some bananas," Gillgan suggested.

How is he always hungry? He eats the most food out of all of us on the island, excluding the Skipper of course. I never understood how he eats so much yet he still looks so handsome. Handsome? Do I really think he's handsome? Mary Ann shrugged off the thought.

"Sure, I could use a snack," she replied.

"Ooh, what's that? It has writing on it. Kinda like those native markings the Professor is always talking about. There's this round blue circle on it, too. Oh, wait it's pink. Nope, it's blue again. Oh, yellow now!" Gilligan pointed at what appeared to be a shiny rock.

Mary Ann went over to look at what he was talking about, "What is that?" It looked like one of those crystal balls fortune tellers used on TV but much more colorful.

"Let's pick it up and bring it to the Professor."

"Be careful, Gilligan," Mary Ann warned. She knew how clumsy he was.

As he went over to pick it up, he couldn't help but think how pretty Mary Ann looked in the pale mid-morning glow of the jungle. Once he picked up the orb, he didn't realize how heavy it would be. He dropped it, and it fell down and broke.

"Oh, Gilligan, are you ok?" Mary Ann ran over, but it was too late. A gold colored dust shot out of the broken orb like a firecraker and sent them both flying back. They landed on the ground and were knocked out.