I'm really sorry for what i'm about to subject you to.

Chapter 3 : My first steps

For my initial examination the headmaster took me to golem tower, where he could test my abilities before school. Kind of like an entrance exam so to speak. The place was quite bare here. A small round area with a gate on the far right, a 4 story tower in the center with a window on the top floor and lots of lawn around the sidewalk.

Suddenly it started raining, which was odd cause the storm was only focused here. Gamma jumped out of his perch in fright when a bolt hit the tower and the alarmed professor saw someone walking around inside through the window "How odd! Come along, young wizard. Let's investigate the matter! Meet me in the tower. " he said and rushed to said tower's entrance.

Gamma agreed and told me that i'd best follow and stay near as i'd be safe with the headmaster, something that I obviously realized, seeing as I ran right after him.

And so we went in completely skipping the exam seeing as the constructs within each floor were lying in a mangled mess, every floor was the same a stone floor with a large wooden circle in the center and bookshelves all around. We got to the top floor and found the suspect.

The top floor was lacking in lighting and Ambrose didn't recognize the perpetrator right away, straining his eye " Who's there...?" Only to completely rigid and his voice become deadly serious "Malistaire ! " he grumbled.

Malistaire Drake was quite a tall man in his early to mid 40's with a long face , black hair slicked back, the sides tied in two tails, a long goatee and a thin mustache. He wore a very well made black robe with yellow patterns on the torso an arms, a yellow folded collar with a blood red brooch hanging from his neck, black shoes and a large staff with a dragon sitting on a red orb and it's tail coiled around it a third of the way.

The look on his face though said quite a bit. The moment he saw the old man his expression morphed into a sneer full of contempt "Ambroosee" he said in a slow gravely tone.

Before we continue with this little part I find it best to tell you a few things about Malistaire. Before the events I had a part in took place and until a few years before I even found myself in the Spiral, Malistaire Drake was the professor of magic in the School of the element of death. His wife Sylvia was the professor in the school of the element of Life. This couple is the most literal case of 'Opposites attract' you'll ever see, i promise you that an his brother Cyrus was and well still is the professor of the myth school . One day Sylvia came down with a very, very serious illness, one that no one not even the best could find a cure to, leading to her death not too long after.

Malistaire himself was utterly devastated as he should be. But that grief also led him to lashing out against the rest of the staff and condemning them on the grounds that they ' Never even tried to save her and just let her die'. As revenge he tore the ground beneath his school and by extent the school itself and cast it out of Ravenwood. He stole an eye ( I'll get back to you on that at a later time) and simply disappeared. No one knew where he went or what he was planning. I can understand his pain seeing as this world essentially ripped me away from my own home and my family but you won't see me plotting to destroy everything.

Back to our predicament Ambrose himself being surprised to see a former friend and colleague here intoned " You are no longer welcome here. Why have you returned? ". Malistaire was not even slightly perturbed and simply responded " I'm here to resolve our unfinished business ! Is this your latest student ? My henchmen will see to your little friend. "

Ambrose's stance immediately showed concern and he quickly gave me a small deck of spells to defend myself " Hurry along, young Wizard ! Take this deck of spell cards and deal with these creatures. Be brave! i will guide you ." Now due to this being my first magical fight i was scared out of my mind. My opponents were a pair of Draconian's : orange bipedal dragon-like beings about as 7 ft tall. A pair of large wings wearing green robes and have a really hunched stance. What confused me was the fact that they were of the ice elemental.

Before you ask, every wizard regardless of skill or power has a built in ability to sense magical energy around them and identify the element said it exudes. That sense is applied to every magical being in the spiral and every location. For example Mooshu radiates life while Dragonspyre radiates fire ( Dragonspyre also housed the original school of fire so it's kind of obvious). In those few months of my acclimation, headmaster Ambrose trained me to acquire that sense.

Now back to the fight. To be honest even with what i, at the time considered really good effort was but me trying my best to stay alive. Had i been at the level i am now that fight would have been over before it even began.

I ran up to them and took my stance, doing my best to stay silent and focus on my first fight. My first spell was the fire cat , a pyromancer's starter spell , the way magic works is that you channel magical energy through the spell card you want to use, after that you 'draw' the elemental glyph of the spell in front of you and send the card through it. I summoned a tiger twice my size that was engulfed in flames and willed it to strike one of the draconian's. It charged and exploded on impact knocking him back and slightly disorienting him.

Their counterattack was swift , with the first of the two summoning a frost beetle having it ram me with it's horns knocking the wind out of me and the second having a scorpion grab me with it's pincers and douse me with poison through it's tail , knocking me on my back and making me see stars for a bit . Due to the nature of the fight i had to stay on the defensive mostly, try to slowly defeat them while staying alive, but those 2 really had syncro down to a science.

My next spell was a large troll, I quickly got up and drew the myth symbol summoning an angry 7 ft green cave troll materialized. It looked at the second lizard grabbed it's club with both hands spun around and hurled it with so much strength it turned into a blue, hitting the orange lizard right in the nose with a sickening crunch making it slump down for a few seconds. It's friend snarled in outrage and responded by upraising a really small island with a tree on it between us. I almost slumped in relief until i saw the pirate skeleton slumped on the tree get up shout something completely unintelligible and try bifurcate me with it's cutlass. The blade went right through me and i felt the pain, but shockingly i was still alive.

That's when i took a moment to realize something : All clothing items used by wizard's are enchanted, greatly reducing impact and saving their wearer from some very graphical ends, though the sensation still exists. My moment of happiness ended when scaled nightmare no.2 got up from it's injury and and attacked me with another scorpion that leaped at me and used it's pincers to try and shear me. At this point i was on my knees, doing my best to look at my killers, with Malistaire behind them mocking Ambrose " AHA. You blithering fool, do you honestly believe a child can match my forces ?!" He asked in that smug tone of his .

Ambrose on the other hand ignored him and continued to offer me a way to stay alive : "Oh no, be careful young wizard. Quickly , use the unicorn spell it, it will heal your injuries" . I nod at him and slowly get up. I start to draw the life glyph while they cast their own spells. Thankfully only one went through while the 2nd glyph fizzled out. The first draconian drew a storm glyph and the effect was immediate, The ground turned into water and i saw a jagged fin cutting through it. Before i know it said fin vanished and a large purple shark jumped from the center, leaping at me and taking one heck of a bite.

I started to see black and i felt my senses leaving me, so with all i had left i summoned the unicorn. Flowers started to grow and bloom where it stood, it took a few steps, bowed at me and in that moment it's horn started glowing. I felt myself being lifted in the air and just like that everything went away. My senses came back in full force and my vision completely cleared. I was back and the tables were turned. Malistaire started laying in to his minions " Argh , foolish creatures! You allowed the young whelp to heal ! Kill him or you'll suffer for it. Use your spells to weaken HIS !" .

At this point i felt that the two old codgers were treating it more as a contest then a death match but i digress. Ambrose started channeling his own power into me and told me that the more energy i gather in a battle the stronger the spells i can produce ( assuming i've learned them first). My next spell was known as 'Nature's wrath' but before i cast it one of our scaly friends cast a balance spell : Weakness.

In a fight that relies on magic , charms are a very essential thing seeing as they can do a multitude of things from weakening your opponent to creating barriers and powering your spells up. The one that was just used against me significantly weakened the power of my next spell.

My summon is complete and from the ground leaves and dirt start appearing, followed by a large tree that grew arms and legs. Normally at full strength this spell would have dealt with at least one of them but with the charm activating that wouldn't happen. The Treant picked up a boulder and threw it as hard as it could at the orange monstrosity that weakened it. The impact sent it into the wall but it was still pretty much alive.

At this point Malistaire was getting fed up " At last, earn your keep you pathetic beings, FINISH THE CHILD" , which made my blood chill. Ambrose however managed to keep me focused " The next spell is balance blade. Use it to increase your next spell's power" he told me. Balance blade is the exact opposite of weakness. Blade charms increase your spell's power but it usually has to be connected to a certain element. Balance blade is useful because it works on all elements.

The draconian s didn't stay still unfortunately and once my charm was set they responded to their master's command to try and kill me. The first summoned an honest to god phoenix and for second i thought the fire that it sent towards me was gonna melt my bones. Thankfully that didn't happen though it still knocked the air right out of me. It's brother followed up by having a centaur flinging arrows at me. I was near my limits. If i didn't connect on the next that was it for me.

"This one learns fast Malistaire. TWO can play at that game. I've got it. Use the Meteor Strike spell to strike them both down. Take this power to cast it ! " and supplied me with more energy. The oversized snakes though caught on to my plan and desperately fired spells to prevent me. A giant Minotaur with enough strength to send gusts of wind with that axe and a trio of Ninja pigs? That threw their weapons at me. I stood through it all and with a bellow the spell went right through the glyph.

Molten rocks started falling, targeting my reptilian enemies and impact tore right through them, broken bodies and crushed bones. They fell down lifeless and they...vanished into thin air.

I completely demolished my adversaries and lived through what was one of the scariest experiences of my life. During that fight i could have been impaled ( twice might i add), bitten by a mouth that could fit me in there, cut in half by a cutlass while i summoned a tiger that could either breathe fire hot enough to melt ice, a troll that can smash rocks into pieces with a club, a large bipedal tree that could chuck boulders and as i mentioned before, METEORS!. I think we can all agree that the regular result on each occurrence is quite um...Gratifying i think is the word for it.

Ambrose congratulated me " Excellent work, young man! Now let me see to Malistaire...i'll show him ! Threatening a student and before orientation no less!. "

Malistaire on the other hand didn't care one bit and simply dismissed the threat . " Another time old man...I have what i came here for. And now i'll take my leave from this wretched place" and just teleported out of there.

Said old man meanwhile was deep in thought " He's gone, and none too soon. I wander what sinister goal brought him here? " he muttered. His train of thought was lost when he saw me leaning on my knees taking breaths like no tomorrow.

"Oh my! You look worse for wear. Forgive me for not noticing. Here allow me to restore you my dear boy " He said, flustered that he almost forgot about me. He waved his hand at me and just like that, everything was better in the world for a short while.

"Thank you. i lost count on how many times i'd have died without you" i told him, he just waved me off saying that i did a wonderful job defeating those things and told me that i gained a very valuable experience. He gave me my first wand and a spell book ( said book contained everything. Any achievement i had, my skill level in different activities, descriptions and requirements for every spell i've learned and many other things )

He then told me something quite interesting " I should say my dear boy, that i was very impressed with your courage. There is little doubt but that a great destiny awaits you." That little speech is something that i come back to quite often these days. Did he foresee everything that i went through? Did he have a glimpse of what's coming? " Who knows? Maybe you'll fill my shoes and become headmaster some day" he added with a twinkle in his eyes at the end.

That moment of peace lasted for a second before his expression turned turned slightly panicked as he remembered " If you'll excuse me my boy, i need to get back to my house, i have a mountain of duties to attend to, including finishing your examination and readying your enrollment ! " .

That put a smile on my face and with a small laugh i jokingly told him " What are you waiting for? Off you go" he took it in stride chuckling at my attempt to lighten the mood and told me to wait for a few moments while he 'popped' back in his office and straighten things up. " So many books and papers to tidy up...and where did i put those forms?" he muttered before being enveloped in a mix of red and blue fireworks and disappearing.

While we are waiting i gotta tell you. All wizards learn to teleport as it's the easiest and most basic spell we learn. Normally in order to teleport somewhere we need to know where we're going : exact location, and lot's of other details so we don't mess up in a wall or somewhere worse. Couple of minutes later the headmaster teleports me into his office, decorated like the bedroom he has me live in until i get my own dorm room assigned but instead of a bed there is a large desk, a lot more bookshelves and enough books to read for a lifetime.

" Ah good. Now i've sent your forms to the other professors, why don't you go to Ravenwood and meet them? " he told me and before you know it i went out of the house and looked for it. Wizard city connects various areas and districts with the use of a series of small tunnels connecting each area of the world together, Just look for the sign that says 'Raven Wood' and you're golden.

I come out of the tunnel and my jaw hits the floor in record time. This is by far the most beautiful place i've ever seen. I'm also pretty sure i can hear a divine melody being played but that's probably my mind playing games with me . It was a very Large round area with a pair of connected towers behind me right on each side of the entrance and in front of me ? Heaven. In the center of the area was a very large and very important and very old tree. Said tree's branches and leaves were so large they covered they entirety of the area casting a shadow with small parts allowing the light to seep through adding to the area's already ethereal beauty.

The tree's name was Bartleby : the grand-father tree and as i've later learned the creator of the Spiral itself. His presence was awe-inspiring. He exuded so much power but unlike Malistaire's which sent a chill up your spine this was thousands of times greater, calmer and much much warmer. His features were a blue left eye ( his right was missing), a nose with leaves coming out of it and a door at his base .On each side of him were a series of 3 towers ( 2 on the left side on account that the school of death was 'missing' ) said towers connecting to their respective schools through an arch.

Let me tell you a few things about Bartleby : As i said above he was the creator of the spiral and one of the 3 primordial residents of the first world long before the Spiral existed. He was born alongside Lady Nightstar the grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider ( Or as he was known as "Old Cob") and represents the power between Order and Chaos : Harmony.
Bartleby was born with the 'eyes of time' (Literal eyes mind you ). The eye of History which let's him see into the past, and the eye of the Future which let's him see into the future. As you can understand one eye cannot function properly without the other. Malistaire however managed to tear and steal the eye of History in order to remove Bartleby's ability to predict events.

I'll tell you the rest at a later time, now back to gawking at the school.

Aside from each of the academy's buildings was a magic tree of the corresponding element and a magnificent flower bed behind each building

Blossom : The tree of life with her face expressing content , shiny golden leaves falling and blue butterflies flying around her adding to the serene feeling she created

Ivan : The myth tree , a bit shorter but with long branches and only one eye and an insane amount of tiny blue and yellow wisps dancing around him.

Bernie : The tree of fire ( literally, he's on fire) whose flames are so bright and warm you can't help but smile

Kelvin : The tree of ice, with long pinoccio like nose and a snow storm happening above him.

and Torrence : the tree of storms with a literal thunderstorm happening above him and around him. He also had a lake behind him

Make no mistake those trees are alive, they talk, they teach and they exude the power of their respective elements.

I went into each building and met the professors. The classrooms being designed as thus : two lines of desks lined in 3 rows of 3 on either side of the room being split in the middle by a walkway with a carpet colored like the school's element and and a large stand spanning wall to wall in the front, a desk in the middle with 2 chalkboards on either side and a small rounded bookcase stuffed with whatever the professor of the school needed. on the right side right in front of said stand was a cauldron filled with a boiling potion that radiated the power of the corresponding element

And while every classroom had their each school was obviously decorated differently, representing their element and add to the atmosphere :

The school of Life being green colored and with natural vegetation growing on the walls or the ceiling.

The school of Fire being orange colored and very, very warm with the floor looking like it was made of magma and exuded such heat to the point where you could see the fumes

The school of Ice being icy white colored and the classroom being full of snow with icicles hanging off the ceiling

The school of Storm being purple colored with storm energy flowing all around though you could barely see it

The school of Myth being bright yellow with the student's desk being far more tidy then the other schools ( mind you they were all in very good condition , myth students are just a bit more manic so to speak)

I went to each school and met with the professors. All of them welcomed me in their own way and gave me a basic description for their respective schools and told me of what they expected from each student.

Also i finally met professor Moolinda Wu and let me tell you i did not expect a bipedal cow to greet me . She had a soft voice and she was wearing a green kimono with a leaf pattern and had a fan that she used from time to time. After quickly composing myself i gave her the most polite greeting i could make and i told her "Thank you for taking care of me a while back". She waved me off, simply saying that she was glad i was alright and revealed to me that she knew of my story. She promised to keep it a secret and well she's my 2nd favorite professor.

Professor Cyrus Drake , head of the school of Myth (Boy was i apprehensive when i first met him) looked like his brother ( they are twins i think) but had blue eyes, a bald head and no facial hair, wearing a dignified yellow robe with a blue sash and had a silver wand with a star shaped head . Man was a perfectionist and really strict but he was always fair and brutally honest. Despite his attitude i had and still have nothing but respect for the man.

Professor Dalia Falmea of the school of Fire . Oh boy. I know quite a bit more about her on account that one day i went back in time and corrected her path by setting her on the school of Fire instead of Ice but let's keep things simple. She is the youngest of the school head being in her late twenties to early thirties. She had bright red hair that faded into orange as they went and styled upwards resembling a flame , piercing red eyes, golden ear studs (and slightly pointed ears) a thin shapely figure accented by a red robe with a flame pattern and wore a golden brooch with a red gem in the middle. She was the most doting of the staff, second only to professor Moolinda

Professor Lydia Greyrose was the head of the school of Ice. Just like with miss Wu her appearance threw me off seeing as she was a 2 feet tall fairy. She was old, with dark grey hair and that caring grandmotherly look she always had. Thin glasses a blue pointy hat and a blue robe. Now here's the kicker : Out of every person in the school staff she's the one you don't want to anger. Don't get me wrong she's nice and has patience in spades, but she is also very scary when you piss her off.
The old saying ' appearances can be deceiving ' definitely applies here.

Next we have Professor Halston Baelstrom ( Try saying that 3 time fast ! ). Slightly taller then professor Greyrose, he is a toad with a purple top hat , yellow kerchief, purple button up shirt tucked into stripped purple trousers and an expensive purple coat with yellow highlights and lightning-bolt styled gold buttons. He is one of the funnier heads. A really fast talker, a fast and brilliant mind and an even faster mouth. He also manages repairs around the city districts, especially in Triton avenue. Just don't try to use a silence charm on him cause he will declare war on you ( practical joke war is only allowed with his permission and always takes part in it). As i said great fun.

Hopefully while i was talking , all of you noticed one very important detail. The school of Death was not here on account of Malistaire's schemes and there is no mention for the school of Balance.

There is no school of Balance in Ravenwood despite the headmaster's Efforts however there is an instructor. An instructor not a professor , Arthur Wethersfield is a humanoid dog (one of the 3 races in Marleybone alongside cat's and mice though there are different breeds- eh sorry subspecies) with brown fur, blue eyes wearing a white shirt under a grey vest, long red coat , brown pants and brown shoes, has a monocle on his right eye and a cane. He also wears a red collar. Not on the same level as the other heads but he is more then qualified to teach and does a very good job on it. All in all he's a jovial man.

As far as the school of death goes (for now at least) due to a professor's and the school's absence the only person around to teach is one of Malistaire's old student's. Malorn Ashthorn. Now while he doesn't understand why and what happened to make his teacher leave, Malorn defends sings praises on his mentor's genius and does all he can to pass on what he learned to the younger and newer students, doing a very good job might i say. He wore what looked like a jester's hat with the death symbol on the front and black and white robes with a long jagged cape and black and white shoes with folded cuffs and had a iron grey staff with a red orb attached at the top.

After my orientation and my official enrollment i decided that i'll be taking classes from every school. Not to learn combat spells but to learn their magic in general. Every school teaches spells among other things that help in every day life. For example the school of life teaches a spell that can detect germs or bacteria on anything you cast it at. Balance can teach you telekinesis etc. Also i wanna learn history, origins and so on. So much stuff to learn. After that the registrar Mr. Lincoln, a stork wearing purple robes sorted me to my dorm room and from then on out i had the rest of the day to myself.

Remember the two towers that were in the entrance i mentioned earlier. the one on Torrence's side was the boy's dorm and the other next to Blossom was the girl's dorm. Problem was it didn't look big enough to hold 400 students. One of said students who served as a prefect of sorts names Simeon saw me looking at the door with suspicion chuckled and approached me " Instead of looking at it why don't you go on in? I guarantee you'll be surprised when you see it" he said. Well at this point i really didn't have anything to lose so inside i went. And heaven's above was i shocked. A really spacious octagonal room that was two stories tall , the two stories separated by a wooden frame. Wooden floor with stone windows, a bed just like the one i used at the headmaster's house with a wooden end table right next to it. On the wall right across it was a very large and well made wooden desk with a padded stool. There was a chest on the side and there were two gardening pots on either side of the door i came in through. Of course every person has his own dorm room housed in a pocket dimension ( FYI same goes with houses too)

Simeon joined me a few moments later and gave me a few tips "Anything used for storage, like that chest or even the pockets on anything you wear are enchanted so that they have a pocket dimension. If an item is normally too big as in any peace of furniture, decoration or otherwise that wouldn't normally fit they are magically shrinked and go right in. If you want to take anything out just think about it while you're trying to get it and it will go right back to normal. Changing clothes can also be done in that way. As long as you own it just think of what you want and you'll automatically change into in right then and there. Visually that change comes with a white glow on your person so don't be scared. Anything you want advice or help on don't hesitate to ask." After that info-dump he excused himself and left the dorm.

After that i spent the next 4 hours doing what i forgot to do all the time i've been here. Use my omni-tool. I sent messages to both my sister and my mom saying i was alright and what's been happening over here the last 3 and a half months. I also went around the areas i was allowed to go to ( Until a student is given permission from the headmaster all other areas aside from Olde town, the shopping district, the commons and Ravenwood are forbidden to go to).

Now one very important detail i need to mention : MONEY !. Galactic or even earth credits are useless here so my 5.000 credit savings are useless here. Main currency in the Spiral is Gold. Coins to be exact. And while Ambrose gave me an allowance of 200 gold i needed to find a way to make my earnings.

My first assignment came 2 weeks later when the headmaster sent me to Unicorn way to investigate some disturbances. In that time he also took away the deck he gave me and traded it for a wand that can cast the 1st rank of combat spells from all the schools here ( One use per duel ) and my own starting deck which at the time only contained 3 scarab summon spells. So i went to the Unicorn district and it turns out Malistaire made a mess before he left. Unleashing ghosts and other undead in the area and corrupted the fairies . My assignment led me to work with an honest to god Seraph angel in restoring them.

After that it was off to Triton Avenue. Now all of the Districts in Wizard City have the same architectural design: Cobblestone roads with limestone sidewalks and stone fences with a few plazas here and there. 3 Towers on the corners of each District but even then there were stylistic differences. Unicorn Way was lush with grass and flowers with houses and and walls being brightly colored, Triton Avenue Had this large waterfall separating the upper and lower areas of the district with small water streams spanning the entirety of the sidewalks and a large mill next to a small power plant providing electricity to the rest of the city. Cyclops lane has these weird magical eyes on every wall and feels older with yellow coloring , Fire cat alley have a fire theme and Colossus boulevard being in the middle of a winter permanently.

Triton Avenue though had a few extra places. the Dark cave which really creeped people out. A part of the city built in a cave with swarms of bats and other things adding to that haunted feeling you have.

And Crab Alley. This place is located underwater beneath the river in Triton avenue. Part of Wizard City yes, but it had it's own monarchy as well. Underwater creatures having a civilization not unlike that in the surface. Only way to traverse however is if you know an underwater breathing spell (said spell is a basic and taught in the Life and Storm Schools)

I've done things in every one of the districts . Defeating a kraken and cleaning up the streets from electric eels and undead to help repair the mill in Triton avenue to getting rid of the impostor king and getting the true ruler back to the throne in Crab alley to defeating lord Nightshade in the dark cave, to cleaning up a mess made by fire elves in Fire-cat Alley to making a deal with the gobblers on Colossus Boulevard regarding their 'appetites ( get your mind out of the gutter i'm talking food here) to participating and winning in the immortal games on Aquila ( a world connected through a gate in Cyclops lane ) for an assignment given by professor Cyrus , which by the way earned me some very good gear and quite a few other errands around the world. The people around here ( school staff included) believe that no good deed goes unrewarded and while helping out was my main reason i got a lot of things out of my errands : from money to gear to spells to furniture etc. I also started doing studying monstrology which is a fascinating subject and crafting which is actually very useful.

And i also found my main way of income : Fishing...sounds laughable yes but you'd be surprised how lucrative of a business it is. I've earned enough money by fishing to buy 3 houses, gear, furniture and decorations( to decorate said houses) and allowed me to take up gardening. While much more complicated it is also much more simple then you think. But some plants are downright annoying ( Baby carrots for instance as in literal carrots in diapers that dance around the pot and cry every 5 seconds).

And through all of it i used my omni-tool to take photos and recordings both audio and video and sent them to you know who in the hopes that they get this.

I think i've bored you enough for today. Take a break and we'll continue later.

A/N : And that's chapter 3. I'm pretty sure i made a mess and rushed things so i'm very sorry about that. For those of you who don't know i'll be using The Author notes to describe spells most of the time so here goes. And i will also tell you the title the wizards of every school use to distinguish themselves

Life : Theurgist
Balance : Sorcerer
Myth : Conjurer
Death : Necromancer
Storm: Diviner
Ice : Thaumaturge
Fire : Pyromancer

By the way for the Ravenwood part i recommend playing one of two soundtracks for it

The new Ravenwood theme or

FF XIII ost - Mysteries abound

trust me both are fitting.

Spells introduced in this chapter

Scarab : Initial spell for Sorcerers : Summon a large scarab that rams and impales foes using it's antlers or fire a stream of dust and dirt
Troll : Rank 2 spell for Conjurers : Summon a large troll that beats your enemies to death with a club or causes a shock wave by slamming it to the ground
Fire cat : Initial spell for Pyromancers : Summon a tiger made of pure fire that either unleashes a stream of fire or explodes on contact with your enemy.
Meteor Strike : Rank 6 spell for Pyromancers : Smite your enemies with a small meteor rain
Scorpion : Rank 2 spell for Sorcerers : Crush your foes or douse them in poison by summoning a large scorpion
Unicorn : Rank 3 spell for Theurgists : Summon this majestic creature to mend both yourself and your allies
Nature's Wrath : Rank 4 spell for Theurgists : Summon a Treant and let it loose on your enemies
Weakness : Charm for Sorcerers : Weaken your enemy's strength by a quarter
Balance Blade : Charm For Sorcerers : Strengthen yourself or your ally by a quarter
Storm shark : Rank 3 spell for Diviners : Strike fear into your adversaries by siccing a literal shark at them
Frost beetle : Initial spell for Thaumaturges : An icy version or the scarab
Minotaur : Rank 5 spell for conjurers : Send forth this fearsome creature and strike down your enemies.

The spell descriptions are something that i came up with cause really the in-game simply says name, pip ( power point requirement during battle) and either the damage or the effect. If you want that i can write them but really i made you all a little too confused already. I again offer my apologies.

As always reviews, corrections and anything else are more then welcome