Drakiania's POV;

I was in the inner Sacrarium, dressed and in my disguise that looked like the adamantite adventurer Kiania. The only difference between what I was wearing and the usual outfit Kiania wore was the black crown on my head, like a queen's crown with black and red designs except, instead of sitting on top of my head,it spans my whole forehead and secured to the sides of my hair, along with two similarly designed cuffs that were clamped securely on my wrists. Solution had come by shortly, with the accessories, after the message came informing me to stand by.

So here I was pacing back and forth, the crown was beautiful and so were the cuffs in a weird way but they were by no means powerful at all. They were just decoys to make up an explanation for why Kiania who was said to be Momon's sworn partner in arms is suddenly trying to kill him.

The dragons could sense my anticipation and chattered amongst themselves happily, I looked over at the Mirror, I would need to know what was going on before going in and acting like a mind controlled freak.

Ains had made his grand entrance and Evileye upon recognising the Dark Knight called out to him to request for help. He, being the drama king that he was, accepted it, albeit in a little exaggerated manner.

Demiurge bowed towards His Lord; "First, may I ask for your name? I am Jaldabaoth." Usually according to the lore of Arch devil they cannot give themselves a false name or not, they would disappear from the plane of earth. But Demiurge is stronger than that, a fake name will do nothing to him, besides its a smart name. Jaldabaoth meant betrayer or back-stabber, how cute.

"Jaldabaoth, huh? All right. I am Momon, an adamantite rank adventurer. What is it that you want?" Demiurge straightened up from his bow and replied, "Somewhere in this city, there is a very powerful item capable of summoning us. I am supposed to be here to retrieve that item."

"Jaldabaoth, we have no choice but to be enemies then?"

The fight was fast, sure, but it was getting boring quickly. They weren't really doing anything to really hurt each other, then again neither of them truly wanted to.

"[Aspect of the Devil:Tentacle Wings]" Ains was quick to defend the girl behind him, what a show off... "I'm glad you're unharmed."

The girl seemed stunned to say the least, but she snapped out of it seeing a leech like thing on Ains' shoulder pauldron. "Your shoulder! Are you all right?"

He grabbed the squirming vermin and flicked it aside, "This cannot do anything to me. More than that, I'm relieved that you're safe."

"But I can most definitely bring you down, Momo-chan~"

The voice came from behind the two adventurers, they snapped their hands backwards in time to see me exiting a portal, both of my rapiers were already brandished at my sides.

Evileye looked surprised, "Lady Kiania, the Red Dragon? Are you here to defeat the demon too?" I looked at the magic caster with a blank look for a second, before throwing my head back in laughter, the adamantite collar and crown glimmering in the moonlight. "Defeat Lord Jaldabaoth you say, why would I ever want to harm the love of my life? On quite the contrary I'm here to help him, starting with you-!"

Without warning I lunged towards the undead caster, rapiers extended with a killing intent. "Time to go back to where you belong; among the dead, little girl." My simple attack was deflected unsurprisingly by Ains, I clicked my tongue before flipping backwards and quick stepping behind them, next to Demiurge. Evileye was visibly shocked, why was a fellow adamantite attacking her, much less the closest teammate of Momon, the Dark Warrior?

Demiurge looked down at me before looking back at Ains, "Wonderful! That undead doesn't have even one scratch. I, Jaldabaoth, give you my heartfelt praise." Ains crouched beside Evileye before picking her up like a bundle of baggage. Demiurge in turn had retracted his claws and carried me bridal style, addressing 'Momon' and Evileye, "Well, we will take our leave now. We are looking for a certain item. We will now engulf a part of the capital in Hellfire. If you are to infiltrate it, I promise you that the flames of purgatory will kill you!"

With that, the image of Demiurge carrying me disappeared into the night.

With Ains and Evileye...

Evileye spoke up not long after the demon and Red Dragon left, "This is bad, Lord Momon! We must defeat him, fast!"

"We can't. If we give chase, he will fight with all his strength. And with Kiania with him, we will have an even rougher and hellish battle..."

"Oh, that's right. Lord Momon, why is your close friend attacking us, shouldn't she be standing with us against the threat, with you, her team?" Evileye was indeed curious, why was the close pair was suddenly so polarised and divided?

He looked down and heaved a sigh, "Don't you realise? She hasn't been with us for a while now, and besides now that I look at her, it's clear the demon has a part to play in her sudden betrayal. We were walking through a forest for a quest a while back when she suddenly disappeared, not even a shout or scream to alert us. Just gone with the wind..." Though both were masked, Evileye looked at Momon with sympathy and Momon's 'face' probably bore signs of sadness.

Then Evileye suddenly spoke up, "Did Lady Kiania always wore those cuffs and crown? From what I heard of her, she didn't and never wore any of the sort. Do you think maybe those are magic items causing this shift in her behaviour?"Ains looked down and nodded, "I too suspect that she may be under some kind of mind spell, and that those cuffs and crown might be the cause of it."

Evileye looked down and kicked the ground, she hated this demon even more now. How could the demon do something so low such as abduction and mind control to hurt Lord Momon? Unforgivable!

She looked up and exclaimed, "I swear, Lord Momon! I will help you get Lady Kiania back!" Ains jumped back from her outburst and could only nod his head, stunned at her confession.

Drakiania's POV;

I sat in the inner Sacrarium again, the Mirror in front of me and Demiurge constantly on the line to give me real time updates on what was going on. "My Lady, just according to the plan, I have set the capital on 'fire'. I would like to thank your generosity again for giving me these accessories, they greatly boosted the spells and skills I used today. The flames of Gehenna encompasses an even larger area than the last time I have used this spell, all thanks to the precious gifts you have bestowed upon me!"

I huffed a sigh, "Demiurge, how many times must I say to stop thanking me. As long as you like it, I'll be more than glad to keep making more to give you..." The gasp at the other side of the line was very audible, smiling to myself, I flipped the Mirror over to view Sebas again. He was carrying that human, the rest of the humans were walking in front. "I praise the name of My Lady, your kindness knows no bounds and is over flowing." I laughed it off before cutting the line with, "Keep up the good work, I'll be waiting for the next report."

The view of Sebas with the girl clinging onto him just infuriated me. I was still wearing the clothes that Kiania would wear but my draconic features were showing again, I'm more comfortable this way afterall. I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth, now wasn't the time to mope around and waste my energy on a worthless human, I'll find a way to kill her later. For now, I needed to be a ruler fit for the Operation Gehenna.

I slipped on a ring of sustenance, now was no time to be hungry or need sleep.

The humans of Re-Estize were gathered in front of the Gehenna wall. I watched with half lidded eyes, my tail swishing in boredom. It was currently one of the quietest hours in the Dragon's Sacrarium, all the dragons were taking their naps and the others, silent.

The voice of the fat royal filtered through the Mirror. "Proud citizens of the Re-Estize Kingdom! There is no need to fear a demon, My Sword and Shield are behind you!" I scoffed at that sentence, the first one to run off if the plan fails is him! What nonsensical chivalry...

The leader of the adventurer team Blue Rose and the other twin came out from the inside the Gehenna wall, she was quick to issue out orders to the rest of the human adventurers.

I stared at the tea cup, running my fingers around the rim of the sup while staring at my reflection and watching the fragrant liquid swish lazily in the cup.

I really wanna fight Ains for real, not capped and held back by the human persona of Kiania. Will he even accept my demands if I win? Sure, I may be more loved by the guardians and such but he is still the guild master. Well like or not, he is still superior... It feels like I'm making a big deal out of nothing... but it goes against all rules that we had set in place for years. Perhaps it because I'm a coward... a coward in the face of change, uncertainty, the fact that a foreign entity will be in my home...

At this point I'm not even mad anymore, more sad and resigned that he won't even listen to my points. I sighed before waking out of my state, this is a mission I'm in the middle of now. No time to be moping about.

Shortly after the Overeating, Gaze Demons and Hellhounds appeared, Ains came flying into the battle. Thrown by Evileye and Naberal, like the total show off that he is... he was quick to slice down the hellhounds, throw a blade at the Overeating and finish off the Gaze Demons.

"From here, Momon the adventurer will defeat the enemy's leader, Jaldabaoth, and reclaim my teammate Kiania!" He addressed the garrison soldiers, "Until then, protect the civilians beyond the wall. I'll trust you." Geez Ains, how much more do you wish to show off? My eyes will be jiggling about at the back of my skull at this rate...

I flipped the view over to Shalltear, with the mind control incident, I was paranoid that such a horrible fate may befall her again. So as I had promised myself, I keep checks on her quite often. Not that she knows I'm doing this anyways... She was in her human like disguise wearing a white mask with black swirls and designs decorating it.

She was looking over the fight when a certain blue haired individual approached her from behind. If memory serves me right, this should be Brain Unglaus... "What is a lady like you doing here?"

"Why would I tell someone like you? Are you the only one who infiltrated to this point?" Perhaps I can watch this fight while I await for my entrance...

"Should I kill you? Do you want to die? If you bow down and lick my shoe, it may put me in a better mood." Oh, that's right.. she sulking because she was told to stand back by Demiurge.

Brain wasn't really using his brain when he still decided to challenge Shalltear, despite knowing just how strong she was. The moment Shalltear stepped into his field, he activated his martial arts managing to clip off her pinky fingernail. Ahh.. I'm angry for Shalltear, it will take her a while before it gets back to that perfect length and shape...

That's enough for now, Shalltear will have no problem crushing this ant. I'll ask her about it later, especially the way he looks mere seconds before his death. I licked my cherry red lips and looked up at the ceiling, leaning back in my seat. Ahhh.. I really want to fight Ains now...

I looked over at the Gate that was opening up to my right, and got up with a light giggle. Time for work.

When I opened my eyes after stepping out of the Gate, I was greeted by the sight of a ruined pile of rubble. The place that I had been transported to was paved with bricks and granite, a few neat tress lined the otherwise clear area, with a middle ground of low rise housings that rose to three floors and the beautiful Gehenna wall that looked even prettier in person than through the Mirror.

"You really are strong!" Following the voice of Demiurge, I stepped out of the cloud of dust that was kicked upon by the rubble of the fallen tower. Entoma was beside me, quick to guide me to where Demiurge needed me to be in his plans. There, out of the dust, stood 'Momon' along with Naberal and Evileye.

I joined Demiurge on the other side of where the Pledies were, all equipped with masks that concealed their face. Entoma was cutely and most adorably hissing at the three of them, before being stopped by Yuri. I giggled lightly at her cute antics before brandishing both my rapiers and casting a 7th tier [Dragon Scales] on all of us.

Evileye looked scared out of her mind and Naberal made no reaction. She knew our true identities so she wasn't afraid of us in the slightest. "We were underestimating Jaldabaoth's forces...", though Evileye had mumbled that, I managed to catch it thanks to my heightened senses. Ains turned towards Naberal slightly before saying, "I'll leave the other 6 to you, I'll take on Jaldabaoth myself." And he went charging off against Demiurge, pushing the defending demon back, creating another cloud of rubble and dust.

I pet Entoma lightly on the head before leaping into the cloud of dust, rapiers outstretched, aiming at Ains.

I followed them to a safe room where wards were put up and the area was secured by Mare. I sat beside Demiurge, giving Ains a glare, yes I was indeed still mad at him. The Mirror was floating at my left, while I sat at Demiurge's right, the view was on the fight between the ground forces and the Blue Rose.

"No one can eavesdrop on our conversation here, My Lord and Lady." I looked over at Demiurge and gave a smile and a nod before turning my attention back to the Mirror. Ains too nodded before asking Demiurge to explain his whole plan. I listened in while flipping between the ongoing battles, Yuri and Shizu will win without a doubt.

"First, thank you for listening to my childish request of wanting to explain it to you myself personally Lord Ains, and to Lady Drakiania, I'm glad that you said that you have wouldn't have it any other way. The chain of plans brought about four advantages..." Umm what? Four? Ehhh... I don't even know one and I have been the one observing the proceedings so far! "First of all, we will take all the valuables in this district. Second, it is to cover up the attack on Eight Fingers, which was your order."

I looked towards Demiurge who was looking at Ains, I prodded him in the side before asking him, "Weren't you saying your motive was to retrieve an item?" He nodded in acknowledgment before Mare placed an item on the table between us, "Please take a look at this. The spell infused within these jewels is the tenth tier spell, Armageddon Evil." I made a sound of understanding.

"That's a spell that summons a massive amount of demons?" Demiurge nodded before continuing, "Lord Ulbert made this item, but I believe we should use it here." Ains opened a rift, pulling out a lesser item of the same purpose. "Demiurge, go ahead and use this one instead. This is also an item made by Ulbert. It is a prototype, but it should do." I nodded before taking the tenth tier totem and placing it back in the hands of Mare.

Demiurge received the prototype from Ains with great reverence. Cradling the item with both of his hands carefully before exclaiming, "I, Demiurge will serve the Supreme Ones with even greater joy and loyalty!"

"For the third advantage, we have captured many humans in the fires of Gehenna. They have been taken to Nazarick for the use of multiple different experiments." At the mention of more play things, I looked up at Demiurge and smiled even wider. If my tail was out, it would have been wagging happily. My eyes glimmered with mirth while my mind went through the multiple different things I get to do on my days off.

"Demiurge, unless the humans have disrespected Nazarick or the Supreme Beings, give them a painless death." My head snapped over to look at Ains, all happiness fell from my face. "How merciful... Yes, Lord Ains. Understood." I pouted and sent a [Message] to the bowing demon, "Save me some secretly please... don't tell Ains, if he comes for you, just blame me. You have my permission!" Said demon looked up and smirked in my direction, my request shall be fulfilled.

"The fourth, Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth will take responsibility for everything." Oh.. this is another way to boost the reputation of Momon... AGAIN.

We burst back into the main plaza, well more like Demiurge sent himself flying across the plaza and I just had to follow his lead and fling myself across it too. Ains just walked back in. "This is kind of fun. What's the word... real?" I rolled my eyes at his choice of words before acting injured and picking Demiurge up. My outfit was scuffed up and I had nicked myself a couple times to make it seem more real, on top of that, I had lost one cuff and the other was hanging loosely on my wrist. The crown however was still perfectly fine.

Ains and Demiurge engaged in battle while I went over to Yuri and Shizu, checking them quietly for injuries before they assured me they were fine. I was alerted to the fight when Ains hurled a fire spell at Demiurge who counter with, [Aspect of the Devil: Hellfire Mantel]. Ains was quick to bring his blade down on Demiurge who held his blade back with ease, burning and melting holes through the metal.

Demiurge spoke up, "I have a suggestion. How about we stop fighting? I will retreat soon anyways," I healed Demiurge, you know, to make the fight more believable and because I was paranoid. Ains could have actually hurt him. Evileye spoke up, "That's ridiculous!" While Ains reply was, "That's fine."

"I can't even imagine why you brought along such an ignorant woman. Just think about it, a whole pack of demons are waiting for my command to attack the entire capital. I have an adventurer even stronger than you are should I permit her to use her full power."

"Well then, we will retreat now-" "WAIT! As least return my partner to me." Ains had interrupted Demiurge." Demiurge looked taken aback, "Ah, yes.. she is your partner no? Well its up to her if she wants to join you again."

Evileye was visibly shaking with anger, "Of course her answer is no! You've put her under mind control, you're obviously gonna make her say no!" I stared at her unamused, "[Aspect of the Dragon:Scale Shot]."

In a fraction of a milisecond, millions of thin needle like scales materialised in the air in an arch over me and the group of pleaides and Demiurge. The moment they solidified they shot themselves toward her, not even Ains could keep up.

Evileye fell to the floor, a thin pool of blood growing around her. "Please refrain from spouting any nonsense that will make me lose braincells..." Evileye could only lift her head up with great effort before falling back to the ground, slacked.

"Momonga, I think we both know why I would want to fight you right now... You have 30 seconds to comply with my previous demands that you didn't fulfill in the inner Sacrarium." Ains looked at me in disbelief that I would bring out the dirty laundry to hang it in front of our servants. "Kiania, you know that I cannot go back in my word. I swore it upon my name -"

"What about our friends' names? Huh? What about Ulbert, TouchMe, Peroronchino -" "THEY ARE NO LONGER HERE ANYMORE!!" Ains had thrown his blade at me in frustration, said blade had been casted off to the side with a simple flick of my wrist.

A long silence dragged, neither of us talking and the servants didn't know what to say or if they could even speak. This was clearly a major dispute between the rulers, an occurrence that has never happened in all of the guild's lifespan.

"I see.. so you've chosen to betray our friends and rules... [Dragon Goddess' tears : Forsaken]." As soon as those words left my mouth, the weather started to change, bringing with it the deafening cries of thunder. Even though Ains was undead, I knew this spell was working it's magic. He had dropped his other sword, and fell to his knees. Naberal who stood beside him dropped to his side in concern and the rest of the Pleaides looked unsettled. Ains was clutching his head in his hands now, muttering and murmurring under his breath. Phrases about his mother and family, along with sad denotations about the guild mates leaving one by one. The skies broke and poured rain down, soaking everyone and everything in is destination to reach the ground.

He, the Great Ruler of Nazarick, truly looked pitiful in that moment, sat in a wet puddle, water streaming down his armour. Demiurge looked towards me, my face was set in stone, unmoving and unfeeling. My eyes devoid of it's usual shine, he reached a hand towards me before retracting it. He had never seen his Goddess look so souless and empty before, much less wear such an impassive face while looking at someone close to her suffer.

The silence was pierced by Ains who had let out a resounding shout followed by pathetic sobs asking for it to stop. This spell was truly deadly, it drowns the person in their own mind while replaying any and all traumatic events that had happened to them. Over and over in a non-stop loop, it has only been in effect for 2 minutes but for Ains, it probably felt like days. Demiurge had finally placed a hand on my shoulder, before coming in front of me to look me in the eyes. His mask was off, "My Lady please, I know he has greatly offended and hurt you but please. Do not torture your long time friend."

Clear streaks of tears fell from my eyes like crystals. I waved my hand and the spell was called off, though the sea of anguish and turmoil that both me and Ains felt was not even close to being over. Ains had collapsed due to the blunt force of mental torture and I had sunk to my knees crying into my hands. Just what have I done?

Demiurge gingerly embraced me as I clung onto his crisp suit, sobbing silently. Naberal had cast a healing spell on Ains and assured the other Pleaides that Ains was fine, was mentally exhausted. Naberal had helped Ains up before walking him over to me, I looked up at Ains, still clinging onto Demiurge's suit. Probably wrinkling the immaculate clothing beyond repair, another long silence stretched between us, tears were still free falling off my cheeks.

Ains decided to speak up, "Averath it's--" He didn't even finish his sentence before I teleported away back to the safety of my inner sacrarium, leaving the cuffs behind in case it was needed to clear 'Momon's' name.

Demiurge's POV;

After the major incident between the two Supreme Beings, all the servants were torn apart. The Operation Gehenna was successful but that was the least of my worries now. The great golden doors to the Dragon's Sacrarium was closed shut. The material staring anyone who stood on the outside in the face, glimmering and reflecting specks of light as if to mock that they would never enter.

The running of Nazarick was per normal, well, as normal as it can be while one ruler is absent and had locked herself up while the other though still active and present, seemed dead (metaphorically). I stared up at the dragons carved and sculpted onto those golden gates, I've seen this exact same sight for the past 5 days now. The same intertwined dragon tails, sealing the crack of the doors shut. Lord Ains said that he will take no action in the New World until this matter is solved, I agreed wholeheartedly. Nazarick cannot move on until it is whole once again. The guardians have all been called to return, anyone stationed outside was called back too.

After the initial spread and shock of the fight between the rulers had made it rounds around, the servants were all chosing their sides. The majority agreed that Lady Drakiania's anger was justified and correct, even though Lord Ains was indeed a Supreme One, that didn't change the fact that he had insulted all the other Supreme Beings. However, the sides fractured more when it came to whether Lady Drakiania's actions was the correct thing to do.

The Pleaides along with Pestonya were quick to impose a ban on the discussion of this topic within the Tomb, on their own volition. They felt that the Supreme Beings had enough to worry about other than their servants choosing sides and what not. The guardians often had their own small meeting, just to catch each other up to speed on what they think might help the situation and what they would try next.

Albedo and Shalltear were assigned to Lord Ains, while I and Cocytus would be with Lady Drakiania. The guardians all refused to take sides and for once, the two ladies were setting their 'wife fiasco' aside to dissolve this fight. From the meetings and their short reports, Lord Ains too has holed himself up in his room. Though he is still doing the paperwork for Nazarick, his efficiency has drastically dwindled.

The hallways of Nazarick were quiet today, the same as the last 8 days. And for the past 8 days, there was not even a single sighting of a dragon. There would usually be smaller dragons flying above along the high ceilings but it was deserted. Even Bahamut was not in his lair, probably with his master in the Dragon's Sacrarium.

Everyday, food would be left at the doors of the Sacrarium by either Cocytus or myself, but everyday, Entoma would report that the food had not been touched or moved an inch. We later came to the conclusion in the meeting that Lady Drakiania was most probably using the ring of sustenance, despite her disregard and obsessive dislike for that thing as she felt that nothing could replace normal and regular meals.

As for the dragon feed however, the daily usage of the Dragon's Sacrarium is still vanishing from the stocks in Nazarick daily. Most definitely My Lady's doing, she didn't need to eat but her dragons did. This was the only thing that kept us assured that our Draconic Goddess was still alive and moving about.

I stopped in front of the locked great golden doors again, and like I have done so for the past 7 days, I knocked and waited for 3 minutes. And when the 3 minutes were up, I sighed again and turned to leave.

Perhaps, tomorrow will be the day...

Drakiania's POV;

I cracked the doors of the Sacrarium open to peek outside. I was met with the orange striped back of my favorite demon, the truth is I had been waiting for him to come today. Everyday, my favoured servants came by to knock on the doors in hopes of seeing me again. But I, being the pathetic ruler that I am, turned a deaf ear to their knocks because I was too much of a coward to face them.

It has been 8 days since I stopped having my usual morning visits with Entoma, afternoon tea with Demiurge, supper with Solution and the occasional sparring and visit to the liazardman village with Cocytus. Actually I've rejected all requests to enter the Sacrarium... even Ains'.

"Demiurge..." Said demon perked up in shock before looking towards his left and his right, he probably thinks he's hallucinating... I laid my bare feet on the cold floor of the hallway, a stark contrast from the warm grass of the Sacrarium. I padded my way to him, my feet made soft pittering and pattering sounds on the cold floor, before embracing him from the back.

The demon stiffened before relaxing, realising I was real and not some figment of his imagination his brain had conjured up out of the sheer desperation to see me again. "My Lady..." He turned around in my embrace before returning my hug by encompassing my small back, his arms slung under my wings and held my shoulders. Though he had to bend his knees to do that, he now leaned into me, the weight seemed like only a fraction of the heaviness of his worries. I leaned upwards, on my tippy toes to hug him even tighter. As sorts of a wordless apology for making him worry so much.

It was while of comfortable silence as he took in the fact that I had finally come out of my sanctuary, before we broke the hug. I smiled a weak smile at him before sliding my hands down the lengths of his arms to grasp his hands, and led him into the Sacrarium.

The golden doors slammed shut behind us, ringing out a resounding and deep thud in the hallway of the 11th floor that was devoid of the usual dragon life. The sound of gold brushing against gold echoed out before diminishing into total silence again.

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