Star trek: where no demigod has gone before

Hi my name is Percy Jackson and you are probably wondering why I am talking to this weird clown robot looking thing, well it all started in the cold, cold arctic where me and my wonderful girlfriend, Annabeth Chase were hunting down the Lernaean hydra. Why you might be asking it is in the arctic, the answer to that is… I do not know why. But anyway, back on topic we found the hydra, the beast of many heads. Me and Annabeth split up in hopes of confusing it and taking it down easily, then we noticed something was off about it, it had a greyish skin color and it had what looked like some weird robot parts on it. Anyway we killed it by just dousing a bit of water on it, yeah it was that simple to kill those robot parts killed it from just getting wet.



Then we noticed something else it looked like there was a weird robot looking spaceship over in the distance and we saw people over by it so we went over there to say hello because we were nice. "Hello, hello anyone over there, hey can you hear me." Silence. "huh weird Annabeth." She paused for a second before replying "they probably cannot hear us seaweed brain, let's get closer and see what they are doing." When we got closer, we noticed they too are grey skinned and had robot parts all over it. I looked for a few more seconds before saying "is it just me or are they robots." She sighed and said "I think they are some sort of cyborg they, are human with robotic devices on then that's what makes them cyborg and not a robot, and on top of that why are they out here and who made them Percy?"

So, we ended up getting closer when they finally noticed us, we were maybe 10 yards out as they started to approach us. I shouted "hey can you hear us, hello." They continued walking over to us and when they got up practically in our faces, I saw two tubes come out of their hands and hit both are necks with said tubes I felt immediate pain flow through are body like it is on fire. Then my skin started flaking and becoming grey and then darkness.

When I came to, I was on some modern sleek place with some woman with red hair hovering over me saying "the patient is awake." I started freaking out saying "Where am I, who are you people and where is Annabeth." Then she said "you are on the starship Enterprise in the united federation of planets." I don't care where is Annabeth, blonde hair grey eyes, please tell me she is here." She hesitated before saying "we found you and a female of that description on a Borg vessel near the neutral zone where said vessel was partly destroyed and was of an older design." "Neutral zone what are you talking there is no neutral zone what is this world war two or something?" She looks surprised before saying "can you tell me what year is it" to which I replied "2011 why?" she looks shocked before a bald man comes through the door saying "doctor crusher is the man and woman awake yet?" she replied "Yes captain the male is awake." To which he walks up to me and says "My name is captain Picard can you please tell me yours." To which I reply "My name Is Percy Jackson but you can all me Percy, I am assuming captain is not your first name?"

AN: this is my first story so please try to geasy on me, Thank you do not expect weekly updates maybe monthly updates