Hi! This was supposed to be a drabble fic, so it starts with shorter chapters, but as the story progressed, these characters and the plot became way more complex. So the chapters get more detailed and longer as the story goes on. I have a good portion written so far, and I plan to post a few times a week.

I would really appreciate feedback, so let me know what you think, but nothing mean or nasty, please. I hope you enjoy it!

WARNING: This will be a dark fic and might include some content that will make you uncomfortable. While I don't want to give away the story, if there is a subject matter that you're concerned about, you can message me, and I will let you know if this story involves it or not. There will be violence, graphic lemons, drug use, language, and more. 18+ only. This Edward is possessive, controlling, and a little bit crazy. You might hate both him and Bella sometimes—but they do mature.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and these characters. No copyright infringement is intended.

"Hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages."

I stare at him through the foggy windows of the cafeteria. He's sitting outside on the top of the bench table. Rain pours down on him, his hoodie drenched and dripping, the little bit of hair peeking under his hood is matted against his forehead, slightly shielding his dark eyes. Smoke unfurls around his face from the cigarette his pouty lips are wrapped around.

Such an ominous, enigmatic essence around him, warning me to stay away—danger signs. But something was pulling me in, piquing my curiosity—appealing to the part deep inside of me that attracts danger.

"I heard that he caught his ex-girlfriend cheating on him and killed the guy."

"I heard that he did some time in juvie but was released and sent to a mental institution because he claimed insanity."

"No, you guys are all wrong. A couple of his ex-girlfriends went missing, and he was a suspect, but his rich daddy paid a lot of money to clear his name, on the condition that his entire family moved to another state."

Inane chatter surrounds me from my friends with their usual gossip at lunchtime—Jessica, Lauren, and Angela. I really just tolerate them so I wouldn't be a complete outcast at school. I usually block it out and pretend to listen, but today I was too distracted to put on an act.

"Bella, what do you think? Bella...Hello? Are you even listening to us?" Lauren shrills in her annoying, high-pitched voice.

"Hmm, uh…yeah, sorry. I just got distracted for a second. What are you guys talking about?" I inconveniently drift my attention to the irritated eyes of Lauren.

"Edward Cullen. Why do you think he got sent here, to this small little town of Forks from shiny and bright California?" she pursues.

"I don't know or really care. You guys don't actually believe all those insane rumors, do you?" I scoff in disbelief.

"Oh, don't be so naïve Bella, look at him. He looks like a criminal. He's so creepy; no one will step within a foot of him."

"I don't know, he is pretty hot—in that dark, tortured soul, tie me up and fuck me kind of way," Jessica chimes in and giggles.

"Ew, no Jess. Maybe he'd be hot if he didn't give off psychopathic vibes," Lauren sneers with her nose up in the air.

God, was she always such a bitch? Why am I even friends with her?

"You guys don't even know him or have never said a word to him. He's been here for a week."

"I heard that Mike went to sit next to him in class on his first day here, and Edward threatened to stab him if he didn't leave him alone," Angela quietly squeaks in her input.

"Oh my god, enough of these rumors! Can we talk about something else, please?" I plead for some odd reason, feeling angry and defensive at these brutal accusations about him.

"Fine, but I don't know what your problem is, why you're so protective over him," Lauren concludes.

They thankfully change the subject and chatter about some other mundane subject I had no interest in.

When I look back at the window, he was gone. A feeling of disappointment rushes over me.

Sure, he stares at people with a menacing glare from his deep jade eyes that warn people to stay far away, and he wouldn't let anyone come within a foot of his radius, but that didn't mean he was a serial killer or anything.

I was intrigued and decided then and there that it was my mission to get to know what Edward Cullen was about, no matter the cost. Even if it meant being a bigger outcast than I already was. I had a feeling that he would be worth it.