I lie dying here,
I've lost my battle,
But I feel like I'm about to win.
I am too lost to be saved,
I can't go on this way.
After all this time,
The point still eludes me.
I tried to live for others.
In the end it wasn't enough.
I have to do it for me,
But I can't.
Too many tears shed,
Inside so dry, so numb.
I felt my life drain so long ago.
There is a difference,
Between living and existing.
I can't go on.
Can you hear me at all?
Don't you see that I'm gone?
Yet you hold me here.
Prolonging the pain.
My soul is drowning,
In the dark.
Everything starts to fade.
At last I will be complete.
The body will die,
Just like the mind.