Hey, guys. I know it's been awhile as I had taken a unscheduled break. I will say I am still continuing Fernweh no doubt, but I had hit a dead end and trying my way out of it. In this sequence, This will be the next "Part" of the series, as in the exciting rise of the story. At the moment, I'm trying to see if I want to end this "Part One" and start the next part in a new fanfiction.

I will answer some simplified questions on the story that I gotten in my emails, in which I somehow failed to mention:

"Who is Chloe?"

I never meant to make Chloe as a secondary character. Seriously. I wanted her to be in one scene (which was the beginning where Jeremie, or Moi in a sense) is introduced. I may have accidently kept her in because I am weirdly motivated to go against my agenda. Oooor I really wanted to be some rival in this romance industry. Call me a business woman if you will. I have decided to make her a very support character later on.

"Why is Aelita with William?"

Shoot me, I don't care, I do ship this. I'm a bastard but I have standards. I have dastardly deeds of shipping the unlikely characters. In this story, it is implied that they are together but not very supported. There was a conversation I had with a friend on Discord asking me what it would be like if William fell for Aelita and not Yumi, amidst the jealousy from Jeremie. I just thrive for angst and pain. Sue me.

"What is the point of this story?"

I always dreamed to put my idea out about the Lyoko Warriors living after the traumatic events of XANA. I want to see how they handle with everyday life, how to move on, and how it was dealt with. Most importantly, I want to see how much stress they go through wondering it they weren't careful enough. I wanted to bring that to light. And with Jim's death, I wanted to give a reason to bring them all back together, including the rough relationship of Jeremie and Aelita. Who doesn't love a slight "Problematic crushes to disgruntled acquaintances to over-the-head lovers" romance? Say that five time fast, haha.

"So... Is anything gonna happen? Hint hint?"

Surprise. You got me. I am trying to slowly implementing sexual scenes (Smut, if you will) within the story. I have it at Mature rating already (possibly Explicit for the people over at AO3) for some parts for safety, including the use of drinking and slight matured scenes. I'm a sucker for good smut with a story, so I wish to try it here with Fernweh. So, of course *sigh* Kids, don't end up like me.

I truly love Code Lyoko and I stride to express my ideas with you; the community. Soon, I will be continuing Fernweh but I'm not sure how to, so keep on the look out if things changes.

-Love, nuka_mild (ironicCasey413).