My name is Rias Gremory, A devil who is the daughter of two powerful devils from the different clan and have a brother that is one of the most powerful of the devil race. I am the heiress of the Gremory family instead of Big brother since he is now one of the leaders of our race.

I am now regretting my decisions of not following the advice of my family of using a teleportation spell without an adult with me since I may get lost and go to a random location in the world of humans... and of course, I ignored it since I am excited of using it to travel a long distance like my school.

Well since I don't have any location in mind when using it since I am just excited and now find myself in some kind of a town.

Thankfully, we devils, have a trait that can instantly translate any language we hear or speak but it does not affect any language written so I don't have any clue where I am in the human world right now and hope that any of my family or servants find me here so I can return home.

It's been a few hours now and I kept waiting for them but they still haven't come to pick me up and it's getting late now since now the sun is about to set so I start to move on and maybe I can find other devils that might help me to return in the underworld. I look around me and it seems like there are not many buildings here.

I walk around aimlessly until I couldn't take it anymore and keep shouting," Big brother where are you? Big sister?! mom?! father?! anybody?!" I just keep shouting until I start again to cry again.

I feel lonely and I want to go home.

"Big sister where are you?!", I stop when a voice of a girl said," "Hey there, uhmmm... do you need help?" I look at her and see a young girl that is probably the same age as me with blue hair and brown eyes.

I decide to walk around outside to calm myself down from the revelation. I have many questions on why I didn't notice it until just now?!

I mean come on whatever higher being decide to reincarnate me in this forsaken world full of insanity and worse of all I am a freaking character that is rather important to the story! Goodness meme! I would not be so damn angry if it am just a cannon fodder or better yet why not a devil since the world rather favors them!


"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!", I just fucking screaming with all my might to release all of the frustration and other emotions in my head.

After all of that screaming I am now breathing a lot of air to calm myself now... sigh well I am still angry but I feel a lot better now so... what I am going to do now?... Maybe I can follow the cannon timeline but I just have the knowledge of the early part of the story where Issei is fighting Sairaorg and just some summaries from that point onward from the wiki and even if I have all the knowledge I don't have a perfect memory to remember all the smaller details like dialogues.

The worse problem of all is I don't know all the past of Xenovia since basically it almost nonexistent other than(again) bio I have read in the wiki which is not almost guaranteed to be accurate at all...

This is getting on my nerves again!



... Maybe I don't have to worry and suffer when I could just killed my...



Calm down stupid me!

Calm down!

Don't just started to think of suicide because I couldn't handle this problem and it is just to easy to die right now when we are given a chance to live again, after all living is the greatest challenge there is and its will make Grisel-mother time of raising us all worthless despite the fact that I am not really her biological child.

Just living is probably enough for thanking her for raising us...

Sigh, I think I will stop thinking this things for now and leave it to my future self to worry about it or I will think of those thoughts again.

I just sit on a bench to look at the sky as the sun begins to fall creating a twilight, a state where the day pass and the night rise just like life and death.

Such a beautiful sight to see that I appreciate in this second life of mine unlike the first one. I continue to stare at it when I hear a yelling of a girl that disturb me from my peace.

I look at where she is and the girl has long, beautiful crimson hair... Well I can just ignore her and continue to what I am doing previously since it is getting late and I should probably go home now or else mother will punish me again.. or help her out since I don't want to feel guilty leaving a her knowing the fact that I can help her out...

Yup, lets help her since I don't want to become apathetic in the future towards other people... also she looks familiar?