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The Wedding Date


The wedding ceremony was beautiful, heartfelt, and passed in a blur. The joyous celebration that followed would be a part of the day that Hermione would remember for the rest of her life.

"Seamus...there is no one in the world who knows how to love and care for my best friend better than you. Be good to one another. To Lavender and Seamus!" Hermione raised her glass in a celebratory gesture that received a hearty applause.

Seamus enthusiastically kissed his new bride, and Hermione winked at Lavender after she broke apart from the kiss and looked back at her friend.

I love you, Lavender mouthed.

I love you, Hermione whispered back, an irreplaceable smile on her face.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist, breath tickling her ear. "Beautiful speech, love."

"Care to show me any more of your smooth moves, Mr. Weasley?" She craned her neck backwards to view Ron's sparkling blue eyes.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Within seconds, Ron had whisked her back onto the dance floor. He spun her deliriously around and around in circles, her dress flowing in every direction that they moved. They glided across the floor together for what seemed like over an hour, not noticing the crowd dwindling as guests started to depart.

Yet another Michael Buble song blasted through the speakers.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times

It's you, it's you, you make me sing.

You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

Hermione rested her head against Ron's shoulder, closing her eyes in contentment. The moment was everything. He was everything. The sun had completely set, the dance floor now only lit by the twinkling lights that dangled above their heads.

"You think they'll miss you if we escaped for a bit?" Ron's smooth, velvety voice made her shiver. He noticed and drew her even closer to his body.

She lifted her head to meet his eyes, leaning close to touch her nose to his, smirking. "Mmmm...I think I know just the place…"

They both stared lustfully at each other for several seconds before simultaneously expressing, "The boathouse."

"Let's go."

Hermione pulled off her shoes, feeling instant relief as her toes made contact with the cool marble dance floor. Now clutching her heels in one hand and Ron's hand in the other, she darted down the hill at a run, full speed through the mossy grass. He kept up easily with her brisk pace, both giggling nonstop until they reached their destination.

Their laughter evaporated as they approached — Ron had Hermione pinned to the door as soon as they stepped inside. The corners of his mouth arched up as he heard the sharp, audible gasp that came from her, a telling sign of her growing arousal. He leaned forward the slightest bit so that their noses were touching, his lips just barely grazing hers. Given the way his hips were pressed firmly to her stomach, effectively trapping her between his body and the door, she most certainly could feel his excitement.

Hermione instinctively arched her back and whimpered, eliciting a growl from Ron's mouth that reverberated against her lips.

"God, I hope this feeling never goes away," he murmured, lips still stacked over hers, before lowering both of his hands to grab the backs of her thighs, lifting her up. Hermione welcomed the change in position by wrapping her legs around his waist, crossing her feet at the ankles for good measure. He slowly started to move, his feet carrying them over to the bed. Hermione briefly thought how lucky it was that her dress was so free-flowing.

He pivoted so that Hermione's body was closest to the edge of the bed, momentarily breaking the kiss so that he could tilt her head down until it rested on the mattress. She bit her lip in fierce anticipation, watching as her legs remained parted, likely giving Ron a pleasant view of her lacy knickers hidden underneath her dress.

In one swift move, his fingers had snuck underneath the silky material of her dress and swiped the knickers from her legs. She was completely bare to him.

"Ron," she moaned loudly, bucking her hips up wildly in anticipation.

"Bloody hell, you're beautiful," he groaned, then leaned over to kiss her soundly on the mouth, both hands resting on either side of her head to avoid crushing her with his weight. Hermione impatiently grabbed at his dark navy suit jacket, peeling it roughly from his body. Ron chuckled into her mouth and maneuvered his hands to help her struggling fingers as she attacked the buttons on his waistcoat. She silently chided the need for many layers of clothing that men often wore to fancy gatherings.

Hermione had Ron stripped down to only his trousers in under a minute. Her fingernails raked along the ginger hairs on his chest, pausing momentarily to feel the chaotic thumping of his heartbeat. He lifted her hand from his chest to bring it to his lips, kissing her skin affectionately before finding her mouth once more.

His hands made their way down to the hem of her dress, slowly inching it higher and higher until her abdomen was exposed, leaving her shivering from the trail of goosebumps he left on her skin. He tore his lips from hers to press tender kisses all around her stomach.

God, the intimacy was intoxicating. If she wasn't in heaven yet, she was pretty damn close.

Continuing on with the mission, his hands tucked their way into the small space between Hermione's back and the mattress, lifting her body so that she was seated upright on his lap.

She inhaled sharply from the change in position, pushing into Ron's erection, making him growl and grip her bum possessively. He kept his eyes fixed on hers, drinking her in, as he lifted her dress over her head at an agonizingly slow pace, leaving her completely exposed.

Ron's fingers traced an outline around the swell of her breasts teasingly. Hermione's lips collided with his, moaning deeply into his mouth. She would be perfectly content just kissing him like this for the rest of her life. Sod everything else.

All too soon, Ron was gently lowering her back onto the mattress, taking great care to rest her head comfortably on the pillow behind her.

He then stepped back, eyes foggy as he drank in her silhouette lit by the moonlight that streamed through the windows. His hands unfastened the button on his trousers, pulled down the zipper, and removed the final layer of clothing from his body.

Hermione's chest heaved up and down in bated anticipation as he crawled over her. He entered her almost immediately, the build-up having been too great to hold out any longer. His thrusts matched her bucking hips, both moving together in synchronicity.

They rolled around in the sheets, exploring different positions, finally landing with Hermione on top. His hands gripped her hips to help hoist her up and down on his shaft repeatedly. She arched her head back when his hands found the little bundle of nerves in between her folds, guiding her to the strongest orgasm she ever had.

Ron followed suit just a few thrusts later, and they both collapsed in a mass of tangled limbs on the sheets, remaining there for as long as it took to steady their breathing.

Yes, she could definitely get used to this.

One week later…

The sun was particularly bright that day and the air crisp. She smelled freshly mown grass and the floral scent of roses that had been planted in various locations around the park.

There was a soft breeze in the air as Hermione strolled slowly, observing the many families and couples that filled the large, public green area.

She heard faint barking off in the distance that quickly grew louder and louder. Hermione pivoted her head to view a white dog with black and tan markings bounding straight towards her. The dog's tail was wagging wildly, tongue sticking straight out. Hermione instinctively bent down to meet the dog's enthusiastic welcome, giggling as he repeatedly licked her face and bounced up and down in her lap.

"Well, hey there. You must be Chudley!" The terrier barked again, soundly answering her question. She scratched him behind his ears. "You're a sweet boy, aren't you?"

"Well, I've never been more jealous of a dog before."

Ron's voice interrupted their meeting, and her mouth split open into a wide grin once she spotted him a few metres away. He was watching the interaction with a look of adoration on his face.

"I've been talking non-stop about you all week, so it's no surprise the fella was able to spot you right away!"

"How is he feeling?" Hermione inquired, referring to the surgical procedure he had earlier in the week.

"The little rascal is healing quite nicely. Already feeling much more like himself, too, I see!"

Hermione grinned, her heart happy for the dog she was already falling in love with. Much like the man beside her.

"Hey," Ron's soft voice whispered, taking her hand. Hermione looked over just in time for him to plant his lips firmly to hers, and she sighed happily as she leaned into him, not caring just how publicly they were displaying their affection for one another.

Chudley barked again, a clear protest of the lack of attention he was currently getting from either of them. They broke apart, chuckling, both leaning down to give the pup all the scratches and pets he deserved.

"Come on, let's take off. I hear there's a local pub that serves the freshest pints and crisps around." Ron's eyes twinkled.

"Oh really? And who, may I ask, owns this pub? I find it attractive to see a man in charge."

"Well, in that case…"

It's hard to believe that this all started due to a simple misunderstanding of the escort variety, which now seemed ridiculous to Hermione and certainly not something she would ever live down with Ron. As for Ron, for a reason she still couldn't believe but wouldn't question, he decided to take a chance on her. They both took a chance, not realizing then that they'd be receiving the happiness of a lifetime.

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