When Souta met Leena

"And Souta, don't forget to clean around the well." His mother had said as she left for work. He hated going in there, always had since Kagome had been pulled through seven years ago. He'd be leaving for college in a few days, so there were a lot of Souta dos. He'd all ready repaired the roof on the storage shed, painted the house and more task than he wanted to ever remember. He'd even left this to last hoping it would be to late when he got to it, but no, it was only three in the afternoon. The only good thing to ever come through the well was Inu Yasha. He was stilled pissed at Kagome for sealing it, so he couldn't come visit. He opened the door and started down the stairs, then he heard it, a whimpering coming from the well. The seals were still in place, but he definitely heard something. "Sis is gonna kill me, but that doesn't sound like a demon." He carefully pulled the seals off and opened the well. Shining his flashlight down he saw her, huge green eyes stared up at him from behind silver bangs. The whimpering became soft growls, almost like a puppy. "Hey, don't be scared. I won't hurt you." He started climbing down the rope ladder that had never been removed. "My name's Souta. What's yours?" He reached the bottom and put his hand out to take hers. Her small clawed hand slashed at his leaving a red welt in it's wake. "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, I'm not gonna hurt you." He held his hands out in front of him to show he had no weapons. "You look like Inu Yasha." he whispered.

"Uncle Inu? Where is he?" the little girl whined.

"Inu Yasha's your Uncle?" Souta asked. She nodded. "How did you get here?"

"I fell. Where is Uncle Inu? UNCLE INU!!!!"

"He's not here sweetie. I'll figure out how to get you to your Uncle, I promise. Are you hungry?"

Leena was ashamed of herself, she had been rude in her fear. She could smell no threat from this human. Mommy Sango would have been angry, remembering her manners she answered. "Yes sir. I'm sorry I shouldn't have clawed you." a small fist wiped the tears off her cheek. "My name is Leena."

"Well, Leena, why don't we go get something to eat. Your Uncle Inu's favorite was ramen." 'Uncle Inu huh? So who is your father' Souta smiled as he lifted the girl into his arms, "Ok put your arms around my neck I don't want to drop you while I climb the ladder."

"Ok" Her arms went around his arms and he caught her scent, cherry blossoms, white plum, and childhood innocence. 'You are going to be a heart-breaker when you're older.' her hair was a silken waterfall on chest.

As they approached the house his mother returned. "Shit." he flinched when he realized he'd said it aloud, but she just giggled.

"Souta who is that? My god, she could be..."

"This is Leena, Mom. She's Inu Yasha's niece. Somehow she was at the bottom of the well crying. I think you need to call sis, while I fix her something to eat" His mother nodded and ran to the house. Leena started fidgeting in his arms. He put her down and took the hand she raised up for him to hold. She skipped beside him into the house. Pointing once to the God Tree "Uncle Inu's Tree!" she smiled up at him.

Thirty minutes a very full hanyou girl, looked at the human girl standing before her. "Leena, my name is Kagome. Do you know how you got here?"

"I fell." Leena looked at Kagome, she didn't like her. Oh she knew who Kagome was, Mommy Sango had told her stories about her. She'd hurt Uncle Inu's heart. Leena leaped down and walked to Souta, her bottom lip quivered. Tugging on his jeans she said "I want to go home. I want Uncle Inu."

"Shhhh Leena. I promise we'll get you home." he watched as her ears twitched towards the well.

"Uncle Inu is looking for me."

"You.... you hear him?" Kagome was surprised. "Then we need to get you home." She grabbed for the child intending to pick her and run to the well, but Leena leaped in Souta's surprised arms. Souta quickly wrapped his arms around the girl and ran to the well, he held Leena as Kagome positioned herself for the jump to the past.

"Will I see you again?" Leena asked him.

"Maybe one day. You are hanyou, you may still be alive in this time. I'll tell you what I'll meet you at the Tokyo Tower observation deck on New Years Eve at Midnight. OK?"

"Uh Huh!" She hugged him and leaped into the well. Kagome for the first time saw the well let another pass through, she had just faded into a blue light.

"LEENA!!!! Where the hell are you?" Inu Yasha screamed. If something happened to that girl he was going to kill Shippo he had told the kit to watch her. As he reached the bone eaters well he saw her. She was standing on the rim looking in. "Leena, come here please."

"UNCLE INU!!!" she ran and leaped into his arms. He sniffed her, no injuries and just a slight hint of ... huh?? Ramen and Souta? He walked to the well and looked down, 'Did you open again? And if you did why?'


Many years later
New Years Eve.

Every year. She came every year, most years she didn't tell her Uncle she came, he'd never understand. The wind blew her silver white hair into her face and with it brought a scent she remembered well. She turned and there he was. She looked older than him now, not by much - but for a while she would be accused of robbing the cradle. "Hello Souta."

He turned to the silky voice beside him. There she was, the way he knew she would look. Silver white hair swirled around her face, her green eyes still looked at him behind her bangs. "Leena?" She nodded, "I hadn't dared to hope you'd be here."

"I've been here every year since they completed the tower."

As they spoke they had closed the small distance between them. Her hand came up and touched his shoulder lightly tracing down his arm with one clawed finger. He took a ragged breath and followed the other arm up to her shoulder, then gently he cupped her neck and pulled her to him. He looked into the eyes that he'd fallen in love with when she was a child and pulled her to him his eyes never left hers, giving her every opportunity to say no. His thumb brushed gently across her lips, he felt her shudder. He watched as her eyelids fluttered down and her lips opened. He leaned in and kissed her.