The plan goes off without a hitch, at first. It's easy enough to obtain specimens of Buneary, Mudbray, Mareep, Skiddo, Skitty, and Patrat, either in the wild or from less scrupulous Pokemon breeders. No one really cares about the fate of a few vermin, after all.

After that, it's off to the races. Long hours at their lab, twelve-hour days that sometimes stretch until the break of dawn, conducting experiments. Extracting genes, stressing the donors, and extracting more genes. Looking for some x-factor, some shift that occurs, some genetic expression that happens when a Pokemon uses its unique abilities.

Sometimes the founder feels guilty. When he's jabbing a Buneary with a needle to extract its genes, or watching it collapse into unconsciousness after he commands it to use 'Healing Wish', or measuring just how many Healing Wishes a Buneary can do before it can do nothing more, he feels a twinge of guilt, but he forces it away. Their suffering is inconsequential, he tells himself. There is a greater goal here, an infinite good that justifies this small evil.

Human immortality.

But there are days when his heart is weak, and the bleating of the Mareep and Skiddo and Mudbray, and the mews of the Skitty, and the sad chittering of the Patrat are too much. Those days, he goes outside and goes on long walks, past people going about the business of their lives.

He hears babies crying, and sick people coughing into their masks, smells the ashes of cremation as he walks past hospitals, and his resolve is hardened. And he returns to his work.

And then, after far too much effort, far too much time, far too much death, they come to a major breakthrough.

"Transfer of highly-efficient natural bioluminescence from Mareep to Skiddo," his co-founder proudly announces. "It works in-vitro. It's time to test whether the effect works in-vivo."

One of their underlings frowns. "What will that do?"

"In theory—in theory—it'll allow for naturally-sustaining perpetual health. The natural bioluminescence should allow Skiddo's natural animal photosynthesis to function at a far more efficient rate, allowing for near-constant accelerated healing."

"But what about Conservation of Energy?" says another underling. A relatively new hire, if the founder remembers correctly. Probably a student of the traditional sciences, the ones that try to explain the natural world while conveniently ignoring Pokemon. The science of Newton and Edison and Dirac, not of Oak and Juniper and Sycamore. They would have to be, to ask such a basic question.

"When we're talking Pokemon," he says, "energy conservation goes out the window. When a Mareep uses Flash, the amount of energy it emits as light in a second is about 20 kilocalories. The average Mareep can sustain this output for at least an hour on end. That's over seventy thousand kilocalories, nowhere near enough for the average diet of a Mareep. Whatever mechanism enables bioluminescence is insanely efficient, if not outright breaking thermodynamics. If we transplant that to a Skiddo, we'd almost certainly see a massive increase in the efficiency of the Skiddo's photosynthesis. And if we could transfer this effect in general to a more intelligent actor…"

"The scientific consensus is that the Pokemon abilities have something to do with Infinity Energy," his cofounder says. "I'll send you the research the Devon Corporation's made public on it. So we're not breaking thermodynamics so much as… cheating a little. In the same way that Pokemon do."

"So our next steps," the founder says, "Are to create a viable Skiddo embryo in vitro, and then transplant it into a Mareep or Skiddo host for birth."

There's suddenly a burst of terrified bleating. It's as if the Mareep and Skiddo have heard their plan, and now fear for their lives. But the founder dismisses these thoughts.

"It's okay," he says. "They're just Pokemon. They probably don't understand what we're saying."

The bleating doesn't stop – if anything, it grows louder – but it's enough to calm all of his workers down.

"So to celebrate being on the cusp of the future, I propose a toast!" he says, as he pulls out a bottle of champagne.

Their revels stretch long into the night; tomorrow's dawn will begin a new age for mankind.