ok, so here we go with a new story that i hope people will like this is a x male child reader so if you don't like that don't read also I don't own Fairy tail it belongs to its rightful owner Hiro Mashima.




Magnolia Forest September 26 x895

8:00 pm (darker than Normal)

(Mairy's Pov)

I was running through the forest trying to get somewhere I knew that (y/n) would be safe once I was close I stopped and the river and pulled out two keys a silver one and a gold one

"Open gate of the little doggy Nichola and open gate of the water bearer Aquarius," I said with a golden light two beings appear a little dog pink with a purple nose and a mermaid with a water urn appears "Luna, Aquarius I need you to keep going about 2 miles north of here you will find a house there I need you to get (y/n) there he will be safe there I need him to get there he will be safe I know cause he will be with one of your former masters before I found your key Aquarius," I said looking down at (y/n) in my arms as this was most likely gonna be the last time I see him I'm sad but I know that this is the best for him it was the only way I could assure his safety

"Mairy I refuse I won't leave you here to die send Luna with (y/n) Luna can get him there I will help protect you send my key with them that way I can stay with you and help you I would feel worst if I didn't at least try to help you out," Aquarius said

"Aquarius I'm sorry but I need you to go with Luna And (y/n) need you more than I do please just go with them protect them I know you can and I know that I'm sending all 3 of you to a good place just please go you know just as well as I do (y/n) has a great amount of magic despite only being a few months old," I said starting to get tears in my eyes at the fact that I am having to say goodbye to three of the most precious people in my life

"Ok but I'm not happy I will keep (y/n) safe," Aquarius said to me

"thank you please just get (y/n) there and he will be safe," I said and with that, I hand (y/n) to Aquarius and after Luna and Aquarius start to run/float away Aquarius gives one more look back to see me running the opposite direction than them to go and keep the Dark guild that was after them away as long as I could with what I had left

(Aquarius's pov)

I could feel Mairy's power starting to waiver so I started using my magic to keep me and Luna out to make sure that we would get to where Mairy wanted us to get to

"Luna I can see a light up ahead that is where Mairy wants us to get (y/n) too ok," I tell Luna making sure to keep my voice down to not to wake up (y/n) we got to the door of the house and I knock and then I hear a voice that I had not heard in the past three years "Coming" a few seconds later the door open's and I see Lucy

(Lucy's pov)

"Can I help… Aquarius" I shouted the last part after seeing Aquarius

"Shhhhh," Aquarius said motioning down to (y/n) "Please can we come in"

"Oh yeah please come I don't want that little guy to catch a cold," I say noticing the small (h/c) boy in Aquarius are I moved so Aquarius and Luna can come in they then walk to the living room where Natsu and Happy were sitting

"Who was it, Lucy," Natsu says then see Aquarius And Luna behind me and before he can say anything else I just put my finger over my mouth and points at (y/n)

(No pov)

"Is there anywhere I can put him so that we do not disturb his sleep" Aquarius ask's

"Yeah he can sleep in the guest room fallow me," Lucy says She then show's Aquarius to a room with a medium-sized bed and a small dresser Aquarius bring (y/n) to the bed and puts him in the middle

"Luna stay with him ok," Aquarius says to the little spirit she then lifts Luna onto the bed and grabs the 2 keys Luna is holding and put her next to (y/n) Lucy And Aquarius then walk out of the room and gently close the door

"So Aquarius you care to explain why you brought a kid who no more the 3 months to my house at 11 at night? " Lucy asks looking at Aquarius

"I will but we should go to the living room then I can explain to all three of you at the same time," Aquarius says and with that Lucy and Aquarius walk back to the living room where Natsu and Happy were still sitting

"Ok, now that we're all here can you explain why you brought a Kid who can be no older than 3 months to our house at 11 at night ?" Natsu asked

"Yes first off I should tell you his name is (y/n) and he is acutely only 12 weeks old," Aquarius says she then looks out the window and frowns "He lived with his mother Mairy until tonight they were attacked by a dark guild, so she started running when she got about 2 miles from here she stopped at the river and opened both Luna and my gates and told us to continue for 2 miles and that we would see a house she then started running back towards the dark guild so that Luna and I could get as far away as possible and as close to your house as possible with (y/n)"

"If Mairy is fighting a dark guild then we have to go and help her," Natsu said well standing

"Natsu sit down it's no use I could feel her magic being drained and so I started to use my magic to keep Luna and me in your world so we could get (y/n) here she already died she died so that (y/n) could live," Aquarius said with a frown Natsu then sat down with a look of anger and sadness

"Wait so are you saying that (y/n) mother is dead?" Lucy asked

"Unfortunately yes but I can tell this is what Mairy would have wanted for y/n and I'm also sure she would have wanted me and Luna to make new contracts with you" Aquarius say she then look directly at Lucy "So Lucy I would like to remake are original contract on one account when (y/n) is old enough by your determination I want you to give him Luna's and my keys I don't care if you give him any other ones but at least the two of ours when he is ready"

"Ok Aquarius I agree to the contract," Lucy said she then shook hands with Aquarius

"I am going to check on (y/n) then I am going to return to the spirit world with Luna holding both of us here is extremely difficult on my magic not to hold Luna but Luna on top of myself for the past 3 hours does start to put a strain," Aquarius says she then floats down to the room where (y/n) and Luna were she see (y/n) asleep hugging Luna she then picked the two of them up and took Luna out of (y/n) grip placed a kiss on his forehead and placed him down on the bed and headed back to the spirit world with Luna

Time skip

September 27 x795

6:34 am

(Lucy Pov)

I woke up hearing (y/n) crying which means what happened last night was not a dream and that Aquarius did bring a 12 week old to my house I sent Happy to sleep with (y/n) so that he would have at least someone in there with him in case something happened I get to the door of the guest room and open and see Happy trying (and failing) to calm (y/n) down so I go in pick (y/n) up and start to rock him in my arms he soon calms down enough to the point I can carry him to the kitchen to get him something to eat "there we go now let's get you something to eat" I said

"I know let's get him some fish" Happy said with well a happy voice

"Happy he is less than three months he can't eat fish yet," I told him I walk into the kitchen and put (y/n) down on the counter next to me grab a bowl and some peaches I cut and mashed them up and then I walk over and pick him up I then walk over to the couch and sit down and start to feed him

"So Lucy what are we going to do with him?" Happy asked looking at (y/n) who was happily eating the mashed peach that I was feeding him

"Isn't it obvious me and Natsu will raise him as if he was our kid" I said noticing that (y/n) had finished the mashed peaches I was feeding him so I put the bowl down and bounced him on my lap "We will have help from the guild hopefully

"Ok" Happy said as he landed next to after taking the bowl to the sink for me he then turned to (y/n) and covered his eyes (y/n) was confused at first but then Happy removed his hand and said "peek-a-boo" (y/n) gilled so Happy continued to do it till (y/n) started to fall asleep on me I noticed this and laid down with (y/n) on top of my stomach and Happy next to my head

Time skip

8:06 am

(Natsu Pov)

I woke up and noticed that Lucy was not in the bed next to me I did not find this strange as she would often get up early and work on her novel so I got up and got dressed I walked into the living room to see Lucy sleeping on the couch with Happy next to her head and (y/n) on her stomach I then remember the events of last night and grow a small frown from remembering what Aquarius told us. "Hey Happy," I said well patting him on the head to wake him up

"Ugh Natsu what time is it?" Happy asked me still sounding tired

"A little past 8 am buddy mind coming to talk to me outside so we don't wake up Lucy and (y/n)" I said making sure I don't say it too loud as to not wake (y/n) and Lucy up

"Sure Natsu" Happy said when he started to fly next to me we then go outside and sit on the chairs we have out there "So what do you want to talk about"

"First, why were Lucy, (y/n) and you sleeping on the couch?" I ask him

"Well (y/n) woke up Lucy walked into me trying but falling to calm him down so she came in and calmed him down she then brought him to the kitchen made him some mashed peaches and feed him on the couch after he had finished eating I played peekaboo with him till he started to fall asleep so Lucy laid down with y/n on her stomach and I fell asleep next to her head" happy explained what had happened earlier that morning

"Ok thanks for explaining second what do you think of (y/n) being your younger brother cause me and Lucy already talked and we are officially adopting him," I said remembering what Lucy and I had talked about the night before hearing that he will officially have a little brother he got little sparkles in his eyes

"I'm gonna be a big brother yey," Happy said well flying in a circle around me

"Calm down buddy," I said trying to calm him down before he woke up Lucy and (y/n) "Also one last question how long has she been asleep on the couch"

"Since a little bit before 7" Happy told me I just nod and then ask him

"What do you say about walking her up so we can go and show the guild the new addition to the family," I said with my natural huge smile on my face

"Yeah I can't wait to show the guild my new baby brother come one let's go," Happy said starting to fly to the guild before he could get too far from me I grab his tail so he didn't go and start yelling and the guild and making them confused

"Um buddy first we need to wake up Lucy and (y/n) remember" Happy just stop and looks at me the puts the face he normally gets when he does something stupid

"I may have forgotten that they weren't out here with us," Happy says well landing on my shoulder so he didn't need to keep using his wing

"Come on buddy let's go inside and wake them up," I tell him and with that, we walk back in to wake up Lucy and (y/n)

(Lucy pov)

I woke up to the door opening and Natsu and Happy walking in "morning guys" I say loud enough for them to hear me but not enough to wake up (y/n)

"Morning Lucy," they say but still quiet enough not to wake up (y/n)

"So how long do you think it will take you to get ready so we can go to the guild and tell them about (y/n)?" Natsu asked me

"Maybe five-ten minutes top ok," I tell them standing up and handing (y/n) to Natsu I then head of to our room and change into my red hearts Kurtz shirt brown skirt knee-high boots and finally my belt with my gate keys on one side and whip on the other when I walk out I see it took me 5 minutes to get I see Natsu just sitting on the couch making sure (y/n) doesn't wake up "k Natsu, Happy we can head to the guild and tell them about (y/n) and see what master says," I say and with that Natsu, stand's up Happy land on his shoulder and he hands me (y/n)

Time / Location change

8:43 am

(Lucy's pov)

"Hey Happy can you fly in and get master to get the guild to be quiet I don't want (y/n) to get scared cause they are being crazy," I ask him bouncing (y/n) who had woken up on the walk to the guild

"Sure Luce you want to come back out after they calm down and tell you two?" Happy asked me

"Yes please happy," I tell him he the fly's in "so how do you think the guild will respond to us bringing a baby with us," I ask Natsu

"Well Gray and Erza will freak out at me Mira will ask how she never noticed you pregnant Cana will just say some nonsense Wendy will be happy Elfman will tell how manly it is Lissanna will be happy like Wendy and master will be surprised then Happy and at least one person will faint," Natsu says as he holds out a hand so (y/n) can play with it

"Wow you have this all planned," I say laughing at the way that (y/n) put Natsu's fingers in his mouth

"Natsu Lucy you can come in," Happy says flying out and landing on Natsu's shoulder

"Thanks, Happy," I say and Natsu and I walk in and immediately Gray and Erza saw (y/n) in my arms

"Natsu why is Lucy holding a baby," Erza says well glaring at me

"Wait Natsu and Lucy have a baby how did I never notice," Mira says in a very happy voice

"Way to go Natsu a finally did it" Cana just say in her drunk voice

"Way to go Natsu and Lucy," Wendy says in her voice

"Having a kid is manly" Elfman says

"Good for you two," Lissanna says

"Ah so this is why Happy wanted me to get the guild to calm down but good for you two" master says

"Erza before you kill my husband let us explain who this little guy is and why he is with us," I say directly at her so she knows I'm not joking

"Ok then go on explain," Erza says

"Well first their name is (y/n) second they are not our biological son third their mother was killed by a dark guild and fourth he is with us because his mom sent Aquarius and Luna to our house so that he would be safe," I say hearing what I said about (y/n)'s mother the guild got a sad look and a lot quieter other the occasional laugh from (y/n) from me still bouncing him

"Wait Lucy you said that (y/n)'s mother sent Aquarius to bring (y/n) to you so does that mean you got her key back?" Levy asked me holding her daughter Gale on her lap

"Yes I got her key and made a contract that I could summon her whenever as long as I give her and Luna's key to (y/n) when I think he is ready speaking of which open gate of the little doggy Nichola" after saying that the little dog pink with a purple nose appears next to me as soon as (y/n) sees Luna on the ground he starts to reach wanting to be put down so that he could play with Luna so I place him down next to Luna and they start to just play with each other on the ground

"Lucy, Natsu can you two follow me into my office please?" Master asked us looking down at (y/n) with a look I could not place

(no pov)

"Sure Gramps Happy stay here and watch (y/n)" Natsu say and with that Natsu and Lucy follow master Mocarov into his office he sits down in his chair and Natsu and Lucy sit down in the chairs across from his desk "so what did you want to talk about," Natsu ask him

"Well I'm not sure if you noticed but despite his age, I can feel a magic in him that there should be no way his body could handle at this age," Master says thing and trying to figure out what the power could be

"Master I'm not sure exactly what you mean but if you want I can summon Aquarius and she may be able to answer some questions we have" lucy says

"Yes that would be greatly appreciated my child I have a few things I would like to ask her" Macarov said sitting back in his chair well lucy opens Aquarius's gate

"Open gate of the water barre Aquarius" Lucy said and with that a bright light appeared and then Aquarius showed up

"What do you want, I was on a date with my boyfriend" Aquarius said annoyed at Lucy

"Aquarius I was the one who asked her to summon you I would like to talk" makarov said leaning forward in his seat "Natsu, Lucy can please leave so i can talk to Aquarius alone"

"Sure master come on Natsu let's go make sure happy isn't trying to feed fish to (y/n)" lucy said getting up and walking to the door with Natsu

"So what did you want to talk about Makarov" Aquarius said looking at Makarov

"I'm sure you felt it to (y/n) has i magic that is not natural to his body he got it from somewhere else i was wondering if you know where and what it was" Makarov said with a stern voice that Aquarius know he meant business

"Ok but you can not tell Anyone else at least not yet ok" Aquarius said not wanting anyone else to know what she was about to tell Makarov especially not Natsu

"Ok one sec" Macarov said getting up from his seat quickly "silence area" Macarov casted the spell to make it so no one outside of the room would hear what Aquarius had to say after the spell was done he retook his seat

"Ok so when (y/n) was about 6 or so weeks old his biological father forced a celestial dragon slayer Lacrima into his eye I have no idea why all I know is that it guarantees he will be able to you celestial spirit magic and his celestial dragon slayer magic" Aquarius said with a bit of bitterness about talking about (y/n)'s father

"Aquarius I just have one last question what is(y/n)'s father 's name? We know his mother's name but not his father" Macarov asked that he needed to know to make sure her could keep (y/n) safe from his Father

"His name is Gwyn or as he calls himself Ruler of the underworld cause his magic is to summon demon to fight alongside him he is also the master of the dark guild demon's strike" Aquarius said remembering his name all to well from the amount of time she had to protect (y/n) and mariy from him before he brought more than just himself last night to take (y/n) from mairy permanently

"So that explains a lot about (y/n)'s past and why you didn't want anyone else hearing this but still to think 6 weeks old to have a lacrima force in his eye you can go back to the celestial realm aquarius i have something i need to think about" Makarov said and with that Aquarius left 'so the Ruler of the underworld returns i thought i was done with you years ago how are you alive you were in your forties at least when we last met and that was almost 70 years ago' Makarov thought to himself remembering the last time he had fought against him he was able to just barely get out of there with his life from that mission he thought for sure they would be dead by now but apparently he is still kicking and has a 3 month old son 'this is more than just one fight if he appears the guild is in for a war even worse then even Alvarez was