Like many, I suspect, Midnight Sun sent me down a rabbit hole of rereading all the books. While I was on this ride, I couldn't help but notice how sexually frustrated poor Bella was. This story is me having some fun with that, an attempt at character-driven smut: Bella's fantasies from when she was human and Edward's reaction to them, leading to an excavation of his own sexual desires and kinks.

For the purposes of this fic, the prompt I gave myself entails that I change nothing from how things unfolded in the original saga. This story takes place the spring after Breaking Dawn ends, and could be considered canon compliant from the standpoint that it doesn't contradict anything that happens in the books and draws on them heavily as the basis for Bella's various fantasies. That said, I still can't imagine Stephenie would approve. As a heads up, Renesmee is mentioned and acknowledged, but doesn't participate in the story at all, and likewise for most characters of the Twilight-verse. The Cullens all do appear, and some of them even get to make significant contributions to certain chapters, but this story is primarily focused on just two characters: Edward and Bella.

Most of this fic is them having sex, going on dates, goofing off, and finally digging into some hard conversations. Every chapter includes varying degrees of smut, and there is a high proportion of both fluff and angst. If that sounds appealing to you, welcome, I hope you enjoy!

**Disclaimer: The characters and situations of the Twilight Saga depicted in this story are the legal property of Stephenie Meyer, Summit Entertainment, and Little, Brown & Company, and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.

**Rated M for: Sexual content in every chapter, including some vampire fetishism and light BDSM—particularly kinks related to biting; some language.

Chapter 1: Meadow

She made the first move.

Not in the least bit surprising—that was often the case when it came to sex. Maybe because I had devoted so many minutes of my long, long years, before her and after her, to self-control. Sexual thoughts were to be pushed aside, denied, regulated. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her, or do something I would regret. It was hard to just shut that off, to unlearn it. Bella would press her body into mine, or whisper in my ear that she wanted me, and I had to remind myself that it was okay. There was no danger to her. Sometimes it felt like I was trying to deprogram myself.

It was easy in the bedroom, or really any other room of the little house Esme had renovated for us. The cottage was clean of memories of a time before. In our bedroom, we were and had always been married; she was and had always been a vampire. It was our separate world.

We'd had sex elsewhere too. Enough, in fact, that Emmett was starting to think we were challenging his record. But she usually initiated it, and I had to overcome that initial hitch in my movement, the alarm bells, the anxiety. For a fraction of a second, I was the old Edward who needed to be wound with tight resolve at all times for her safety, but I wouldn't show it. I couldn't. Bella would misconstrue the reason, and she should never feel unwanted.

I was getting better at mastering that hesitation. At least, I thought I was.

She sighed contentedly beside me. "I've missed this place."

I couldn't help the grin. I felt the same. It was nice to be back in our meadow. "It's been too long," I agreed.

We were lying side by side under the overcast sky, tall grass overgrown around us, spring flowers in bloom. I watched a bumblebee lumber through the air above me as I turned my head to look at her. The fingers of my left hand and her right were intertwined and had been for the last hour. Her periwinkle blouse was spattered with blood from our hunt, and her jeans had a tear near the ankle. She was self-conscious that she couldn't hunt as cleanly as I did yet, and I was careful not to tease her about it.

"We've been busy." She fingered my wedding band.

A gross understatement. The wedding, the honeymoon, Renesmee, Bella's transition to vampire life…the Volturi. But the past few months had been quiet, and I was starting to hope that maybe Bella and I were finding our normal.

"Last time we were here…" I sighed. The memories were unpleasant.

"You almost made love to me."

I jolted. I was going to say that last time we were here, so much was uncertain. Our lives had been in near constant turmoil for so long, and Victoria had been dead less than a week. So many hurdles stretched before us, and I wasn't sure if any of the decisions I was making were the right ones. I had been so worried for our future. Of course, Bella's mind was ever the unexpected and baffling puzzle. She remembered so differently from me, focused on such different things.

"That's a bit of an exaggeration." I hadn't so much as gotten a single button of her blouse undone before she'd stopped my seduction.

She huffed. "Wishful thinking on my part, I admit it."

I blinked. Then, I propped myself up on my right elbow so that I could have a clear view of her over the grass and wild daisies. "You said you wanted me to stop."

Her amber eyes glowed with mischief, but she agreed. "Yes, I did. And I did want you to stop, for the record. It was the right choice, and I don't regret it."

But there was something she wasn't saying, and when I gazed at her steadily, she conceded.

Bella rose to a seated position beside me. "Back when I was human," she confessed, a little of her old familiar shyness creeping into her expression, "I would sometimes wonder about what would have happened if I hadn't stopped you."

I broke eye contact and I sat up too, releasing her hand. "Like, if I would have hurt you?"

"You never would have hurt me."

As always, she refused to entertain the possibility, but I knew better.

"And why on earth would I fantasize about that?" she scoffed.

I paused. "What do you mean by fantasize?" It was a very…suggestive word, especially given the context.

She laughed nervously. I met her eyes again and marveled at what I saw. If my Bella could, she would be blushing. She didn't get like this as often as she used to, but direct conversations about sex still brought it out of her. When she finally answered me, it was in a whisper. "What do you think I mean?"

She bit her lip and I might have pounced on her if she hadn't suddenly straightened.

"Here," she said, her feather-light caress coming to either side of my face. "Let me show you." She breathed the words—there was no volume to them at all.

My whole body tensed with anticipation, with pleasure. I knew where this was going. Getting to hear Bella's thoughts would never cease to be thrilling, no matter how mundane or inconsequential, and I had a feeling what she was about to share now would be anything but.

Bella's brow furrowed while she concentrated.

A moment of blankness, quiet, and then the images flooded. Bella impatiently clawing at the buttons of my shirt while I kissed her neck. Me rending fabric between the cups of her bra in two rather than working the clasp. Bella rolling her hips up into mine while I worked the button of her jeans between our bodies. Bella's body naked in the sun, my skin throwing prisms of light over her nipples, her belly, as I lowered myself over her. And then I was thrusting, my lips on hers, her hands in my hair.

But these were a fantasy tableau. They were blurry and dreamy, like watercolor, lacking the visceral detail of reality because they had never happened. They weren't the only thoughts Bella was sending me though. They were accompanied by more concrete flashes of a dark room with a familiar ceiling, the sound of rain against the roof. Sheets moved against bare skin and a lovely body strained against exploring fingers, chasing pleasure, release. Strangled gasps, moans. Then a hungry whimper—my name. It was a memory. A memory of Bella touching herself while she thought of me taking her in the meadow.

I couldn't even begin to describe the noise that ripped from my throat. All I knew was that what Bella had just sent me was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I abruptly had to reach down and adjust myself in my pants.

Bella's face came back into focus, her fingers trembling as she dropped her hands. I could see she was embarrassed, but she was also very pleased with my reaction.

"I can't believe I did that," she said, followed by a breathless kind of laugh. Her eyes lingered on the front of my pants, where my hand still rested. "I think I picked the right one."

"The right one?"

She shrugged, her exhilaration evident. "I had more than one meadow fantasy to choose from. But I didn't think you would appreciate the one I had about the first time we came here."

The first time? As in, a sexual fantasy about the day I had showed her what I looked like in the sun and almost killed her? That was insanity. But, of course, by now I was well used to Bella not reacting with fear and disgust when she should. Some of what I was thinking must have shown on my face, because she turned defiant.

"You brought me here alone, completely at your mercy, and spent the day with your chest naked. Like that wasn't going to trigger a sexual awakening in me."

Well, when she put it like that…. Nonetheless, "It wouldn't have gone that way. If I had gotten that close to you that day, if I had loosened my control even a little."

"I know." She was serious now. "But, come on. You can imagine why this meadow always came to mind while I was thinking of us taking that step, right? For a long time, I was absolutely certain I would lose my virginity to you right here in the grass. I always thought it would be here."

That gave me pause. My arousal had dimmed and I was rubbing my face. Damn. Had I screwed up? Taken something from her by not consulting her about where we would spend our honeymoon?

But Bella caught me out. "I know what you are thinking, Edward Cullen, and don't you dare. That was the best night of my life. Don't you go regretting a second of it."

I smiled at her wryly. Of course, she would be comforting me about this.

"It wasn't as though I had my heart set on the meadow or anything," she clarified. "I'm practical enough to know that a bed is better for a first time, especially given all the things we had to consider above the norm. When I tried to seduce you, it was in a bed, remember?"

I did remember. With or without my perfect recall, every second of that night would have been emblazoned on my memory. Saying no to her had been almost as difficult as resisting her blood. Almost. I had been lucky that overcoming my bloodlust had honed my self-denial. I had been terrified about what giving in would mean for her safety. I still hadn't been sure that it would even be possible for us at that point. My human girlfriend wanted to have sex with me, and I wanted it, too. God help me, but I wanted it bad. I had promised her I would try, and I made that promise with full intention of keeping my word, but research was needed first.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much. All the legends, all the diaries in Carlisle's study, detailed only instances of the human dying or left grievously injured. But it had to be possible. Tanya, Kate, and Irina had all managed it. After years of practice and trial and error that had resulted in some casualties, I reminded myself. Besides, they were all female, which made the role that they were playing in the act…mechanically different from the one I would be taking on. Freezing like a statue and letting Bella…do what she will…was always an option, if I could stand it. But how could that be anything other than a disappointing experience for her? She had begged me. Surely, whatever she was picturing involved my participation. After a week of scouring the weirdest fringes of Carlisle's library, I had resigned myself that I would need to ask him.

To avoid the curious ears of the rest of my family, I chose his office at the hospital as the venue for this conversation. Of course, he knew something had been troubling me. After nearly a hundred years, Carlisle read me well, but he still hadn't been prepared for what I was going to ask.

"Bella and I have been talking about her upcoming transformation. I want to make sure that she won't sacrifice any human experiences that are important to her."

Carlisle had nodded with approval. That's wise, he thought.

Here, I froze. The horrifying words lodged in my throat. His patient expression had changed to concern by the time I blurted, "She wants to have sex. With me. Before I turn her."

"Ah," he managed after a moment. His thoughts scrambled as he tried to formulate a diplomatic response.

"I know—it's a bad idea. I agree with you completely."

Carlisle sighed. "But?"

I grimaced. "It's all she wants."

His kind eyes softened. "Edward, I know how you feel. I understand that you want to give Bella everything she asks for, but it is probably better to explore other options in this case."

"I promised her."

Carlisle took a moment to gather himself. So, that's that then. He cleared his throat. Where to start? "Is Bella experienced?" he asked with all the candor and neutrality of a doctor gathering relevant information from a patient.

I shook my head, then admitted, "We're both virgins."

He nodded. I had just confirmed something he had suspected about me but not known for certain. But we both knew I didn't need The Talk. I had been wandering the world for a century with access to the thoughts of everyone around me. If anything, I knew more than he did. In the theoretical. In practice, well…. That was the issue, wasn't it? This was not an area of my life where I had ever explored the edges of my limits. How could I know where the line was if I had never been close to it before? It wasn't knowledge of sex I lacked, but knowledge of self.

He studied me while I brooded, and to my surprise, he was becoming more optimistic. Maybe. Maybe with careful consideration it will be all right. She inspires such tenderness and restraint in him. "Perhaps there is an existing blueprint we might use. How did you come to master your thirst while with her?"

"A world where she doesn't exist is not an option," I said simply. "The thirst is agony, but it means she's alive and safe."

That answer shored up his confidence further. "Use what you've learned there. I believe it will carry you through. And then there are the practical considerations."

"Practical considerations?"

His manner was matter-of-fact. "She should be on top, especially at first. It's a good position for virgins generally and will let her set the pace rather than you, which is ideal in this situation. The risk posed by your teeth and venom is likely too great for any kind of oral foreplay. Your fingers will do fine, and you have practice touching her without hurting her. And if her hymen is intact, it may be a good idea to have her break it ahead of time. There's no reason to compound your difficulty by introducing blood to the occasion."

Every word of that would have been mortifying if it had been anyone other than Carlisle saying it. In the moment, I was just grateful. He thought I could do it, and he was giving me pragmatic advice, as though everything was going to be fine.

And it was, mostly. At least, no one died. I took his advice, followed it to the letter, and made it through—tearing sheets, biting pillows, and cracking the headboard as she rode me through the greatest pleasure I'd ever known. I'd rolled us over so that I was on top at the end, to finish us both off. But I hadn't been able to keep my hands off of her completely, and it turned out my touch wasn't always as gentle as Carlisle had assumed. I'd hurt her.

"Besides," Bella was saying, "it all worked out. I wouldn't trade our honeymoon on Isle Esme for anything. Our first time was perfect."

We were not in agreement there, I thought darkly. The bruises covering her body the morning after would haunt me always, no matter what she said.

"It was perfect," she insisted as though I had spoken my misgivings aloud. She knew me too well. "And it was in a bed, in warm Brazil, so what do I know? If we'd done it here, with my luck, I probably would have gotten poison ivy and tick bites, shivering the entire time. Maybe even sprained my ankle on the hike back for good measure."

I laughed in spite of myself. I definitely did not miss how breakable she used to be.

I leaned over and caressed her cheek, pressing a kiss onto the bridge of her nose. "You're right. I just hate the idea of you missing out on anything you wanted."

Her eyes roved my face, a set coming to her jaw that I recognized. She was gathering courage. "Who's to say I have to miss out? We're here now, aren't we?"

"Yes, we are." At the invitation in her words, I was getting hard again, already visualizing how I would tackle her to the grass. But I was also a little confused. Bella didn't usually have to psych herself up to initiate sex with me, especially not when we were alone. Was I missing something?

"What would you like me to do?"

She worried her lip again, but there was elation in her eyes. I let her arrange my limbs until I was sitting just so, and I held the position obediently. Bella stood, brushed the grass from her jeans and then lowered herself into my lap, her knees on either side of my hips. She plucked her wedding ring off her finger, then gave me a significant look as she slipped it into my pocket. She wrapped her arms around my neck, a giddy kind of a smile on her lips.

When I didn't understand immediately, she prompted, "Familiar?"

And then it came to me: the meadow setting, her ring in my pocket, the two of us sitting just like this as I told her that it worried me how everything she was doing was to please other people—her parents, Jacob, Alice, and, most of all, me. I felt guilty for making so many demands of her, and I would release her from all of them: she didn't have to marry me, she didn't have to wait years to become a vampire, or go to college, or any of it. In contrast to all my demands, she had asked one thing of me and I would honor that. I would give her the human experience she couldn't bear to give up. I would make love to her.

This was where she had stopped me before, almost two years ago.

My eyes widened.

"What? It might be fun." She said it like it didn't matter to her either way, but I could tell from the vibration of excitement in her every movement that she wanted this.

I pieced together what she was suggesting. "You mean…? Like, pretend?"

"Yes. It's two years ago. You're planning to seduce me, and this time, I'm going to let you." Her voice had that husky tenor that always tipped me off when she was wet.

Just like that, I was hers. "Where do we start?"

She reached between our bodies and lifted my hand, separating and extending my index finger while she balled the rest. "You're going to put your finger against my lips and say, 'Don't worry, Bella love. I haven't forgotten my promise.' Then you are going to kiss me."

Her human memory of my line wasn't exact, but I wasn't going to correct her. At the time, I had been determined even though my insides were in agitated knots, but now, it was hard not to feel playful, not to just revel in pleasing my horny wife.

I did as she asked, placing my finger on her soft lips. "Don't worry, Bella love. I haven't forgotten my promise." I tried to fill my gaze with the promise of all of the pleasure I was going to give her in this meadow today.

She visibly trembled as I pulled her close and kissed her. Her needy whimper was sharp as my fingers wound into the curtains of her hair, her lips returning the kiss. She was clutching me in that way that used to make me worry she wasn't breathing. Every inch of my body was thrilling at her enthusiasm.

I rolled both of us to the grass, cradling her body beneath mine and settling my weight between her thighs. My kisses trailed to her chin, her throat. The entire length of me was pressing into the entire length of her. Her neck arched to meet my lips. I marveled at the way this felt now; I remembered the way this had felt then. How on earth had I ever managed to stop?

"Stop, Edward. Wait!"

Ah, yes. I recall now. No matter how far gone I was, those words, that voice, would always be able to cut through my haze. I clenched a fist full of grass, forced one calming breath through my lungs, then two. I reined myself in and raised myself off her. But her hands clung to the fabric of my sleeves on each arm, keeping me from getting too far away.

Concerned, I searched her face and saw only hunger. Her rich brown hair was splayed on the grass behind her.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She closed her eyes and groaned. "You're supposed to say, 'Why?'"

Wait. Were we still playing? "I thought you said you weren't going to stop me this time."

"I'm not. I just want to get to a certain part."

The absurdity of the situation was starting to get to me and I couldn't help but laugh. "How am I supposed to know that? You didn't tell me how far we are taking this. You say stop, I'm going to stop."

Bella smiled affectionately. "I appreciate that. You're right." She lifted her body up on her elbow. "How about this—in the future, if I want you to really stop, I'll say—" her eyes cast about the meadow "—fern. I'll say fern."

Lord help us. "Do…we have a safe word now? Is that what just happened?"

Bella dropped back down into the grass, looking pleased with herself. "Yes, we do. Either of us can use it."

The thought sent a shiver of anticipation through me, half excitement, half apprehension. What was she getting me into?

"So," I drew a shaky breath and lowered my body back down onto hers, "my line is 'Why?'"

She nodded. "And then I say, 'I'm not sure.'"

She'd lost me again. "That isn't what you said."

Bella rolled her eyes and grumbled about vampire memories. "It doesn't matter. I'm not stopping you this time."

"But if you say, 'I'm not sure,' then my next line doesn't make sense."

Her shoulders shrugged against the grass. "Then skip it."

I took in how taut with expectation she was, how shy her expression had gotten, and then I understood. "This next line of mine, after the one I'm skipping, it's the one you want, isn't it?" The inspiration for all her fantasies about that day.

She didn't have to confirm it for me to know I was right. She placed an unsteady hand on my chest, over my heart. "Say it now like you said it then. Please."

I took myself back to that moment. I dug deep for the emotion, the need, that had inspired the words. It wasn't difficult. "I love you. I want you. Right now."

And then I did something I had wanted to do two years ago but hadn't dared. I pressed the full length of my erection between her legs. The noise Bella made was not something I had ever heard before, and if I didn't know better, I would have worried she was about to pass out. I kissed her back to responsiveness.

"Edward, oh, Edward," she gasped against my mouth, her hips frantically rolling upward, into me. "That was perfect—yes…yes."

"What's next?" I asked raggedly.


"In the script, what's next?"

"Nothing. We're off script. Now you have your way with me."

I heard a tearing sound, and chuckled breathlessly when I realized it was my shirt. She was shredding it in her impatience. It reminded me of something. True, we were past the point of where we left off in our memory, but that didn't mean there was no script to follow. I thought of that perfect human girl, masturbating in her bed, grabbing a free moment when I was not around for some release. She deserved to have her dream become a reality.

So, it was with purpose that I gripped the hem of her blouse and whipped it over her head and off in one move.

"Careful," she gasped. "I'm human, remember?"

"Human?" I taunted, gesturing to the tattered shreds of my shirt.

Bella gave me an imploring look and I conceded the point. She was right—we were still playing.

I shrugged out of what was left of my poor shirt and let it drop to the ground, leaving me bare from the waist up. Then, I trailed an index finger from her bellybutton up to her sternum, sliding it under the connecting fabric between the cups of her white satin bra. I paused, holding eye contact with her, letting the moment take on meaning, letting it dawn on her what I was doing. With a flick of my wrist, the fabric tore with a snapping sound, the cups flying open, revealing Bella's delicate pink nipples. Her response was such a lovely whimper. I took her mouth with mine while I worked her arms through the straps of her bra and tossed it away.

I cupped each breast and brushed the nipples with the pads of my thumbs, back and forth with excruciating slowness, the way I knew she liked. In my periphery, I could see Bella's hands pawing at the grass, tearing up clumps to the root. I kissed the lines of her collarbones, the swells of her breasts. I didn't suckle or lick the way I did now; instead, I worshiped her chest the way I had on our honeymoon, when she was still human—venom saliva minimal and teeth never exposed. I was on my best behavior now, playing by the rules.

With an aim to recreate the picture from her fantasy precisely, I murmured a command in her ear, "Hump me, Bella."

She whimpered and did as I instructed, the pulsing pressure against my erection the most excruciating kind of blissful torture. I reached between us and my hands went to work on the fastenings of Bella's jeans. When I had the button open, zipper down, I straightened up. I reached behind me for Bella's feet, locked there as a result of her legs holding my hips in a vice. I removed her shoes and then hitched her legs up from around my hips, so that they were in front of me, her toes pointing at the sky. In a gentle, deliberate motion, I slid her jeans and underwear over her curves, down her legs, and off. They were tossed the way of her bra. I spread her legs and lowered them again on either side of me.

I gazed adoringly down at the sight. Bella was naked, a wanton creature of erotic myth in grass before me. Breathtakingly beautiful, and mine for the taking.

Her hand came up to stroke the side of my face; I turned my head to kiss her palm.

"Edward, I need you inside me," she blurted.

I wanted so desperately to comply at once. But that wasn't the game. I shook my head. "You're a virgin, right?"

Her breathing stuttered. "Yes, I'm a virgin."

"Then you should be prepared first." My left hand cupped her between her legs, and she gasped. "I wouldn't want to hurt you," I said, my voice low.

My thumb began a purposeful, circular stroke of her clitoris, and Bella was tearing at the grass on either side of her again. I presented her with the index finger of my right hand at the entrance of her mouth. Bashfully, her lips parted and she let me in, suckling as she coated the finger with saliva. My wet finger slid inside her heat easily; she clenched around it tightly, then shuddered in pleasure. I didn't let up on her nub of nerves and took my time. I added a second finger, then a third, as she descended into a frenzy. I couldn't believe how hot this was, how hard I was. This game was for her, but it was driving me crazy.

Her head rolled back as she rode my fingers with demanding circular hip thrusts. "So good. Your fingers always feel so good. So much better than mine did."

"Yeah?" I was preoccupied watching her pleasure, but some curiosity found its way to the surface.

She may have nodded, but it might also have just been shaking from her oncoming orgasm. "Mine were too warm, too soft. Your fingers feel like your cock."

God, she was trying to kill me. I needed to be inside her, now. But she was peaking, I could feel it in the pulsing vice around my thrusting fingers, and I could hear it in the pitch of her moans. Sure enough, seconds later, she went to pieces in my hands, calling my name.

As soon as I was certain she had milked her pleasure to the fullest, I removed the rest of my clothing with inhuman speed, and I lowered myself over her. Bella on top had served us well in our real first time, but this was not that. This was about fulfilling Bella's fantasy, and in the fantasy, I had been on top. I tried to enter her slowly, but Bella bucked her hips and I slid in to the hilt. I winced, the ecstasy exquisite—I was not going to last long.

I opened my eyes and Bella was gazing up at me with devotion. I felt the same as I began to thrust. Slowly, gently, holding the bulk of my weight off of her as though she were human. I pulled from those times after the first on Isle Esme, when I had finally figured out how to do this with human Bella safely. The whole endeavor had been so stressful at the time. Sex with human Bella had been so much pressure, the stakes so high, and all of it riding on my personal restraint. What if I had hurt her physically? Or, just as horrifying, emotionally or psychologically? She was all I wanted in my existence, and what if I ruined it all, right there at the finish line? But this game, sex with pretend human Bella…was thrilling. It was freeing. Maybe, it was even cathartic.

Waves of pleasure shuddered through me as my body rocked over hers.

"Love you, Edward. I love you," Bella chanted as she always did when I was inside her. Her eyes were closed now as she narrowed in on her second orgasm. When she came apart, I went with her this time, the release so acute, I cried out.

The kind of satisfaction that followed in the afterglow was new, it had a different shape to it than I was used to. I always felt close to her in the throbbing ebb of a fading climax, but just now I felt…I didn't know. This was something different.

I kissed her brow and stayed atop her because Bella didn't like it when I pulled out of her right away. I propped myself up on my elbow and peered down at her. "Bella?"


"Are you still human?"

She gave a fully blissed-out sigh. "No, not anymore."

I chuckled. Good; I wouldn't hold back for the next round.

"That was fun."

Her eyes cracked open and she studied my face. "Fun?"

"Hot," I confessed.

She grinned. "Well, maybe we can do it again sometime."

"Yeah," I agreed, trying to temper my reaction, but of course she could feel me hardening again inside her. "I mean, you probably have more fantasies I could make come true, right?"

From the expression that came over her face…yes. Yes, she did.

Author's Note: If it wasn't obvious, this fic is Midnight Sun's fault. The bastard. I enjoyed that book so much, and look where it got me. Writing fic.

It goes without saying that a few lines of dialogue in this chapter were pulled right from Eclipse, and are thus 100% Stephenie's.