It's not easy to hide the disappearance of a junior senator.

Bail Organa was finding that out the hard way. He tried to keep the search minimal, but after the whole palace was searched and the entire capitol ransacked, and Leia was nowhere to be found, he had to expand the search.

And the only way he can do that is to ask the senate. And from years of dealing with that hive of scum, he knows the bureaucracy that'll go into his plea. People will ask questions. How could his daughter, a junior senator of all things, disappear without a trace in the middle of the night? People would be suspicious, he realized that long before he went to the Senate to plead for help.

"I come before you to beg for assistance in locating my daughter, junior Senator Leia Organa of Alderaan. She has been missing for almost a week, and we've searched nearly the entire planet. We cannot look elsewhere without help. He sounds desperate, because he is. He knows many of the senators are parents and hope's that will solicit their help.

And to his surprise, it's help he gets.

Ben Kenobi is beginning to realize just how vast a desert can be.

When Beru and Owen told him Luke'd gone missing he'd been the first one out searching. Owen and Beru had gone around to friends and neighbors, mustering up as many people as they could to search for their lost nephew.

But the desert swallowed so many people. No one was immune to it. After three days of searching, all have given up hope of finding Luke. They tell Beru and Owen that there are just so many ways he could've gone. "Sand people," one would say. "A Krayt dragon," says another, "or maybe the Hutts." "A sandstorm?" Says the pessimist. "Oh, he's just run off." Says the optimist. Beru and Owen both know he's gone and that it's dangerous to hope for his return.

And yet they long for it. Owen always said and believed Luke would run off with his friends. "He did always wanna get out of here." He'd say. "I guess he's gone and done it finally." Ben Kenobi doesn't buy it for a moment. Something is wrong here.

The Force warns him as much.

Han Solo is not missed.

Well, he's sort of missed. At work anyway. That dead end job, loading and unloading shipments at the space ports in Corellia. No, Han Solo wanted to fly, to be amongst the stars. He was already a pretty good pilot if he did say so himself.

He had it all planned out. He'd make enough money to buy a ship and get off Corellia. Then, he'd join the Imperial Navy, become a real pilot and see the galaxy. Two of his biggest wishes in one foul swoop. It looked like he'd have a good shot at it too .He had his eyes on a ship that'd come in at the used lot. An old GT freighter, but it had good bones and it'd do just fine. Plus, with the clones getting old, he had a good shot if he played his hand right.

But that wasn't the only reason he wanted to leave Corellia. Something was calling him. Not just some sense of adventure that lured every bounty hunter and freighter pilot, but something deeper, more powerful. Like a force of the universe.

Eh, that was a little too philosophical for Han Solo.

All three of them find themselves on Eltar. Luke, Han, and Leia.

After introductions, they set off. Luke starts at point, but Han soon replaces the desert rat and switches on and off with Leia, who's from a forest planet for force sakes. They march all day until they find a city, then they make camp at the edge of it.

They talk long into the night about their shared dream, about the two beings and the colored disks. Han flips his over and over in his hand. His is blue, Luke's is red, and Leia's is yellow. None of them have any idea what they're for, but they're pretty sure that the Morphing Grid, that warm, happy entity from their dream gave them the disks. None of them liked that other thing.

That night they all have the same dream. The Morphing Grid, radiant and warm in the cold darkness, tells them how proud it is, and how excited it is for them to begin their journey. It promises to tell them stories of Rangers that came before them.

The settlers find them the next morning and take them in. They ask about the disks.