Well its been awhile since I wrote anything on this site, but I felt inspired to write this story since I love both these series when I was younger and still do. let's get to the legal stuff before enjoying the story. Btw, This story will be more episodic like the Chaotic show, there will be overarching arcs but sometimes things will skip around. And this story starts near the end of Season 1 of Chaotic, before Tom's 'Betrayal'.

I neither own Pokémon. or chaotic, that privilege belongs to their respective companies that own them. I also do not profit in anyway from the use of their characters.

-Chapter Starts-

Ash looked smugly at Sophocles who was sweating bullets at the moment, his doom was coming and the Alola champion was about ready to deliver it.

Ash still had four creatures on the board, Maliph and Malvadine in the front, with Kinnianne and Glapaal comfortably in the back out of danger from any attacks, while Sophocles only had Prince Mudeenu left on the field, which was a powerful card but could hardly deal with these odds. Ash would normally be using Overworlders or Mipedians pure but he was trying a new strategy, Glapaal and Kinnianne had been doing great work keeping his Mipedian Frontline healthy for this entire match, since he only lost one during the whole thing.

"Maliph attacks Prince Mudeenu!" Ash said excitedly, flipping his location card to reveal their battlefield to be Gloomuck Swamp, which merely made the teen's face grin further. That location favored earth attackers, which Maliph was. Though it did favour courage for Initiative, which his opponent's monster did edge his out by a small margin. If he wasn't facing Mipedians, Maliph's Invisibility Surprise ability would have made it him always have initiative. Since both creature have already battled before, their battlegear were already flipped, Maliph had the Ring of Na'arin for slightly boosted disciplines and energy while Mudeenu had a wind whip to actually give him elemental attacks, wind in this case.

Maliph-35 Energy

Prince Mudeenu-50 Energy

Sophocles played his attack, mind grind which dealt 15 damage due Ash's monster low wisdom failing two checks.

Maliph-20 Energy

Despite the low energy, Ash wasn't worried. He activated Glapaal's Ability, sacking the Danian's last mugic token to do so, healing Maliph for 10 and dealing 10 to Mudeenu. However since he still had Kinnianne on the board, all healing from mugic and abilities does an extra 5 to Mipedians, one of the reasons he built this current team like this. Restoring his creatures energy back to the start and dealing some back at his enemy.

Maliph-35 Energy

Prince Mudeenu-40 Energy

However the healing party wasn't over yet, Ash used Maliph's only mugic counter to activate the Song of Recovery, restoring an additional 15 energy and boosting his air attacks by 5 damage

Maliph-50 Energy

With his creature now leading in energy without attacking, Ash began his assault. "Airsault!" He played his attack, dealing 20 damage with his boosted wind power from his mugic.

Prince Mudeenu-20 Energy

Sophocles was sweating bullets at this point, his creature needed one last good hit to take him down and Maliph was nearly back to full energy. Drawing his likely last attack card, he sighed and revealed it to be Fearocity. Ash drew his next attack card and it was Progressive Speed, with Maliph's high speed and boosted air attack, it easily destroyed Mudeenu winning Ash the game. Ash could only imagine the powerful reptile slamming into his Prince at high speed and sending him flying into their desert home from the Swamp.

"Seems I win, Sophocles. A turn around from our first game at chaotic." Ash said with a smile, collecting his cards and offering his friend a handshake while using his spare hand to pet his best buddy Pikachu on the head. Little guy stood on his shoulder during the entire match watching intensely, he certainly got into the match just like him.

The electric type trainer sighed in defeat but took the handshake with a smile on his own lips. "Indeed. I introduced you to the game a few months ago and creamed your starter overworld deck, you barely knew how everything worked." Sophocles reminisced chuckling, remembering how horrid Ash's team was in his first ever match, putting mostly muges in his Frontline because he thought that the mugic counters made them stronger than warriors who usually had a few. But he's certainly turned around after properly learning the card game and buying some packs of cards to compliment his starter deck. In only a few months, he's become a better chaotic player than him. Now he was a better trainer and chaotic player than him, so unfair.

Ash chuckled before letting go of his friend's hand and placing them on the back of his head. "That is very true! I admit, I wasn't too interested in the game at first, but its pretty cool actually!" The teen said, growing quite fond of the card game in his short time with it, he'd place fourth on his list of favorites. Behind Pokémon in general, food, and traveling. "Anyway, with that match over I got a pokémon battle with Kiawe to head to, wanna come?" He asked, remembering he had to battle the heated trainer very soon as well.

"Yeah sure." Sophocles shrugged, collecting his cards and walking by Ash has headed towards his next destination. "By the way, Ash; how's your online score in chaotic? Haven't checked myself." The smaller teen asked curiously, causing both himself and his friend to pull out their respective scanners. Sophocles' scanners were yellow with a black stripe running lengthwise, showing his preferred tribe was Mipedians since they used electric attacks in their wind element.

Ash's scanner was overworld blue, as it came with his overworld starter deck, but instead of a black stripe his was yellow. Didn't come like that, Ash actually spray painted the original black stripe yellow to show he also liked the Mipedians, plus his best bud was also mostly yellow too so it worked great! Powering up the small machine meant to scan cards, he shifted over to his online ranking and was pleasantly surprised. "Number 1 in the world? Sweet! I'm Alola Champion and the Chaotic Champion, what a week!" The raven haired teen shouted in excitement, he was really on a roll! Though admittedly, chaotic wasn't extremely popular when compared to Pokémon battles for obvious reasons, likely maybe a thousand or so people play it at any one time. Still he was happy.

"Darn! I'm third behind you!" Sophocles moaned out at that fact, his friend really was on a roll. But on the inside, he was still doing great in the rankings and did great in the Alola league, plus one of his best friends was doing great. Though one could wish to be doing better always.

Ash slapped the back of his friend playfully at his words, about to put away his scanner and focus on his strategy against Kiawe when his scanner went off. "Uh… seems I got a message? A match request?" The teen thought out loud as he opened the message, it would be something to kill the time during the walk. Instead it was an odd congratulation message for his recent growths and successes in the game before giving some strange combination of numbers and letters, obviously some code he wasn't understanding, and to input into his scanner to play on the 'next level'. It was all very bizarre. "Sophocles, watcha make of this?" He asked confused, handing the boy his scanner.

The most tech savvy of his group of friends took it and looked it over a few times, looking over who the sender was and any secret meaning in the code. After three minutes, the genius merely shrugged his shoulders and gave it back to him. "Seems safe to me, nothing suspicious or anything of the like in it. Maybe try putting in the code like it requested?" The orange haired boy offered, seems everything was in order and no funny business was a foot.

Ash nodded before shrugging as well, if his friend didn't see anything wrong with the message then why not? The teen would put in the code while Pikachu and Sophocles peered at the screen with interest, very curious what this combination of letters and numbers would lead to. Maybe some secret club of the most elite chaotic players?

Once the code was typed out, Ash pressed enter and the group of three looked on with anticipation and wild imagination. Which was rewarded by Ash's scanner screen to go completely dark, like it somehow had powered down. Everyone looked confused at what just happened, the raven haired teen repeatedly hitting the power button on the device repeatedly to turn it back on, however no matter how many times Ash hit it nothing would happen.

"Did the code break my scanner?" Ash asked mildly upset, placing his free hand on his chin and tilting his head in thought while looking at Pikachu, who mimicked his gesture near perfectly.

Sophocles looked at his friend with some regret. "Maybe the code was actually meant to hack your scanner? I'm so sorry! I was really sure it was completely safe!!!" The boy apologized profusely to his friend, how could he be so wrong about it when he knows so much about technology?! He thought for certain it was perfectly fine to use, but his error now puts his friend's deck and any personal information on his account at the mercy of who knows who!

Ash merely shoved his friend forward as he put the scanner away, not seemingly upset over what happened. "Stop beating yourself over it, it's nothing. Let's go meet Kiawe for our battle and once I'm at Kukui's place I'll call the company about it." He told his friend, not bothered at all by what just happened, it was annoying sure but he was sure they'll be able to fix it. "I'll race you there!" He shouted suddenly, taking off, leaving behind his friend as he ran towards his destination. If he couldn't have a chaotic battle to pass the time, he'd run instead and get there quicker and get some exercise.

Sophocles was bewildered by Ash's free spirited nature for a second before running after him. "Wait! You know I'm better at making something run instead of doing it myself!!!" He yelled out towards his friend, trying his best to catch up and failing miserably at it.

The two trainers and pokémon completely forgot about the malfunctioning scanner and the code, but unbeknownst to the two of them, Ash was on another adventure. One even himself at the moment didn't know was happening.


Ash looked at his screen in bewilderment, nothing changed at all about the screen and he felt off somehow. Until he noticed a missing familiar weight on his shoulder, one so used to him that he could barely live without it. "Pikachu?" The raven haired teen asked turning his head, noticing his best bud and partner was not on his favorite perch despite being there not even a second ago. Actually, now that he was looking beyond the empty spot where his partner should be… THIS WASN'T WHERE HE WAS BEFORE EITHER!!!

The tropical and warm environment of outdoors Alola was replaced with a pristine white indoor environment, with matching furniture and floating screens showing who knows what. It was like some massive operating room of doctors, if you ignored the fine details like Ash's currently panicking mind was. In his mind, only one thing could explain what has happened, how he suddenly appeared here without his bud and Sophocles.

"DID ALIENS ABDUCTED ME?!?!" Ash screamed out loud, it was the only thing that made sense! Was it the Clefairys?! He thought those nuts believing that pokémon species were actually aliens from space was crazy, but now it seemed to be true! It only made sense! Are they gonna cut him open and harvest him for organs and stuff for some sick experiment!

Before his imagination could cook up and more bizarre fantasies, a stranger floating robot with an extending neck came up to him. "Could you please settle down? You're bothering the other players here. I know being here for the first time is quite the shock, but keep it to yourself." The robot said in a borderline sarcastic tone, he seemed almost accustomed to people freaking out about this situation.

Ash's shock at seeing such a cool looking robot killed any thoughts of alien dissection of his body, and the mention of other 'players' made him look around more closely. Indeed, outside of several other floating robots which seemed to be delivering some delicious looking food, everyone was human just liked him and seemed mostly relaxed. A number of them were throwing odd looks his way, likely because of his outburst, but seemed to go back to their own business. "Uh… sorry about that. It's just… I'm confused how I got here when I was hanging with my friends a few seconds ago." He explained to the robot sheepishly, seems he had unintentionally embarrassed himself. Though he still wanted to know how he got here and why Sophocles and Pikachu weren't here despite being right beside him.

The robot seemingly sighed in annoyance. "You are the player under the username 'AshenMaster', correct?" The robot asked, which the teen nodded in surprise at this thing knowing his chaotic username. "You have a match at the Crellan Drome immediately, I'll answer any and all questions you have along the way but we must go now." The robot instructed, beginning to move away from him and heading towards some unknown location.

Ash quickly ran after the floating sphere and quickly caught up, walking briskly beside it. "Fine. Where am I and how did I get here? Did my friends come here too?" He asked the more important issues plaguing him at the moment.

"You are in Chaotic. Your scanner brought you here after you entered the code you received. No they aren't here, only you came here but don't fret, you are also there with them." The robot answered each question asked with mechanical precision, not even bothering to look at his charge. Only focused on getting him to his assigned match.

The robot's answers seemed to only confuse the raven haired teen further. "Chaotic? You mean the card game? And how can I be here and with my friends while, I'm… well… here?" He asked even more confused, the two of them entering a much more open area with a number of small parks scattered around. It was a nice change of pace from where he was, too sparkly clean for his liking.

"You aren't really here, in a truly physical sense. Think of this as a mental projection of sorts I suppose; Your physical body is living life as normal back home while this version of you is here in Chaotic." The robot explained to the best of his ability, what truly went on when a player was ported to Chaotic was unknown to even himself. This was just about the best way to describe it without fully knowing the intricacies of the process.

Ash sighed in relief, at least his buds won't be worrying about him suddenly disappearing into thin air. "So how do I… rejoin with my real self?" He asked the last big question on his mind, he needed to know how to get outta here. His body could live out his dream no problem, but the him here wanted to see his dream come true as well instead of living here. Arceus this was getting so confusing, he felt like his mind was gonna melt trying to understand what he was and how everything worked. It felt like a dream he had no control over.

The robot suddenly stopped in front of some strange door to a large dome, it kinda reminded him of gyms back home. "I'll answer any other questions after you finish your battle. Bye." The robot simply said, turning around and quickly leaving the still confused teen at the entrance.

Ash could only helplessly shrug his shoulders before looking at the entrance, no handle or button to open it… He simply pushed his hand against it which caused it to open up. With that little mystery solved, he walked in and vanished from sight once the entrance closed back up. Unaware that his arrival was being monitored the entire time.

Unknown location in Chaotic

"Are we certain about this?" A metallic masculine voiced out, it was hard to tell due to his voice but he sounded mildly concerned. "He's a human from another world compared to our's, plus those devices he has… who knows what might happen to Perim once he goes there." The man pointed out, zooming in on the Pokéballs connected to his belt.

"If we were certain of it, we wouldn't just be bringing one of them into Chaotic." Another metallic voice spoke up, this time being female. Her words certainly didn't ease her comrades worries. "Consider this a mere trail run, we will watch him and see how things go. If he proves detrimental to Chaotic and Perim on the whole, we will terminate his access here." She reassured, there was a reason they weren't letting these 'different' humans just swarm in yet.

"Enough blathering. He's starting his match, let's see how this Pokémon trainer fairs as a Chaotic Player." Another robotic voice cut in, his tone was far more arrogant and seemed designed to aggravate whomever he spoke too. Despite the rude cut in, the figures simply nodded and instead focused on the live stream. Let's see how he compared to the usual newcomers.

Crellan Drome

Ash walked what seemed like one massive room with two strange stands sticking out being the only things standing out in the strange room, well them and his opponent on the other side of the room standing by the stand. He was blonde and wore pink tinted sunglasses with a goatee, wearing a brown coat over his tan sweater and black pants with brown loafers. He seemed older than Ash and his posture easily told him that his opponent felt like this battle was a waste of time.

"Took your sweet time getting here new guy, I've got other things to do you know." The man greeted in annoyance, obviously not happy that he got randomly selected to battle this nobody newbie. He looked so childish with his shorts and hat, this was gonna be a walk for sure for him. Might as well use this forced opportunity to try out his latest scan…

Before Ash could fire back at his opponent, a robotic voice rang out from seemingly everywhere. "Players please dock your scanner in the holders." The monotone voice commanded, confusing the teen on what to do until he noticed his opponent place his scanner in the stand in front of him. Getting the hint, Ash placed his own scanner onto the stand, causing a holographic screen to appear in front of him which reminded him of the screen used to play Chaotic online.

"This will be a one on one battle between AshenMaster and Klayotic. AshenMaster please set up your board using the dials to select your cards. Blue for creatures, grey for battlegear, purple for mugic, and green for locations." The robotic voice explained, getting Ash up to speed on how to move forward with the match.

"Really futuristic way to play the game…" Ash mumbled to himself, spinning the blue dial causing images of creatures to flash quickly on screen. Despite how fast it was going, the teen knew that these were all the cards he had in his deck. "Since it's one on one… I'll use Heptadd." Ash said to himself, placing the green headed almost toad like creature to the board. His disciplines were all average but what really mattered was that he could use all four elements, any location that would increase or decrease elemental attacks wouldn't hurt him compared to other creatures.

"For battle gear I'll give him a Mipedian Fulgurite and to remove any bothersome battlegear; I'll give him the Discord of Disarming." Ash said with confidence, the negatives of his battlegear was meaningless in a one on one and his mugic will allow him to remove his opponent's battlegear, leaving them with only mugic. Equipping his creature, Next were locations. "I'll put two copies of each of the Riverlands and the Storm Tunnels, the rest doesn't matter except I'll obviously won't put the Lava Ponds." The Riverlands provided healing for water attackers and the storm tunnels just added to his air based assault.

Once he chose his ten location cards; the booming robotic voice spoke up. "Players lock your Decks, press the top button on your Scanner AshenMaster." The machine instructed the newcomer, which Ash heeded his advice and pressed the button. His board changed to reveal his opponent's monster which was Brimflame, Smith of the Underworld. A common creature but powerful. Klayotic seemed surprised he had Heptadd in his deck for a moment but it disappeared quickly, only a odd smirk would remain as he stroked his chin thought. "Since this is AshenMaster's first chaotic match here, he will be given the honors of attacking. Please spin your location randomizer" The machine announced.

Ash nodded and spun his location, after a few seconds it landed on the Riverlands. "Since I only have one target… Heptadd attacks Brimflame in the Riverlands!" The raven haired teen called out his move, the only one he could make given the game setup.

"AshenMaster, please touch your creature to begin your attack." The voice told him, causing Ash to raise his eyebrow at that request. He didn't do anything like that in the online game, for a matter fact what about his attack cards? He didn't choose them at all, heck they didn't appear on his screen! Despite those oddities, he would raise his hand to the image of Heptadd and pressed his palm to the surprising solid hologram. The voice hadn't led him astray with his instructions yet, so why not?

Suddenly, the screen disappeared entirely and strange strange blue and white light circles started to run up his legs and arms heading to the center of his body, which was surprisingly the least strange thing currently happening. Wherever they passed, his body transformed. His limps transformed to purple thicker ones with a few less fingers than he was right for humans with golden and red bracers on each limb. Once the circles consumed his body, he became a few inches shorter and his body is dominate by a large green head.

Ash looked down at his hands in shock before looking up at his opponent, who also transformed into a creature as well, though he was larger and grey skinned humaniold. Just like Brimflame… and he looked like Heptadd… "Chaotic on the next level…" Ash said out loud, his voice very much not his own but exactly like he thought his creature would sound like if he was real. Before he could question things further, the room was devoured by a bright white light. He no longer had time to stop what was happening, he now had to get Chaotic!

-Chapter Ends-

First chapter done! So what sorta got me making this flick? Actually it was the episode of Chaotic episode 'Trading Cards' when Sarah brought a human can opener to Chaotic. An odd thing but that implies that anything on the person that's inanimate when they get ported goes with them, which means Ash's Pokéballs would go with him if he was ported, including the pokémon inside since their kinda just energy when inside them. So the idea of a human with powerful pokémon going to Perim and getting dragged into the politics of Perim seemed like a interesting idea.

Now to answer some likely questions the comments will ask.

1.) Why didn't Pikachu come with Ash?

He's constantly out of his pokéball so when he first got ported he didn't come along. But don't worry, he will join him in Chaotic in the near future.

2.) Why end of sun and moon Ash?

I felt like many of his pokémon near the end of the series didn't get enough time to shine in battle compared to other seasons. Especially Incinceroar, Melmetal and Naganadel. So I want them to shine in my story.

3.) Will other characters from Pokémon/Ash's other Pokémon appear.

Maybe. I don't want to bloat out the cast too much especially early on since the Whole Chaotic crew is still here. I'll likely swap out Pokémon here and there but let me be Frank; Ash will not have a primary team in this story. I might bring Greninja in the story but don't expect him to stay throughout the whole thing, he will be swapped out as well. I want other pokémon to shine, not just the most popular.

4.) Will there be ship for Ash?

Maybe but not with a Pokégirl, seems like a waste writing a crossover and not making the ship also a crossover. I don't have anyone in particular in mind at the moment, could be a human character or might be a Creature from Perim. The latter would be interesting to write about, given tribal allegiance, the unstable political situation in Perim, and the odd place humans fall within it. If you guys have any interesting suggestions let me know in the comments, I'm quite open in this area of the story.

That should cover it. Before I go, I might not update this story regularly due to work, the situation we all are in, and maybe just wanting a break from it to do other stuff like play video games. Feel free and comment down below, I'm open to criticism so long as it's not just outright bashing of certain choices i made in this story.