Something Freaky

Summary: A cursed Native artifact. That's what did it. Or maybe this is just a really bad acid trip from a laced joint. All I know is, I want my dick back. Waking up in someone else's body fucking sucks!

Two teens, of the opposite sex and backgrounds, somehow change places. What will they learn from their experience, and how will it affect them? A weird and wacky adventure of self-discovery, personal growth, and finding a new outlook in life.

*B/E, All Human, Humor, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, BPOV, EPOV

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Chapter 1 – Princess


"So, are you really going to the dance on Friday?" Jessica asked me during lunch break. "Like, seriously?"

I huffed bitterly. "It's not like I have a choice."

There was nothing worse than a lame school dance. If it wasn't prom, then it wasn't worth my time, and Friday night's dance certainly was not prom. Usually, I wouldn't be caught dead at one, but this time, I was being coerced.

"I can't believe your father would be so cruel," Jessica said with a slow shake of her head.

"You're telling me! He rarely makes me do anything, but because his childhood best friend suddenly moves back into town, and he happens to have a kid around my age, now I'm supposed to go to this stupid dance to help him make friends? Like, it's so not fair!"

"So, just don't do it. Will you really get into trouble for saying no?" Jess questioned.

"You should have heard the guilt trip Charlie spieled. 'I give you everything and never ask for anything, blah, blah, blah'. It was so pathetic. I didn't even realize what I was agreeing to until he was already booking the limo."

"A limo? It's not even prom," she questioned.

"It's my dad, what do you expect. Why let me get my license when I always have access to a driver?" I asked mockingly. "Argh! Sometimes I wish he wasn't so…"

"Rich," she finished for me.

"I guess. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my Prada backpack, but like, let me drive already. You know? I'll even settle for driving a Land Rover. Just, something!"

"Well, at least the driver takes you wherever you want. And it was awesome that he didn't rat us out when we were plastered after that party last week."

"My dad wouldn't care anyway. If he doesn't actually catch me doing anything wrong, he doesn't have to pretend to be disappointed. As long as I wasn't making a fool of myself, which I would never do."


My father, Charles B. Swan, was a third generation oil tycoon. He had more money than he knew what to do with, so he spent most of his time running charities and helicoptering into the rigs for weeks at a time. He was rarely home, but that was fine by me. I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted; at least, I did, until his best friend showed up. Ever since Billy Black returned, Charlie seemed to be trying harder to be more attentive. I wasn't sure why, but it was starting to get on my last nerve.

"So, take Jack to the dance, then bail," Jessica suggested.

"It's Jake, and if I bail, the little twerp will tattle. Babysitting him is the one thing my dad has ever enforced. He said if I ditched him, I would be in trouble. I don't even know what it would be like to be in trouble," I said disturbed. "I'm always so good at not getting caught, and Dad is so good about looking the other way. It works for us. Why did the Blacks have to move here and ruin everything?"

Just then, as if I was hit by a meteor, a flying burrito struck me right in the shoulder.

I gasped. "What the hell?"

"Ah shit, my bad," someone said with a snicker. I turned my head slowly and saw none other than the king of the stoner losers, Edward Masen. He was standing there with two of his pathetic goth lackeys, and they were giggling like little girls.

"Do you know how much this jacket cost?" I snapped at him.

"I wouldn't pay more than ten bucks for that thing," Edward replied carelessly.

"It was quite a bit more than ten freaking dollars. This thing, is worth more than your whole life, you fucking douchebag!"

"Well, that's not saying much," he said with a shrug. "Next time, Princess, don't stand so close to the garbage can."

"I was just walking!" I screeched at him. "I'm sorry if I had to pass by your home on my way to History. You could have waited until I was out of the way before throwing your stuff at it."

"What fun would that be?" he snickered. His long, greasy hair fell into his face, and as he pushed it back away from his eyes, I wondered if he had actually crawled out of that dumpster before throwing his burrito at it.

"You're disgusting!"

His pompous grin widened, but before he could spew out whatever snarky comeback he had brewing, his equally grungy girlfriend jumped onto his back and kissed him from behind.

"That's so gross," I mumbled before turning and heading towards the bathroom to get cleaned up.

"Be happy that the rejects find each other," Jess said as she walked with me. "If they didn't, they would be sniffing around regular people like us."

"In their dreams," I sneered.

Once in the bathroom, I cleaned my jacket the best I could, but it was of no use. "It's completely ruined!" I shouted with a stomp of my foot.

"Well, at least you can afford a new one," Jess said sympathetically.

"My dad said he was done buying me clothes until next season," I whined.

"Don't you have that same jacket in a few different colors?"

"I like this one! Besides, it wouldn't make a difference if it was my fourth favorite or my tenth, it was still ruined needlessly. Ugh! I wish we didn't have to breathe the same air as trash like that. Or at least, they should be sent to a different school."

"Or to another planet," Jess agreed. Then again, Jess always agreed with me, so it was no surprise. She was my right-hand man; my second in command at that god-forsaken school. We had been friends forever and came from similar backgrounds. Her father was a wealthy lawyer, and we both lived in the most prestigious gated community in the county. I only wished we had an equally prestigious private school to accommodate us. Public school in Forks was more like a juvenile hall than a place of education. Why my father insisted on living in that shithole of a town when we could live anywhere? I had no idea.

"Look, if I'm going to be stuck in hell for the evening, so are you," I told her. It was not a request, and she knew better than to deny my demands. "Buy a dress; I'll pick you up in the limo."

She let out a whine, but otherwise complied.

In addition to being almost as popular as me, Jess had an amazing ability to spread the word like wildfire amongst the student body. It wasn't long before Friday night's dance was the place to be for anyone who was anyone. If we were going to be there, that's where everyone else wanted to be too. All that was left to do, was somehow convince Jake to find his own people at the dance, away from me and my friends.

Friday night came all too soon, and as usual, I was dressed immaculately. There was no need to skimp on fashion just because my destination was a shitty school dance.

"I got you something," Jacob said with his boyish grin as he settled into the limo.

"Um, this isn't prom," I said, slightly disturbed by his giddiness. He didn't seriously think this was a date, did he?

"I know, but you are taking time out of your schedule to accompany me, and I want you to know that I appreciate it," he said while pushing the small box into my hands. "Open it," he said impatiently.

"Okay." I opened the box and was horrified to find two weird beaded loops nestled in white tissue paper. Each had little charms hanging from them; one was a moon, and the other, a wolf. "Oh, they're…nice," I said before quickly closing the box. "Thank you."

"You didn't even look at them. Come on, take them out. They're actually really cool."

I rolled my eyes. Had he not been my dad's best friend's kid, I probably would have thrown them back at him and told him off. As it was, I was trying my hardest to be cordial.

"They're friendship bracelets," he explained when I re-opened the box. "I know that sounds lame, but it's not. See, I'm Quileute, and in our culture, we believe that every soul has a mate, and when you find that person, you wear these as a symbol of that bond."

"You said they were friendship bracelets, not soulmate bracelets," I grumbled, getting increasingly creeped out.

"A soulmate doesn't have to be romantic. Anyway, these ones in particular were my great-grandparents'. My great-grandpa was a shaman, so these are supposedly cursed or something."

"Um…how sweet of you to give them away as a gift… to a girl you hardly know," I said awkwardly. "Look, I appreciate the gesture, but I can't accept your family heirloom."

"I don't mean for it to be weird. My dad said it would be good to get you something, and I know you have everything already, so I figured you might get a kick out of these."

"Get a kick out of old soulmate bracelets?" I questioned slowly.

He shrugged. "Don't girls like that sort of thing? And they're antique – I saw online that antiques are in right now." When I just stared at him blankly, he got embarrassed. "It's really not a big deal. I've had them lying around in my room for a while. I don't believe in all the supernatural mumbo jumbo stuff anyway, so I have no reason to keep them. You're the only girl I know, so I figured you'd get more use out of them than I ever would. And I'm not expecting you to give me one either. They're both for you. You can give the other to your friend we're picking up if you want."

"Are you sure your dad is cool with you giving these away?" I asked in one last attempt to get him to take them back.

"Yeah, he doesn't care. He said they were mine to do what I want with."

"Um… Okay, but they really don't go with my outfit, so I'll just save them for later."

"Well, this one does," he said, not taking the hint. He grabbed the moon one out of the box, knocking the entire thing over as he did so. "Shit, sorry," he mumbled while scooping the tissue back in the box and placing it on my lap. "Here." He took my arm and placed the bracelet onto my wrist. I had a strong urge to rip my hand out of his grasp, but I somehow held steady. "See the colors? It matches the blue in your dress."

"Great. Thanks," I said with faux enthusiasm. At the very least, it was dainty, so it would likely go unnoticed – not that anyone would dare question my fashion choices. If anything, ugly bead bracelets would become a trend after seeing me in one.

Even with all the cool people in attendance, the dance was still lame. Lucky for me, Jacob met some softball player and they seemed to hit it off. She even offered him a ride home afterwards. I cringed a bit on his behalf. Meeting her parents so soon was a total yuck, but he didn't seem to mind.

"Awesome. We're officially out!" I announced to my crew. A bunch of us decided to go party at one of their houses, so I told them to pile into my limo. I expected it to be waiting for me when I wanted to leave, however I was humiliated when it was nowhere to be seen.

"Thought you said you had a limo?" Mike, my on again, currently off again, boyfriend complained.

"I do. Maybe the driver had to use the bathroom or something," I said as I pulled out my phone. I called our limo service and questioned their whereabouts, to which the owner apologized profusely and begged me to continue to use their company. Apparently, the driver had some sort of family emergency – as if that was an acceptable excuse. "Fine, just send another driver!" I hissed into the phone.

We had to wait over a half hour, and my friends were losing faith.

"It's coming, just stop!" I snapped at Mike when he looked at his watch and groaned for the umpteenth time.

"I'll believe it when I see it," he replied.

"Nobody even asked you to come with us!" I shouted.

"What would a party be without me?" he retorted pompously.

Sometimes, I wondered what I ever saw in Mike Newton. Sure, he was good looking and the captain of just about every sport at our school, and his father was a well-off business owner. However, he was often a jerk, and usually liked to push all my buttons.

"Hey, don't be so mad," he cooed, suddenly softening his tone and tugging at my dress playfully. "You know you like having me around."

I crossed my arms. "We are not together right now, Mike. Your usual charms aren't going to work on me."

"Alright, I guess I have till the end of the night to win you back," he said with a smirk.

I smiled in spite of myself. He always did know how to get to me. Fucking jerk!

Much to my chagrin, by the time the limo finally arrived, my friends had to pry me off of my 'on again' boyfriend as our make-up make-out session had me distracted.

"Okay, jeeze!" I hissed at Jess for interrupting us.

"Like, is he going to even open the door for us?" Lauren, one of our other friends, asked.

"What the hell?" I said to myself. Every driver I ever had before, always opened the door for me. It was standard procedure.

I wasn't about to take that type of brazen disrespect, so I banged on the passenger side window. When it rolled down, I was absolutely floored by who was sitting in the driver's seat.

"You!" I gasped.

"Well, hello there, Princess," Edward Masen said with a sly grin. "What can I do for you?"

"Why are you sitting in my limo?" I spat.

"Oh, this limo is for you?" he asked, sounding slightly flustered. "Shit," he added under his breath.

"Why are you in my limo?" I repeated with gritted teeth.

"I usually just clean them, but they were short staffed today," he said in a rush.

"Why are you in my limo?" I screeched one last time.

"I'm your driver," he admitted. "I guess I should have known only princesses would hire a limo for a Friday night school dance."

"I'm not a princess, and how the hell can you be a driver? You're not over eighteen. Do you even have a license?"

"Like I said, they were short staffed. I'm the only one on the payroll available tonight."

"It can't be legal for someone underage to drive a limo," I whined.

"I don't know the law. All I know is they called me and told me to come here to pick up the client. I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone, so…" he shrugged, probably already knowing he wasn't legally allowed to be doing that job. "I think they had a death in the family, and I'm just about the only employee that's not related to them, so here I am."

"Can this night get any worse?" I whimpered, but after glancing back at my frustrated friends, I decided to just roll with it. "Fine, whatever. But I swear, you better not speak to any of us, and if you get into an accident, my dad will make damn sure your ass goes straight to juvy."

"I'm going to level with you, I need this job," he said, seemingly sincere. "The last thing I want to do is get fired. I'll get you to where you want to go without issue."

"Good, then I won't have to involve my father," I said evenly.

I walked back to my friends and lied to them, saying the driver had a broken foot and couldn't get out to open the door for us. Thankfully, Edward didn't turn or speak, and my friends had no idea that the school slime ball was the one chauffeuring us.

Surprisingly, he got us there in one piece, and drove everyone home later that night without incident. I debated whether on not I wanted to complain and get him fired after all. Either way, I would encourage my father to use a different limo company from then on out.

When I finally went to bed that night, the last thing I thought about before falling asleep, was Edward Masen. Letting him drive us was probably one of the dumbest things I had ever done. Not only was it likely illegal and my father's reputation could have been on the line if anything happened, but I was also disgusted for even being in the same small space as that loser. I couldn't help but wonder when the last time he showered was, and if I could catch a disease from breathing his recycled air.

The thought honestly gave me the willies.

I had random nightmares throughout the night, most of which were undesirably centered on a disease ridden Masen. They were so bad, that when I finally opened my eyes the following morning, I was relieved to be awake. That relief, however, was short-lived.

'Where the hell am I?' I wondered silently as I looked around the strange room. Random grunge-rock band posters donned the walls, and there was a book shelf full of dozens of slender square cases of what looked like music. One of the labels I recognized as being that of Debussy, so I reflexively reached for it. The seemingly normal task of moving one's own hand towards something, abruptly startled me when I didn't recognize the fingers attached to the action.

"Shit!" I hissed while holding my hand out in front of me. My hand, which looked alarmingly larger than normal. Thinking I must have been swollen from a bug bite, I brought my other hand up to compare, but it too was big… and hairy.

I felt up my arm with the opposite hand, over my broadened shoulder, and down the front of my chest. Something was definitely missing. It should have been soft and fatty, as breasts tended to be, but all I felt was muscle and bone.

"What is going on?" I asked with my voice cracking. That was when I noticed that even my voice sounded different. It was deeper, rougher, not at all like how I normally sounded. "I must be sick," I said, attempting to convince myself. I felt my forehead for a fever, figuring I was probably delirious, and that too felt odd. I ran my fingers through my hair, and gasped when the length stopped just above my shoulders.

Something freaky was definitely happening.

Desperate for some kind of understanding, I ran around the strange room, searching for a mirror. I threw things around and dug through the mounds of smelly laundry discarded on the floor, but there was nothing. So, I headed for the door. It led to a long hall, and luckily, I found an opened door to a bathroom. I flicked on the light, looked in the mirror, and automatically screamed louder than I ever had before.

There, looking back at me in the reflection, was the face of Edward Masen.

It was time to faint now…

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